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My name is Selena Hearthkeep; magician and researcher.

I currently work as a researcher and lecturer at the Sweetwater Academy, primarily on spellcrafting theory. I have worked and remain on retainer for Lady Ironsoul's house should her unit ever require my services again.

It is a poorly-kept secret that I'm from Cliffside, though frankly I don't care too much if people know or not.

In interests of developing the field I work in, I took it upon myself to work on creator spells and Three-dimensional magic, having become the progenitor of that field of study after working on some of the church's material.

I will continue to hone my craft for the betterment of Promise; I would like to be remembered for leaving such a legacy.

"There is a difference between self-defense and slaughter"

"Strength; to protect what matters."

"I don't like Manors. When your house is so large you have to hire other people to keep it clean, there's something wrong."


If you want to get in contact with me for IC or OOC purposes, please send me a message at and I'll try to get back to you. Other contact information:

Skype: Shirai202 (If you're adding me on this, make sure you change the default message to tell me who you are and/or why you're adding me.)

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  • Apostate - They deserve more than people will give them credit for. Many are criminals, but many are not. I will not stand for the inequality.
  • Cliffside - I don't care why you've brought that place up, but you'd best drop the subject. I've heard nothing but bad things about my home city, and I'd not like to think about them.
  • Divine math - It's really not that divine. But I'm glad to be working with it - it's a wonderful field, especially when you manage to broach a new facet of it.
  • Hard Cider - Beautiful temptress, why must it be so hard to leave you! At least I should be able to drink less of it.
  • Mathemagic - You will never hear me use this term. It's superfluous and doesn't help distinguish either Math or Magic from each other.
  • Mind-manipulating magic - I understand it can have uses. But when something almost makes you turn on everything you believe in to hurt some of your closest friends, it becomes all to much. The most disgusting perversion of magic in the wrong hands.
  • Nobles and titles - You don't need a fancy name to be good at something, and having a fancy name doesn't beget greatness. I'm glad some people understand that, but when someone waves a title around like a free pass they deserve to be taken down a notch.
  • Priests - I never really grasped why these people put so much faith in something so phantasmagorical. Though I admit, their belief system has brought me a great deal of comfort over the years, and I can respect what they stand for as such.
  • Shadows - 'Quash them before they can manifest. These are the true bane of our existence'. That's clearly my point of view.
  • Spirits - Or gods, as the seem to call themselves. They're in opposition to the Old Ones, and that's enough for me. The fact they seem to be proving good intentions is a good prospect.
  • Wirefurs - Murderers, warmongers and subverters of justice. If my mentor denouncing his house has told me anything, it's that these people are not the guardians of lore they profess to be, rather little more than common criminals with money and status to back themselves up.

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Deceased, I'm afraid to say. I lost my mother and father to a politically motivated house fire while I was studying; Lukas passed away of old age in March of 480.

Major Contacts:

