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Sally has gathered the mercenaries with her at the city gates, pointing up to the mountain in the distance, "That, is our target. The ark, one of the largest artifacts we have of our beloved Creators, in the hands of those filthy shades. The army is occupied with the war at large, so this is our opportunity. Join me, as soulless, as Sweetwaters, as _beings_ who will not bow down and wait to die. We will take it back, today," she says, tail thrashing with a jingle from the ornaments on it.

Violet gathers with the others, a small white fennec that's armed if not thickly armored as she leans in from the back to try to listen. She looks curious, glancing up at the mountain, then to the others and then back at the mountain.

Mazurek has not been to the Ark before, yet that doesn't really matter for him. He is dressed like he always tends to be: in nothing more than shorts. The dragon spreads his wings while he listens, and even flaps them firmly during the rousing speech, and at the conclusion he issues a roar toward the heavens.

Ryusho nods as he shifts position, armored as he can, though only moderately, its armor he has crafted himself and trusts to do the job it is required as he looks toward the mountain, though he bows his head slightly, with a chuckle at the other dragons roar, "As Retainer of the Ironsouls, I will do my duty as best I can, to help reclaim the ark, and even if allowed, help in restoring and repairing any damage the shadows may have caused." He says with a firm salute as he double checks what he has upon him equipment wise.

Sveta arrives on the scene, flapping her wings a little. She smells faintly of charcoal and sulphur, although whether it's coming from her person or the numerous powder horns at her belt is anyone's guess. She's kept silent throughout the whole speech, seemingly lost in her own thoughts, and it's only when it's concluded that she looks up expectantly for something to happen.

Sally gestures to a small wagon, "Our supplies are loaded, and I've purchased an oxen to haul it. I dare not rent it, since there is no assurance it will be returned safely. Load up your equipment you don't want to carry on the hike, because we're heading out now."

Sally spends 10000 Crown to: Oxen and Cart

The Iguana-dragon has all the gear that he will need already on him. That is to say...nothing more than his shorts. All of his gear is really incorporated into his fighting style. The only visible thing besides his shorts is the soul gem. His body is covered in deadly-looking spikes, too, compliments of mathemagic being performed at his request. He marches with the group with a steady stride.

Violet holds onto her weapons as they move out, skipping with a little hop periodically as she walks behind the wagon, guarding the rear. Her eyes dart everywhere, like she's absorbing everything, but she doesn't say a lot around all these people she doesn't know.

Sveta nods at the gesture and casts an eye over the cart supplies, but doesn't make any move towards it as the march begins. "The gesture is appreciated, m'lady, but I believe in not taking more than I can carry on my person. Perhaps someone else can make better use of it."

Ryusho would shift his position, gently setting a few of his -not needed- things, at least not actively needed items on the cart, as being a craftsman and journeyman, he keeps some basic supplies and materials on him even in the field so he can preform field repairs to armor and weapons, as well as emergency medical treatment as best as he can, so he does have some use for it actually since it would lighten his load at least slightly.

Onwards to the road. Of important note, it is early morning. "I plan to arrive by midday to early afternoon. The shades only grow more powerful as the sun wanes and into the night. If the battle should last that long and one side or the other hasn't died, we retreat with all the power our feet can muster and return when the sun is at our backs again."

Mazurek flanks the wagon on the right side during the march. Slowly he scans the immediate area every few miles for danger, "And if we are unable to retreat fast enough? For those of us who can fly, it should not be too much of a problem."

Coming up behind the crowd, fashionably late, is one Lady Ironsoul, who would not deny the opportunity to combat the shade and reclaim the ark!

Ryusho glances back as he hears someone, semi having to 'hurry' a little to catch up, he blinks, "...Looks like we have gotten the switch around from who is here on time and who is late? Lady Ironsoul?" he says playfully with a soft chuckle, as well..it seems he had arrived before her this time in comparison

Seeing the iguana-dragon take up position on the right, Sveta falls in position beside the fennec to bring up the rear. "I'm not completely sure about that," she says to Mazurek's comment. "I'm no military commander, but if we're forced to flee that way, on our own devices as opposed to together, it's likely that it'll have turned into a rout. I'm sure Lady Solacious has planned for that eventuality."

Kilsa nods to Ryusho, "Please excuse my tardiness everyone I was caught up with a particularly unruly child." She was joined the group and looked at all who were marching, "I didn't want to miss this for the world." She said with a serious expression. "Again excuse my tardiness on such an important venture."

Sally shakes her head from where she sits, guiding the cart towards the peak with all due haste, "You're just in time. The army's too busy putting out fires and guarding to perform this strike, so the Lightbringers will be heading it. I do hope you're all prepared for the worst. I make no illusions that this will be an easy confrontation."

