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Sally calls the unit to assemble, "We've been given a special task." She produces a small scroll, sealed with the Good King's wax, "We are to relay this to the Religious City of the Desert. Land of a thousand churches, or so they say."

Mazurek joins those outside the gate, the dragon outfitted very lightly for travel. He's always ready to lend his powers for the sake of any group, really.

Rainer rocks forward and back on the heels of his feet, currently digging in an ear for a little of the Good King's wax of his own. He falls into a loose sembelance of at attentiveness when Sally begins to speak, giving his fingers a quick flick to clear them, before bringing that same hand to give his chin whiskers a thoughtful stroke. "A thousand churches? What would one city ever need with so many. Still, it can't be as boring as that."

Violet bounces up with Bella, the Foreign Camp's contingent to help with this and that and she finally comes to a stop at the back of those picked to guard the caravan and then wriggles her way in closer to get a look at the document with her endless curiosity.

Bella stands around with Violet and those outside the gate but has to wiggle her way through the crowd to keep up with Violet, grabbing the tip of her tail to slow her down. SHe pauses to listen to Sally though, her ears perked forward.

The scroll is rolled up and sealed, for the recepient's eyes only, no doubt. "We set sail by boat. And have no fear, every church is different in a way, or so I hear. While the Creator's word is strong there, other whispers emerge from the cracks to satisfy any itch." She turns and begins marching for the docks, "Let's be off. You have twenty minutes to fetch any personal items you want to bring along."

Says Sally.

Mazurek says nothing during the brief debriefing, choosing to listen as attentively as a large dragon can. The fact that they only have twenty minutes to fetch what things they need is noted and he returns to his home to have a change of attire. Going out to the desert...well...best to dress as light as possible to avoid certain elements. When he returns to the docks he is clad only in a harness-and-loincloth type outfit, some pouches containing small items hanging from some clips within easy reach. Locating the Fox is fairly easy for him, having known her a while.

Rainer gazes quizzically down upon Violet as she intrudes her way between himself and Mazurek, though he pays her little more mind as Sally continues on becoming decidedly more enthused towards the end of her speech. "Ah, the seedy underbelly of civilization. Full of thugs, cutthroats, adventure and intruigue." He leans over to give the lizard a slap on the back, winking as he remarks, "Though hopefully not too much adventure and intruigue, or I might be inclined to stay behind when you all set sail back to Firmament!" Being a lupe of meager possessions, he's got nothing more to show than what he arrived to the briefing with when they reconvene at the docks.

Violet is a desert fox and so she doesn't need a whole lot, looking to her companion to see if she needs to go back for anything before they get going. If needed, they go get stuff and then they're back, if they left.

Bella remains at Violet's side like to kits in a litter. She's good though she doesnt have much to begin with. Stay, go.. either way, they are back in twenty minutes to catch the boat.

Sally is there, at the docks, long before the twenty minutes is up, "Everyone up!" she orders, pointing along the gangway leading onto the boat. A fair sized ship, fit to transport thirty people with ease. There are some others aboard, headed the same way, besides the sailors and captain. "We have rooms towards the back, next to each other."

Mazurek had not responded to the slap on the back other than to use his tail to tickle Rainer after it happened. He wanders aboard the boat and takes a look around, speaking for the first time this trip, "Are we allowed to help with the sailing duties at all, or are we mere passengers?"

Rainer is the first to respond to Mazurek's question with an incredulous, "Are you joking?" He throws up his hands in an exasperated gesture, heading off to check out the cabins before he gets painted with the same initiative as the giant iguana. "You ever even been out sailing before? Heh, I'll wager you'll spend half the trip bent over the rail~"

Bella returns with Violet and hurries to the ship. SHe has a few things with her and once on board, glances around curiously as she's never been on a ship before. "Hey Vi! Come look at this!" She calls out to her vixen friend.

