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"There is a fine line between a glorious death, and a wasted life."

"I do not fight in the name of honor, I fight to protect those I care for. That is my resolve."

"Our past is carved in stone, immobile and forever frozen in time, but the future..The future is etched in sand. Shifting and changing with each passing second."

"Remember your Promises."

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Nobles: Most of those who call themselves Nobles are content with sitting on their haunches ,and lining their pockets with easy coin. We are the nobles of Sweetwater, it is our duty to help the people of Promise prosper. Not to look down at them in contempt. I'll do my part, and carry my share of the burden, but I am only one fox...And mark my words, those of Nobility who willingly start wars for no more then to trade blood in for crown, and to profit from the misery that they cause...I offer only a blade, and an unmarked grave.

Soulless: I am a soulless, what of it? I am no different then you, I walk, I talk, I breath, I eat. I may not have a soul, but I'm still a living being.

Shadows: Most are vicious, and are more then happy to drag you to an early death, my self included many a time. But they've never really succeed.

Cliffside: A long term enemy that we are at an uneasy truce with. I respect the people of Cliffside as they have Courage and Loyalty in battle, even if their animosity is pointed in the wrong direction.

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Sally: An older cousin of mine, She is also the leader of the Lightbringers unit. She was kind enough to allow me a position in the Unit, and I will not let her down.

Mirana: My older sister, a powerful Mage in her own right. But fair warning, she does have a temper...

Arimia: can I put this lightly...She is a rather vicious Raccoon who has come to completely hate me because of my bloodline, and I refuse to bow to her will. She is rude, vicious, sometimes even childish with her petty hate....But I do have to give her one compliment, She is skilled in battle and I would gladly stand beside her in battle. Just don't try and make me strike up a conversation.

Selena: A kind, friendly Wolf from Cliffside. She's employed by Kilsa, and I do counter her as a friend. Even if I usually can't have a conversation due to a Raccoon...

Rainer: A Wild card to say the least, charges in without a plan most of the time..yet he manages to come out of the trouble he causes with a smile on his face. Friendly and always there for a laugh.

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Full name: Angus Solacious

Clan: Graceful

Species: Grey Fox

Date of Birth: August 7th 457

Apparent Age: 19

Height: 5'10

Weight: 120 Lbs.

Build: On the light side, the usual build for a fox.

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