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Rainer creeps about at the outskirts of the setup, poking at this and that like a curious child. Running fingers over the back of an unoccupied chair here, rapping knuckles on a table there, twisting a big, friendly smile and giving a finger-wiggling greeting to some complete stranger he accidentally makes eye contact with across the room like they're old acquaintances. "There is no way Cass knows all these people." he utters through his teeth before turning away from whoever-the-heck-that-was and oh hey there's a familiar looking back! "Cass! There you are! Happy birthday!" He practically falls into the fennec, throwing arm over her shoulders and reaching 'round to deliver a poke just below the neck. "Quite the turn out, eh? So, uh, could you point me at the food?" She turns her head towards him, perturbed, "Do I know you?" "...You're not Cass." "No." "Would you like to be?" "-No-." "Are you gonna slap me if I don't let go right this instant?" "-Yes-." "Right-e-o!" The lupe makes an abrupt 90 degree turn and hastens off in that direction.

Cassidy lofts a brow at Thel's whisper before snickering. "Yes, well... I'm sure they look lovely! Though we'll not be opening that in public, I think," she says as she steps back and grins at Selena. "Yes, certainly... Not orthodox, I must say! The city wouldn't fit it, the forest would be kind of awkward... That mostly left the swamp, the mountain, and Northwarden. I decided on the mountains! Green Valley also came up as a possibility, but... Mmh. I dunno! Your help would be appreciated, though, if we go the route of enchanting the building to keep things cool!" She accepts the box from Jera and flashes a grin, bowing her head. "Understood! And don't worry about it, Selena. We only got back just yesterday ourselves! I never ask for gifts! The attendance makes me happy enough! Though gifts are certainly appreciated and a -lovely- bonus. As for Angus and Kalt... Well. I invited them, but I guess they couldn't make it! I'm a little sad, but I have many lovely friends here that DID make it! And that I am far happier for!"

Turning to Amaterasu again, she bobs her head. "Twins, huh? Oh my! That'll be quite a handful, if so. I wish you luck! And hello Rainer-" She cuts herself off when he falls over on another fennec. "Oh come now, you can't recognize your own comrade?" She questions teasingly, snickering.

With his story over, the shrew wanders off to acquire another plate of food for himself, stopping to look up at Cirra. "Ey, you're a friend of the night's hostess, aren't you? Yeah, I saw you chatting with her. I thought as much. I don't suppose you know much about this castle, do ya'?" He questions the shark, tail swaying behind him.

Natska nods her head, agreeing with Cassidy on a few points, then perks her ears; she turns her head and gives Rainer a little wave, then smiles. "And that is a nice painting, Thel, thank you!"

Selena chuckles quietly at Rainer's antics, shrugging a little at Cassidy's comment. "It's very you, either way. A word to the wise, though, you want to have as little magic on the building as possible, otherise actually powering it can be... Well, extremely difficult, to say the least." She notes, nodding in agreement about the other couple being unable to make it.

Turning back to the wolf, she shakes her head. "I'm fairly certain I gave my name at the time, pardon, but that was a while ago. My name's Selena." She [re]introduces herself.

Thelergramor rolls the portrait back up; retubes it. "You're both welcome. It was all expensive. And, no, didn't steal it. Actually payed for it. With money. Yep." Nods, grinning and letting his imagination take him on a stroll. "so, do I get a hug or something? Y'know, because I'm great and such?" Probably joking, given he laughs afterward.

Almost missed Rainer! "Ah, Rainer! How ya been, man!" Smiles at his friend. Yup, friend.

Then turns to Selena. "Eh, I might've forgotten. It was months ago right?" Avoids flirting with her with Ama right there... Wants to. Clearly. Can see it on his face, has -that- expression...

Listens in on Ama having twins apparently. Didn't know that part...

Jera beams proudly at Amaterasu, and then finds a place to take a seat. Taking a tart for himself. Seems like he's always the first to gravitate to free food in the parties.

Amaterasu giggles softly, instead socializing a bit once Cassidy's attention went elsewhere. As a merchant herself it was well for her to get to know those merchants around for tips, and products to sell between locations. The pregnant wirefur fox floating from conversation to conversation occasionally holding her belly as the quite active little ones went about kicking lightly. Though, she did have one eye on Thel. That look he got on his face not too long ago kept her interested in her cousin-to-be. Forgoing a conversation she was having that wasn't yeilding any results, she instead floated her way to THel and Selena, giving a soft nod to each in turn "How goes, Thel, Selena I believe?"

