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The daughter of Anton and Melanie Illyushkin of Stonyfield, Natska is a generally cheerful, earnest jaguar of the Graceful Folk. She believes in investing oneself in the moment - working hard when there is a job to do, enjoying oneself when at leisure, and in being aware of and appreciating the little details in life. Although she can be a little whimsical at times, she is patient and caring. She prefers to help people do things for themselves over just giving charity, but she has much less patience for layabouts - Natska had a hard life growing up, and although she is tolerant she doesn't see why other people can't take it on themselves to improve their own lot as well.

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Find her and ask her!

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  • Cassidy: Natska loves and adores her fennec, and can be counted on to be at her side.
  • Angus: Technically, Natska's boss, of sorts - even if he isn't that bossy.
  • Jera: One of Natska's friends, a fellow lightbringer, and an all around impressive fox to know.

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RP Hooks
  • Lightbringer: As a new member of the Lightbringers, Natska should be expected to turn up at events involving the unit. She can be found in/around the Solacious manor, and will be interested in business that might involve the Unit or the Solacious family, as well.
  • Bringing Light to the Darkness: Perhaps part of the reason why she was recruited to the Lightbringers, Natska feels obligated to to take the role of beacon in the night. She wants to bring hope to the hopeless, solace to the abused, and life and light to those whose world looks dark and lost.
  • Explorer: Natska is a curious kitten, and always enjoys finding new things: she has traveled to far places and deep caves, and is always ready to go poking around somewhere.
  • Tavern-Warbler: Although she is no fancy ballroom singer, Natska appreciates music and is willing, with some encouragement, to sing.
  • Life Is Too Important to Miss: Although she dislikes overindulgence, Natska is fully in favor of taking the time to enjoy life. Sometimes that just means enjoying a nice meal in a tavern with friends, some times it means going to a high society party thrown by a kitsune. She likes collecting experiences.

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Full Name: Natska

Clan: Graceful

Species: Jaguar

Date of Birth: December 5th, 457

Age: 19

Height: 5'11"

Weight: ~180 Lbs.

Build: Tall and lean, marking her as someone both poor and used to physical labor. She has added some weight since becoming a Freesword, but she maintains a highly active life style and habitually eats little.

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  • Duelist
  • Monk
  • Winter Witch
  • Dark Magician
  • Performer
  • (Fighter)
  • (Army Magician)
  • (Parent)

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