Mazurek turns his gaze back to the new arrival when she is addressed and speaks, grunting softly before responding as well, "Good to have you here, Lady Ironsoul." He returns his focus to the fore.

Violet skips along beside Sally as they move out, looking Kilsa over curiously, but then gives a little nod or curtsey or whatever is the proper custom for greeting nobles to Kilsa.

Sveta acknowledges Lady Ironsoul's arrival with a bow of her head and a talon pressed to her chest, then turns to Violet as the march continues. "So, what brings you here on this fine day? The obvious aside, of course."

Kilsa nod to Violet and Lady Solacious, "I'm prepared. After our last trip, I've been itching to rid that place of shadows. I'm sure that we will be in for a very tough time. I only hope that this time well will leave with not a single shadow remaining." She smiled at the thought of doing some good for the firmament. "I'm here for the same reason most of us are here." She smiled at Sveta.

Sally leaves the Oxen marching forward and dives into the back in a scurry. After a moment of digging about, she pulls out short sticks with crystals at the end. She strikes the crystal against the wood of the cart, and it begins to glow brightly enough to be seen in the day light, "Everyone gets one."

Ryusho would adjust his position in the march,to move to be basically alongside one side of Kilsa, just like a retainer should when the ones they are the retainer of should do, as he nods slowly in response to kilsa talking, "I was one of the scouts who saw how bad it was.....So I saw it before hand in part, though I also know that there has been a lot of damage, thats one reason I am here, to try to assess it a bit if I can and hopefully be able to aid in trying to restore, or repair the damage that has been done to it by the shadows...

Violet looks up at Sveta as they continue along, answering as she's addressed. "Me?" She smiles brightly. "Oh, I'm toughening up. Doing my part! Helping keep the area around safe!" She looks up as she is handed one of the sticks with crystals and looks at it curiously. "What's this do?!?"

Mazurek takes one of the rods after they are offered, holding it over one shoulder like a militia-man holding a musket at the ready-yet-idle position. Afterward he looks back to the Badger and Tegu, "Want to come march with me, or take the opposite flank to the wagon?" The 'left' side has yet to be occupied.

Sveta accepts the crystal-tipped stick with all the grace as is befitting one of the graceful folk, then turns back to Violet after slipping it into the folds of her jerkin. "That's quite commendable, although I'm not sure if a trip all the way out to the Ark would count as the 'area around us'. Still, maybe anywhere is too close for comfort, when it comes to shadows."

Kilsa smiled at her retainer, "You've been doing well for yourself Ryusho, every time I hear word of what your doing it fills me with pride." She said beaming at him as she took a rod for herself. "Lady Solacious, has any one scouted the ruins since we last spoke. I haven't been in the loop regarding the arc." She looked a little embarressed but what was she to do with the little pull that she had?

Sally waves her stick lightly at Violet, "It glows. If it gets dark and we have to retreat, the sticks will give us some light, to see by, and to keep the enemy uncomfortable. Don't expect it to be a grand weapon, they aren't, but in a battle, you take all the advantages you can get." She shakes her head at Kilsa, "No new news on that front. We'll be the first in a while."

Ryusho glances to Mazurek, then over to Kiilsa, "..What do you say about that?" he asks after a moment, "Wish to move to the other side, or to the side with him?" he inquires as he then hums, "and that is a good question, had there been any other scouting parties since the one that discovered the damage they were dealing to it apparently?'

Violet looked like she was going to lick the crystal when Sally explains what it is and she blushes and tucks it into her belt where it can shine, but she can still fight. Then she looks back at Sveta. "My friend, Vulneir, the shadows killed all the men in her village. So, yes, any is too close. But that's what we do, since I joined her group, we hunt out and kill shadows. So, here I am!" She smiles brightly. Perhaps a little too cheerful for going to fight really big, bad things.

Mazurek chuckles, sticking the rod he was given into a pocket of his shorts. Given how large he is, it's more than likely a perfect fit, "If that is all that you two have in mind for your group, why not consider joining the Lightbringers? That is our primary goal, to attack the Shadows whereever they can be found."

Kilsa looked at Ryusho with a polite smile, "I would think we would want our large guys on both side so you and I will flank the other side. Sir Mazurek is powerful and so are you. Your combined might would do better spread than leaving an opening on a single side." She chuckled still amazed at the tall reptiles.

Sveta solemnly absorbs Sally's explanation. True, a dropped torch or lamp might go out, and not everyone knows fire magic. Best to have something and not need it than the other way around. She turns back to Violet, seemingly unperturbed by the fennec's cheeriness. "That is...quite disturbing, but it does seem to be happening a lot these days. Small villages are most often at risk. I'll admit my own reasons are a lot less altruistic - I'm here to gather field notes for the craft masters on how well some of their weapons are working, and of course test some of my own design in the process. Boring work, but it has to be done."

