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Short tempered and fiery, Cassidy is known for staying steady in her course of action, but unpredictable in her methods and reasoning. Calm and collected, or violent and sadistic, it seems to change at the drop of a hat. While she may be small of body, her ambition knows no limits, and she rarely lets anything stand in the way.

Some may attribute it to having an upbringing of a spoiled noble daughter that never learned the meaning of 'no' but she denies this fully and claims it to be the work of great passion. Whatever the case may be, she can be a great ally or a terrible foe. Keep her at your side, but never at your back, lest you be caught in the crossfire.

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Alcohol: I have a strong liking for my whiskey. Sometimes a bit too much, maybe, and I don't always make the best decisions after a night out on the town when alcohol is involved.

Apostates: I have no strong feelings towards them one way or another. Some apostates are bad, some are good. Just like everyone else with a clan, the label is simply that. A label. I do hope those that seek a second chance can get it, though.

Clans: A simple construct meant to give some sense of unity. I find them rather unimportant and pay them little heed. I am Graceful clan, but I scheme like a clever clan, and am often stubborn like one of the shelled. Frivolous to the core, as far as I'm concerned, and I only wear the mark to be considered socially acceptable.

Death: I don't like killing. So much wasted potential in a corpse, but sometimes it's unavoidable. What a shame.

Magic: Something I've recently gotten into, but I enjoy it quite a bit. I was already an accomplished ranged fighter and a brainy sort, so this just sort of... Clicked for me. But I'm not as good as I could be. Always more to learn.

Nobles: I am one. Always was one, from the time I was born. Some people call it the cushy life, and while it's true that physical labour is not something we are familiar with growing up, it is not without struggles of a different kind. That said, I don't like titles. Those are for courts and fancy parties. The family name is just that. The family name. My name is my own, and that is what I shall be known for.

Old Ones and Spirits: Except for that incident in Mossy Stone, I'm not sure if they're really all that different themselves. From what I've studied, the Old Ones don't seem inherently bad, nor do the Spirits seem all that good. It's the followers that I have quarrel with. I believe an Old One follower could still do good.

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Angus: My cousin. I love him, and look up to him, but sometimes I find myself frustrated with his... Reputation. Makes me a little tense around him, occasionally, and I do not often like speaking of him when he's not around.

Kalt: One of my few friends. She's a nice woman, and I hope the best for her! Though her desire to throw herself in harm's way tends to annoy me. I don't much like seeing my friends get hurt.

Natska: She had become a fast friend, and now she's so much more. In the relatively short time we've known each other, she has utterly captured my heart, and I am all too willing to let her keep it. She has turned my life around and put a positive spin on things like no other has, and I am hoping for a long future with her.

Selena: Another being that I consider to be one of my closer friends. I have not known her long enough for her to consider me the same, most likely. All the same, she seems to be a dependable woman, kindhearted, and a fellow scholar. She is far better a mage than I will likely ever be, but I hope I might learn from her, someday.

Xanendithas: He seems to have a thing for me, and he seems like a nice enough fellow, but I'm not yet sure if anything will come of it. I'm not quite sure if he's my type, but sometimes the world works itself out in strange ways.

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RP Hooks
Academic: She loves learning, and can often be found at the academy libraries, researching into the odd hours of the night and morning, though she's not always as approachable while deep in her works.

Noble: She's part of the Solacious family, and can often be found around the Castle district or the manor itself.

Painter and Magician: She's a showy person. She loves her painting, and she loves doing mystifying feats of illusion and magic. She has, on occasion, been known to put on a show, as well!

Flesh Crafting and the Soul Ridden: Her research has largely been focused on matters of fleshcrafting and the soulless lately, specifically the soul gems and the soul ridden. Those with experience in such fields, first hand or otherwise, may find reason to approach, or be approached.

Lightbringer: She's a corporal of the Lightbringer Unit, so situations that involve them may also involve her.

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Full Name: Cassidy Solacious

Clan: Graceful

Species: Fennec Fox

Date of Birth: October 18th, 458

Age: 18

Height: 4'6"

Weight: 107 Lbs.

Build: Rather feminine and womanly, with a bit of softness to her form overlaying athletic and tuned muscles, speaking of someone that doesn't do much hard labour, but at least enjoys some good cardio with their food.

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