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A small crowd has gathered inside the great church, and for good reason. It's been over a century since an artifact of the Creators was brought out. The device in question is a strange pedestal with a crystal dome on top and many small indentations on the side, each with a cryptic glyph that looks somewhat like a common letter, but off and alien. The priests are circling the device, gently fussing over it, whispering prayers to the machine priests and the Creators while going through the steps to bring it to life.

Ryusho could not help but look as he cants his head from side to side, though taller then most others keeps him a bit farther back, though if he could without getting in someones way would almost scoot slightly forward, to try to get a look, as he was rather curious, and well, I suppose its the dragon in him but he is also normally quite curious about the workings of things...artifacts of the creator or not..just ..how things work fascinates him sometimes

Rogna wears his priest soul today, of course his noble soul gem is on him at all times, it's a large part of who he is. He watches the priests with great interests, feeling privileged to even be here to see such an event. He listens to their prayers and attempts to listen to their whispers as he pays great attention to the activity.

Darquan had been out in the Marketplace when the word spread like wildfire. He arrives before too much time has passed and has a front row seat, so to speak, to the spectacle. He doesn't seem to care overmuch of his equally tall height compared to the Tegu, though he does move slightly to the side when someone in the crowd complains about not being able to see. A child is actually scooped up onto his shoulders for a better view...provided any are present for this.

Ictus hmms as he approaches the crowd to watch the proceedings and looks around curiously

The prayers are clear, if spoken softly, beseeching the spirits of the machine to cooperate, and intoning the ancient instructions. Religion is the only way that it is remembered exactly how to use the thing. A priest moves up to the buttons and kneels before them, "Oh Creators, we humbly use your holy artifacts, knowing that it belongs to you always, and that you may reclaim them when you wish. We thank you for your divine power and humbly beg you allow our trespass."

Ryusho is quiet though he continues to watch interestedly, almost like he is studying the machine or device as he can from here, though he doesn't dare try to move forward compared to anyone else at the front, to get a better look, as he doesn't want to intrude, even though he is so very curious

Darquan keeps the youngster on his shoulders while the priests begin the ceremony to attempt to glean insight upon the artifact. He joins the others present for any communal ritual, chanting, and whatnot when it happens, alert for any sense of change in the scenery.

Rogna pays very close attention to this part of the proceeding, watching the machine and button pressing curiously. The creators sure had some interesting devices, why if only one could fit such a thing in the palm of their hands they could receive it's blessings at anytime. He adjusts his cape and listens close

Traxin enters Saints Square, looking curiously about at the crowd, his ears twitching as he strains to hear what's being said.

Ictus looks over at those he knows and smiles at them before continuing to watch

Click, goes a button. The dome at the top of the pedestal warms to brilliance, swirling a moment before a strange glyph hovers in the air with the same alien, almost letters under it. The priests sing aloud the words, close to what one might guess they are, and yet so far off. Centuries of linguistic drift taking its toll. A blinking box appears, and the priests sing each letter as its struck on the pad, tick tick tick tick tick, tick. The glyph vanishes in a swirl of light as a soft voice beckons with a horribly archaic word for 'Welcome', and the priests give their praises.

Ryusho shifts slightly, as he watches in amazement, "...such a..intricate device..." he says softly, "...I would love to, if I was allowed, just to look...to find out how it works...but ..I would never do such..." he says softly, meaning he wouldn't for fear of damaging it.

Darquan turns his head slightly toward the Tegu, "You would know from your schooling that to approach it would mean your execution unless you were of the priesthood or were summoned up to it." Okay, maybe not the full truth there, but Religion Is Religion and all that.

Traxin places his hands together and bows his head in reverence for the event, curiosity flickering across his face at what might happen next.

Ryusho blinks and looks at Darquan, "I said if I was allowed too, Of course I wouldn't otherwise."