Sally shakes her head, "Civilian ship," she notes, "It's between you and the captain. And don't you be bothering him unduly. Enjoy the trip. I doubt we'll be bothered on the water." She moves off then, to her cabin. As promised, all the cabins are beside one another. One small room to each person it seems.

Violet bounces over to join Bella after stowing her things and follows her around. They're like a couple of little kids, ooohing and ahhing over silly things.

Mazurek chuckles, "I was merely wondering what I could do to help, Rainer." He follows the wolf to the cabins, "Sailing isn't as bad as you might think. Then again, I'm comparing it to flying, which I simply cannot do for very long."

Rainer makes a subtle gesture over his shoulder to Violet and Bella, "Now that's enthusiasm I can get behind. I hope I wasn't quite like that the first time I set foot on a ship, though, that'd be a little embarassing." As they push their way to the back, he calls ahead, "Hey, Sally, you're not going to hide back here the whole trip, I hope!"

Violet grins at Rainer, not at all upset over her childlike behavior. "Why the heck not? If you're going to enjoy something, enjoy it! Boats are cool!"

Bella leans over the railing as she points at something down below but gets distracted when Violet calls back to Rainer. Straightening up, she pats at the bow strung across her back then pats her pockets before taking in a deep breath of fresh air. "I'm ready. Let's row!"

Sally neglected to mention something. Ah well. As the ship prepares for departure, its sails are unfurled, grand and wide, drawing the ship clear of the docks. Despite this, the sailors seem quite eager to prepare for something else, running around animatedly.

Mazurek chuckles, "Don't worry about them showing enthusiasm. Experiencing something for the first time always has that effect on those who don't want to hide their excitement." Being that he has joined the others in the cabins, he doesn't even notice the odd behavior of the crew. In fact, he finds one that can easily accomodate his larger size and settles in, laying on the bunk with hands clasped behind his head.

Rainer can't help laughing at Violet's enthusiasm. "You've got the right of it." he sighs with a shake of his head, reminding himself that he's Not That Old Yet. He only visits his cabin long enough to give it a looking over and to drop off his weapons, leaving them atop his bed before he goes wandering the ship, ending up back on deck again, clasping the rail and breathing deep as the breeze rustles through his fur.

Violet grins at Rainer and then goes back to giggling and exploring everything with Bella. No weapons and armor stowed here, though. They're both armed and armored, like they're used to wearing them around.

Bella roams slowly around the boat, still trying to get her sealegs, as it were and she holds onto the railing with each dip and raise of the boat. She glances to Violet with a concerned look. "This could be bad."

Two sharply dressed beings step up onto the commanding deck of the ship, speaking with the captain a moment. One makes grand marks on the map while the other ticks his clawed finger in the air a moment and gazes into the distance. They chatter to one another a moment and trade places, new marks made.

Mazurek doesn't stay in his cabin for long, for he is in no mood to fall asleep. He is soon back outside, though without the harness. Wandering over to where he notes Rainer to be he rests hands on shoulders and squeezes a little, "Boo."

Rainer lets out an "eep" so obviously faked, before turning his head up and to the side to peer at the larger lizard, brandishing a smirk. "Sally's still hiding in her room, huh?" he inquires with a quick glance around deck, finally settling upon the goings-on up on the command deck. "What y'suppose's going on up there?"

Violet looks up at the two guys talking to the Captain and then glances at Bella and nods slowly and while the pair are enthusiastic and childlike, doesn't mean they're not awake. "Yeah, could be."

Bella glances up at the two sharply dressed beings curiously for a moment but shakes her head toward Violet. "No, I don't mean /that/. I mean my tummy.. feels a little sick." Her fingers tighten around the railing though she continues to watch the two on the commanding deck of the ship.

The two discussing beings seem to come to some sort of agreement and move to either side of the deck. They waggle their fingers and trace invisible lines in the air. The ships shudders powerfully, then the fore begins to pull free of the sucking water. The wake of the ship deforms as the rest of it begins to follow after the lifting front, leaving a trail of droplets underneath as it becomes abruptly airborne in a matter of moments. With a heavy thunk, side wings spring out from either side, adding stability to the craft.

