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Natska smiles at Cassidy and gives her a small curtsey, then leans against the back of a chair as she waits. The jaguar is dressed in a newer outfit tonight, with a blue shirt, black skirt, and a black coat; she laces her fingers and lets her hands rest in her lap as she bides her time.

Fenris saunters into the great hall, his long coat absent this evening. "Has the guest of honor arrived yet?" he asks with a smile, " Do I have time to get into the cake?"

Selena makes her way over to the manor gates, looking them over for a few moments before sighing and making her way through, bearing invitation. "Fenris, Natska. Good evening." She greets, rubbing her cheek. "Well... I don't suppose you know where everyone else is?" She asks, waving back to Natska upon noticing the other woman.

Jera was in his room! Relaxing, and being lazy. Though he's not forgotten what's being held today. The kit fox has decided to spring his own surprise present for the birthday kid, that being using an extra kitsune tail to...adjust...him. Herself appropriately. She heads to Angus' room.

Cassidy wouldn't have to look for long to find her cousin, as he was still in his room! Snoring of course with his face in the pillow, drooling just a bit. Anyone entering Angus' room would of course find it a mess, cloths strewn everywhere, papers all a jumble. Clearly the maids haven't been in the room recently.

Wulf well, she is home... and Angus is the father of one of her pups afterall! Be a shame to not to visit him for his birthday... The Husky ambles down the halls towards Angus' room with a happy stride.

Cassidy eases Angus' door open, brow raising. It was dark, and Angus was... Asleep? She sighs softly and lets herself in fully. It was almost like he forgot! She briefly contemplated a little prank of her own, but decides against it and instead just wanders over and climbs up onto Angus bed and settles down next to him, legs crossed. She stares for a moment before reaching out to poke at her cousin. "Hey. Wake up, sleepy head."

"People are still arriving," Natska answers Selena and Fenris. "And no, Fenris, not if you value your life." She winks at the tiger, drawing herself up to her full height and giving the guests smiles. "I am sure Cass wants Angus to see it, it is his cake after all." When Wulf enters the room, Natska raises a hand to wave. "Hi, Wulf!"

Jera takes the other side of Angus' bed to give him a surprise to wake up to! The kit fox's clothes ill fitting for a female make, though it keeps him decent. "Yes. Wake up~" He gives his best pitch at a sweet, girlish voice.

Fenris grins and waves his hand in dismissal. "Only teasing," he says, "I wouldn't tamper with a masterpiece like that!" The tiger gives a lazy salute to Selena. "I think Cassidy went to go find the birthday boy," he says, "I'm sure everyone will be here soon." He gives a sly smile to Natska. "You think Denali should be here to greet him?" he asks.

Selena nods back to the Jaguar, sighing quietly. "Well, I'm glad I'm not late I suppose." She replies, shifting slightly on the spot before moving over to the table and taking a seat, waving over to Wulf with a smile. "I haven't seen you in the longest time, Wulf." She greets, shrugging at Fenris's comment. "I'm not sure. You weren't at the party Kilsa threw last year..." She replies with a vaguely ominous tone that's clearly intended as a joke.

Angus snorts, opening his eyes and blinking. Before he sits up straight as he notices his bed is now full! "Huh, what?" He asks as he looks around at both of them, ears flicking a bit. ".....Did I miss something important again?" He asks as he rubs the back of his head, giving the other vixen an odd look.

Wulf looks up and waves at Natska as she enters the room, "Heya Natska." smiling at her as she moves over to Selena and grabs the Wolfess to bring her into a biiiiig hug! "Hello Selena, long time no see." She gives the shorter canine a kiss between the ears before pulling back. "So, where's Angus? Are we gonna do what Kilsa did for him last year?"

"Hey Angus, you gettin' your arse outta bed yet----" Kalt's voice falling short as the Vixen blinks at the group in Angus' room, and then a cake? The Vixen only clad in her thick sleep shirt and pants, and judging from the way she looks at the group she's surprised they weren't there when she woke up this morning! "... IT'S YOUR SHADOW-CURSED BIRTHDAY AN' YA DIDN'T TELL ME?!"