Ictus blinks as he watches curiously and nods to Ryusho in agreement, before he looks to Darquan with a chuckle

"We shall," speaks the head priestess of the ceremony, wearing the garbs of the machine priesthood, a female of the Clever Folk, crane born, "consult with the machine spirits as is tradition, and determine if the Creators have a missive for us, before we put forward our plea." Of course, the Creators have not left a missive for anyone in quite a long time, still, the ceremony is not mutable, and with waves of clever hands, she begins to manipulate the device, each motion punctuated with the song and change of her fellows. Each step is carefully planned, likely practiced for some time.

It is all that the Gator can do but watch, wait, and listen. Still, he does manage a smile to the Tegu and even nod to him before he finally puts the youngster back down onto the ground. With as much wiggling as the kid was doing, it wouldn't do to have chafing in those spots, regardless of gender or even species.

Rogna smiles and watches the proceedings in silence. 'Tradition is tradition.' he thinks and briefly glances around the room. Who else might be watching such a thing? He drops the thought as he realizes he may be missing something important.

Ryusho would only shift as quietly he begins to focus on what is going on, though not really paying the most attention to everyone else as he rubs his head in curiosity even as he watches

Strange pictures and words form and fade, conjured, banished, and conjured again, manipulated until a blank white board appears, a pause, and a queer but recognizable number 1 appears in the upper right-hand corner. The priest throws up her hands in shock. Several, lesser fortified, priests pass out on the spot. Their reaction causes sudden loud murmuring in the crowd, excitement, fear, shock. What was going on?

Traxin ponders the thought of a missive being left by the creators, even as he watches Ryusho from the back of the crowd. The cheetah tilts his head to the side, then shakes it briefly before going back to paying attention to the priests. At the latest development, he hisses to the nearest bystander "What's happening?", straining to get a good view of what's going on.

Kilsa enters the event a little late due to noble duties keeping her busy, Kilsa walks into the room and look at the number and doesn't know what she should be doing but from her superiors reaction this isn't good. She decides to hang back until she is needed observing all the reactions and waiting to catch an explanation.

Darquan is able to put the child down and return his attention to the proceedings with plenty of time to spare. The sudden change in attitude of the priesthood causes him to cock his head to one side. To his knowledge there has never been a number to appear in that location. What could it mean? Good? Bad? Something else entirely?"

Ictus hmms? and blinks as the priests gasp and faint, looking to the image curiously as he wonders what it might mean

Ryusho stands up a bit as he quirks his brow, with a slightly curious look as he sees the 1 there, though from how they act...there had not been a 1 or whatever in quite a bit..as he cants his head to one side, then the other...wondering what is going on

The crane priest looks out as the doors to the church open to admit Lady Ironsoul and she beckons the large priest forward, "My sister, Creators be praised, our brothers have been overwhelmed by the moment. The ritual demands at least one further. Do you know the ritual of terminus appeasement, variation twenty, as written in the text of Lin?"

Ryusho looks over to lady Kilsa,though as he notices her, he would move from his position to go and be/stay near her, though when she moves forward, he would partly be able to move forward with her, unless asked otherwise, as her retainer obviously that makes him a somewhat guardian for her, so he wants to stay near to a point.

Rogna smiles as Kilsa enters, but can't help but feel for her that she has been dragged into the ceremony as soon as she walked in. He hears a nagging in the back of his head as he watches, his soul offering him information that he continues to push aside.

Kilsa smiles sadly at the other priest, "While I am noble sister, I have not be a priest long enough to memorize this." She bows humbly, "Please refresh my memory and calm down those who do not know as well."

Darquan definitely becomes one of those who turn his focus from the machine and the priests to that of the new arrival. He recognizes her, of course, yet he does nothing to approach or hinder her movements even while the crane is speaking with her. He continues to remain silent for the present time...

Ictus blinks as Kilsa is dragged into the ceremony and shakes his head at Ryu as he approaches her

Ryusho is only moving close while in the crowd, eh won't follow her closer to the thing then the front of the crowd unless it was something that was requested.

