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August 475 SA


Those with invitation, or soul gem jewelry, are permitted into the castle proper. Extra guards stand duty for the function, directing people and keeping out the riff raff. A familiar(to some) rabbit is up with a band to the side, strumming his guitar along with the others tuning their instruments and getting ready to play.

Kilsa walks up to the castle walls. A smile gracing her face as this will be the first time she has set foot into the Castle. She looks around at the various soulless shuffling in as she fingers her own Soulgem nervously. "I hope I don't screw up..." She says to noone in particular.

Bite slithers into the castle quickly, coming to her legs only to look semi-elegant when she is spotted. She looks around for food, and royalty. Spotting the rabbit she had seen before she smile and waves in passing, making mental note to slip him some more money for leading her to a great business transaction. Moving on and seeking royalty, she stops by Kilsa and tries to sneak up on behind the badger.

Wicaef is noticeably out of place amongst the crowds mingling outside the castle. Smelling faintly of the Bird Stain district, dressed in simple - if clean - robes, barefoot. If not for the chain around his neck, for once exposed for the world to see, it'd be easy to confuse him for an impeccably dressed beggar. Approaching the guards and pausing just long enough to let them see that, yes, he is a soulless and yes, it is legit, he quickly makes his way inside looking around quickly as if searching for someone or something.

Some lingering looks, hrmph. But Wicaef is allowed to pass by without a major scene about it. The rabbit raises a hand to wave back at Bite before he starts to play properly, a mild dinner tune that flows well with the other instruments that start to play. The place is packed. Free food seekers, glamor hounds, and the just plain curious all in attendance and mingling about. Wicaef isn't the only obvious 'commoner' in the crowd. Soulless are born of all stations. Very egalitarian as things go.

Kilsa looks around curiously while finally noticing Bite near her. "Hello." She says with a smile and a wave not realizing that she was about to surprised from the lizard. She looks at the dinner table and pales a bit knowing she lacks the regal eating habits of the upper class. She take a seat and motions for the lizard to join her, "Would you mind joining me? I don't know anybody else here." She looks a little nervous but her hefty bulk and racial feature give a more intimidating presence than a nervous one.

Bite smiles and nods, taking a seat beside Kilsa. "That would be nice sssweetheart. So what did you do with your reward?" she asks as she scans the table and flicks her tongue out once. "This looks to be a wonderful meal, i'll probably pig out as much as I can." she hisses and giggles, shaking her head. She runs through her mind what she could say to the King if she got the chance, theres always money in royal tasks.

What if you are riffraff and a soulless? Then you are Olan! He tugs his cloth bakerboy down and shuffles in with a grin and a puff of his chest. HAH, guards can't throw him out of someplace because he smells vaguely unwashed and has holes in his vest.

Take that, establishment and/or bathing regularly.

Despite trying to keep focused, Wicaef frequently finds his attention drawn to the castle's - and some of its occupants' - opulence. When he can force his eyes away from some marvel of the upper classes, his attention seems to shift as much around the room as toward his soul gem. Weaving through the crowds as best he can, occasionally biting back a comment as someone comes dangerously close to treading on his tail, the black rat quickly shadows one of the servants responsible for resupplying the banquet, prefering to get his hands on fresh food that hasn't been picked to death.

The music changes tone, a signal made more clear as the, better dressed, inner guards start to usher people towards the tables for the main course, and likely the appearance of the Good King, who has not yet shown himself. Ever so subtly, those who look the least proper are placed closest the the doors leading out, while the rich and well to do, or at least those good at dressing up to the part, get seated further into the hall.

You are rewarded by your superiors with 13 Crown for your accomplishment!

Kilsa smiles at Bite, "I took an advance class in my church and I used the rest to pay for a large banquet at the local orphange. I saved just enough to restock my bolts. And you?" She watched as the blue blood and upper class walk out. "Must be nice to be so rich.." She looks down to avoid rolling her eyes at the upper class. "Think I like working for a living just a little more." She whispers to Bite with a small chuckle.

Bite smirks and giggles at the word work, looking fairly excited about the meal. When she is sure everyone else is eating she will make sure to eat as quickly and tastefully as she can while gulping down food. "I kept it all to myself, you must really like helping people huh? Well I didn't plan to keep it all. I want to tip that rabbit for leading us to the job in the first place, the first tip was for the song. I guess I should invest in some things that would better my magic... or I could keep it all to myself." she hisses and smirks to herself, flicking her tail about in anticipation. "So you were pretty handy back there at the little... problem, and you were eager enough to make some money, maybe we should talk later after all of this?"

Putting one hand around his gem as the press of people slowly tightens, Wicaef lets himself be guided to a table close to the doors. He eventually winds up worming himself between another pair of commoner soulless, picking those out who smell closest to the familiarity of Rose Walkway and Bird Stain. Whether from paranoia, timidness, or fear that he'll say the wrong thing to the wrong people, he quietly waits to see how the banquet develops.