Cassidy snickers softly at Jera's appearance and nods. "Yes, Angus. It's your birthday." She leans over and takes on a teasingly serious tone. "Some of the chefs and I spent all morning preparing you food, and I baked a cake just for you. If you don't get up, I will be most disappointed!" She gives a little wink and rolls off of the bed, giving a nod to Kalt. "Hello there, Kalt! Can you two do me a favour? Make sure he gets out of bed, and then all three of you report to the dining room! I need to get changed!" She gives a little wink and scoots off towards her own room!

Natska tilts her head to the side, her notched ear giving a flick as people talk about the last big party. "Kilsa?" she asks. "And... dare I ask, what happened last year?"

"Stuff. Very interesting stuff. At the pillows~" Jera giggles and then starts tugging at Angus' hand to try to get him out of bed, making cute pouty faces. Turning for a moment to give Angus a wink.

Fenris relaxes in one of the fancy chairs at the table. "I don't think I have heard this story," he says, "Please tell us about our dear Lord Solacious's last birthday!"

Selena shakes her head. "I'd rather not go into detail about that party. The bottom line is, if that were going to happen again I'd rather not be there." She replies simply, sighing quietly. "Stil-" The wolfess is cut off as some of kalt's yelling sails down the halls of the manor, prompting the wolfess's expression to sour slightly before she returns to her comment. "Still, if you really want to know you could probably try to track down Kilsa and ask her. Or, ask Angus."

Selena returns Wulf's hug when she's done addressing the rest of the room.

Angus flinches as he gets yelled at. "....It's my birthday?" He asks, a little groggily as he is tugged on to stand up, the fox wearing only a pair of trousers as he rubs at his eyes and looks around. "Um, so, get dressed or just go as is?" He states the strange vixen, giving a soft grin as he tries to understand what is happening.

Wulf smiles and settles down into a chair, tail wagging happily. "Oh from what I heard... it was very debauched. A vixen with breasts bigger than mine too. Or so I was told." She grins and runs her hand through her hair as she looks about the room. "Birthday boy late I'm assuming?"

Kalt huffs slightly before smiling to Angus, the Vixen offering her own, slightly more awake, wave to them all. "Yeah, I'll go an' make sure he's gettin' somethin' on him before gettin' round." She nods to them all, before giving a slight blink at Selena, giving the Wolfess a small smile before moving to pick one of Angus' shirts from the bundle to toss at him. "Here, toss this on Birthday boy! An' Cass' been cookin'? We all gonna eat good then eh?"

After stopping in her room to change into a bright red ball gown, Cassidy makes her way back into the dining room carrying a large, vaguely flat, rectangle covered with a white cloth. She sets it down against the wall and turns to look over the other guests and gives a little curtsy. "Hello! Thank you all for coming on such short notice. Angus should be down soon, hopefully, and we can begin the dinner!"

"Huh!" Natska replies, raising her eyebrows at Wulf. "I see. And yea, he is." She looks over at Cass as the fennec rejoins them, giving her a bright smile and a wave. "Ooooh, nice, dear! You look great." She looks around for a moment, then locates the various beverages, pouring herself a glass of wine. "Anyone?"

"Get dressed~" Jera winks, and then gives Angus his treat as he stands up, 'borrowing' some of Angus' clothes tucked under her. The female kit fox bending down to pull down her stockings...though the trick fades once the brassiere comes off to reveal Jera standing barechested. "Hope you liked the view." He chuckles, and then quickly heads to his room to get dressed and to pick up his rare Cliffside imports, heading downstairs after.

Fenris grins and rises from his chair to bow to Cassidy. "Lovely as ever, ladies," he says to all the women in the room, "I feel sorely underdressed compared to you all!" He looks a little longingly at the beautiful spread of food. "I hope Angus gets here soon," he says.

Selena shakes her head a little. "Well, it IS Angus we're talking about." She notes, rubbing her cheek. "But at this time of day you'd think he'd be awake, too." She notes, looking over her shoulder to Fenris. "... You're fine; these are the same clothes I wear everywhere." she replies with a chuckle. "We can feel underdressed together."