Mazurek shrugs while looking to the two who seem quite out of place, "Who knows or cares? As long as they aren't disrupting the flow of the ship or the crew they're fine." He returns his attention to Rainer just before he is forced to release the wolf and make a wild grab for the railing with a rather loud yelp, "What the...?!" Reflexively he even flaps his wings to steady himself! Then the wings come out from the sides of the ship, causing him to stare wide-eyed...and he actually repeats his little outburst with awe and more than a little surprise.

"Oh, you're no fun. You're supposed to make wild guesses, the more outlandish, the better! I bet they're mutineers conspiring to overthrow the ship." Rainer suggests, tail getting into a wag as he now squints suspiciously at the duo finishing up their discussion. Then comes the shuddering and the lifting, making him steel himself while Maz stumbles about establishing his own grip. "Oh, ha ha! No, this is a trick, right?" He leans to peer over the side, yowling out a mighty "WOW!" as the ship's wings unfurl, laughing pounding a fist on the railing he calls to Bella, "Better throw your head over the side if you're still sick, dear, and whatever you do: don't look down! Ha ha HA!"

Bella's hands grab for the railing when she feels the powerful shudder of the ship and she lets out a surprised cry as she looks down at the water. "We're falling!" falling upward, that is. She falls to her furry knees and looks over the edge to watch the water growing further and further away and lucky for those here, she tosses her cookies over the edge of the boat and into the water below.

Zevran emerges from his cabin onto the deck as he feels the ship start moving, taking a moment to stretch himself. He is wearing his usual attire of green tunic and brown trousers, his armor stowed away in his cabin. He still has his large blade sheathed in its regular place on his back. As he steps onto the deck, he takes a breath of the salty air before glancing around to see what had make the ship start moving so suddenly. His attention is drawn to the wings on the side of the ship. "What kind of ship needs wings?" He mutters, mostly to himself. He looks towards the others on deck, giving them each a friendly smile.

As if by unseen que, others begin to emerge from their cabin, Sally included. With the ship actually off the water, it's stable enough for people to mill about, enjoy the sights and partake of the food being set out.

Mazurek is still staring at the wings when others come out of the cabins. Slowly he moves right up to the rail the rest of the way and peeks over and down to the water below. Hearing voices, one familiar one in particular, the large lizard turns toward Zevran, "Zev! Come over here and see this! We're in the air now!" Seems someone has picked up the excitement from the foxes earlier as he has a goofy grin and his tail is wagging...at least the whip-like appendage isn't striking anyone.

Rainer too beckons to Zevran, though he can barely peel himself away from the view. "-Amazing-. There's only one thing that could possibly make this better!" And then the food rolls out. "It must be my birthday." He makes a point of passing Bella on his way, giving her a gentle pat between the shoulders, "Rocking's not so bad near the middle of the ship, and if that's not enough, just head below deck."

Bella pushes herself up from the edge of the ship once her tummy is empty. Wiping her mouth with the back of her hand and smirks at Rainer, "Thanks for the information." Which she takes and moves to the center of the ship to settle down, crossing her legs and waiting for the ride to be over with, not so much excited as she was when she boarded.

Zevran looks towards Mazurek as he hears his name called, and the outlandish claim that the dragon is making. "Oh, right. This ship has about as much chance of flying as I do." He replies cynically, although the smile on his face shows he is not trying to be rude. He takes a moment to grab some snacks from the food that is brought out before walking to the railing. His expression changes as he reaches the side and looks over the railing. The food falls from his hands and he is speechless for a few moments as his brain processes what he is seeing. "That...is....AWESOME!" He says, enunciating each word and almost shouting the last one. He

With the ship airborne, it has a lot less rock than it did in the water. It pierces through the sky like an arrow, sailing for the 'city of a thousand churches' as promised earlier. The other passengers chat amiably and sip wine and ale together. Most seem to be having a good time of it.