Olan gets placed near the door. And, like any good Mange Square denizen, as soon as he gets on the table, he shuffles a piece of bread casually into his vest. Mostly out of habit. The young mouse then takes to loading his plate like this were his last meal for the next month. "My da always said being rich makes you lazy and a jerk."

The food is well prepared, with a centerpiece of roast purple hart with a sweet onion glaze. An opulant spread for a, overall, well to do kingdom. After people have settled and are eating, the music shifts to a clearly welcoming fanfare.

The Good King approaches from the balcony. Large and in charge, as his fathers and mothers before him. The hippo born is adorned with all manner of jewelry and finery, with family sword strapped to his back, which the first Good King used before they got the fancy jewelry to tame the crime of the city through a campaign of coordinated violence and vigilante justice.

Magicians weave the divine numbers and wind blows, bringing fresh scents, and amplifying the royalty's important voice. "My people. Faithful and powerful in the face of adversity. It has been a trying time since the shattering of our moon, but Raquestia's loss will surely not be the end of our history, but the start of a new chapter. I have heard the tales of the amazing acts of our talented citizens, and it makes me proud to be your king." A lot of huff and puff, surely the substance is working its way out.

One should note, as the King says 'proud to be your king', Olan is shoving a fruit under his hat.

Kilsa smiles kindly to Bite, "I must admit while I am not a fan of blowing up a barn to weed out the rats. I do think money is a good talk anytime. Meet me in the tavern later?" She looks at the food and shrugs as she begins to tenderly rip at her food with her hands and eating softly but with little etiquette. "So thats what the good king looks like in person..." She idly says between bites. "He dress like a grace folk dancer but is as big as a heavy folk." She chuckles to herself at the ideal of the king dancing in a play.

Bite shakes her head. "I thought really hard about it and decided the damage was repairable, and i'd help if it was too bad." Bite begins to stuff her face, nodding about the tavern. She pays careful attention to the King, gauging his charisma, an important trait for a leader. Strength and wisdom are the others, but she will see if he has them later.

Any possible thoughts of socializing - or scolding some peers for their behavior - are dashed with the King's arrival. He may not be the most educated when it came to etiquette, but even a child should know one did not speak at the same time as the King. Taking up his glass and glancing down the table, he looks for any cues from the upper classes that might tell him how to proceed with this gathering.

Such crudeness. Fortunately, the Good King doesn't keep them around for their social refinement, "This is why I am eager to announce that Sweetwater will be at the forefront of Soulless developments. Our kingdom throws open its arms to the future." The rabbit plays a dramatic little twang in emphasis of this, earning his tip for the evening. "And to help with this, I declare a bounty. The first brave being to find and replicate a useful soul gem." He gestures to the left where a servant has a soul gem on a pillow, hurried up into position just in time, "That the Freeswords do not already sell, will be made nobility, and given land and title, to endure as long as their blood runs." A murmur rises through the crowd. Chances for outright nobility are not that common. Though the land could be some Creator forsaken bit of rock somewhere, a title was a title.

Kilsa her mouth opens wide and her heart starts beating like a drum at the ideal of having a title. "I really want that." She mouths almost silently." Her massive bulk moving as she begins to breath rapid, A preistess she might be but greed is her second biggest motivator. She notices the others looking just as shocked as she is, Her hair bristles as she thinks about people moving in on HER chance to make a name for herself. Anger almost overcoming her religious training, 'By the Creators will.... By the Creators will.' She repeats the mantra in her head to keep herself from becoming to anger and unruly.

Bite perks up and stretches, trying to think of how this could be done. This would be both a beneficial achievement for all, and a honor that could lead to better things, so of course she'll try. Her knowledge of magic may help with this, and her friend here is obviously a priest. There might be something the two of them can do if they put their heads and resources together. Her mind starts cranking as her happy expression drops into a very serious line of thought. She sways in her seat as though excited, slyly nudging Kilsa and whispering something to her. With that she puts her eyes on it again, flicking her tail and obviously thinking things over. With or without the preists help, she will do her best she decides with a very determined nod.

Almost forgetting himself, Wicaef comes within a hair's breadth of standing at the King's announcement. Land and title for a unique Soul Gem? The gears can practically be heard turning inside his head, and with the way he glances around the room whilst fondling his soulgem, Kilsa is not the only one imagining an increase in rivals amongst the crowd.

The Good King has the sense to wait for the furor created by his announcement to die to a more manageable level before continuing, "Of course, this assumes that the fault lies with one being. Far more likely, we will band together, as a people. A group achievement. In this case, I will induct the group formally into the ranks of the elite guard, and they will be given room within the city to further serve the city with honor." But no nobility, but almost as good. "So spurn not your neighbor. We are more powerful united than struggling alone. Eat, consider my words, and Creator bless you all." A grandiose gesture, and the band begins to play him off as he withdraws, leaving people to finish the dinner.