Angus blinks a little at the sight he is given, staring just a second before his vision is cut off by the shirt thrown his way. "I'm dressing, I'm dressing!" He states as he pulls the shirt down, tucking it in as he starts heading for his door. "Lets go see what surprise they whipped up for me." He mumbles a bit as he heads for the stairs down towards the dining room!

Wulf looks at her clothing and then the rest as well. "Yeah, your not the other one feeling underdressed here Selena and Fenris. I haven't picked up the new duds Cass helped me pick up either yet so I guess I don't have a reason to complain." She looks to Cass and smiles, wiggling her fingers at her. "Bout time I got to something on time for a change."

Cassidy smiles at Natska and nods. "Yes, please, Natska! And thank you! It's not my -fancy- red dress, that isn't ready yet, but I'm fond of this one. Angus should be down shortly, I think! And you three don't have to worry about being underdressed or anything. This isn't a formal party! I just wanted to invite some friends and Lightbringers over for his birthday! Which... He forgot, himself. But I didn't!" She gives a proud grin at that.

Natska grins at Cassidy and raises her hands to quietly applaud. "Very nice, Cass." She listens to the rest of their group chatting, leaning against her chair again with her hands on her hips as she waits.

Jera settles in with the rest of the group, dressed in a male performer's outfit, which is as fine of a garb as he's willing to put on at home. He smiles, noting that everyone is about. "Hee. No other surprises for him?"

Fenris laughs happily. Leave it to Angus to forget his own birthday party. "If he doesn't show up soon," the tiger says, "I expect that I will be diving into that cake one way or another!" He smiles around at the group, a little relieved when Jera arrives to add to the male faction in the room. "I thought about bringing along Angus's new boyfriend," he shrugs, "But Denali has another engagement tonight, I fear."

Selena chuckles quietly and shakes her head. "That is unfortunate, isn't it?" she replies to Fenris, looking over Cassidy's more formal attire with a somewhat surprised look. "You know, I couldn't have pictured you in a dress until now, Cassidy. It looks quite nice on you." She notes, closing her eyes and murmuring something to herself at mention that the others would be down soon - probably along the lines of "I hope Kalt won't be annoyed to see me", but it's difficult to tell.

Angus ruffles up his hair so it doesn't look like he has bed head before he heads towards the Dinning room. His ears flick as he hears mumbling and speaking as he walks through the doors. "So, what is this I heard about cake?" He asks a bit as he gives a grin and looks around with a smile.

Wulf smiles in agreement with Natska. "It is a very good dress, very flatterin on the figure." She grins and flicks her ears at the doors when Angus enters, offering a wave to him. "Hi there Angus dear!" Though Selena's comment has her lifting an eyebrow quizically.. now why did she worry about Kalt.

Cassidy claps her hands together as Angus finally enters! "No surprises! Welcome, Angus! Yes, I was reading last night when I remembered that your birthday was today! So! I baked you a cake! And with the help of the cooks, made a full meal for the guests here tonight," she says, gesturing over the table covered in a number of meats and treats. She offers a warm smile to Selena, as well. "Really? I used to wear them all the time, before I got my suit." She offers another little curtsy to Wulf's words and gestures towards the chair at the head of the table. "Would you like to have a seat, Angus? You're the guest of the night, after all! Dinner, and then cake! And lastly, gifts, from those of us that have them for you."

Natska stands up again and brings her hands together, joining in the applause for Angus. "Happy birthday, dear leader!" she calls out, grinning. The jaguar moves up to one of the chairs, just to the side of Angus', and holds it out for Cassidy.

Fenris applauds and whistles as Angus finally shows. "At last!" he cries, "Let's eat!" The tiger turns around in his chair and looks over all the delicious food. "And happy birthday!" he calls over his shoulder, waiting for the other guests to be seated before digging in. He grins as he thinks about the gift he has brought. Hopefully, Angus will like it.