Rainer's head stops and turns towards the call from Actual_Cassidy while his body keeps going, resulting in an odd little rubberband sort-of swing as he twists 'round and approaches the group, all smiles. "Oh hey, there you guys are. Nice turn out, eh?" He claps his hands together, tail going side-to-side in a lazy sort-of wag as he smiles from one face to the next to the next to the next... "So, uh, where's the food?" The pup finally spots it, mostly by tracking Jera's movements, and bounces on his tiptoes once before setting off in pursuit of those sweet treats. "Nevermind, found 'em! ...Happy birthday, by the way!" Classy.

Cassidy chuckles at that and nods at Selena. "Of course! I know that much about magic by now. But yes, a seldom few rooms, at most. Maybe the bedroom or something. I don't really mind the heat too terribly much, myself. It's dry heat, which I would take over humid heat any day!" She says with a nod. "And sure, Thel. You can have a hug this once," she says with a wink before leaning forward to hug the wolf. "Thank you. And thank you, too, Rainer! It's very nice to have you all, here!" She's momentarily distracted by a similar, but much younger, fennec running up to her and treating to her a hug, which gets a soft laugh and a hug in return. "Hello, sister. Yes, I'm glad to see you, too! My, this turned out lovely, Natska. Thank you for cooking!"

Natska quietly murrls, and bumps her nose against Cassidy's ear. "Well. I couldn't make -all- of it on my own, I had to get the staff to help since we were expecting so many guests. But I am still very happy with it, and I have a cake I made by myself, just for you, love." She smiles happily, and gives Thel a hug as well. "And right, Selena. We don't need the whole thing done... just a shelter or two from the worst days. Proper building design can handle the rest."

"You all have staff, too! Must have cost quite a lot to build, not to mention the upkeep..." Jera sounds a bit awed, crossing his legs on the chair and patting his two sides to offer the empty seats to Rainer and his love. Offering the other half of his tart to Rainer.

Thelergramor hugs Cassidy, tightly. Loathe to let go as memories of one of the happier parts of his life flash behind his eyes... Does let go however and take a step away afterward, smiling. No real change of expression from before. "Heh. Thanks Cass." Continues to smile even as she hugs her sister. Happy wolf.

Then gets a hug from Natska! Greatest. Fucking. Day. Ever. Hugs just as tightly and for just as long. Smiles wider than he himself thought possible, ears twitching at the pure joy.

Answers Amaterasu, still grinning and such. "Oh, it's going great Ama. Last few weeks, not so much, but, friends are back finally!" Easily pleased wolf.

Amaterasu giggles softly "Well you seem like you're enjoying yourself. I imagine Techie is back with the little one?" she asks the easily pleased wolf flicking her tail a bit and letting Jera know she will be over once she's finished catching up with their soon to be Family. She has been a bit out of touch and all with the approaching kids. "I haven't been seeing much of her around lately... I do wonder how she's handling the first couple months."

"Mmf, thanks!" Rainer accepts the offering from Jera without hesitation, and it's in his mouth and gone within seconds. "Long time no see, by the way." The wolf proceeds to scoop up as much grub as he can support with a single arm before he drops into the chair next to the fox and commences scarfting. "Sho wuttur thehyf tahwking abhowt? Ulmp! Buildin' a place for themselves, eh?"

Cassidy nods at Natska, ears perking. "Yes, no need to do the whole place. And even if you had help, you all did wonderful and I am looking forward to the cake!" She says before looking over towards Jera and giggling. "Just a few. And we don't have them -yet-. Natska got the help of one of the Solacious chefs to help with preparing the meal, though!" A meal which she finally wanders off to start nibbling at! "I am really pleased with how many turned up on such short noticed!"

Natska gives Cass' sister a small curtsey. "Did you enjoy the statue out in the courtyard?" she asks, with a little wink, then follows Cassidy over to collect food and take a seat at the table. She smiles again and nods, looking around the room, then looks back to her friends. "Yes, Rainer. Cassidy paid to have this built out here, with money she made exploring and adventuring." She starts cutting smaller bites out of her small steak, getting it ready, to eat. "And I did want to make sure you had something special for your birthday, love. It has been such a great day already! And how are you doing, Lady Amaterasu? I rarely get to see you."