Sally moves back to her seat, guiding the wagon along across the uneven terrain, "If you feel tired, hop on, the Ox won't mind. Take rotations," she advises, "If you know how to guide the ox, you can take my place for a while. We want to be fresh when we arrive. The shadows will taste our fury today, and if they have any intelligence in them, maybe they'll think twice before coming back."

Violet skips along gracefully, pure white against the forest and grasses, her white hair swinging along her back in a braid as she moves. She glances up at Mazurek. "Oh, our group is much bigger than two. And we have more goals, but that one is closest to Vulneir's heart. So, if we kill all the shadows around the arc, maybe I can make her smile. Smiling is good!" Yeah, she might seem a little simple, or perhaps able to find simple happiness in the little things, like a child. She tilts her head back at Sveta. "Oh? Oh! We have a crafter too, who makes our armor and things. Good person to have in a group."

Mazurek smiles over to Kilsa and nods, though he does not say anything at the moment. He does focus his attention on Sally, though, "I think I could guide the beasts for a while, perhaps in an hour or two. However, we would need to pause briefly so that I could transform into my original form and not weigh as much. You'd be surprised just how much this form has added for weight to my already heavy frame."

Kilsa chuckled, "I'm used to roaming the country side, after all I'm a preist that loves to travel from place to pleace. I was Kilsa before Lady Ironsoul." She looked at Sveta overhearing her conversation. "Are you affilited with any groups, I would love to have a level headed folk that is keen on helping crafters such as myself and Sir Ryusho." She smiled at the goshawk.

Ryusho chuckles softly as mazurek mentions the weight issue about that, "..Indeed...that would be best if him, or I were to hop upon the cart, or try to guide the beasts, because the draconic form and size does add quite a lot of weight..."

Sveta flutters at Violet's comment, carefully avoiding the topic of smiling. "Thank you, but I don't deserve such praise. I'm just an apprentice - for now, that is." At the sound of Kilsa addressing her, she turns and gives the Lady Irsonsoul another bow of her head. "I think you've asked me this question before, Lady Ironsoul. And the fact is...I am still considering it. There is a certain being I've been looking for, who secured me a place in Firmament - a crow, and that's all I know about him. Until I find and thank him properly or have reason to give up on that task, I'm not sure if I can wholly lend my affiliations to anyone else just yet." She looks away. "I'm sorry. It's a long story."

Sally gives up the reigns to the next in line, helping keep the procession moving towards the peak, which comes at the group a few hours later as the sun draws close to noon day. Proceeding up the trail, her eyes narrow, "Be on the lookout, they could have scouts."

Kilsa nods to Sveta, "Understood. I just wanted to give the offer once more." She looked a little concerned but let the issue drop as sally spoke her warning. She kept silent and began to skim the trail with her eyes keeping watch.

Mazurek had volunteered to be the next in line for the wagon. True to form, he spends however long it takes for him to change back into his original iguana form. Fortunately the shorts are elastic, or he would have had some issues with them. He also drops five feet to his height. With him now in the driver's seat, this leaves the right flank open unless anyone took up the position he vacated.

It's awkward to have to deny a noble straight out, even one as well known for kindness and compassion as the Lady Ironsoul. Grasping onto Sally's cautioning, Sveta mumbles something approaching an apology and turns her keen eye to the right of the column - while it won't make up for the empty space formerly occupied by Mazurek, at least she'll have a better chance of seeing anything coming.

A faint noise, more of a sigh than a rustle, and a shadow darts out from hiding. "Get it!" shouts Sally, directing at it with her light bearing staff.

The unfortunate scout is set upon by vengeful beings. A quick frackas results in the melting fog of the shadow fading away. "Good," says Sally, "No reports of us for now at least. I think it's time to leave the cart behind."

Mazurek had remained in the cart's driver's seat during the battle. Out of his dragon form, his weaponry is more substantial, yet he merely fires off a musket each chance he got. At the end of the battle he gets out of the cart and calls out just before he begins to transform again, "Ryusho! You heard the Lady! Get your repair equipment before we move out!"

Ryusho hums softly, and nods, as he goes over to the cart, though he does so just to collect his repair equipment as suggested, "Oh, Kilsa, here, Just in case things get dangerous I wanted to give you some of these.." he says walking over to hand her a couple vials.

Violet is right into the fray, even though there are likely many more powerful than her. She's laughing as she fights, apparently enjoying it immensely.

Sveta's taken cover behind the cart while the fighting's been going on, preferring to avoid direct confrontation with the scout. Bolt after bolt is loosed in a steady stream into the fray with practiced form, none of them even coming anywhere in danger of striking her allies.

