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A fine day in the city, and court has gathered to see the problems of the kingdom. A petty squabble over land rights is settled swiftly, followed by an argument that is boiled down to a fashion crime, which isn't a crime. At last, more serious business arises as Mione, Royal Scholar, is called to speak.

"Good beings of Sweetwater, too long have we cleaved to the heartless and malignant title of 'soulless'. My studies and interactions with these brave protectors of the land to show them not only having of soul, but an overabundance of the Creator's own good will. These are our sisters, brothers, and children, and deserve to be called something less foreboding, and sinister, as soulless. I move that the title be struck from the court records and replaced with something more suiting."

Bite slithers into court in time to hear this announcement and tilts her head. Personally she's never thought about it, it's always been what shes called. She supposes it bears some ill will in it's implications but it's not doing any harm, what else would they call her? She coils into a seat and listens intently to the conversation.

Kilsa takes a seat and chuckles over the argument that boiled down to nothing. She was dressed simply but regal as not to draw any attention her modest brown and red dress. She watched at Mione began speaking on the names of soulless, "Such a strange topic." She murmurs to herself, far as she new even if you called a hammer by any other name it has the same function.

Peril skipped in, eager at last to be involved in something she could take seriously even if it did seem something of a trivial topic for the times being faced. None the less the little cat made sure to get a good position where she wasn�t struggling to see over anyone else which largely required being at the very front of things wherever possible.

The Good King nods towards Mione, "Well spoken. Do we have any testimonies or witnesses to see?" he inquires, making an expansive gesture towards the gathered audience.

Bite shakes her head and thinks. She does not have a compelling argument for keeping or changing it, she'll have to develop one and let someone else speak first. She looks to the others in the room, recognizinig a few as soulless, or what soon might be something else.

Kilsa raises a hand up nervously, "My King. I have something to speak on to the benefits of soulless, While the name makes little difference to me weither I am called Kilsa, Priestess, Lady Ironsoul, or Big sister. I've noticed that my brothers and sisters with soul gems have shown me some of the most soul possible. I ask for volunteers to my orphange over half of them are soulless, I find that most of the guards I'm paired with on patrols are just like me." She looks over the crowd, "And when the shadows are knocking at the door who is first to fight? Us. I would like to say even if our names are black as the shadows we fight we are full of souls and love for all." She bows gracefully before looking at her with her head held down.

Peril steps forward, clasping her hands together in front of her belly as she bows her head toward the king before lifting her eyes to gaze up at him as she spoke in as clear a voice the small feline could muster "I would like to offer my thoughts on this matter". Smiling broadly the cat moved in alongside Kilsa glancing up at the badge before looking back to the king as she raised her head to speak "We face many threats we are nor familiar with, many new dangers we have never before been confronted with. People are scared and there are many things they are right to be scared of. In these trying times where none of us can be sure of our security we must do what we can to ensure the strength of community, to make sure the bonds of loyalty that bind our society together are firm and steady. To that end to label a portion of our population as something so sinister as soulless is to work against the security of our future. To that end I would urge and plead for a more fitting title to bestow on those strengthened with the power of the soul gems"

"I have made it no secret," speaks the Good King, "How much I value the patriotism and loyalty of our citizens. Our kingdom is singularly most threatened by this new menace, and I know who is at the front line." He slaps his gavel once, "But this is a court. Who will speak the demerits of this motion?"

a grey muzzled canine in heavy black robes that hung from his shoulder all the way to the floor raised his hand in response to the kings question before stepped forward with the aid of a cane. He looked over the first two speakers, eyes narrowing and expression stiffening before looking to the king "I believe I would like to speak against such a motion"

In politeness to the elderly, the court bailiff moves forward to assist aged canine up into one of the witness stands to speak his peace.

Kilsa eyes shift to stare at the canine, "I didn't think there would be opposers to something so simple." She mentions quietly as she begins to size up the hidden elder. "I wonder....."