Jera looks around for a bit, sizing up the place for a little bit before his attention centres mainly on the size of the ballroom, his eyes narrowing a little. "Hmm. I was going to offer a show once I found out it was your birthday but it was too short notice. Most of the people I have hired weren't rehearsed for any new routines yet. That and...this place is quite a lot bigger than I expected."

Selena nods back to the wolf. "Several, if I recall." she replies, raising an eyebrow slightly. "But it's not as if nothing happened in between either." She notes, shaking her head slightly at something or another - perhaps having been a bit lost in thought.

"I suppose that makes me the last to actually say it; happy birthday Cassidy."

Thelergramor just keeps grinnin' like an idiot. REally happy. And while he would love to follow Cassidy over to the food... Elects to remain by Selena and Amaterasu. Safer emotionally... "Right, Ama. TEchie, I've not seen her often enough. Been busy. Taking care of the kid, though. When she isn't working and such. Love your cousin, by the way. Though, you knew that, right?" Hands go into his pants pockets. "Just wish she was around more... MAkes my life easier, y'know?" Shrugs, then turns to Selena. "Yeah, seceral months. So, how ya been?" Glances around at the food and things; brought his own booze as he doubts this noble stuff is strong enough for him... Takes his whisky flask from his belt. Starts to drink.

Amaterasu nods softly "Yeah. She seems to have been absorbed into her work lately..." she does sigh a bit "That's going to have to slow down a bit if she plans to have kids." though she does shrug a bit "So, It's been on my mind a bit... How do you two know each other?" she asks of Selena and Thel, curious.

Rainer makes a face, though it doesn't last long since he's letting nothing, -nothing- slow down his feasting. "Really, all the way out here." He does, at least, give the courtesy of chewing and swallowing before he speaks... though that might only be beacuse he's considering what to say next. "I mean, there's privacy, and then there's... That's a word, right? Hermiting. Herrrrrr-mitting." He puckers out his lips and smacks them as if he could taste the word... but then stuffs in another pair of tarts, apparently prefering the taste of them. "Yuh guyhfs -doo- noh therf gian' magm'zarhfds liffin' in theef mowtens, rite?"

Cassidy flashes a grin to Jera and nods politely. "I would be happy to see a show of yours, though. Whenever you happen to have one ready. A late gift! You are always a treat to see," she says, smiling before her attention is drawn by Selena. "Thank you very much, Selena. Your appearance here tonight meant a lot to me! And I thank you for coming!"

The smaller fennec, Lori, flashes a grin to Natska and nods as she likewise follows Natska and her sister over to join them at the food table. "I was... Surprised! I didn't really think I would have a statue made... I'm not really sure what I did to deserve one, either! But I like it."

Natska's ears flick as she looks at Rainer, then snickers and shrugs. "We're not moving out of the manor in Firmament. This is... for when we need some peace, and quiet, and want to get out of the city for a while. We both love it out here. And the... 'magmazards' live in the mountain, not on it! We'll be just fine."

Selena raises an eyebrow, looking back to Amaterasu finally. "Considering this is the only time you've seen us interact, I don't think it's been on your mind much until now. The simple answer is 'work'." She replies a little tersely. "I haven't forgotten your antics either. I hope you've shaped up considerably since."

Thelergramor whistles innocently, then drinks more of his whisky. Shrugs at Selena. "I, well if I remember right, I freaked out a bit when the air got sucked out. That's... Well that sucks. Can't stand that." Literally the only thing he fears. As far as he knows. "Though... I could be 100% Mistaken on what job it was. Think I'm recalling it right." Looks to Amaterasu. "So, yeah. Work." Nods.

Amaterasu chuckles "I may not have seen you interact..." she offers "Though that doesn't stop Thel from speaking of and I quote "A wolf stunning enough to make his jaw hit the floor." when he's drunk and wandering about the manor. She does chuckle a bit "He doesn't shut up too. Either about how he hates creators named joe, or the rather attractive members of the team that went after him. It is a bit funny." she giggles softly flicking her tail as she tapped her chin "I never understood exactly what happened there. Why did you guys go after him again?"

"Hey, it's not like I -want- you two to get trampled and eaten by giant beasts... M'just sayin', is all." Rainer twirls a torn-off hunk of bread about over his head, as if it were somehow emphasizing his point, before dropping it down the hatch. "Anyway y'know you'll have the whole militia runnin' out here t'help drive them things off if they ever did come stompin' around. Just one of the perks of bein' in House Sallycious, eh?" The pup chuckles, causing a small spray of crumbs to shoot from his mouth... not in the direction of anyone imparticular, mercifully.