Some disappointment, but desperate times. The crane priestess gestures Kilsa closer insistently, trying to coax the larger to stand at a very specific place in relation to the pedestal, so much as to nudge the fallen priest out of the way. Not kicking of course, but the smooth and polished floor proves amendable to sliding the sleeping body out of the way. This is when she notices another presence, and pauses, peering at Ryusho with shock, "Sir, this is a divine ritual. You must take your seat, please. We dare not offend the spirits, they are at the cusp of deliverance!" she says, tone not reprimanding, but instead fearful, almost panicked, as if Ryusho's presence could cause great harm.

Ryusho bows his head as he realized he had scooted forward on accident, "My apoligies...I did not realize I had stepped -forward- like I had done...I only meant to be near her until the edge of the crowd, My mistake." he says as he scoots back somewhat, to be at the edge and front of the crowd, but not ahead of them that was a mistake on his part, unless told or ordered otherwise.

Kilsa moves with the priest and stands in the designated spot. "I'm in your hands." She give Ryusho and approving look before motioning for him to listen to the priest and stand to side. "Instruct me on what is required of me, sister." She ask as formally as possible due to the noble soulgem currently giving her a boost in proper speaking.

Traxin looks with interest at Ryusho approaching, then starts tapping a little agitatedly at the crane priestess's frightened tone. He glances around at the pedestal and the crowd, mildly reassured at as Kilsa begins talking.

Darquan does not react in any way to the Tegu's apparent breach of procedure, knowing this one's recent social advancement. Still, like others, he does have some slight trepidation over this.

Some hurried coaching. Fortunately, that position is only required to intone the sacred words of power that access particular portions of the device, and the few words remaining to be spelled out are exchanged before the crane is back before the machine, taking a slow breath before she reaches out, touching the one as if it could strike her dead for the insolence. The one blinks away, replaced with a dense maze of the ancient lettering. She raises her hands high, "Behold, children of the Creators. They speak, and their word is good!" Of course, she hasn't actually read it yet, but ritual is ritual. Now she reads, staring, scanning and brushing the letters on as she goes.

Rogna looks curiously to before returning his gaze on the ritual. It will all unfold soon, the priestess had said, and this would be a message worth hearing indeed. He adjusts his cape to improve his appearance although there was nothing wrong with it at all.

Darquan watches the screen intently as the text flows onto it from its memory banks. Whatever it is saying is rather lengthy, or so it appears to his untrained eye. The ritualistic shout is unknown to him as it has never been stated, but there is still some infectious elation going along with them. Their gods have spoken! After so much time has passed...

Ictus watches on intently as he waits for the announcement eagerly

Kilsa begins to scan the words as they appear and follows the rest of the priest in saying the words. She desperately hopes that the word is indeed good because Promise could always use more good news.

Traxin holds his breath momentarily in anticipation of what the message from the Creators will be...

If the crane were as her feral ancestors, there would be far less hints given, but as it is, the flesh of her beak that forms her lips pale, draining of color. Each sweep of letters comes with a more quivering hand, clearly disturbed by whatever she is reading. As if just noticing she's the focus of attention of so many people, the machine priest takes a more confident posture and composes herself, sweeping away the message, "We must meditate on the meaning of this most sacred message, but first, it must be scribed." Hurriedly, a quill and several clean parchment sheets are provided. Only the head priest moves to do the scribing, apparently not for anyone else to dare put to paper the word of the gods. Only when this duty is done, the paper rolled and whisked away, does she address the crowd, "You are all blessed to be in attendance of this, the first sign that our Creators have yet plans for us. We have not been forgotten!" she announces loudly and clearly.

Silverlynx adjusts a little as she sits in the back as she watches, the warrior with her helmet off her head at the moment.

Ryusho slowly quirks his brow, as he had been paying attention quite a bit, he noticed things seemed...out of place, as he wonders what was said...the large tegu shifting his position a bit glancing at the crowd, though he would not be surprised if the crowd was either curious or some not at ease from noticing how..-tense- the priests had gotten during that....

Kilsa raises and eyebrow at the machine priest, her social graces allow her the tact of openly questioning such a benevolent message. She continues to follow the lead of her peers and waits for the priest to continue.

