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Fenris is a well known figure on the streets of Firmament.
Little bit of a jack of all trades, but mostly he's just a performer.
He sings a good song and plays a fine fiddle and finer guitar.
Couldn't ask for a nicer guy. Knows how to keep a secret too, if you ever need to unburden yourself.

Fenris also happens to be a number of other well known figures in Firmament. . .

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Angus: Not so bad for a nobleman. Or a fox. He is certainly not too noble to see what is important in life. He is my commanding officer and the mook who managed to get me involved with the Lightbringers. And the Divine Sentinel Unit. I guess I can't fault him for that.

Flora: A beautiful, if somewhat neurotic tigress with whom I share a personal connection. Briefly, a very personal connection. Now, I see her as a little sister, though her elevation to Highlady Longtail has curtailed much of my ability to help her anymore. Still, I do what I can to see her happy. Mostly I just play mad uncle to her children.

Kalt: An impressive addition to the Lightbringers. She has a kind of dedication I rarely see. She gave up an arm just to prove that point.

Dio: I don't know him well, but I certainly like the traveling lion. From upwind, of course.

Asher: My little corgi protegé! He does not think much of himself, but he has a heart greater than any warrior I have ever known. And I have known a few. If only we could all value good food and fine friends the way he does, this would be a merrier world. Also, his pure, untapped battle potential is a little terrifying. He does not seem to know this.

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RP Hooks

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Full Name: Fenris. No family name.

Clan: Adaptable Folk

Species: Tiger

Personality: Open and warm. Definitely approachable and easy to talk to.

Motto: "Happy to help."

Dedicated to: The Puzzler

Sacred Family: Kitsune

Parents: Unknown. Grew up in a traveling circus. At least, that is his story.

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