Mazurek isn't one to easily take offense to much and he merely stays silent until the Rhino experiences his elation. With a toothy grin he squeezes one of the Rhino's shoulders firmly, "Yes, it is. Thank you for coming over to see this instead of remaining at the food." It is then that the iguana-dragon finally leaves the rails to join the rest of the crew in enjoying the food and drink provided. All fruits and vegetables, of course.

Bella remains sitting near the center of the flying ship as it raises and silently flies through the air though she does glance around for the other vixen. When she doesn't spot her, she pushes up on shaky legs and heads down to the cabins to search for her.

Rainer pats Mazurek on the back as the dragon joins him at the buffet, already carrying a plate stacked high with one of everything, and then a little more where he could balance it ... and still more than that tossed directly into his mouth, to judge by his swollen cheeks and constant chewing. "Sally sure knows how to pick 'em, hey?" he chuckles through his mouthful, already on his way back to the side to enjoy the meal while he dines. "Oh come on, Zevran, you act like you've never been airborn before~" He hasn't either, of course, but he's got to at least act the part of seasoned world explorer, now and then.

The two who got the ship airborne seem quite occupied. Standing where they started, and drawing new lines as the ship moves. They only move from their spot at time to discuss with one another, then resume their stations, working to keep the ship on path and stable.

Zevran nods to Mazurek, before following the dragon to the buffet line. He chuckles at Rainer's comment, and the sight of the wolf, who appeared to be more like a squirrel. "No, I'm usually the one sending others airborne. I could show you if you want." He replied to Rainer, his expression unreadable as he delivered the last line. Of course, he was smiling again as he started to stack food on his own plate. Some fruits and vegetables to replace what he had dropped overboard. Oddly, he also added a few slices of meat and a couple of cookies to his plate.

Bella makes her way down to the cabin where she lies down with Violet after she finds her. She'l ride the rest of the distance in comfort for the time being.

Violet emerges after Bella's laid down and settled to see the ship in flight. Ooooh! Crawling up to the bow if she can get there, her eyes wide.

Most of the ship is open for prodding and peeking, but any attempt to climb up on the edges is gently dissuaded, "Don't want anyone falling off. We'd never find what's left of you after you hit the water," warns a sailor.

Mazurek follows Rainer back over to the side of the ship after filling his own plate full of his selections, "Alright, you two. You're not hatchlings anymore." He winks to them both, "Then again, when did you become a chipmunk, Rainer? Or did you grow some extra babyfat in all this excitement?"

Rainer laughs, letting fly a spray of crumbs and wolfdrool that, thankfully, collides with nothing but the deck. "Maybe once we're back on the ground, we're already high as I care to get for now." He takes a quick peek down, just to be certain that the boat's indeed leveled out. "Adventurer Rule #21:" he spouts at Mazurek, between mouthfuls, "You never know when your next meal is going to be."

Violet crouches down not too close to the edge, but trying to see as much as she can atop some lashed in barrels or boxes. She tilts her head at Mazurek and Rainer, listening, but saying nothing for now.

Sally approaches the others, scroll tucked under arm securely, and a small snack cake being nibbled on, "We should arrive in an hour or two. Aren't these air boats something else?" she asks, "Expensive. Glad this is on the king's balance."

Zevran watches Violet climbing around the ship before looking towards Mazurek and Rainer. He joins them at the side of the ship as Sally approaches. "Fantastic. Never would have thought a boat could fly." He replied to Sally's query.

Mazurek pops a grape into his mouth and sucks on it for a moment, "Mmm. When did these things begin to come about? I've never heard of any of them until now." He leans quite casually against the railing, only to simply have a seat to fully enjoy his meal.

"They must be." Rainer remarks at the mention of expenses, stretching his arms high over his head and giving his tail a shaking out as the wind sends his fluff ruffling. "It's a little cool up here, though, don't you find it?"