Cassidy wraps an arm around her sister, giving her another hug before giving Natska the same treatment! Once her arms are free again, she resumes nibbling on some of the meats. "Yes! We're not -moving- out here. This is just going to be a place for us to stay sometimes when we feel like getting out of the city. And someday we may retire here, but we still live in the manor most of the time, most likely!"

Natska snickers as she listens to the talk, leaning into Cassidy's hug and giving her love a squeeze in return. "Thanks, Rainer. Didn't you already kill one? Almost all by yourself? And goodness, yes, that feels like it was so long ago... Thel has changed some since then." She pauses. "Some." Still, she smiles at the wolf before she starts eating.

Jera leans back against the chair, smiling at Thel as well as he sees him happy. And then he nods. "I will make sure Kalt and Fenris pay a visit to the castle with me next time. Drag them by the ear if I have to. Bad unitmates."

Thelergramor almost chokes on his whiskey. Yeah, entirely possible that happened. "I... Yeah... Don't remember that Ama. I believe you though." Scratches the back of his neck; trying to remember that. Sounds true, given he does think of the nearby wolfess like that.

Turns to Natska, hearing her say he's 'changed'. Worries him slightly. Then he forgets it with his whiskey. Not drunk, nope. "Changed? I got a better leg... And, well, if anything I've gotten worse..." Muses over that for a moment. Probably, because that wasn't long after Cass left him for Natska... Shakes off the unhappy thought. Definitely part of the change... Just shrugs once more and continues drinking. Still smiling, of course. And happy.

Amaterasu chuckles softly "I honestly don't expect you to remember. I couldn't count how many bottles you left behind that night." she sighs "All I know was it was enough to require the maids help cleaning it up." she does nod with another soft Giggle. "On a side note how have you been, Selena? I believe the last time we spoke at length was at the festival, with one of my cousins getting ahead of himself?"

Rainer puts up his hands in a show of surrender, much as he can without disturbing what yet remains of the bundle of food he's collected for himself. "Hey, honest mistake! Y'know, us peasants, we have a hard time getting our head around the idea of owning a house but not living in it!" Of course he's only teasing the couple, and his tone and expression reflect it. He moves right on to his next target: "Y'see, Theler, this is what happens when you chase after every woman y'meet. Eventually they all end up in the same room, and whaddo they talk about? You."

Cassidy chuckles softly at Jera and bobs her head. "That would be good. I missed having them tonight! And Angus, too. I'll have to prod him about it later, that he missed my birthday." She raises a hand to stifle a little yawn and leans back in her seat, tail twitching happily as she finishes off her meal. "Oh what a lovely night this has turned out to be! Surrounded by family and friends, in our new home..."

Natska laughs, grinning at Rainer. "Yes. Talking, and comparing notes. I don't know if that's something Thel wants to be here for." She winks. "And you know, Rainer, some of the jobs the Freesword's Guild passes out pay very, very well. I'm one of those peasants, but I can afford nice things now."

Selena sighs quietly, rubbing her eyes slightly. "I somehow doubt he was referring to me, considering that would be probably the only time we met." She replies, waving a hand slightly. "But yes, that was the job that we were on. If I recall the creator was a fugitive, or some sort of criminal. It has been a while." She replies a little disinterestedly.

"And for that matter I don't recall speaking with you at all during that event. I recall defending Angus and Wulf's positions after your family members pulled exactly what I've come to expect of them, then speaking with the representatives for the Dacha and Conglomerate of Thera'dor." Selena notes, adding in a slight monotone; "To be perfectly frank, Mrs. Wirefur, I would appreciate you not speak to me with familiarity until you actually know me. I don't appreciate it, and I'd rather not change the tone of this evening by explaining why. If you've heard that much about me, then I'd like to hope you're aware."

Turning herself back to other beings present - "Admittedly I feel like a place like this has no reason to not be used at any time, but that's just how I feel about most things in general. I'm quite content with my house as it is, even if I feel like it's a bit empty."