Kilsa looked at the vials critically, "Your my friend and retainer but I wonder what sort of additives you used in this, hopefully nothing that I would be upset about my good loyal retainer?" She asked half-jokingly. "All the same thank you." She smiled and gave him a friendly clap on the shoulder.

Mazurek remarks after his transformation is completed, panting softly at the same time, "Oh, you know Ryusho. He adds a lot of draconic spunk to his craftsmanship." Did he mean that literally or figuratively?

Ryusho blinks and..stands there almost -frozen in place as he turns from blue tegu to -RED- tegu...like, almost neon red...as he stands there....trying to decide how the heck he shoudl react...

Mazurek can't help but nearly fall over laughing at the sudden reaction of the other dragon, "I think...we've discovered your true species! You've just become a Chameleon and left your Tegu heritage!"

Violet dances around on the balls of her feet, ignoring the dragon's discussion. "We should find more shadows to fight."

Sveta mumbles something and shakes her head at the general situation. Everyone's just a bit too...cheery for people going into danger. Keeping a small distance away from the dragons and their discussion or the dancing fennec, she pulls out a small notebook and begins jotting down notes on the fight that'd just occurred.

Ryusho shifts slightly, and..nope, he is -still- quite red, probably red and purple because of the blue tegu colorings, or something like that as he slowly adjusts his position, as he starts to open his mouth, then shuts it, then opens again, then shuts it -again- as he tries to think of -SOMETHING- to say..and each time he thinks he has something he changes his mind because it only would make the situation more akward...as if it wasn't bad already..... before without thinking, "..yes I put a lot of spunk into...EFFORT INTO MY WORK" he says almost too loudly at the end then mrphs and just ..covers his face to pinch his mouth shut, just, shut up tegu, shut up...

The undo noise does draw attention. As the ox is tied to a post to keep it secured, several forms descend the path towards the group, solid, but dripping shadow along the way, and looking none too pleased, or perhaps, all too pleased, to see the group.

Mazurek recovers from his giggle fits in time to see the shadows approaching. He is still by the cart, but that doesn't stop him from charging headlong into the group like a wild beast. He claws, bites, and otherwise makes mayhem for them. His spiked body harms them whenever they hit him.

Ryusho actually uses this as a way to..'escape' the situation as he turns, and goes to engage as well, though at least it helps him recover from looking like a bright red and purple tegu!

Violet squeaks and leaps into the fray. She uses her heavy blunderbuss the most, firing and reloading and then firing again. She's heavily damaged at times, but with the help of her companions, is healed enough to keep going.

Kilsa shakes her head, "Alright we need to be a little more focused.Thinks are starting to get more dangerous." She remembered how the pervious shadow the group she was with had to face. "Though later drinks are on me." She smiled after they had destoryed the shadows, "These aren't nearly as tough as the thing that was out here the first time."

Sally tilts her head, "We have not reached the peak," she reminds, "These are sentries and scouts, little more. I am sure their commanders and bloated overlords do not stray far from their camp until given reason to."

Sveta mutters something angry under her breath, but lets it drop. Maybe the dragons have learned their lesson, although it doesn't really excuse putting everyone else in danger. "Bowstring needs more tension," she mumbles to herself as she comes forward from the back row to keep up with the group.

Mazurek is hurt in several places during the scuffle, but by the time the battle has ended there is not a scratch to be had on him. Flicking his tongue at the remains he turns his attention to Kilsa, "They were tougher the last time you were here? I would have loved to have had the honor of having THAT challenge. These feel too weak!" He nods to Sally, "Let's go dance with them, then." He seems quite eager to enter into battle with these things, doesn't he?

Ryusho takes a deep breath, "Well, These are scouts, and it is the middle of the day as well, but ..I suppose we should begin to move in, as we are loosing any chance of supprise we may still have as this keeps going..."

Kilsa nods to Mazurek, "We barely killed it, I was certain that I was going to die if did have such skilled folk at my back." She said, "It was a being of pure horror but it is killable so I have little to fear as long as I continue to get stronger and stronger."

Violet glances around at them. "Am I strong enough for this battle? My friends will be really mad at me if shadows kill me." She glances at Sveta and then back around, looking into the shadows of the trees.

Mazurek chuckles, turning his gaze to Violet, "If you are not strong enough, you will know it. You've done well so far, so do not worry too much over it. The Creators had the foresight to bless us with the gift of being able to bounce back from horrible injury, granting us a second to sixth wind whenever it is needed."

Sveta shrugs at Violet's question. "No knowing until we try, really, although I'm sure Lady Solacious has contingencies should we be outmatched. I know I don't intend on dying today, for one."