Sally lifts her shoulders, "You don't hear about them from the usual fishers. They don't even take off until they're sailed out a little bit out of sight, and most people laugh off anyone talking about it. A rich toy for important people," she explains with a wobble of her free hand, "I hear it's a nobleman's year of income to get one of these built, and half that to keep it working and staffed." She points at the two beings working to keep it aloft, "Air and Water mathemagicians, and not novices at that. Not cheap."

Violet scrambles closer, listening to Sally as her eyes continue to absorb everything. They dart to the gathered group and then back out again as though tracking where they're going. Of course, over open water, it's hard to tell.

Mazurek nods a little, "So we ave been given something of a gift when it comes to being able to use one of them for a special mission? I do have to wonder if I would be able to have such power if I should completely master a magical soul." A cock of the head, "Or does it require more than one mathemagician to accomplish?"

Rainer hums, sticking his fingers in his mouth one by one and sucking on them, pulling each out with a firm POP. "Guess they have to do -something- with all that money, besides swim around in big pools full of it, right?" He grins toothily, his attention only half on the group as he admires the scenery passing beneath them. "Makes you wonder what's so important about that little scroll, though, doesn't it?"

Sally points at the two of them, "Well, there are two of them on this one, but I don't make them. I've only ridden this one, once, really, so you know about as much as I do," she confesses with a shrug, "But it's a big boat. Maybe a smaller one would only need one?"

Mazurek turns his gaze toward the two mages, "If they weren't so busy, I would go and ask them what it would take. Perhaps I might even be taught how to do it." He chuckles, "I wouldn't be surprised if I was taught just for being what I am." He shrugs before reaching up and tugging on Rainer's shirt, "Want to sit with me, pup?"

Zevran silently listens to the conversation as he stares out at the ocean, occasionally munching on a fruit. He doesn't seem too interested in the workings of the flying boat.

Violet is curious about everything, peeking wherever they'll let her peek. Periodically, she gets close to the others to hear what they're talking about. But for the most part, she's an active white blur around different areas of the ship.

Rainer allows Mazurek to pull him down, sitting with his back against the railing, trying a couple times to crane his neck to the side and up in an effort to peek over it, soon giving up on that when the safety barrier prooves too high. "...Ahhh, don't get your hopes up. I wager we got a 60-40 chance of ending up on a pile of splinters when they try to land this thing. Adventuring Rule #19: Divine Math causes more problems than it fixes, and all." He eyeballs Violet during one of her close encounters with the group, trying to beckon her over but - oop, she's off again.

Sally hmms, "That would be quite a fee they would pay. There are several foreign ambasadors aboard, to say nothing of traveling merchants and nobles, all paying handsomely for the speed and safety." The call goes out, the ship is arriving shortly. People begin to move back to their cabins, but not all. Some clamor near the front of the ship for a first peek at the coming new land and all its dry splendor. The high spires and jeweled tresses of the city.

Mazurek actually seeks to pull the wolf right into his lap. After setting his tray beside him he slips his arms around the wolf and nibbles along his neck, growling playfully. His playtime ends rather swiftly when the call goes out that land is approaching, causing him to groan softly. He loosens his grip on Rainer and lets him do as he wishes presently. Seems someone wanted to get comfortable. Since he is tall enough even while sitting, he takes a look at the approaching land mass.

Zevran watches Violet dash around the ship, his eyes following the small white blur. When the call goes out that they are approaching land, he makes his way to the bow to get a better view of the approaching city.

Rainer startles as he finds himself yanked onto Maz's lap, though he rapidly settles in amidst the nibbling of his neck, shivering and letting his head lull back, further exposing his fuzzy throat to the drake. His leg is just starting into a gentle kick when the attention abruptly stops, prompting a little whine to escape him before he clears his throat and straightens up, brushing down his neckfluff as he admires the landscape stretching out before them from his vantage point.

