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"Have you ever wondered what went an' happened from when you were nuttin' but a lil'kid runnin' round chasin' vermin with a stick while yellin' bout rescuin' poor folk from trouble an' such... To now, when you go on out, suitin' up in armor with folks you ain't knowin' too well, to fight sumptin you sometimes are figurin' you'll never get round to comprehendin? I do. S'like a big an' blurry dream, you go off sufferin' an' such in ways you never right thought possible... But when you go commin' to the end an' all, you're lookin' round those folks in armor an' callin'em friends. You ain't gotta know'em, you just go knowin' they're your friends... An' you still gonna suffer, but you ain't gonna suffer alone, cause they'll be there helpin' an' fightin' with you... I'm guessin' that's why it's so right an' natural for me to smile eh? Plenty of Folk go round thinkin' I'm smilin' cause ignorance is bliss an' what not... They ain't all wrong I'm supposin'. I ain't taught in the courts, I ain't no scholar, shit I ain't much of a student too... But I ain't ignorant 'nuff to go off forgetin' what's right an what not. You go round doin' what's right, an' you go feelin' better. Ain't hard to go off figurin', see lotsa folk's go over thinkin' it even... They go thinkin' what's right an what is what's goin' an' makin'em happy... Like crowns. Lotta folk's go thinkin' crown'll make'em happy, so they go figurin' you needin' to act on what get you crown to go an' be happy. Me? I'll stick with what's right an' all... Even if'n I don't like it."

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Apostate - "Ain't never much call to go 'round sayin' folks are bad an' such when you don't know'em... Could just be runnin' a hard time an' all. Still ain't gonna leave my coin 'round an' unattended by'em."

Cliffside - "I don't care for'em. I don't care what you go round sayin', yeah I know some that are right an' proper but I got eight damn graves sayin' that city can go an' burn."

Divine math - "I don't right understand most... All of it. Figurin' I gotta hand with dark maths an' such, but I ain't gonna pretend like I'mma go 'round craftin' up new maths to astound folks what with."

Nobles - "Well they ain't -all- bad an' all... Just don't be expectin' me to go round understandin' why they go doin' what they do. Right strange folk they are."

Priests - "Ma and Da always were runnin' an sayin' to not go 'round disrespectin'em, an' I ain't got no plan to."

Shadows - "Ain't right, ain't natural... S'powerful, an' I respect that. I ain't above usin' it to destroy itself too."

Spirits - "Well shit, I ain't no divine folk, they ain't gone an' tried to kill me yet so I ain't mindin'em."

Sweetwater - "Seems right'nuff... Ain't gonna say city folk ain't weird though."

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Siyu: "Nice lil'fella I met an' all after I first really came to the city... Kinda figured him for a lady though, an' ain't gonna act like I ain't still got egg on my face from that an' all. Heart of gold, an' coffers as big as'im... Awefully sneaky an' plan like when it's comin' down to folks relations though."

Fenris: "Nice'nuff fella an' all... Always really nice an' respectable like, but I ain't losin' the feelin' he's always out thinkin' bout what'll amuse'im next an' all."

Selena: "She ain't somebody I'm figurin' I'mma go outta my way to cross an' such. Awefully scary when she's up throwin' math an' such... Heart of gold though, ain't gonna think we'll come to blows ever."

Brutus: "... He's a noble an' all. Heard he did good stuff an' such, but he ain't gotten far off that noble thinkin' really."

Flora: "Sumptin just ain't right with her an' all... But she's good'nuff company if'n you'd mind your manners an' such."

Asher: "Right adorable lil'fella. Always busy trainin' an' such or workin' 'bout as a tailor... Reminds me to go an' see bout him fixin' sumptin' for me..."

Bite: "... Nice lady. M'rather a fool 'round her an' all, never meant to go losin' my cool an' swingin' at her in that brawl. Hopefully she ain't holdin' much of a grudge 'gainst me."

Arimia: "I ain't gotta like her, an' I ain't gonna anytime soon an' what not. Ain't findin' much 'bout her I'm respectin' but other folks do... 'Guess I shouldn't go bein' too judgmental an' all."

Angus: "My boss an' such... Nice, confident, an' ain't much like a noble an' such. He's a good man an' all, an' I go wishin' he ain't ever go hurtin' himself an' such. Figure I'll go an' be the best folk he ever went an' employed, make him proud an' such."

Rogna: "Nice fella, ain't never went an' had a problem with'em. Figurin' he's one of the folks you can go 'round trustin' an' all."


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Full name: Kalt Tiefkuhl

Clan: Adaptable

Species: Marble Fox

Date of Birth: April 4th 455

Apparent Age: 22

Height: 5'8

Weight: 108 Lbs.

Build: Thin, though she bears a good deal of muscle instead of fat.

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