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Occupying the largest table of the tavern main room, a male being, an otter with a Clever Folk seal worn on right shoulder, has a wide variety of soul pendants in front of him in different shapes and sizes. A salesman perhaps? They have all the spots for chakra and knowledge crystals. Well fabricated at a glance.

Padding down from upstairs, one paw holding the side of her head, Monique squints as she enters the main room, her head still fuzzy and sore from the previous task she had set herself... getting drunk. Ordering something non-alcoholic, she watches the 'vendor' from the corner of her eye, thanking the barmaid for her drink.

Bite slitheres into the Freeswords guild, making her way to the inn with intents to get something to eat. She stops and inspects the salesman for a second, making glances between him and a potential meal, her interest peaked. "What are you selling sssweetie?" she hisses and approaches the otter reluctantly, her stomach seemingly slightly upset at her.

The Freeswords' Inn has REAL FOOD. And stories. Stories about /shadows/. And giant Rock Spiders that put webs around you that harden into stone, crushing you into goo so they can drink you. Which is really cool. Owen watches the table closely, shoving a slab of cheese on a crust of bread into his mouth as he eyes.

The vendor waves over his goods with a smile, "Ah, yes, you," he speaks out towards the incoming crowd, "You're soulless, yes? I have an idea I want to throw past you all, please come over here," he says with an energetic waving over. "It will revolutionize everything."

Her interest piqued as well, Monique makes her way over with her drink, clearly interested in the otter male, so long as he doesn't talk too loudly. One paw on her head, the other clutching her drink, she looks down at the pendants through her squinted vision, "What do you mean? Revolutionize?" she asks softly.

Olan scowls but gets up, dusting crumbs off his jacket, bread and cheese still in his mouth. He makes his way over. "Is this kind of like that guy who was selling oil you can rub on your gems to make them more powerful? Because we wouldn't take kindly to that." He does his best to look intimidating.

Bite listens intently to the salesman. "And what do you have that could revolutionize just us soulless?" she queries, unsure she believes the salesman. SHe orders some food on the side to calm her needs and coils in a seat at the table.

He shakes his brown furred face quickly. The otter flashes a wide grin, "No no, this involves using the gems you already have, but better!" he insists, "And nothing expendable. You are surely aware of what happens when you try to wear two gems at once, yes?" he asks, digging out two gems for emphasis and putting them into one of the soul pendants, which seems to have space for two gems, odd.

"You mean to say, we would wear two gems at once?" Monique asks with a scowl, "Oh no, I already have one headache, I don't need another..." she adds, making to turn and walk away.

He rolls in his eyes. Then Olan laughs, "Oh yea, let me guess, some /random/ guy just happens to have some sort of device to let you wear two soul gems at a time, I bet magical fairies gave it to you in the middle of the night!"

Bite looks curiously at the salesman. "This seems interesting. Tell me did you come up with it yourself?" she hisses and looks at his wares. Her eyes are judging the authenticity, but it would be worth finding out if what he says is true. "And are you a soulless yourself?"

Kilsa smiles at the thought, "Your promising things that seem to good to be true." She walks into the traven after heaing the otter from outside, "Whats the catch?" She move over to Bite and the other patrons. "Nothing comes for free especially nothing that good."

"I am not Random. My name of Tad, Tad Waterswift." Clearly not as swift as his forefathers, what with that clever clan instead of water. "All I discovered was the metal involved. It's frightfully rare, but I need to test it, uh, before the Freeswords will buy the patent." He holds up the soul pendant, "You can use any two souls you own. My friend said it worked better with ones you were familiar with, but his testimony doesn't go that far since we're related by marriage." Another otter, one presumes. "It's not as powerful as the two seperate, it's like borrowing." he points at the lower gem, "This one will just lend some of its knowledge, the main one," Pointing at the one on top, "Supplies most. It stops the headache."

"Hrmm, well, if you think it is safe, lets talk fee. I will help test one if you give it to me after we are done testing." Monique says, gesturing to one of the items, "I mean, how long would it take you to test and approve, if not how much would it cost, if you wanted to do it with more respectable folk?" she adds with a lopsided grin, holding the cool drink up to her temple now.

Olan sits back down, shaking his head. "Yea right. If there were a way, the Academy would be standing up on a dias in giant wigs going 'blah blah blah'-" Olan waggles his mug for emphasis, "'Due to dynamics and heat and the length of my /butt/'" He snorts at his own use of the word butt. Good one, Olan. Good one.

Kilsa nods and smirks at Monique, "I think she has the right ideal, We test you give us the first models we use and we will even put in the good word for you." She looks at the otter and smiles, "Can you image the crown you would recieve having users endorse you out on the field where hunderds of other soulless can see us?"