The gator is definitely not one to miss the fact that the message is apparently not good news, if the priest's reaction is to be any indication. He gets a sinking feeling for a reason he cannot put to words, which actually caused him to stare more intently at the screen. He actually tries to see if he can read what is written there before it is too late to do so...provided it's at the correct angle and all.

Rogna looks to the crane curiously, her composure was lacking for a short while. Whatever she had read was not something that set well with her. He nods with a smile as it is mentioned that they are not forgotten, it is always joyous to hear that your gods still remember you.

"The ritual must be brought to conclusion," insists the priest, turning back to the device and starting towards the next word of power, to be intoned by her assistants just before she presses each key in turn. The machine is being put to slumber, ancient power swirling once more with a light wind like chime before it dulls to gray, then black, lulled to quiescence with the sweet lullaby of the priests, wishing the machine spirits restful slumber and thanking them for their wisdom. It seems the original plan to ask a question has been entirely abandoned.

Ryusho was probably shifting his position to try to see the screen as well, just like he could read it...

Ryusho looks to Kilsa, though as they shut it down, as he starts to open his mouth, and does partly speak without thinking, "..Um what a.." he then shuts himself up, what about the question.....

Traxin watches as best he can from the back of the crowd. Happily oblivious to the subtle cues, he grins at the message that the Creators have something planned for them.

This skill lets you repair mechanical devices work.

Ictus blinks at the priests as they seem to be hiding something in his eyes, he'll have to ask Kilsa about it later

Ryusho shifts his position a bit and...slightly begins to almost frown a bit, as he looks to Kilsa questioningly, not sure..what to say..as what he saw seems to be a little...odd..

Silverlynx keeps her eyes the group before shaking her head slightly, she is watching and hmms she can tell something is 'off' but she won't bring it up now.

Darquan is unable to see clearly enough to read the text, as he is actually a little too far away. Shaking his head a little he comes back to reality when the priest speaks again. It is almost certain that he wouldn't be the only one to notice that there's a break in the ritual. He opens his mouth just like the Tegu, but actually holds back any words at all. He instead looks toward Kilsa with the same questioning expression while the shutdown sequence is initiated.

Kilsa her eyes narrow almost to hateful little points as she bites her lip. She saw something and she plans to confront the crane about it in a dignified and private manner. She her hands tighten in to fist but she keep an awed expression on her face for the sake of appearances She gazes out to her friends in the crowd and cannot meet their eyes.

Ryusho might have a slight look that kilsa could see though..the Tegu saw it too, that’s simply it...he saw what Kilsa did..

Rogna notices Kilsa's actions and frowns. Something grave? Surely the creators have nothing but good intentions for them. He will see if he can draw it out of her later, now is neither the time nor place for such conversation.

Ictus hmms? as he looks to Ryu and ponders what he could have possibly seen

The great device is, ever so carefully, lifted and placed on a small cart, ushered from the room with a phalanx of caretakers. "Creators watch over you all. We will announce our findings during noon day mass," assures the crane before she moves to follow the procession, not letting the priceless artifact out of her sight.

Silverlynx growls at the caretakers as they pass. Then she watches them leave before speaking. "So who wants to say it first?" She asks from the back as she hmms faintly. She can sense the tension distrust in the room.

Darquan remains ever-so-curious about the contacts of the message that he actually nearly misses the priest's words to the gathering. Once the masses have left he turns his attention fully upon the two who were close enough to read it. He says nothing, however.

Kilsa moves with purpose up to the crane, she is careful not to get to close, "Excuse me, Machine Priest. Would you care to have a word in private? I would like to ask about noble donation in the Ironsoul name." She whispers quietly to the crane as sweetly as possible.

Ryusho without thinking would take a couple steps after Kilsa,then -stop- as he remembered and kept back, not wanting to cause problems by moving where he shouldn't....

The crane glances towards the amassed crowd, then Lady Ironsoul, nodding, "We are as sisters. You need not offer such things to share words," she assures, "Allow me to oversee the safe storage of the artifact, and a night to recover from the ritual, and I will see you under the warmth of a new day." she offers, "Creators bless."

Traxin watches the procession leaving, studying the artifact as best he can from where he is. He looks curiously at Ryusho starting to follow Kilsa then stopping.