"I wish I had thought to give your gun a couple of months later. Still." Jera grins wide, a bottle of his finest im(port) tucked under his shoulder. "Nice and aged, fit for a noble. You won't find a drink like this outside the king's court."

Selena waves over to the fox as he makes his way in, sighing quietly and settling back into her chair as Jera presents him with the wine. "... This was on rather short notice for me. I didn't have the time to get you anything." she notes a little regretfully. "But happy birthday, nonetheless. It's... It's good to see you again, Angus."

Angus blinks, shaking his head. "There is no need to apologize, I appreciate gifts but you don't need to give me things." He states as he chuckles a little, looking over to the cake as his tail flicks as he moves over and gives hugs to those near him. "But thank you all surprising me."

Wulf giggles offering Angusd a wink from her spot. "I'll give you your gift later Angus." She giggles and waits to eat, looking at the table and then to Natska and Cassidy with a soft grin. "I don't mean to sound impatient but... I'm hungry."

Cassidy clambers into the seat pulled out by Natska and smiles. "Thank you, love. Now, yes! As Fenris and Wulf have said... Let's eat. I am... Very hungry! I've spent all day making food, now I want to enjoy it!" Without a moment more of hesitation, she digs into steak, pausing only to sip at her wine glass. "Mmf. After cake, I'll give you my gift, Angus."

Natska settles down into a seat of her own and dishes up her food, drinking her wine and working her way through her steak and salad. She smiles appreciativly at all of the gifts Angus is getting, but she remains quiet, enjoying the comeraderie and the sense of actually having a *family*, making the dinner a special occaison for her beyond the marking of a birthday.

Jera pops his cork on the port and offers drinks!

Fenris whistles loudly and a little silver streak speeds into the room, leaping into the tiger's lap. "Here's my gift, Angus," he says, showing off the miniature silvery fox golem that has zipped into his arms, "Meet Mister Fox!" He sets the miniature golem on the table and watches happily as it winds its way around the various dishes before wending its way back to his place and curling up into a slivery puddle of interlocking plates, sapphire eyes peering over its tail. "I'm quite proud of him," Fenris says as he starts piling slices of meat and bread and sauces onto his plate, "Not much in a fight, but pretty enough to look at." He gives the little automaton an affectionate pat. "I'll transfer the control maths over to you after dinner," he says.

Selena chuckles quietly as Fenris's little golem zips into the room, opting to quietly put some food onto her own plate and dig in silently - before eventually asking, "You don't happen to have any cider here, do you?"

Angus blinks at the little thing zipping past him, staring a little in shock. "That is.....extremly cute." He states, before he clamps his trap shut and looks around at everyone before taking his seat to dig into his food. He smiles at both Cassidy and Narg, chuckling about their comments as his tail flicks. "we probably have cider some where around here Selena."

Wulf giggles. "I think someone is enjoying his gift a little more than he is willing to admit." Chomp, munchmunchmunch... swallow. "I'm sure this is much better than the party you had last year Angus. I mean I wasn't there for it then, but I heard it was quite something"

Cassidy raises her brow and giggles softly. "My, that is quite a gift! And here I was confident in mine, but that just makes mine look awful by comparison," she says with a little wink before standing. She gives Natska a pat on the shoulder before moving off towards the kitchen. "Just a moment, Selena, and I'll get your cider!" True enough, before long she returns with a little bottle of cider, which she offers out to Selena. "Pour as you like!" Resettling into her seat, she glances around and smiles, taking a moment to say, "Thank you! All of you, for coming! I was hoping to get a few people to come for his birthday, but I wasn't expecting quite this many! And I certainly appreciate it. I am sure he does, too." She gives a grin to her cousin before digging back into her steak.

Natska pauses her meal long enough to wipe at her mouth and then smile at her fellow Lightbringers. And Selena. "I am very glad to be here with you all. Thank you, Angus." She bows her head to the fox at the head of the table, then gets back into her food.