Sally snorts at Violet's words, "It is not too late to tuck tail between legs and run back to the, temporary, safety of Firmament's walls. We will do what we can to keep that safety, for at least another day." She directs the group forward, but not much ground is covered when a figure half stumbles from the bushes, small folk crest on his belt, matted fur, sunken black eyes, a taken of the shadows.

"Wait!" he calls out, then pauses, coughing violently, bits of black tar like goo falling to the ground, "Wait, I bring word."

Violet looks at Sally and then grins. "I didn't say I'd turn tail and run, said they'd be mad at me." Then she's peering at the guy curiously, lifting up her hands to the ready.

Kilsa looks at the small worried before moving closer. "What is it?" She looked very nervous be tried to see if there was anything she could do to ease his suffer while keeping a keen eye on the unfamiliaur folk.

Ryusho would slowly scoot to stay near Kilsa, wishing he could help as he shifts, but also he was moving as a guardian for Kilsa, just as it is part of his duty.

Sveta studies the newcomer carefully, keeping her crossbow trained on the figure while the others tend to him. This one might or might not be possessed...but it's better to be safe than sorry.

Mazurek crosses his arms while he watches the newcomer closely, especially after puking up the black tar. He lets out a low growl and states, "Speak quickly before you succumb to your ailment."

Sally points with her lantern burdened staff, "Possessed don't talk, but here you are. What word are you bringing?"

He shakes his hands in the air, "They are not ready to see you. They will be. Safe passage, two days," he holds up two fingers, "They will leave, no vie oh lence," he pronounces each syllable slowly, bleeding the tar from his eyes. The squirrel looks quite a wreck, "Please."

Kilsa sighes, "I don't think there is much I can do but ease his wounds a bit. He is far past my level of skill." She heard him and looked confused. "Do you think he is having delusions?" She looked to the rest of the group for their thoughts on the issue.

Sveta gives Sally an incline of her head. "Forgive me, Lady. Perhaps I overstepped my bounds, but best to err on the side of caution. What do you make of that? Perhaps if he had some proof on him that would help his words make sense..."

Violet watches the injured man quietly. "We need to know who needs safe passage and who wants no violence before we can figure that out."

Ryusho nods slightly in response to violet, "Thats the main thing..we don't know who needs two days, who wants no violence...who wants safe passage.." he says softly, "...and maybe we could help him lady Kilsa, but this..does look beyond what I can do as far as I can tell.."

Mazurek growls, "THey are promising safe passage for us in two days. Why they would want to leave us be when they have already attacked us here is a mystery." He moves to step closer to the squirrel, "You better start making sense. Our time is short." Smoke is actually beginning to stream from his nostrils, indicating quite clearly his intentions for the squirrel very soon.

The shaded squirrel bobs his head at Mazurek, "Yes." Then goes slack a moment, like a puppet with its strings cut, it stands limply there before jerking back to life, "Oh, sor," his words interrupted by a fresh coughing fit, adding to the pool of black sludge, "Time is short. They say two days, two days. They leave, please."

Kilsa nods, "Perhaps you are right to be cautious but we need to get more out of him before he passes or worse." She noted mazurek getting ready to roast the creature before holding up a hand, "I don't like that one bit." She said, "What could be so important to want to make peace when all we know of shadows is violence and evil?"

Violet tilts her head to one side, ears twitching back and forth. "What is there that they are trying to make off with before we get there?"

Ryusho stands there quietly, "..It sounds liek the shadows, want to leave in two days, from the ark, if I am guessing what he is saying, though they want to leave in two days, without violence, Why would they want that, unless it will take themt wo days to get what they want..before they leave.....?"

The squirrel suddenly moves, "Take me with you!" he blurts in a new voice, a frightened voice, falling to his knees before the group, "By the Creators, don't let them have me again!" Then he slumps, falling right over, drooling the tar from his slack snout in a puddle on the ground.

Ryusho would kneel down, without thinking...and..begin to try to check the squirrel, subconciously, to see if there was something he could do for him......just..part of his protective/helping nature.

Mazurek holds back his cleansing dragonfire for the moment, though it isn't going to be very much longer before he takes action. Flames are licking between his teeth, "Hurry it up and get what information we can." He raises his head toward the sky and unleashes a brief torrent of flame.

A mighty charge gives away the location of the royal born hippo as he ascends towards the arc, having been occupied when the call went out he hurries to try and catch the group he heard was going to take on the shadow. It would be his honor to assist them, if he can only reach them. He quaffs yet another dulling potion as he climbs upward, he seems to have quite a few empty bottles.

Sveta keeps her crowwbow trained on the squirrel, not taking her eyes off him despite her feathers steadily getting more ruffled by the moment. "I say we don't take up whatever offer the shadows are giving us. Things cruel enough to do this to someone can't be trusted to keep their word, and my suspicion is that they deliberately left out what they wanted. What if they leave without violence, and we go up to find they've somehow stolen the entirety of the ark?"