The boat lowers to the water, ship lurching a bit as the water drags against the hull, slowing it rapidly as it sinks back into the depths. The two mathemagicians visibly relax once the ship has begun sailing under power of sails and move to claim a drink or two. Not much else has been left out, food and snacks secured for the landing.

Violet is right back peering at the mathemagicians as they start to lower the ship back to the water, absorbing, learning and then finds a spot she can hold on and be stable while everything shifts back into place.

Mazurek is quite thankful that he hadn't risen to his feet when the boat was coming in for a landing. He would not have been able to stand very well with all the rocking and jostling. Once the ship has settled into the water the rest of the way he rises and looks around better. He finally looks down to Violet, "Want to rest on my shoulders for a better view?"

Zevran was not completely prepared for the rocking and jostling of the ship, since he had been in his cabin when the ship took off. He lurched forward as the ship hit the water and slowed down, but was able to catch himself on a railing before falling face-first to the deck. He stood back to his full height as he continued to look over the bow towards the city.

Rainer feels Mazurek shifting and hastens to his feet as well, giving the iguana a quick nod before he goes skittering over to the other side of the deck, his plate forgotten by Maz's feet. He faces straight out the side and folds his arms over top of the railing, casting his gaze ahead, tail gently swishing and swaying behind him.

The city is a gleaming jewel in the sands. High spires, as promised, and huge statues of the Creator Saints loom over the city as if standing guard, but also smaller statues of unknown beings. Perhaps those strange other churches that were spoken of. A land of belief and inner searching, if the publicity is to believed. The docks are large, though not as wide spread as the river/ocean combination of sweetwater.

Mazurek leaves what remains of his own food where he had set it and finally joins the others where they are gathering to catch sight of the city. The sea breeze brings about a smile and a deep breath while he rests his hands on rainer's shoulders, squeezing gently again, "Mmmm. To answer your earlier question, no I didn't think it too cold up there."

Violet grins at Mazurek and then walks over, holding up her arms to be boosted up onto his shoulders. "Duh. Of course!" She stays up there as long as he'll let her, soaking in everything that she can se.

Zevran continues to watch the approaching city, his attention drawn to the statues. His plate of food had fallen when he stumbled earlier, and was now scattered around his feet. Of course, he was too focused on the approaching city to notice.

Mazurek does as he had offered when violet comes over, scooping her up and settling her right on his bare shoulders. He makes sure that his spinal ridges are flat to his body so she can avoid being poked, though.

Rainer's ears angle forward as Maz's hands settle on his shoulders. He says nothing, but embarassment rushes into his expression, even as he drinks in with no small amount of amazement the sights of the city of a thousand churches. "I have a feeling I'm going to regret complaining about it after a few hours in that heat--look at the size of those statues... wow..."

The ship smoothly pulls up to its assigned pier and the sailors are hard at work tying it down and getting cargo unloaded. The gangway is extended, permitting those who wish to depart to do so. "I will be delivering this," Reports Sally, "Try not to get into too much trouble, but the ship doesn't sail off for three hours. Have a look if you like." A salute, and off she goes with the scroll.

Mazurek holds onto Vilet's legs with one hand while the other comes to rest on Rainer again, "I'm not going to feel any of the adverse effects of too much heat, though the warmth will definitely be felt across my body. You should consider the possibility of becoming a dragon, Rainer, if only to join me in knowing what it's like to be taller." He leans down to whisper something into the wolf's ear before he turns to disembark.

Violet leaves with the dragon and the wolf, avidly looking around. "I /love/ the desert!" Fennec Foxes are made for the heat with their very large ears, and her white fur certainly helps her not hold in heat and blend in with the sand. Though most fennec's are a sandy brown. "Hi!" She leans over to look into Mazurek's face. "I'm Violet!"

Zevran takes a look at the docks as the ship arrives. "Define 'too much trouble'." He replies to Sally before she leaves, then walks down the gangway. He spares the group another glance. "Let's see what sort of mischief I can get up to. Holler if you need something." He says to the group with a sly smile and departing into the city.