Kilsa growls under her breath, "What a good king. Be a team but lose all the nice rewards. I don't want to guard someone that has an elite guard already." She chuckles to herself, "The land would serve me far better. I can have a nice bit of land regardless of the title." She turns to Bite, "Hey. What would you do with the prize if you get it." She tries her best to look at the other female as an opponent and keeps things friendly. 'Love one another as family or something like that.' she thinks to herself.

Wicaef has just enough sense to offer a toast to the King before he departs, thoughts still racing through his head. No, there was too much time for what he planned - if at all possible - for him to have a reasonable shot on his own. But to work together on his project, share what information he had and risk another stealing either the work or title for themselves, it was something he would not risk. Mood souring, his attention finally turns to the food, taking advantage of the furor the Good King caused to enjoy the lion's share of the banquet.

Bite smiles and hisses "I would make a place for a few friends to wind down, preferably after a long day of loo.. collecting monetary gain." She never looks at Kilsa, her eyes fixated on the King now as she thinks this over. She doesn't really care for the title, she doesn't care for anything but the land. She tilts her head and whispers something else to the badger, then smirks and watches the royalty.

There is a lot of whispering, and loud talking both, to go around. The topics of conversation have fixated strongly on the prize, both singular and group. One otter slaps the table and surges to his feet, "The royal order of archeology will not stand for this! We will discover the gem first, and keep the sanctity of the royal orders pristine!" he declares loudly, his fellows groaning softly at the outburst, but forced to at least give grunts of agreement even as they haul him back to a seating position.

Yes, admit where all the thieves should keep their attention why don't you? Wicaef wouldn't lose any sleep over any strangers going cold in a dark alley over a soul gem. Especially since, considering the offered reward, it looked like the Good King thought the effort as improbable as him. Not a good time to be part of the more scholarly clans.

Kilsa frowns at the silly otter. "If your so confident then why are you still here? For a royal mandated group of diggers one would think you have the object before the kings announcemnt." She says loudly, "Its a shame that such an elitest group with a title would want to take from the poorer and less loved people who are here. Maybe its time some of the poor had a chance to make a better life. Why would you take that from them when in the end the king will benefit. Do you have something against the poor?" She says with a very convincing sigh. "My brothers and sisters I think those people want to keep you from enjoy a better life. How do you all feel about that?" She is dress as poor as possible while still being decent. "I've heard most of that order is born into the status instead of working for it. Hmmmmm I don't know what to think of that."

Bite gives Kilsa a look and a smirk. "I'd agree with you if I didn't think I could do this. I'll be the first to accomplish this task, and i'll gracefully accept the reward." she hisses, here rather drab garments being quite tasteful. She may not have table manners but she certainly has grace when needed. "Sssire, it would be my honor to take care of this for you, I will do it with precision and grace." she says before sitting to enjoy what is left of her meal.

Valente raises from his perch, strumming his guitar, "Let's not forget our roots. We are made of better stuff than to squabble and fight. We'll prove our worth in action," speaks the rabbit, playing a more lively melody with the rest of the band to accompany, "Creators watch over us all, and may the best beings rise to the top. And let no being deny the virtue of success."

Kilsa smirks, "Yes, Let no being deny the virtue of the Badger's success." She flexes. "Let no creature deny my right as a devout servant of the Creators will to use the title and land to further the love and care of the church." She curls her paw into a fist and holds it up. "The lot of won't stop me." She lets her rage channel into her words. "I dare any of you to try."

Wicaef stops stuffing his face as he realizes Kilsa's begun to orate. Would someone really go so far as to try inciting something right on the King's doorstep? Seemingly so, and while thankfully the intended victims were comfortably situated far, far aware from Wicaef, the same could not be said for the instigator. The instigator now challenging anyone present to stand up to her.

One challenge begets another, even as others rally to the good sportsmanship call. Dinner becomes officially over in short order as the guards mobilize to start ushering the most unruly out into the night, starting with Kilsa and the loud otter. Perhaps they can settle differences in the fresh night air.

Bite finishes what she can before the food is taken away, stands up, bows as best she can to the king, and slithers off, waving to the mass of people as she leaves the door. "You can count on me." she says rather loudly.

Kilsa is ushered out and goes peacefully her anger calmed for the moment. "I guess I got a little carried away." she says as the guards push her out. She looks around and takes a deep breath happy to be outside and thinking on which areas would be so dangerous that most normal people would stay away. "Hmmmm." She stands outside tapping her foot and thinking. "Maybe the Quarry?" She wonders aloud.

Finishing what he can, Wicaef barely quashes the temptation to pocket some of the leftover food. He is a man of at least some means, there's no need to risk ruining his - admittedly minor - standing or outfit for the sake of some luxurious meats. Following the crowd out while it stands strong, he quickly tries to pick out a group that neither looks nor smells like it's headed where he's heading: Bird Stain is not the district to look for safe travel companions, marginally better than Mange.