Sally frowns, "They obviously know we're here. I wanted a rapid shock movement, not a direct clash. We don't have the numbers, if they're half as fortified as I imagine they are." The white fox looks clearly agitated.

Kilsa shakes her head, "This isn't sitting well with me. Sally your the one with experience, so if they are fortified as you think what are our chances realistically?" She began to look over the pitiful small folk. "I would like to smash them all to bits but they seem to have caught us with our pants down. I don't want to walk into an ambush." She growls at the sight of the squirrel making her hate shadows even more than normal.

Mazurek has cooled his fires enough to speak without danger of frying anyone and he turns to address Sally, "We must head up there now and thwart whatever it is they're doing. We have no time to return to the city and call for reinforcements. I will go up there alone if I must."

The squirrel jerks, and moves to sit up, speaking in his first tone, "This one is difficult, and failing. An offering. Take it." The phrasing adjusts subtly, "They will release me. No Vie Oh Lence." Darkness gathers violently around the shadow before bursting upwards into the sky with a ragged scream. As the last whisp leaves him, the squirrel falls back in a sprawl, though is no longer oozing darkness.

Ryusho covers his ehad with a grit of his teeth as he had been moving to kneel down to try to examine the squirrel before he collapses again, as he winces, and once more begins to try to aid or help if possible

Rogna spots the group and slows his run, his knowledge of sports has only done so much for him however and he pants steadily as he catches his breath. "Hello there" the hippo speaks between breaths as he uprights himself and adjusts his cape, his image an important upkeep no matter how tired he is. He hears the squirrel briefly and looks up. The shadow exhibit nothing but violence to sweetwater, why should this change now?

The squirrel is alive, though gives little sign of it, barely breathing, weak pulse, but alive, seemingly clean. Prying open eyelids shows soft green eyes, and besides the tar he leaked earlier, he seems clean, just dangerously tired and weak.

Violet watches quietly. "We could round up a bigger group and come back in the morning. We can't let them just.. dig in deeper.

Mazurek turns toward the Hippo before long, especially after Sally does not respond to his outburst. Rogna is given a curt nod, "You're late, sir." Without even waiting for the others, he actually does begin heading up the path. He doesn't even know where he's even going, never having been to their destination.

Sally moves after Mazurek in a scurry, "Hold it right there, Private. I am not engaging an enemy in superior numbers and strength from a known direction with nothing but a dream! That is not tactics, that's a fancy suicide."

Sveta finally lowers her crossbow from the squirrel and relaxes ever so slightly, then watches Sally as she scrambles after Mazurek. What a to-do...the problems of workbench and welder seem small compared to this.

Ryusho speaks up after a moment, "..What about...if one of us...went to try to discuss things...diplomatically.." he says slightly, "..I know that is a absolutely stupid soudning idea, considering how things have gone, and how things have been, But...considering they technically -approached- us with a diplomatic proposal......unlike before..." he says after a moment, "..I don't know where I am going with this..but that is what comes to mind..."

Rogna laughs. "I was tied up in the castle district, it could not be helped. May I ask what your plan of attack is Miss Sally?" he says as he surveys the group. He eyes the squirrel curiously, but says nothing of their appearance or strange words.

Kilsa shakes her head, "So what is the plan, Sally? Are we retreating or are we going with a new plan. Stealth is out of the question at this point. Maybe we could get some eyes in the sky to give us an ideal of anything at the point." she thought hard on what Ryusho said. "That sounds a bit dangerous too but we aren't full of options and approaching them might trigger them to attack us for not giving them two days. This is a delimma."

Ryusho shifts slightly, "...Well..What I ment..is rather then..the whole group.." he shifts slgihtly, "..One of us..without arms.." He says after a moment, "...as that would be showing we were approaching without hostile intent..." ...and his tone sounds like he is offering to be the guinea pig for that experient if it was decided to try that.

Mazurek freezes in his tracks and even looks back to Ryusho as he speaks. His eyes close and he takes a slow, deep breath, "Maybe you're right. Perhaps, if they are willing to talk now, we head up there and see what they are wanting first. If they are truly desiring peace..." He shakes his head, "Maybe us two dragons will go up there and speak with them?"

Sally shakes her head, "I don't know what it means, and I'm not afraid to admit that rather than send any good people to their death, or worse. They were talking through their puppet before they cut his strings..." She frowns, "I move we give them a day and a half, and come back and ask to talk. We show some good faith, they return it, presuming they're reasonable, and, Creators take it, we can't assume they're not if they're suddenly talking."