Rainer huffs, "Now I'm more curious about that scroll than ever. Did she really bring us all along just so we could go sight seeing while she does all the work? Er, not that I'm complaining." After that he grins and rubs his hands together, following Zevran's lead. "Let's see if we can stir up a devil or two in the city of saints." He's given pause, though, when Maz whispers into his ear, losing his stride momentarily, but quickly picking it right back up, "I'll, huh, have to remember that."

Mazurek disembarks the ship with the others, his free hand holding Rainer's if the wolf accepts. He leaves the harness in his cabin, not really needing it for a simple city visit.

Violet gives Mazerek her thanks for the view and goes to retrieve Bella, bounding off and dragging the other fox with her. For what? Trouble is very likely what Violet will get up to and drag Bella into.

Rainer takes Mazurek's hand with a dopey, sheepish smile, averting his gaze from the dragon, though occasionally shooting peeks up at the big guy. "So, uh, where you want to go first? I'm sure this place has a lot of ... places to get drinks."

Bella is dragged by the hand by her foxy counterpart. GOod thing she left her lunch over the side of the ship and took a rest, even if it was a little too long of a rest and she missed out on the flying parts.

Mazurek helps Violet off his shoulders and onto her feet. Before she goes, though, he finally answers her question, "Mazurek, little one. Good to meet you, Violet." Down on the docks he chuckles as he wanders with the wolf without a specific direction in mind, "We can go anywhere you'd like, though I would actually like to avoid getting drinks. Remember we have limited time here."

Rainer waves off Violet and Bella with his free hand, the fingers on the opposite growing a little tighter around Mazurek's hand. "So much to see, so little time." he sighs wistfully, eyes cast up to the towering spires of the uncounted dozens of churches. "Well, we can start down this street, go from there... Who knows, maybe trouble'll find us."

Violet waves widely to Ranier and Mazurek as she takes off with Bella in hand into the desert city. "Ooh, we have to hit the bars and the churches and maybe we'll find bars /in/ churches. Oooh, think we can start a brawl?"

Bella laughs softly as she's dragged along with Violet, letting the other fox lead the way into some adventure. "Bars in churches, Vi? Serious? If you find one, I'm coming with you for sure!" The others are given a quick wave in return and a smile.

Mazurek nods, chuckling softly, "Trouble will more than likely find us out in the desert, though I doubt we'd be able to get back in time for the three hour deadline." He shows some affection toward the wolf by leaning down for a lick to a cheek, "You lead the way and I'll follow?"

Rainer rubs the opposite cheek, likely turning bright, bright pink somewhere underneath all that grey fur. He clears his throat, "Well! Uh, Adventure... Adventuring Rule #22 says 'Never take the same road twice,' but since all of these are new to me... um..." He closes his eyes and swings his arm left, right, left, right, left, right... finally stopping, pointing dramatically down one of the sandswept street. "That way!" And so he starts on, pulling the dragon along by the wrist.

Mazurek follows the wolf where he is leading without having to be dragged too far behind. His dark hide shines a bit in the light of the desert sun and his body temperature has already risen to match the ambient heat. He keeps his wings tucked in tight to prevent any stray winds from knocking him back.

Bella follows along quietly after the others with Violet somewhere nearby. She's quiet as she watches Rainer and Mazurek, listening to their playful chatter though being new, she keeps quiet for the time being.

Mazurek is unaware that the two are being followed. With his tail swishing while he's following Rainer, the smaller fox...well....

Rainer is already panting as he leads Mazurek along the waterfront. He can't seem to make up his mind about where he wants to go, as he pauses at each building and turns towards them like he's planning on entering, just to move on. More particularly, he peers down each side street and alley they come across, as if he could guage how likely they were to find something interesting at a glance. He also takes note of the locals and their attire, face contorting in confusion as it finally occurs to him they're all wearing -more- clothes instead of less.