Fenris grins, happy to see the reaction to Mister Fox. He was quite proud of that bit of golem work. "Come on, Cassidy!" he says, "It is hardly a contest! Besides, I'm sure that your gift is wonderful!" The tiger digs into his dinner, dipping tidbits of meat and vegetables and breads in various sauces. Not every day that you got to sit at a noble's birthday spread!

Jera takes very little for dinner. He seems too worried about his figure to enjoy food, especially with how much drink he has. "To Angus!" He toasts, grinning.

Selena nods back to Cassidy appreciatively as the 'little' bottle of cider is passed on to her. "I can just drink it as it is, you know." she teases the fox, taking a long sip of the stuff before shaking her head to Wulf. "This one is better - it's quieter, people are talking with each other and there aren't courtesans propositioning everyone." She replies with a slightly amused tone of voice. Jera's toast is met with a raised glass - "To Angus." She echoes with a slightly lopsided smile, before looking around the table a little perplexedly. "... Wait, where's Kalt? I know I heard her earlier..."

Angus blinks, his ears turning bright red as he slips down in his seat. "Guys, really....there is no need." He murmurs quietly as he just smiles a little at their actions. When he is asked what Kalt is doing his ears perk up and he looks to Selena. "She said she was going to work on something before heading down." He answers.

Wulf giggles at Selena as she finishes off her dinner plate, licking her lips as she leans foreward onto the table after pushing her plate out of the way. "There isn't any need true... but we want to." Smiling she burps a bit. "You know, I could change that Selena... I do like watching people squirm a bit."

Cassidy raises her own glass in toast. "Happy birthday, cousin! And I'm kind of sad Kalt hasn't been able to join us yet, either! And no need to be bashful, Angus. We're all here because we like you. You've been a good friend to all of us, in our own way. Like Wulf said, we want to do this!" She works on finishing up her own meal, eager to get to the cake!

Kalt was upstairs. I think she's just preparing a bedtime treat." Jera sagenods. Finishing his food

Fenris laughs as he takes a break from his food. "We're all happy to celebrate you, Angus," he says, "And if you want something more exciting, I think I know a certain foxy dancer who could cheer you up later!" The tiger goes back to eating, but follows Cassidy's glance to the cake. It Did look awfully good.

Selena nods back to Angus and Jera as they respond to her question, sighing quietly. "Hmm. I was hoping she'd be joining us for food." she notes a little disappointedly, though she silences herself with a long sip of cider before taking a somewhat brighter tone, Cassidy's comment prompting the wolfess's ears to tilt back somewhat for a few moments before sighing. "She's right, you know. I had some second thoughts, but..." letting her voice trail off somewhat. Another long sip of cider is drunk before she maintains her silence by finishing her food.

Angus sips at his drink slowly as he leans back in his chair. "You guys are really great." He states, turning his gaze over to Selena as he gives her a soft smile, nodding gently to her. "Now, let us cut into the cake? Seems like a good enough time."

Wulf frowns a bit as her lil'joke gets ignored. Shrugging she turns to the cake with her smile jumping back onto her face as she eagerly awaits the cake. "Ooooh! Yeah, I could go for some cake!"

Cassidy stands and offers one of the kitchen knives towards Angus, smiling. "Would you like to do the honours, birthday boy?" She offers a little grin before looking over towards Selena. "Second thoughts? About coming, or...?" She raises her brow at that. "Well, I am glad you came, Selena! I'd never pass up a chance to have you around. I don't get to talk to you as much as I'd like, but I still consider you a friend! Both of me, and of the family."

Jera nods. "Yes, Selena. A comrade and friend both. Honorary Lightbringer, if you will!" Jera offers, then falls silent in anticipation of cake.

Selena chuckles quietly at Cassidy and Jera's comments, though she does avert her gaze slightly when Angus's eyes settle on her briefly. "Cake seems like a good idea, yes." Nodding in agreement with Wulf's position, before replying to Cassidy. "You probably heard about the talk I had with Kalt and Angus a while back." she replies quietly. "You know where to find me if you want to talk, though."

Angus gives Cassidy a nod as he starts cutting the cake into pieces, he pulls a piece and puts it on a plate, moving over to place the plate in front of Selena. "An honorary lightbringers yes, I believe that is true about her Jera." He states as he gives her a soft smile before standing up to help serve to everyone else!