Thelergramor blinks at Rainer and scratches his neck. "I'm pretty sure I'd like to be around for that, actually... Good to know I'm so loved by everyone. For different reasons, clearly." Glances at Amaterasu. Yep. Probably in trouble now. "Right, Ama, this is all hypothetical or in the few days between Cass and Tech. Nothing to worry about. At all. Nope." Drinks. Listens to Selena's comments and such. "It may've been you, unsure." No comment on the family thing. "Eh, screw it. I fuckin' love you people." Nods, once again drinks; quietly, trying to not have focus on him at the moment...

"Hey." Jera snarls. "That was rude. Lay off her." He flicks Selena lightly on the nose with a soft gust of wind, frowning. "I am Mr Wirefur, you know. What my family does is none of my business." And then he clears his throat sheepishly. "Sorry."

Amaterasu sighs softly, seeming a bit dejected "Excuse me, then." she offers before slipping away and finding her place at Jera's side. She was genuinely trying to make a friend in Selena, but it would seem she royally screwed that up for now. She really did hate her family at times. Building barriers when she wished there were none. "It's fine, Jera. I did overstep myself." she wasn't fast enough to prevent the flick though. Finding a place to relax next to her bondmate, staying off her feet for a little.

Cassidy frowns at that and waves her hand around. "Now, now... No need for things like that! Not tonight. And yes, the Creator was a smuggler that had to be dealt with. As for using it... It'll be used, certainly! But we can't afford to spend -every- day here! It's too far removed for that. So it'll likely be a fair bit of back and forth, and even when -we- aren't here, someone will be! It serves a purpose. A strategic purpose, too."

Natska looks up from her food and raises her eyebrows, then reaches her hand over and pats Cassidy on her arm. "I am sure all of our guests will be civil, Cass. And let me know when you are ready for the cake and I will go fetch it." She smiles, then quickly finishes her dinner and relaxes in her chair.

Selena looks back to jera with a surprisingly unamused face, recoiling slightly and giving her nose a slight rub after the flick. "On the contrary, Jera, what your family does IS your business. You're a part of it; It'd behoove you to at least pretend to care-" She starts, catching herself midsentence and holding a finger up for a few seconds as she collects herself, taking a deep breath and continuing more calmly. "You should know by now exactly why I feel the way I do towards THAT family, Jera, and considering your wife's first and second impressions were exceptionally unflattering you're going to have to excuse my attitude towards her. I may know you, but that doesn't mean I know her."

the wolfess sighs quietly covering her eyes with a hand and muttering something to herself. "... That said. I'll give you credit for acting more maturely this evening, Mrs. Wirefur." The wolfess shakes her head slightly before redirecting it to a bottle of cider. "You know how I feel about that family at the very least, Jera. We've had that talk at least twice." She sighs, shaking her head. "I'm sorry that was brought up; I would rather not continue that line of discussion either. This is Cassidy's party. At the very least, could we put this on hold until afterwards if we must have this discussion again?"

Thelergramor strokes his muzzle; caps his whiskey to avoid drinking too much and, well, messing all this great night up. "It's a nice place Cass." Still bad at compliments. "And I've only seen this room and the outside. Hope you wouldn't mind me dropping by occasionally to do... Thel stuff...?" Whatever that is. Blacking out in the ballroom, probably. "Probably defensible, right?" Strategy~ REALLY wants to stay out of the Wirefur discussion... "I, uh, dunno if I qualify as a Wirefur yet. Know I don't legally..." Shrugs, failed to stay out of it. Changes topic. "So... Cake?"

"Still. Subtleties always come first, Selena. I thought you should know that." Most likely the glimmering noble soul gem on his pendant doing most of the work. He folds his arms, still displeased, at least until he gets a second tart. Yum!

Amaterasu sighs softly "Enough, hon. It's fine." then he gets a tart, and she gives a soft chuckle, sighing a bit "The young ones are a bit more active then earlier." she offers, trying to steer the conversation away, slipping a hand in with one of Jera's free hands, or just finding it's way around his arm if none were available.

Cassidy flashes a warm smile to Natska and nods. "Yes, cake would be lovely, dear! I'm eager to see w hat you've prepared," she says, ears perking. "Eh? Yes, it's defensible, Thelergramor. It's meant to double as a fully fortified military structure, should the need ever arise! But hopefully it won't. But yes, you're welcome to visit. And cake is soon, yes!"