Rogna ponders this and shakes his head. "If they could do this before why did they not? Why is it so urgent to tell us off peacefully now when they've been nothing but problems for sweetwater, they've taken a foothold here and wish to speak only to guard their claim, a claim that is rightfully ours, that they have wrecked and dismantled have they not?"

Sveta scowls at the very idea. "A word, Lady Solacious? I mean, I'm not experienced in war or a noble or anything, but the whole thing stinks to me. Perhaps we can give them the good faith they so desire, if that's your decision, but some arms waiting by should they regenge on their deal would not be amiss, in my humble opinion."

Ryusho stands there quietly as he shifts slowly, "...IT would have to be a single one of us if we were going to go in diplomatically, Considering for one, your trained naturally so your body -is- a weapon, that wouldn't work out for you to go...most everyone here, either is of the groups deticated to destroying the shadows, or similar motives, and..those that are not, are all royalty..." he says after a moment, "...The only one here who is not combative trained without standard equipoment, and not of a ..shadow eliminating based group, and not a noble either..technicall would be me, from what I see..." He says with a slight -cringe- as that dawns on him....

Kilsa shake her head, "I don't think things that have killed more of our folk than most of the wildlife in promise could be considered reasonable. I think they are plotting something that might end up harming us worse if we give them too much time Sally." She growled, "I'm not liking being jerked around by shadows of all things. Are these creatures normal shadows or something new. There is too much we don't know to just give them time to work on whatever it is they are doing."

Sally lifts her shoulders, "Who can fly?" she asks, "Go up, but not any closer, see how many shadows there are, especially the big ones. If they got half as many as I am guessing, they are not afraid of us in the slightest. There is no reason for them to play mind games rather than letting us come up and swarming over us." She gestures, "Let's see, volunteer?" she asks, looking around, "I see wings."

Sveta steps forward. "I'll do it, Lady. I'm probably less easily spotted than the dragons and their bulk. What is it you wish for me to look over?"

Mazurek smirks, "We have at least two of us who can fly, three if Sveta here can do it for a little while at least." He looks toward Ryusho, "My fellow dragon can scout with me. I have the same thoughts as others, but will hold back for the sake of scouting."

Violet leans against the wagon, keeping watch while the others decide. She knows she's not equipped for these decisions. Doesn't men she would never be, just isn't now.

Sally points up towards the peak, "You want to look there, but don't fly towards it, lest we break the terms before we've even decided to take them or not. If you have the stamina, make a wide circle, if not, just go up, have a look, come down, shouldn't take long to see."

Rogna patiently listens to the group while he runs scenarios through his head, something is off here. There was absolutely no need for their previous engagements if they could have spoken to the people, yet they choose to now that they almost have what they seek apparently. This is rather abnormal.

Mazurek turns his gaze upward where Sally was pointing, calculating a little, "I see. I'm off to see what I can see, then. I trust they have no fliers of their own?" He doesn't even wait to hear any responses, crouching swiftly and launching into the air with a hard flap of his wings as he ascends. It doesn't take him long to begin circling in order to maintain his stamina longer, seeking out updrafts to further help with it.

Sveta nods and gives Sally another bow of her head, then springs up into the air with the short burst of intense speed common to her kind. Unlike the dragons' efforts, it doesn't last long, perhaps half to three quarters of a minute of actual flight in a small circle, then she glides back down to give her report.

The top has changed since last anyone was up there. Great pools of darkness, but also one glimmering circle of bright light. Large things hulk all about, with a dizzying swarm of smaller things that are hard to count from the distance.

Violet walks around the wagon, hunting and looking for any more shadows in the area around since many of the others have taken off. She's not leaving the wagon unguarded.

Mazurek attempts to use the updrafts to keep him aloft as long as possible, seeking to gather as much information as he possibly can while in the air before he needs to return to the ground and such. Whether he has the keen eyesight common to dragons, or his normal eyesight for this is not know for the player.

Ryusho sighs a bit as he woudl take to the air, though as he does he would use his wings spread for a glide, only flapping when he needs to re-gain altitude, and also using the right moments to catch heat comming from the ground, and varous updrafts, doing similar before he would come back down once he felt he could no longer stay aloft with any ease, but trying to survey as much as possible himself.

Sally waits until everyone gets back, glancing towards the wagon, then the downed squirrel, back up to the sky, waiting impatiently.

Mazurek collects as much information as he can while he is able to remain aloft. Even when it becomes tiring for him to remain so, he's still gathering information on the way back down. When he finally lands he is panting a bit and even grimacing, forced to settle onto all fours, "They..they're doing something up there. There are pools of darkness that could be called a medium-sized lake if it was water. It..it seems they're doing some sort of ritual, for they've got some lighting effects going on that should be harming them, yet they also have swarms of much smaller creatures there. Perhaps..larger than the city can even hold, if I guess correctly."