  • Alef - She's a little rash at times, but her heart's in a good place. She seems to know her way around magic quite well, but part of me isn't sure whether she bites off more than she can chew sometimes or doesn't know her own limits. That said, she's a bit younger than I am. I suppose there are some pros to being a little older than most of my peers seem to be. I respect her.
  • Angus - Certainly my closest friend over the years. I'm proud of how far he's come since I first met him, those years ago. I have my share of regrets, things I could've done differently, but such is life. He's still around, and that's more important than missed opportunity. I only hope his relationship with Kalt goes as well as I hope it would, but lately I've had reason for concern. I hope he's holding up all right, behind the stoic facade.
  • Bite - A good lady to be around, Bite keeps her word and she's a genuinely kind soul at the heart of it all. Even if she came off as materialistic at first, I've grown to respect her abilities and her actions. I admit her constant desire for hugs is a little off-putting at times, but I don't begrudge it. It would seem we all have some skeletons in our closets around here.
  • Cassidy - A battlemage of house Solacious. Fairly unremarkable profession for her house, but she is skilled in her craft even if the flair she tends to employ isn't something I care too much for - I've always preferred more practical approaches. She's demonstrated her abilities enough in the field for me to afford her recognition, at least, and possessing the mind to apply my work in three dimensional magic is something I have to respect as well, even if I'd rather have seen it turned to less destructive ends.
  • Flora - A strange tiger with incredible skills at clockwork and machinery. She seems naive at times, but at others she poses some very good questions. It's obvious she's intelligent, but... I'm at a loss for how this woman hadn't learned to write until I opted to help teach her. And then making a camera and turning out to be the daughter of THE infamous Longtails... Well, she's in for a rough ride.
  • Jera - An odd fox. I don't quite recall when we met, which is unusual. He seems to be a good enough being; very skilled in air magic. I don't see as much of him as I'd like to, but he is a busy being to say the least. I do disagree with some of their choices, but there's nobody that I've never had divergent opinions to.
  • Kalt - Foul mouthed and very much a country woman, but Kalt is a lovely being with a heart of gold... And a lot of wanderlust. I don't know what to make of her extended absences - I wish she would say something more about her plans before dashing off without another word, if not for leaving me to worry, but for how that's effected Angus. I can only imagine I'm seeing half of this or less, from my own experiences with another.
  • Kilsa - One of the first beings I was acquainted with in Firmament. She is a kind soul if ever there was one and provided me with a place to stay, materials to research and jobs to take care of. Once she said she thought of me as a sister and I'm inclined to think the same. I don't think I can put into words how much this badger worries me sometimes, but thank the creators she manages to come out intact. I don't know what I'd do otherwise.
  • Kiyasai - She says she died and came back. She says she's the same, but she's not showing it. I can't begin to imagine what happened in Mossy stone, but I miss the leopard that practiced what they preached and didn't take a side exclusively. We had our disagreements on many things and didn't always get along but this woman was my friend at the end of the day anyway. I hope it's just stress masking her actions, and I wish she just didn't hide it. I think I'll... Miss her, now she's back in Shralesta.
  • Lidiya - I'm amazed. It's been almost a decade since I last saw her, and now she's showed up in Firmament? I didn't recognise her at first, but she's changed a lot in that time. Her lot in life has improved, and for that I'm glad. It's nice to know some of my acquaintances still remember me after so long.
  • Meyna - Arimia seems to like her and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't fond of her too; she's practical, reliable and gets things done. She mightn't be quite who I thought she was, but I'd count her among the more grounded people I know - if not a bit more vicious at times. It's all balanced out in the end by her realism, something that seems to be lacking in some of the other beings I'm acquainted with.
  • Sierra - A mechanic who Arimia and I live right next door to and share a workshop with. She's a good woman, willing to talk even if a lot of the engineering concepts fly over my head or give me splitting headaches - not for lack of trying. Sometimes she comes off as a little bit too carefree or abrasive, but at least it isn't carelessness that drives it and lately she's seemed more grounded. Someone I can call a friend, at the end of the day.
  • Sveta - She seems a little easily distracted by some things, but she has a more level head than a lot of beings up until that point. I'm not sure if she has a high opinion of me or if that's her usual manner of speaking, but I think she's more talented than she believes. She's mastered more souls than most beings own from what I can tell -- there's a lot of untapped potential in her, if she ever has the opportunity to exercise it. Also fairly interesting that she's the first bird I've met proper in Firmament as well.
  • Wulf - She's nothing short of reliable and practical. I've found myself to respect her for her ability to act and act well, regardless of the situation and it's nice to meet someone with such a refreshingly different background. Especially since she seems the kind of being I could share a cider with and chat to about whatever has happened lately. Certainly someone to turn to with matters when I don't know where to start.

Other Contacts:

  • Ariella - Bite's sweetheart and a very good performer, but I haven't seen her do much outside of the inn. She seems nice enough to me, though she can comes across as a little vapid sometimes. She does have a good heart at the end, and a past I'm not at liberty to discuss.
  • Arimia - A source of more than enough regret for me, on more levels than one. I hope I never have the misfortune to cross her path again; it'd only end poorly.
  • Bazalt - An odd shadow. He's quite enamored with the idea of being a being, but I don't think he's equipped to deal with the emotions that he's put himself into a collision course with. Though shadow or not, it'd be wrong of me to not offer some advice on how to handle them.
  • Cedric - An interesting case of a badger, he reminds me a bit of Kilsa sometimes. He's certainly amicable enough; hopefully we'll cross paths more often.
  • Dio - Dio, the self-professed traveller. He's older than myself or Arimia, and possibly one of the oddest beings I've met. I wouldn't mind being able to get in touch with him at some point or another; the few times I've worked with him, he's proven himself thoughtful and reliable as his age would imply.
  • Eleni - She's a soldier from home. I don't think there's much else I can say about that; she carries herself a bit more casually than I'd expect, though I'll chalk that up to having met her in town and off duty every time. If she does take her job as seriously as she makes herself out to, then she's certainly a being I respect.
  • Ictus - I'm still not terribly fond of this fox, after the abhorrent first opinion he gave. However, he is showing himself to be more tolerable than I'd expected and he does get things done - even if he is rather flaky at times. I suppose there's something to be said about his choice of lifebond, but that's not relevant to me. May they live happily.
  • Mirana - Apparently, this kit has finished her time in Shralesta - then promptly gone missing again in apt time to delegate resources to her 'own' projects. Irresponsibility personified. I would expect more from her, though it would seem she has little intention to see anything through to completion - as though she only does things to say that she can in spite of evidence pointing to it being a bad idea.
  • Rixo - Never have I ever met someone that's claimed to have traveled about so much - from a place I've never even heard of, to boot. But, she's a good soul and for the talks we've had I'm glad to have met her.
  • Siyu - A businessman from Shralesta. Our views and upbringings are so incredibly different I'm not sure our views will remain reconcilable, but he is a respectable being at the heart of it all. It'd be wrong of me not to acknowledge that.