Ryusho would move to stand near Kilsa in a way, or at least semi near where she was as he looks to the elder, though he was staying quiet, he could not think of reasons to oppose, and minimal reasons to speak, consideiring most of the good arguements have been made

Accepting the aid of the bailiff gladdy to take his position the canine straightens his posture before casing his gaze about those assembled in the room, the aged canine raised his free hand to his muzzle as he cleared his throat before beginning to address all those gathered "These are indeed dangerous times filled with danger but not the kind we know well from wars and petty squabbles. The very shadows themselves now threaten us. Moving through the darkness of night, the shade of the forest, the narrow alleys of our towns and cities and even slipping into the hearts and minds of those not guarded against them! These are not the times to be putting people at east. We must be watchful, even of those we know well for anyone can fall victim to these pitiless shades and as we all know, the soulless are the most vulnerable of all! Let us not forget the true monstrosities that any one of them may become should the shadow find root. We do well to remind ourselves they are not like our fathers or grand gathers or any of those come before. They arrived with this new threat and they are the most vulnerable to it of us all. They must be watched and we must be reminded to be vigilant in our every action. Let us not allow the bruised egos of a few to threaten our safety and the safety of future generations". The elderly man bowed his head, eyes closing and ears falling back "I know all too well the price that comes from allowing sentiment to blind you".

Peril gives the elderly canine a dirty glare but stepped aside to give him all the room he needed or perhaps just to stay as far from his as she could respectfully manage.

Bite hisses her discontent to the old canine, the very idea of being so careless as to become a monster making her blood semi-hot. She settles in and watches him, flicking her tail against the ground as he finishes.

Kilsa raises a hand, "My King, I must say that I disagree with this folk." She looked to her king, "I will admit our arrival is similar to the shadows themselves but lets be realistic, If we weren't around, if we were split off from everyone other folk but soulless Promise would fall quickly, do you not see a purpose in our design? We are the best at fighting off the greatest threat we face, If we remove these shadow then would we even be a danger of any sort. Our ability to get possess easier than others is tragic but nothing that can't be over come. Promise needs us and would anyone want to known as a monster? Soulless makes us sound wicked, would the wicked really be in protection of Promise? My Lord I beg you look at us as people not something slightly better than a shadow. Our existance could very well be the salvation of Promise itself." She bows once again.

The grey canine draws a deep breath, his shoulders rising before he exhales a long sigh, his body sagging forward gently as he continues "I do not call for the soulless to be treated any differently than any other citizen would be in their situation but let us not forget that the soulless are dependant upon us. It was not the soulless who first crafted the gems bestowed upon them and without that power they would not only be defenceless but our greatest weakness to the shadow. How can we hope to face this enemy if we forget that we not only must protect ourselves but these people as well" he raises his hand to gesture to those whom have already spoken. "The soulless may become a great asset once this threat is over but right now, in this moment we must guard them. We must preserve them and not allow them to do what might not only endanger them but also place us all in the greatest peril. We have always acted to preserve ourselves no matter what comforts it might cost us so please let us not be swayed by sweet sentiment as these are not the days for it".

Peril moves in alongside Kilsa, giving the badger an encouraging nudge

Ryusho scowls, arn't the souless -also- one of the best -defences- as well though?

Soft grumbles stir through the gathered folk. The Good King simply nods at the supplicant, then Lady Ironsoul, "Mione," he addresses. Likely the only person everyone in the city addresses by first name who has enough power to certainly demand a last, "Are they with or without soul?" he questions flatly.

Mione nods at the King, "I ask this, my liege. The Creators held that the undying soul was the one artifact they were unable to manufacture. Do we propose that we have exceeded the Creators, to create a soul, where they could not? I propose not. It is folly and hubris on our part of the most dangerous sort," he logics.

Kilsa sighs and raises her hand again, "My King. We are folk just like any other, we aren't weapons that may backfire at any time. Instead of looking at us like a weapon why not work harder to understand how to stop the possession. I am with a soul, I cry when I am sad, I laugh when I am happy, I fight to protect those I love and those who need my help. If I truly lacked a soul then why would I open an orphanage with the land you entrusted to me instead of just trying to use the title to gain more money and power. My friends who are soulless and normal are identical except for the use of the gem. Have you not seen a soulless child play no different than a souled child? Even in my darkest hours I know that I am Kilsa and I was raised by loving parent no different that I'm sure my elderly friend here was." She takes a breath and bows again ending her retort.

The King makes a soft dismissive gesture at Kilsa, "Immaterial. I accept Mione's case. The title is a falsehood. I will not have inaccuracy in the ranks of my army. It breeds dissent and encourages sloppy tactics, regardless of other factors. Is there a proposed alternative title?" he asks, bypassing emotional issues entirely. Politician? Comes with the job title.