Rogna watches as the device is wheeled away his mind running through ideas of what could possibly have caused such a reaction from the priests. As they leave he looks to Kilsa, and then the others in the room for a quick verification. This is an interesting turn of events.

Darquan finally comments toward the Tegu, smiling while he does so, "The instincts to guard are ever-present, aren't they?"

Kilsa nods and gives her a warm smiles, "Yes. I would be happy too. Please come to my orphanage tomorrow, I wish to discuss much about my new station and my relation to the church." She bows and turns back to meet up with her retainer, Her claws digging into the palms of her hands in anger.

Ryusho mrphs slightly, "Its part of how I am, I try to protect my friends, and as an Ironsoul Retainer, when she is around, or asks me to be with her, my goal is to protect her.." he says after a moment, "So I need to keep her in sight when that is the case." he says then he shifts, and bows a bit towards Kilsa as she approaches, "...you saw it too Didn't you...?" he says softly after a moment, though quiet enough for her to hear and it not carry far, darquan probably heard him sat hat too since he may of been right there....

Silverlynx looks at Ryusho. "man.. reading people.." She mutters and shakes her had then. "One day you'll decide to inform us exactly.. what you saw." She says to Ryusho and Kilsa, sure it's rude but hell she was sitting in the back by the door already.

Darquan raises his brow a bit and looks back toward the Lynx, "You may wish to watch how you say things, friend." Then back to the Tegu and Badger he asks, "Would now be a good time to discuss this, or somewhere less open?"

Kilsa looks around and nods carefully, "I saw it. I almost don't believe it but this is something we can't just blab across promise without some problems I'm not sure I could handle. you will come to my forge and we need to discuss this event among friends." She says in low tones before turning to Silverlynx, "Sometimes its better not to know.." She says a little cryptically before looking at the Alligator. "My forge is a private place, Its behind the orphanage" She sighs feeling the weight of the world on her shoulder.

Darquan nods, "I will follow you there if you will have me with you." He looks about again, "Well, whenever you're ready to head off there, that is."

Ictus looks at Kilsa and blinks, "I see, mind if I come along?"

Silverlynx looks to Darquan, "I don't recall you being my boss. Until then, or until I dane otherwise.. you can rightfully stuff it" she growls at him. The warrior rebuffs the gator. She then looks at Kilsa, nods. "Such is your choice.. Ironsoul." She says to Kilsa, -mostly- respectfully before she turns to keep tabs on he gator.

Traxin tilts his head, sensing the mood in the room was not one of celebration. He narrows his eyes and awaits further developments, drumming his fingers thoughtfully.

Rogna stands and approaches the badger. "I should like to join you as well, this is a very interesting matter I would like to shed a little light on." he says with a nod. He laughs and shakes his head upon hearing silverlynx.

Darquan looks back to the Lynx and inclines his head, "Stuff it I shall, though I only meant to remind of the fact that you were speaking to one of the nobility." There is no disrespect toward the Lynx in his tone or bearing, and he returns his attention to the small group forming up.

Traxin approaches the badger. "May I join?" He isn't entirely sure what's going on, but would like to find out.

Kilsa nods to the rest of the folk gathered, "I'm not one to speak ill where ears can hear me. I'm going to ask if your comfortable knowing something that will change your view of the world?" She looks sadly at the group, "I'll take who ever wishes to know what me and my retainer have discovered. Ictus you are welcome to join us as well." She looked around nervously. "Come with me" She looked at Traxin. "Yes you may but you will regret it."

Silverlynx looks at the man. "I don't care who I talk to, If they are old? young? noble or civ.. They should all be treated the same when danger looms. So in short.. keep your fucking nose out of my conversations." the woman growls, she leans up. "Don't follow me runt.. You won't like the out come if you do." She turns then and moves out of the room, helmet being put back in place as she walks, there is confidence in her gate.

Ictus nods to Kilsa as he follows her and the others following her

Traxin shrugs. "Better to find out what's happening, even if it is bad news." He moves toward the forming group, ready to move when they do.