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"It's my duty ta protect the weak and the innocent, and I will not shirk it, lest the creators strike me down here and now."

"Give me one round, a musket and point me at the shadows!"

"Honor, Courage, Duty... without these we are no better than the Shadows that assail us."

"And so we must stand on guard, lest darkness swallow the world and we be no more then wisp of history fluttering in the wind."

"God feedeth the Ravens.... Meaning? No I haven't the foggiest clue what it means, jus' some saying that's been passed down in my family for generations."

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Nobility - Well I'm sure they aren't ALL bad, at least one of them gave me a roof over my head when I arrived at the Firmament, even gave me a job!

Soulless - It's not something I like to spout out about being, I feel... empty when I think of what I am. Despite that I'll use this condition to protect those weaker than me against the Shadow.

Sweetwater - Country of my birth and land of my father's forefathers, I will not let the shadow or anyone else ruin my home.

Shadow - Let me set up a good shot and there will be one less of these fiends mucking about my home! The ones that we have allowed to integrate I don't trust; but I will tolerate them and try to make them feel welcome.

Cliffside - Still a bunch of sodden an' brainless fools in my opinion. There are however many Cliffsider's who have come to Sweetwater and become beings I'm proud to call friend.

Golems - While useful I feel they are a huge crutch... but they do make an awfully good 'meat' shield. Ari makes some pretty good ones on a side note, ask her if you ever want one made.

Divine Math - I don't like it, nor do I like using it all that often. Divine Math can cause just as much harm as it can good as I learned in my youth.

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Adrestia - Adrestia is the spirit for which I am a caller for. Quite the intimidating sight if you ask me. But as the spirit of vengeance I would expect nothing less. I only hope that I never displease her.

Sally - Oh my captain, my captain. She's a good sort indeed, and she has graciously given me lodging with the House Solacious, under the condition that I be in her group of Shadow hunters. Dubbed the Lightbringers.

Zevran - One of the Heavy Folk, he tends to charge into things head on too much but he also knows he can handle much off it, also of the Lightbringers. I don't know where the big fellow has gone off to.

Walden - Nice fellow, a country kid much like my self though how we left home are opposite to each other and he's an optimist much to his credit.I haven't seen him in a long time either.

Arimia - Yes she is an apostate, and she seems to have gotten colder since she arrived in Firmament. But I still consider her a dear friend, I just wish she'd be a little more light hearted and less... kill'em all.

Angus - Nice guy, he doesn't take to being called a noble all that much, or the titles for that matter, which I can respect. I have dubbed him 'Kit'. He's also the father of one of my pups.

Kilsa - I saved her life once, but that's about it. I don't know where she has gotten off to.

Selena - Arguably one of my best friends and someone to turn to for anything that i may need help with. She's kind, caring and cute and to top it off an excellent magic user; something I am not.

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RP Hooks
Who needs a reason to run into this lass? Well here they are.

Adventurer - Who doesn't love a little excitement and action, especially when crowns may be involved?

Scout - You need someone to scout a location for you? Find her, Wulf may have already been there.

Tavern/Inn Regular - Wulf likes to have a drink now and again, you know, to keep spirits high!

Sparring - She'll normally engage anyone for a rousing bit of sparring if they feel like getting rid of some boiling blood.

Inventor - Shhhh.... it's a secret! But she can contribute any ideas to you if you need some collaboration.

Part-time Courtesan - This is probably her best... or worst kept secret! Sometimes you can find her at work in the Twin Pillows when she has a break.

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Full Name: Wulf Teirnan

Clan: Adaptable

Species: Siberian Husky

Date of Birth: 22 December 456

Apparent Age: 20

Actual Age: 21

Personality: Chaotic Good

Concept: Scout

Height: 6'1" / 1.9 m

Weight: 170 lbs / 77 kg

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Rogue 30

Fighter 1 Performer 1 Journeyman 1 Mage Adept 1 Unseen 1 Parent 1

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