Bite tilts her head at Mione, then nods to Kilsa. She contemplates speaking but is unsure her tongue would be fit for speaking here at the moment. She watches the King and the old canine for any responses.

Peril perks up, raising her hand as she speaks out. "how about 'Soul Gifted' to reflect that each of us first is granted a share of our parent souls?�

Ryusho shifts slightly, "Well...I don't know, but that could be the case...though I was thinking a bit.." he says "...That is if I may have permission to speak..." he says bowing his head, as he is not of a noble lineage, but is a retainer for house Ironsoul, Kilsa's house..

Kilsa lean over and whispers in Ryusho ear. Her ears a little red.

The Good King gestures with gavel towards Ryusho, "Speak, the court listens." he beckons of the supplicant.

Ryusho shifts a bit as he stands there, "Well, What had come to mind, is...In a way, I do not think we are technically soulless, as we have our own ..unique personalities, even if we have the same soul gems guiding us..." he says shifting, "Our own personaities, our own quirks, and problems..." he says as he tries to feel how to phrase it, "...In a way, having a soul, if it was..shared, I think would cause people to have very similar traits and quirks, with how they speak, and how th ey act." he states after a moment, "BUt...Instead...What about if rather then being without a soul, technically...we are just without a guiding light.." he says as he thinks how to state this for common understanding, "..Where, without a gem, or soul stone as they are called, We are like a ship lost at sea, at night, when there are clouds...and no navagator...We have no clue what direction to head, and no way to figure out where we are, we are completely, and totally lost. Though...When we obtain a 'Soul gem' ...it gives us our navagator, our light, it shows us a way to go, and the way leads us to learning, and specialising in certian things." He continues speaking as he motions lightly with his hands, "To change gems, does not change how one is, or how one acts, But..rather it changers their light, their navigator.." he is using metaphor to get his point across, "...so rather then being lead towards one shore, they are lead toward another.....Or say, rather then being a skilled fighter...it changes their guiding lights...so they are now being lead towards how to craft the best armor for others to use, or how to preform the best music or other acts that they can...." He does shift, "Though..That does ..technically say, that the case of possesion, is...them being given a..false navagator..one who lies, and tells falsehoods, to...crash the ship upon the rocks, so tos peak, or in our case...lead them to the shadows..."

The Good King squints at the speaker a moment, "Interesting. Does anyone propose alternative titles?" he reiterates, looking mildly agitated.

Peril rests her hand over her shoulders, scratching idly at the back of her neck while glancing about the crowd "Well, aside from what I already proposed I have no further suggestions. though I have no objection or counter to my opponents extremely lengthy argument I still feel there is something to be said for my original suggestion"

Kilsa raises hand, "I have a name suggestion, My King. I was thinking Sun folk, In reference to the fact we are often used to banished the shadows." She smiles, at her king and Mione. "I think it a warm name that is something that rolls off the tongue well or Solars for short."

Mione suggests, "Ancestrals, those fueled by the wisdom of the elders. Or, more simply, Chosen, or, in line with my research, Sensitives, able to feel the whisper quiet echo of the unseen forces."

Bite speaks out with "Raqborn, for the timing of our introduction." and then coils back into silence, not wishing to be too disruptive.

Kilsa raises a hand again. "My King..I would like to be referred to as the enlightened for we reject the advances of the shadows and gain knowleged from soulgems. Would defenately boost moral for the children that are born like us. No matter what is chosen I would hope that my Kings judgement reflect that he thought about the generations of children that will adhere to his choice."

Peril bows her head and burries her face within her hands "Can we perhaps be called something that doesnt instantly seperate us from the rest of the population like 'chosen' or make us sound like we have the knowledge of ages like 'ancestrals' or 'Enlightened'?"

Mione looks towards Peril, "Ah, but do you not? You wear a bauble, and in a matter of weeks, you have what takes a normal citizen a lifetime to master. You may not be monsters, madame, but you are certainly uniquely endowed," he insists.

Peril shrugs her shoulders and sighs. "fine. then Enlightened may be the most accurate, but no more soul than Soul Guided"

Ryusho shifts, "Guided sounds a lot like what I had said in my..statement.." he says slightly to himself, 'But..Enlightened sounds good to me..."

The king snaps his gavel down, banging it twice, "The order is tabled for the time. I will consider over these suggestions and render proper judgement. Bring in the next matter," he beckons, dismissing the current conversation entirely.