Bella's thick coppery tail flicks behind her as she walks. She's a red fox and more coppery russet than black and easily blends into a lot of the surroundings. MOst times at least. She keeps a short distance between herself and Rainer and Mazurek, curious as to where the two might be going to tfind their adventures.

Mazurek chuckles while he watches Rainer become indecisive after a time, only to finally comment, "They have to wear more here to protect from the wind and sandstorms, Rainer. I've been in a couple deserts already and it wasn't fun being pelted by sand at high speed."

Violet is in a bar, sitting on the bar, drinking with all kinds of rough sorts. Likely it's dark, and dank and Violet is easily seen with her white fur and her big ears. She's singing a bad drinking song at the top of her lungs and sloshing around a beer.

Zevran enters into the dimly lit bar, pausing at the door a moment to let his eyes adjust. He spots the fennec and makes his way over to her, taking a seat nearby and ordering a beer. "Having a good time?" He asks, raising his voice to be heard over the drinking song.

Violet turns to sing the song at Zevran, sloshing beer around and hops off the bar after it ends and makes her way over to sit on Zevran's table. "You hear when we're supposed to head back?"

Zevran chuckles at the sight of the small fennec making her way to his table. "No, but I'm sure we have time for a few more drinks." He says as his beer is brought to him. He raises the mug to his lips before drinking it all in one go. He raises his arm with one finger up, ordering another.

Violet laughs and curls up on the table and drains her beer in one go before ordering another. "So.. why are we here? I mean, nothing was going to attack on the ship and then the Lady took off.. and we're not defending anything. Same on the way back, I figure."

Zevran shakes his head. "I really don't know. It is a good chance to explore unfamiliar places though." He replies as his second beer arrives. He knocks this one back just as fast as the first before ordering another.

Violet hmms. "Well, I do like that. But.." She gets up to get another drink and then drops back on the table again. "We shoulda followed her."

Zevran nods his head slowly. "I suppose so. Still, I'm sure she could take care of herself." He replies to the fennec as his third beer arrives. He only drains half the mug this time before setting it back on the table. "We could always go look for her now." He suggests.

Violet grins at Zevran as she sips at another beer. This could be the second or the fifth. "You think we could find her?"

Zevran drains the rest of the beer in his mug and orders another before replying. "We could always try. Somebody might remember seeing her. Then again, she may not want to be found." He muses.

Violet drinks more out of her beer. "Yeah, but then again, she might be in trouble. And we're not really sure when we need to be back at the ship. I mean, extra guards shouldn't be a bad thing, right?"

Zevran nods his head in agreement as his fourth beer arrives. He drains it completely before slamming the mug down on the table. "If we're going to look for her, we might as well go now while we're still coherent." He suggests.

Violet giggles, draining the beer and puts it down. "Well, I'm already incoherent, but I might be able to distract people while you find things out!" She slides off the table and darts off to hug some of her fellow horrible singers. THen she's back. "Can I ride on your shoulders like the dragon?"

Zevran nods his head. "I suppose so." He says as he stands to his full 8 feet in height. He wobbles a little, but seems to be holding his alcohol very well.

Violet looks up then giggles. "Well, are you sure you won't fall over? Cause I think I might."

Zevran shakes his head. "I'll be fine. I usually drink eight or twelve. Probably more, I just lose count after twelve. And I won't let you fall off." He reassures the fennec before holding out a hand to help her onto his shoulders.

Violet holds out her hand to take his and then vaults up over the table onto his back. Fighters are very limber, or at least fennec fighters are.

Zevran waits for the fennec to get settled on his shoulders before heading out the door. He puts a hand up to shade his eyes until they adjust to the brightness, before looking up and down the street for anyone to ask.

Violet points the direction they came from, a path on the way to where they last saw the Lady. "Let's start there!"

Zevran nods his head and follows the path pointed out to him by Violet. "Excuse me, did you happen to see a fox pass through here?" He asks one of the folk as he gets closer to the spot where they last saw Sally.