Ryusho would be landing shortly about the time he noticed mazurek heading in to land, and listening to him he would nod a bit, "I can confirm that from what I see..." though he didn't seem as worn out as the other poor dragon as he shifts and lightly rubs the others back, "You need to practice...Its not about using your wings for effort, ITs about using as little effort as possible, to fly as long as possible..Practice will help with that.." he says partly

Violet is still scouting the area around, not going far from the wagon and then returns to listen. "Looks like they're digging in for defense. We'll need a lot more help than that if we intend to strike."

Sally nods, "Then I don't think they're speaking from a footing of timidity. Whatever their motivation is, it's not fear that a handful of people, even as skilled as ourselves, is going to crash it."

Rogna does not like the developments at all, his hand on his sword hilt as he listens. "Then what was the point of the previous attacks, the possessions, the destruction?"

Mazurek arches his back and even groans a bit, pressing up into the Tegu's hands while he massages his back, "I..I did say that flying was new to me. I don't have the lifetime of experience you do, Ryusho." He grimaces a little and even shudders, "Ooh. A little to the left and lower if you would."

Ryusho mrphs and shifts a bit, as he shrugs, and worsk a bit left and lower with a soft chuckle as he hums softly, "Alright..alright.." he says though he looks to the others, "..I don't know..." he says softly, "...I don't know.."

Sally cants her head at Maz and Ryu, then snorts faintly, "Well, what are the options. We do what they want, which is what the king was planning to do anyway. We charge in and see how many of them we can drag down with us to oblivion, or...?"

Violet reaches up to scratch her cheek. "I don't mind charging in without hesitation, but I want a chance of winning. If they're digging in, we're not enough. We need reinforcements."

Mazurek shudders again and even jerks sharply as a tensed muscle group audibly pops in response to the Tegu's massaging efforts, "I don't...think it would be advisable to go back and wait. If we are going to do this, we need to do it efficiently and smartly. Take on small pockets of them instead of going after them all at once." He looks to the others, "Guerilla Warfare I believe it to be called?"

Rogna frowns and thinks this over. "It is clear they are comprehensive and think, but peace was never the foremost thought in their minds based on their previous actions. However as much as it pains me to say, we cannot assault them for their transgressions when they are so great in number. Waiting is just as foolhardy, what they are planning is likely not in our best interests based on how they've acted thus far. There must be some way to drive them from the arc."

Ryusho mrphs softly, "I still think we should at least consider the idea of a diplomatic chance..or trying to find out more precisely what they are actually wanting..though I suppose if we could get this poor small folk to wake up, he might be able to tell us more clearly...

Sally looks down towards the slumbering squirrels, "I am fairly sure he needs a week in bed before he can be questioned on much beyond what he'd like to sip from a wide lipped bowl at the moment. There's too much new information here. I'm not authorizing an attack with it. It would be irresponsible, and, I'm afraid, fruitless, possibly even destructive. If they are offering an olive branch, then charging in destroys that." She looks towards Mazurek, "You're willing to make that call? Set peace on fire on what is assured to be a long, protracted war? Insure that thousands of good beings have to die on top of those who have already been lost? We already know this war will have no winners."

Mazurek shakes his head, "I don't think they're wanting peace from what I witnessed. They are massing at that point for something. Their insistance with the squirrel saying that they want two days of peace..." He coughs with another shudder, "Mmmh. This already has too many unknowns. We must send a representative. If not to attack then to gather more information. What they want, and why they suddenly have no interest in battle...or so they claim."

Ryusho blinks as mazurek just basically stated what he had...semi ..volentiered about at risk earlier...and..mrphs...well, now we are back to the same spot we were at -before- scouting...

Violet looks up at Sally, "I'm not important enough for a real opinion on this, but.. it's suicide sending in one person. What about a diplomatic envoy?"

Sally wrinkles her nose, "The attack was my own initiative. The official line is that this is not a 'priority'. Look, let's get off the mountain. We'll set up camp below. If they leave us alone for the night, we'll consider sending an unarmed group up to attempt parley. Let's get moving. Ryu, you grab the squirrel and get him onto the cart, look after him." Orders given, she begins to hike back down the trail.

Rogna nods to Sally. "I believe we should return, in either greater numbers or closer to the end of what they are planning. If they are performing a ritual sending someone up will likely distrupt and aggitate them, and then there will be less of a chance for peace than already exists. While I personally do not trust their actions we have little choice in this matter.

Mazurek nods a little, "Fine. If we are going to try that diplomatic mission in the morning, I would suggest our Royal Hippo take the lead and have Ryusho and I be his guards. That way we just might be able to pick him up and fly him out as long as we do it together." He addresses Rogna directly then, "It would help more if you knew any air magics to help you fly, though."