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It's a fine day for a celebration. As one arrives at the castle, they are led inside to the spacious main hall, where tables have been arranged with food for the plucking, and music plays quietly on the side. There are elbows already rubbing as rumors flow like wine.

Tarvek steps to the entry of the Banquet hall, with a companion. As they enter, the majordomo announces, "Erbmarkgraf Tarvek Strongheart. Lady Arianna Strongheart." The bull auroch nods, and smiles to his cousin, then looks about the crowds.

Arianna has not her armor or weapons around her today, trusting to the good King's security. She makes a slight curtsey when she's announced for the celebration, reaching to pat her enormous cousin's arm and offer, "It should be a good enough day." She begins looking through the crowd for any familiar faces, "I've never liked formal balls, but the ones celebrating a birth always seem more laidback and festive."

Kilsa walks in to the royal hall dressed in simple priest robes with heavy chainmail hidden under it. Eight solid brass rings adorn her fingers as she nods to the nearest guard and takes a seat using her keen hearing to pick up on any roomers that she may have missed while doing her priestly duties.

Bite walks into the building, wearing her finest of drab dresses. Wanting to look nice she will walk until she is sure she can safely slither. She approaches the forms of seating avaliable, not sitting just yet as evereyone is just arriving.

Peril arrived in a rather heavy and unflatteringly loose, dark Surco and pants. Skipping quickly past the majordomo as if trying to avoid being too closely associated with hew own name. The little cat moves toward the nearest gathering of people in the hopes of blending in quickly and hopefully adding a few more names to her little black book of contacts

"Did you hear?" "What, impossible!" The whispers are many and varied. One persistent one is that the challenge to locate a new soulgem has been completed, and by a lone person no less. A new noble line would have to be named, if the Good King delivered as promised.

Tarvek listens to the rumrs, intrigued a bit. But when he sees the badger priest, he smiles. "Ah, Arianna, here is someone I need you to meet." He makes his way towards Kilsa. "Priestess! It is good to see you again. Kilsa, I would like to present my cousin Arianna. She is looking to follow the priest's path. Arianna, Kilsa."

Arianna is leaning in here and there to listen to the different rumors, occasionally smiling and giving a small greeting to someone or other. She occasionally tugs her dress which clings tightly to her over-burdened neckline, shifting it this way and that as if having the fancy thing on itches her somewhat. She looks over to Kilsa and offers a bright smile as Tarvek leads her over, "A pleasure to meet you Priestess."

Peril perked her ears and mingled with the gathered nobles placing a few innocent questions on who retrieved the stone and where it was found, encouraging the conversation to flow in the direction that most interested the little cat while she scanned the room for familiar faces.

Kilsa grins at the rumors of new soul gems, she spots her favorite snake from across the room but decides to let her play social with the other people she had a free meal to destroy. She looks over the spread and grabs as much fruit as her tiny plate could handle before Tarvek and Arianna approach her. "Its a pleasure to see you both again." She gives a long joyful look at the pair. "You both look beautiful today. Its a pleasure to meet more of the Strongheart's, If you need a priest to help you I would be happy to take you in and teach you the ropes." She smiles wider, "You really are a hardy bunch." She notes the strong frame of the female Strongheart.

Bite listens to the rumors with a heavy interest. A noble line? Was that even an offer as part of the soul gem business? She giggles and shakes her head, taking a seat, and upon seeing Kilsa's appitite she smirks, tilting her head and simply taking a plate of meat which she slowly eats, swallowing portions whole when she is certain no one else is looking. As she eats she continues to listen for information from the other guests, this sounds intersting.

Apparently, it hasn't yet been announced, but the good money, and bets are exchanging hands, is on the Good King announcing it during the celebration. The lights dim suddenly, and a spotlight descends onto the upper balcony. Subtle fire math, to be certain. A carriage emerges first, followed by the Good King and his wife. For the Good monarchy, the one named heir is always the Good King or Queen, the other is simply the husband or wife. Both are dressed finely and ready for the occasion. You wouldn't even know she just gave birth, though she was likely rounded to start, considering both are hippos.

A loud clear voice announces, "The Good King presents Pauline Good, of sound body, mind, and whole of soul." Polite clapping begins immediately, along with scattered cheer from the less refined attendants.

