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One day we will reclaim our home, even if it means our lives are forfeit.

Even if I find that I must give up everything in the process.

Nothing but bitter revenge left inside.

An empty shell, just like the ravaged town.

Firmament will never be home. It's but a place to stay until we take the town.

To take refuge.

Just a place to rest until we find the strength to win the fight.

One flying arrow, one eternal dance, one lost song, one stolen crown at a time.

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  • Foil - Most people have someone by their side to set things in a proper perspective. But by the light, Jera takes that and pushes it to sometimes over-the-edge limits, and very often to other people's chagrin. He is more than ready to call someone out on things, noble or not!
  • Magnificent Bastard - By the Creators, you certainly want to slap him in the face, but he almost certainly has an answer to anything, right or not, and is smooth enough of an operator to persuade you anyway. One can never truly tell what his goals is, but ehh. He's on your side, that's what counts. Doesn't help that he's now a foreign noble, of one of the most hated families in Sweetwater. He was born it, having a defunct title from Mossy Stone inherited from his parents as well.
  • Hope Bringer - Nothing is ever truly hopeless. For a fox who's lost everything he holds dear to smile back at you, one'd think he'd gone mad.
  • Brilliant, but Lazy - If only he could be made to work full time, Jera'd certainly be an asset to the world. It's a shame he spends a lot of his time dancing and pickpocketing those who choose to get too close.
  • In Touch with His Feminine Side - It can be hard to tell at first glance what his gender is, especially since he seems comfortable dressed in the garments of both sexes. His voice is just at that natural pitch, his figure effeminate enough to fool anyone not bluffed by the constant cloud of perfume he'd be wearing.

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  • Amaterasu - My dearest love. I will never let the cultists get you. I will not let anything ever tear us apart.
  • Angus - My oldest friend, and the very first to claim me. My heart and my bow goes with you, always, wherever you may go, my captain.
  • Cassidy - Let sorrow not tarnish our tales, dear windrunner comrade. I watched you find happiness in despair, and perfect companionship. Never forget.
  • Cirra - I wish I could be there to take care of you, but my duties pull me away. I will always have let you down.
  • Natska - The fastest friend I've ever made, but nowhere near the shallowest. Your joy is the brightest beacon in these troubled times.
  • Rainer - There is no price I would not pay to see you happy.
  • Selena - Happiness is a long journey. And for all the knowledge you have I hope you someday find the right path to it.
  • Violet - I watch, and I hope. And I love.

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RP Hooks
This fox has enough energy to supplement all your needs.


The very first Soulless windrunner. Jera takes the utmost pride in his skill level with air magic and the bow, practicing so extensively that it's affecting his ability to work with all the other schools of magic.


Some of the most crown can be made from finding something rare, and assuming present company is sufficient that the investment of risk will reap its return, he will tag along happily. Doesn't mean he won't contribute though, between his poisoned knives and sharpened arrows, guided by what seems to be a breeze that almost seems to follow him around, he's a shadowy combatant in a fight more than capable of handling defending himself. And not to mention his extraordinary reliance on his definitely-better-than-average luck.

The Show Must Go On!

Mercenary in nature, Jera won't object to putting up a performance, whether it be mundane or something more...exotic? This assumes he has the skill to execute that performance. A dance or a song isn't too difficult for him, provided the price is right, of course. This also means he's slightly more audacious, but still shows incredible respect for the nobles of the higher castes.


Jera appears to have been a Windrunner for very long, without even knowing it! He shows exemplary ability at weaving air magic into his attacks, making his arrows exceptionally accurate. He's also sworn to defend the tribe of Windrunners that've just moved near the forests near Firmament, and one day would like to know the full story about what seems like a perfectly ordinary tragic story.

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Jera Art

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