Bite hisses and nods to Monique. "I'd love to test for you, I have something i'd like to try out." she hisses, thinking of the boundaries that could be broken with dual souls. SHe watches the otter for a reaction.

"What, but, this is all I have," he says with a dejected tone, "Mining up more can't happen until I get the money, which I won't get until they buy the patent and fund the effort, "But you can't test it without going out with it," he says, seeming to be in his own little world, "And if you don't test it right, I won't be taken seriously, then no funds, no mining, nothing. Unacceptable." He slaps the table with a webbed paw, "Very well! I will release two of the pendants," He pulls the others back and leaves two on the table, ta da, "To be tested rigorously in real world conditions."

Still a little worried about the safety of the things, and her completely-not-decreasing hang over, Monique shakes her head and whines, realizing it was a bad idea, "You three fight over it, if I wanted to know what happens when my head explodes, I would start drinking again." she says, taking a seat and nursing her drink.

Olan pokes his head with the ale cup. "No way. I'm street smart. I'm not putting on something new to mess with my soul just because some weirdo says it'll be okay." He sloshes a little onto his hat.

Kilsa eyes the pendants and moves closer to the table, "In that case I'll go for it. Power come to those who act." She reaches and picks up a pendant before putting it around her neck. "Alright anything else I have to do to kick it in?" She places just her initial soul gem in the pendant.

Bite snatches one up and begins slotting what she needs to into it. A mage adept and rogue soul, this should prove interesting. She is confident even if this goes wrong she will still be alright.

The two remaining pendants are snatched up and the otter looks pleased, "Good good. Just put the one you want to be the main one on top, and the supporting one on the bottom," he explains, "That's all there is to it. The metal doesn't let the soul gem.... stuff." He wriggles his fingers, "The soul waves or whatever from getting directly to you, they can only go through the top gem, and gets filtered. Wondrous, is it not?"

Olan wiggles his fingers. "Stuff." Then he snorts.

Watching proceedings, Monique tries to suppress her worry as she rubs her pocket where the priest gem she carries is, ready to swap it over and offer some comfort if anything does go wrong.

Kilsa smiles, "I can feel a little bit of the second soulgem at work." She smiles and thinks of how it would be best to strike the otter at exactly forty five degree from the soulder blade to wound him enough to take his crowns and his remaining pendants. "Yep I feel it pretty well." She giggles and dismisses the thought. "I'll be sure to put in the good word for you."

Bite looks curiously at the salesman's lack of knowledge. Metal work or not you should know your product. "Well, I don't feel too different but we'll see how this works. "So what do we do to test it sssweetie?" she adds, looking around with curiosity.

"I have no idea," speaks the otter, apparently thinking Bite is referring to him, "But go out and about and do your soulless things and write up a letter on the experience. I figure if you can go a few days without your head exploding or anything, that should convince them it's worth serious attention."

Monique can't help but chuckle at mention of heads exploding, more than happy to just try and keep a lid on a single soul gem, "Mmmm heh heh heh." she manages to chuckle at the phrase, but gasps and cradles her head some more, the cool drink now less so, having been used to try and cool her head.

Bite nods and smirks, confident in her abilities. "I'll tell you how it goes sssweetheart, thank you for letting me test this." she hisses and takes her order of food to a table to eat.

Kilsa smiles and gives the otters a gentle handshake, "I thank you." She moves in close her face only inches away from the otter. "I'm glad you are going our your way for the soulless. We are in your debt." She gives him a big hug lifting him off the ground.

He didn't need those ribs, or that lung, he has another... "Ooof, ugh, you're welcome," he squeaks out, feet pedaling impotently in the air, "Air ma'am!"

Sitting back in her chair, Monique grins, "Careful, she hugs." she says, after the fact, with a chuckle. Raising a paw to get a barmaid's attention, she orders another, once more cold, drink to help her with her pain.

Bite shovels food in her mouth and swallows before giggling at Kilsa's display of gratitude. She's a real sssweetheart, and the salesman was nice, he had it coming. She flicks her tail at the ground and inspects the device once more.

Kilsa grunts and puts the poor otter down, "Awww... I didn't even give you a tight hug." She gives him a sly wink and moves back a little. "Sorry but if you get injured stop by the church, I'll be sure to patch you up." She says with another wink before going to join bite and ordering her own meal.

A bit of wobbling, but he recovers duly, "Quite alright. I am told the soulless have the strength of ten beings. Now I believe it." Properly instructed, he makes hasty departure.