Tarvek applauds firmly, though he isn't one of the ones to cheer. As things die down, though, the bull lifts a glass of the wine calls out in his booming bass, "To Princess Pauline! Long life and good health to Her Highness!"

Peril raised her hands to clap slowly and softly along with the audience while her gaze continued to drift about the gathered crowd looking for any who might have more information to share. Spotting the massive figure of Tarvek the little cat grinned to herself and excused herself from the surrounding people before beginning to pick her way toward the bull.

Bite smiles and claps for the excitement of new royal blood. She would consider cheering if her mouth was not full. 'This is a wonderful development' she thinks to herself.

Kilsa smiles and claps before stuffing another fruit in her mouth. "Mmmmm" She smiles from the taste and claps a little harder.

"It's all the farm work, walking, and quite a bit of eating." Arianna waves off the hearty bunch compliment from Kilsa with a small blush, hugging her plush frame. Then the King is arriving and she turns in that direction, clapping after the baby is announced, "Three Cheers for the Princess, and Three Cheers for his Majesty! Hip hip...." She's very ebullient, loud and rather happy at the good news.

A toast that's easy to get behind. Glasses are raised in kind as the toast is echoed along across the hall and back again and generous libations are shared by the populace. The carriage is drawn to the edge, allowing peeks at the healthy infant within, though she isn't quite ready to address her people yet, she can at least reach at them with little fingers and giggle happily, and that's enough for one day.

Peril found her a little short on a glass to join in the toast but paused to join in the cheer none the less before continuing on her way toward the familiar face of the Auroch.

Kilsa smiles and doesn't attempt to see the child, "I'm sure they will be big and heathly soon enough." She says to no folk in particular, She begins to eat more of the fruit enjoying some of the different fruit she rarely gets to take in on her meger wages. "Delicious. To Princess Pauline." She holds up an empty glass before refilling it to take a drink after Tarvek's toast. Her eyes can't help but gaze at the two Strongheart's for a moment thinking to herself that such a line is very good for this city.

Tarvek lowers the glass and looks at the carriage. He doesn't attempt to go either, as being soulless is still a stigma in the high Nobility. "As long as she lives to the name of her House, I am content," Tarvek says. He smiles to Kilsa amd waves to the approaching miniature feline before whispering something to Arianna.

Bite giggles and shakes her head, calmly eating her delicious meats as the going ons happen around her. She seems to attempt to catch Kilsa's attention but not too hard, knowing it can wait. She would attempt to see the child if there weren't so many people already there, she would have to fight for that right or wait until the excitement dies down.

Arianna finishes her cheering and takes a long drink of her glass. Never let it be said that her nobility has stopped her from enjoying a bit (or more than a bit) of the drink every now and again. She smiles to Kilsa and offers, "So, I've only had a priest's soul gem for a week or so now. Have you ever considered mixing professions?" She leans in her buxom self against Tarvek and listens to his whisper, only laughing and glancing down at her frame, peering past her enormous cleavage to her soft belly and legs. "I'm quite a big bigger since then too! Childhood memories, right?" A smile is granted, but then she spots Peril making her way in, peering at the feline.

The Good King steps up as the carriage is withdrawn from the edge, "Today is a day we celebrate the start of good things. As my daughter enters the world, we can look forward to her eventual reign over our prosperous kingdom," he speaks to the assembled. "But she is not the only new start." A fresh light comes down, illuminating Kilsa brightly. "I put a challenge to the nation, and you responded powerfully. To every obstacle, my people rise to it and overcome it. I could not be prouder of you all, but here is the one who did it first. Step forward, step forward, let us all pay our admirations to this fine priest, who labors for the lost children of the city, but who braves the unknown to further the sciences. A lady of many talents, once a commoner, but today, no longer."

Peril skipped up to Tarvek still grinning broadly as she paused at a respectful distance to give a modest bow to his accompanying lady before moving in closer. Arms folding across her chest and shoulders pushed back she looked up at the massive bull with a lop sided grin before her attention was drawn to Kilsa, the little cat regarding the Badger suspiciously as her grin faded and eyes narrowed "I wonder where this crystal was found"

Kilsa nearly chokes as she had the light on her. She stands upright and quickly makes her way over the Good King. "My King.." She bows down on one knee with a single fist to her chest and her eyes to the ground. She sweating under her fur and she stay still not looking forward to insulting the Good King.