Wulf smiles, nodding her head in agreement as she is served some cake."Oh yes, Selena is definately an Honorary Lightbringer in all the sense of the word. Though no, I haven't heard about any talks." With that she eagerly eats her cake.

Cassidy gives a curt nod at that. "Yes, Kalt told me all about what had happened. I would love to talk to you, though. Perhaps tomorrow, if you've got time in your assuredly busy schedule? I've got a trip to the hotsprings planned for the weekend with Natska, but before that I'm open. Afterwards, as well!"

Jera takes a slice of cake, one ear tilted to Cassidy. He decides to quietly consume his cake and just listen in.

Selena shakes her head slightly. "Well, If you say so." She replies, sighing a little. "If you'd like to speak about it, this isn't the time or place." she replies to Wulf a little somberly. "Either way, though. I might not have a lot of time over the next few days, but hopefully I'll be free soon enough." She replies, rubbing her muzzle slightly and digging into the cake Angus passed her. "Thank you."

Angus finishes off his piece of cake, perking his ears up as he grins. "This is delicious Cassidy, very nice creation." He finishes off the piece, placing his fork on the plate as he sits back a bit. "Think I might be fully now."

Cassidy frowns a little at Selena but nods. "That's fine. I understand, I suppose! Well. Whenever you have time, then." She offers a little smile and starts to stand, pushing her own empty plate away. "Thank you, Angus! I'm glad you liked it! I have one more thing for you, though." She washes down her cake with the last of her wine before moving over towards the rectangle she brought down earlier. "I was going to present this to you when Kalt was present, but... I've been holding this for ages, now! It's high time I gave it to you." She stands the object up and removes the covering, revealing a fairly large, and taill, painting! The image depicts what looks to be Angus, standing next to Kalt with both dressed up in formal wear. Behind them sits the expanse of the country side, with plenty of vivid green fields and the bright blue sky above.

Jera watches Cassidy open her present and smiles. "Ah, that must be the art you've been talking about. Looks amazing, in every sense."

Selena nods. "I have to agree with Angus, there." She notes - evidently in relation to the cake. Cassidy's unveiling of the picture seems to stun the wolfess into silence for a few moment - for better or for worse. "That's beautiful, Cassidy." She finally says, though she does briefly cover and rub at her eyes. "Whoever painted that is very skilled."

Angus blinks a bit as he stares at the picture, his ears flicking when he hears Selena's pause. "It looks amazing, very well put together Cassidy, you have amazing skill." He states a bit as he smiles at his cousin, standing up to lean in and give her a hug. "Thank you for the gift." He murmurs as he stands up and moves over to inspect the painting. "Might have to hang this up later on when I clean up my room."

Wulf whistles at the work. "Nice!" She smiles. "Angus, you'll get your gift later... as long as Kalt doesn't mind I suppose."

Cassidy reaches out to hug Angus in return, smiling. "Thank you! And yes, I am the one that painted it, Selena. Painting is my -real- hobby. I know how to cook and bake from when my mother was teaching me in the lady-like arts, but painting... That's where my talent lies, when it comes to hobbies! I worked on this for quite some time, and I've been eager to give it to them! I can help move it into your room whenever you'd like, Angus."

Selena nods to Cassidy, giving the Fennec a slightly forced smile. "You could make a good living of of artwork like that." she notes. "But it's better to keep hobbies as hobbies for the best part, as well. I've heard of some artists 'burning out' after working too much." the wolfess notes, sighing quietly and setting her utensils down to polish off what remained of her drink. "It's probably about time I leave. There's some work I have to do at the academy."

Angus gives Cassidy a nod, smiling softly. "Well, I appreciate it and I will make sure to ask you when I need help with it." His tail flicks as he gives Cassidy a hug, before moving around to give everyone else a hug. "Thanks for the great party, I appreciate all of you coming." He murmurs, pausing when he tries to give Selena a hug, before he gives her a squeeze and moves back to the stairs.