  • Anya - A fellow lecturer at the Sweetwater academy. She's a very excitable salamander and prone to some unorthodox methods. I appreciate her more... eccentric ideas; food for thought and perspective are valuable.
  • The Good King - Well, I suppose it'd be wrong to call him a contact per-se. I've met him on several occasions but it's all business, all the time. At one point I turned down a reward from him in favor of sponsoring the Ironsoul orphanage, and I don't regret that.
  • Juliana and co. - While the family is gone, Juliana was a lovely child and her parents were interesting people to speak with. I doubt I'll see them again, but if I so I'll be sure to try and get a moment of their time.
  • Lukas Wirefur (Deceased) - My tutor from my youth, and an exceptionally skilled magician. He was close to my father, the two having been peers when they were studying back before I was born. When the scandals involving my parent's murder and then Eldric Wirefur's warmongering, he seceded from his house as an act of contrition, of sorts, and retired to Heartfall in Sweetwater to live out his last few years. As someone that I knew well, who had such close ties to my own family... I'm going to miss him.
  • Dr. Sinclair - She's a strange woman. But, that's okay. She knows a lot and I don't expect her to give any answers freely, but she's made herself the subject of a personal challenge. I wouldn't mind surprising her, but given her breadth of knowledge, vastly superior technology and presumably a significantly greater library at her disposal, I doubt I will.

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RP Hooks


New places? Sign me up. I'm willing to go out and use my skills to help.


If you have information I want, or can promise there is some, you can bet I'm interested.

Especially if magic is involved. It's what I do after all!

Hobbyist artisan

I use my skills in math and my hands to make things in my free time. I'm pretty good at it, if I do say so myself. Statuettes, jewellery... Whatever you're looking for, I can give a hand for a price - materials don't source themselves!

Ironsoul's Defenders

I work under Kilsa Ironsoul as a commander of the Ironsoul's defenders... Again.

Mother of Advanced Magic

Well, maybe not quite. But I did produce the first working copy of a creator spell from scratch and in the process develop three-dimensional kevinscoping and open the doors to researching a new level of complexity and integration in magic, but... I don't fancy the title too much.

My original paper on the subject is available at the Academy.

But I'm still me.

Occasionally Drunk

Chances are you'll want to avoid me if I've been drinking too much; I tend to be unapproachable or in a foul mood in general. If you really want to pester me in that state, though, you can't say you haven't been warned.

Thankfully I haven't been in a position to get horrendously drunk lately.

Taskmage & Academician

If you need a wall raised, rain called, fire started or winds blown, I can help.

I put those skills to practical and theoretical use - if you need some help understanding how it works or just need someone to get a job done with it for you, I'll gladly help.


I have ties to the Solacious, Ironsoul and Longtail houses, was part of a group commended by the King for our actions against the attack on Sweetwater's food supply, teach at the Academy as a profession, command in Kilsa Ironsoul's absence from the Ironsoul's Defenders, and am responsible for a major revolution in how magic works (See above).

I'm not a noble, but I guess I'm more than well known enough. It's a little awkward sometimes.

Volunteer Worker

When I'm not spending my time chatting at the inn or working on research at the workshop or in the field, you can often find me helping at the Ironsoul Orphanage or in Shanty Town. It's always nice to have another hand or person to chat with.

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Selena Portrait RuP.jpg

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Full Name: Selena Hearthkeep

Clan: Graceful

Species: Timber Wolf.

Date of Birth:  ??/??/???

Apparrent Age: 23

Height: ~6"1' / 1.87M

Weight: 171 Lbs. / 78 Kg

Build: Light, with moderate tone.

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~Owned, but unavailable~

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