Arianna makes a low and polite bow to Peril as well. She looks over the cat's more slender form but then looks between Tarvek and Peril and gives a teasing laugh and grin, "You must be Peril. I've heard..." But then the light is, right on them, well, on Kilsa, and Arianna scoots out of the spotlight quickly, falling a bit silent, to think she was just talking with the hero of the day!

Bite giggles and smiles as her friend is called out, swaying a little as she watches them aproach royalty. This will be a great accomplishment if she can use it for the orphans.

Tarvek perks his ears at this announcement. Peril's presence gets a smile as he reaches down to give her a pat, but then he watches Kilsa and the Good King. "Extraordinary," he murmurs.

"Indulge me, my dear," speaks the Good King towards Kilsa before facing the crowd again, "Allow a retelling of her adventure. To set sail with nothing but a rumor and a fire in her heart. She subdued a terrible beast of the waves that had plagued the trade lines for years. From its chest she wrested a great gem of terrible charm and brought it back swiftly. Our fine artisans of the Freeswords' labored for many a long day to distill it to a perfect soul gem, but, the results speak for themselves." He draws out a small pouch, and pulls free the lustrous red gem, the light shining on it just right to send crimson rays across the room. "I present the gem of the Berserker. Forged in the shifting sands of lunar dust, it is a gem that only we, the people of Sweetwater, can call our own."

Peril drew a long deep breath before sighing as she watched the the scene unfold her head turning back to the bull to give him a weak smile as he patted her on the head before the little cat glanced toward Arianna managing a more toothy grin as she gave a nod and leaned in closer, her voice dropping to a whisper �I think I could tell you a few things about Tarvek here� she giggled and winked before stepping back, rising up to her full height and lifting her head in an effort to get a better view of the goings on as the king delivers his speech

Kilsa blushes as she stands and looks the Good King in the eyes, "I do what I do for sweetwater each and everyone of these people are like family to me, My Lord." She smiles and speaks low and tries to look as humble as possible feeling nervous around the Good King. She is at a loss at what to say to him as he continues on making her sound like a hero when she is only a priest, her ears are tomato red with embarressment. Her long bit of peice is thinking how many folk will treat her to free drinks and what a good example this will be when the orphans hear it.

Bite holds in her giggles by stuffing some food into her mouth. She is very happy that Kilsa has managed to snare such an honor. She notes her embarassment and shakes her head, wishing she could say something to her that wouldnt' distrupt the going ons.

"What fire, but down just a little longer," he urgers with a downward motion of one hand as the other draws free his blade. A great zweihander, supposedly the same blade that the original Good Queen used to beat sense into the criminal element of the city all those years ago. "Do you swear, upon the name of the Good dynasty, and on the honor of your blood, to serve faithfully the crown, that your children, and their children into perpetuity will be known as our staunchest servants?"

Kilsa her eyes are brimming with tears but she swallows them back. "I swear on the honor of my blood. My line will serve faithfully in any capacity the crown demands." She thinks of her father saying that hard work pays off and her mother teaching her that a gentle heart is best tempered with love and kindness. At long last she can do something to make them both proud and something to continue her families name."

Arianna is quiet and leans in to catch Peril's whisper. She flashes a wicked grin, apparently very interested in learning things to torment her cousin and make his life harder, but remains quiet for now, politely not whispering back or saying anything, but keeping her focus on the ceremony.

The sword is laid over her head, flat side down thankfully. Its weight can be felt, pressing on her, "Then I do present your noble name. Faithful line of the nation of Sweetwater, rise, Kilsa Ironsoul. May your house endure the ages with pride and dignity." The blade is drawn up and away as people whisper and clap. Ironsoul, was it in reference to her soulless nature? And whoever heard of a soulless head of a noble house? The rumor mill runs hot today.

