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Year 450



  • Raquestia shatters violently, causing years of strife, starting with immediate tsunamis and leading to drought and floods before the world can slowly return to a stability some years later.

Year 475



  • The Good King proclamations that anyone able to discover a new soulgem for the country of Sweetwater will be given nobility. Failing that, should a group be able to accomplish this task, they will be made honor guards for the Good King instead. Link


  • An otter of the Clever Folk clan develops and presents the first successful Dual Soul Pendant. Tested by Bite and Kilsa, this object lets a soul gifted use two souls instead of just one. The second soul is known to have much reduced effects compared to the primary soul. Link


  • Unique soulgem on its way to court is stolen. One million crown bounty is posted for its safe recovery.
  • First royal princess born, sound of body, mind, and soul.


  • After court debate, Good King determines that criminally jailed soulless are to be given parent grade soulgems to keep their mind intact while denying them access to more advanced soulless tricks.


  • Kilsa becomes Kilsa Ironsoul, and ascends to nobility. Link



  • Good King's wife falls ill, only to be diagnosed with a second child, a twin waiting to be born.


  • The Great Arc, the religious site said to be where the original ship that delivered the first Promise citizens, was found to be infested with shadows. Their activity unearthed new writings and artifacts, which was hurriedly taken before the shadows retook the area. Link


  • Second princess born, sound of body, but soulless, much to the worry of many.


  • Creator message received by stunned audience during ritual to consult machine spirits for answers concerning shadow, promises are made to pore over the message and explain the meeting at a future noonday mass.


  • The machine priests once again bring out a machine for talking to the Messenger Spirits. They retrieve a message, stunning most in attendance! However, before the message can be read, it is quickly taken away by the priests, leaving only questions as to what had happened to shock so many. Link


  • At the requests of the Royal Scholar, Mione, the Good King hears arguments against the 'Soulless' being actually soul less. Through these deliberations, it is determined that, indeed, the soulless must not actually be soul less at all, and a new name then deliberated on. Link


  • A party is assembled by Sally Solacious to try and retake the site of the Ark. However, as they attempt the climb, they are greeted by a shadow possessed who... speaks? The possessed squirrel asked them to return in two days time, to talk. Knowing that a direct confrontation would be folly, the party turns back and makes camp, to return later, and see what the shadows could have to talk about. Link



  • The first appearance of an Air Boat, a device that uses Air Math and Water Math to sail the skies as well as the seas. The ship itself is extremely expensive and difficult to maintain, therefore doesn't see much use outside of the very wealthy or those on exceptionally important tasks. Link



  • The good king calls a council meeting with some disturbing news. It seems that in the wake of the last war and the two successful campaigns, a new enemy is emerging. In Mossy Stone, the shadow threat has been eliminated, only to have the dead rise and stalk the streets of the once good town. Meanwhile, in the west, a new cult has emerged. A cult to the powerful beings known only as 'The Old ones' Link


  • A great machine is brought out and the Messenger Spirit within appeased, bringing new word from A Creator. They tell us that our original Creators have forsaken us, but a new Creator will be coming to visit! Much preparations are needed to welcome this Creator when they do arrive. The message is vague at best however. Link