Bite beams for her friend, withholding applause or cheer for when she is in a less refined situation. The rumors already ciruclating bring her a bit of unsettement

Kilsa smiles at the new name, it felt right. "Thank you, My King. I will do honor to sweeterwater and the crown for the rest of my life." She rises and looks the Good King in the eye. "Thank you so much." She doesn't even try to stop her tears as she looks around and smiles at her friend before facing the King again.

After so much time in the lime light, Kilsa is allowed to step out of the circle of light, "I look forward to hearing of your many successes in the days ahead," he agrees, "Now let us celebrate all of these new beginnings," he beckons, officially resuming the party. Lights come back up to full strength and the music begins.

Peril sighs and chuckles raising her arms and shrugging as she turned back to the pair of Stronghearts "Well, this is a tad disappointing but I suppose I cant begrudge someone else�s success. I only lament the money spent in obtaining that gem myself." she looked to the surrounding tables of food looking for something to drink "Perhaps this is an opportunity to drown my sorrows and maybe find a few sympathetic ears"

Bite slithers to Kilsa and smiles, bowing slightly with a smirk. "It looks like you bested me sssweetie, good job." she hisses with a grin, tilting her head to break into a smile. "So what are you doing to do now?"

Kilsa smiles a noble begins discussing with her in hushed tones about the expectations of being a noble, She turns with a large smile at Bite she nods. "I'm going to see about that land and then you and me have to have a long talk but for now I have to see what other noble stuff I have to learn. When I get to the freeswords all your drinks are on me." She winks as she is lead out of the main hall by the noblefolk.

Arianna nods her head to Peril, pursing her lips together thoughtfully. It's clear that she doesn't ever want to think bad about anybody, and so she offers to the kitten, "I'm sure that the Priestess will make sure to properly reward everyone who helped her." She smiles and nods, waving to the badger as she begins to leave, "See! She's already starting." She moves along to follow behind Peril, hoping to make a new friend perhaps, "Cheer up young Mistress."

Tarvek watches the ceremony, smiling broadly. This will be...quite an upset among the Nobles. On the other hand...an alliance between Soulless-led Houses... He turns to Arianna and Peril, "Well...this was quite the affair, hmmm? And there is going to be...quite a bit of festivities about."

Bite smirks and giggles as she overhears Arianna, waving Kilsa off. She slithers up to Tarvek whom she recognizes and hisses "Hey sssweetie, how are you doing today?"

Peril gives the bull a playful swat on the leg "ohh you and your soulless oppression ideas. they aren't all that fearful of us, just a bit worried we may be in their future.� The little cat trotted off toward one of the nearby tables that featured a few bottles that looks inviting enough to draw her in.

"Hello again Mistress Bite." Arianna nods to Peril and gives a little laugh before saying with a bit of embarrassment, "In some families it's still much harder than in others, okay?" A plea for understanding, Tarvek has his reasons. Though as Bite calls the bull sweetie Arianna crosses her arms under her soft heavy bosom and gives a grin, "You see, what did I say cousin, the women swoon wherever your shadow passes." Just a hint of teasing sarcasm in her tone, giving Tarvek a hard time.

Tarvek hmms. "I am well enough. My cousin is staying in town for a while, and we're having quite a fun time." At Peril's words, he shakes his head. "She doesn't truly understand it, not having lived it. I already showed them that we were in their future. And the others...were not pleased with it." He swishes his tail and then swats Arianna lightly. "And do you know just how many men here you've had staring and drooling after you?"

Peril makes her way to the table in the absence of anything to distract her, looking over the battles on offer and the other treats on the table while tapping her jaw thoughtfully.

Bite shakes her head at Arianna's teasing and smiles. "I'm sure you're having a wonderful time with your relations, family is wonderful." she hisses and then giggles. "You know i'm sure I saw a young bison looking you over that way." she says with a tease, trying to get in on the fun for a while.

Arianna takes the swat with a little bit of a hop onto the tips of her hooves, rocking back down in quite the jiggle and shake of soft body, though she moves her arms around her chest and stomach and hugs herself as if to settle back down. She grins at Bite and glances in the direction she indicates and then says to both of them, "Sadly there's a lack of really eligible bachelors. I'll have to live through the gossip you and Peril provide me." A smile and then a curtsey to all as she backs a step or two off, "I'm going to get a drink and some food, I'll be back later!"