Natska raises Cassidy's hand to her muzzle, giving the back of it a small kiss, then gets up from her chair. "Alright! I will be right back." She heads down the hallway to the kitchen and, after a few minutes, returns with a large tray bearing the cake - plenty to go around (at least, to go around the closer friends that were present), it is a yellow cake with thick, sugary frosting and a copious amount of strawberries. The jaguar sets it down, then delivers the first slice to her fennec. "Happy birthday again, love. I am glad to see you enjoying the night." She gets her own piece next, and takes her seat once more.

Selena looks back to Jera unimpressedly, and from the sudden tenseness in the hand holding her drink it's quite obvious she's keeping herself from saying something or another. "The second you're part of the family, it is your business like it or not." She replies, shaking her head slightly, turning her chair ever so slightly, waiting for Natska to return.

"It certainly looks good." she notes to herself as the Jaguar makes her way back, the break aparrently having allowed for her to calm down somewhat more. "What kind of cake is it? Besides the strawberries, of course." She asks, acquiring a slice of the confection for herself. "And sorry again for the spat, Cassidy."

Thelergramor just keeps his silence for several moments; looking over the room, and lost in thought. "Hmm." Mulls over something; hands back in his pockets. "Yeah, hopefully. And as Natska said, happy birthday, Cass." Proceeds to get his own cake; a conservatively small piece. Remains oddly reticent while he eats.

"Still. Subtleties always come first, Selena. I thought you should know that." Most likely the glimmering noble soul gem on his pendant doing most of the work. He folds his arms, still displeased, at least until he gets a second tart. Yum!

Cassidy runs her tongue over her lips as she takes in the sight of the cake. "Oooh... That looks delicious, love," she says, eagerly accepting her slice. "Thank you very much for baking it! I'm not sure what kind it is, but I aim to find out." She tilts her head back and grins at Selena. "It's alright. I know tensions can be hard to avoid, sometime. But thank you for not letting it get out of hand." She gives an approving nod at that before taking a bite from the cake, savouring it for a moment. "And thank you, Thel, Natska. It has been a very happy birthday indeed!"

Natska quietly snickers. "It is yellow cake. Moist and fluffy with just a little vanilla! I thought it would appeal to your sweet tooth, dear." She smiles at her friends, then goes back to working on her slice of cake.

Thelergramor just shovles that cake on in; eating quicker than necessary. SLows himself purposely. Just looks over the people around him. "It's good, yeah." Once again looks over his friends; slightly wishing he had his mask to make it harder to determine what he's thinking. Compensates by stuffing himself with cake.

Amaterasu meanwhile was relaxing next to Jera, forgoing the cake. For now, she wasn't that hungry. Though that might change later on down the line. As it were, the pregnant Wirefur surveyed the party getting just a little bit tired as the night wore on.

Cassidy nibbles down another bite of cake before reaching out to wrap an arm around Natska. "Thank you! It's very good, yes. I don't think I've ever had... Yellow cake before! but I like it. This has been a most -wonderful- day, all around!"

Natska scrunches her nose for a moment, then snickers and leans over to nuzzle Cassidy's cheek. "It has been. I have been very, very happy to share it with you." She looks over at their friends and grins wider. "And thank all of you for coming. Mmmmph... I think the day is catching up to me though, and I will have to call it a night soon."

As the party seems to wind down, and the guests go on their way, the doors leading out of the ballroom itself opens wide and a messenger bird comes rushing in in the middle of fishing both a card, and a small case adorned with a lace bow from his satchel. "Is there a Lady Cassidy here? I've a message for her!" he announces to the room before looking amidst the gathering expectantly.

Indeed, it did seem like the party was coming down. Many of the guests have already left, and Cass sees Natska off with a peck on the cheek and a promise to be following shortly after before her attention is caught by the messenger bird. "Oh! Well, ah, yes! I am Cassidy," she says, making her way closer. "Got something for me?"

The bird nods and offers the two items to Cassidy, "From a Miss Sara, my Lady. She mentions she wishes she could be here, but had been caught up in her work." The envelope itself is sealed with the wax seal belonging to those of the Longtail family, while the case seems to be a finely polished maple wood. With his cargo offered to its respectful owner, the bird bows low and rushes off to his next delivery.

Thelergramor finishes up with that cake he had; glances around at the delivery. Doesn't ask, assumes it's a gift. "I'm gonna head off, Cass. I'll talk to you tomorrow; or sometime thereafter. Good to see you again." Starts off; heading outside. Doesn't get far; before just passing out somewhere within a mile of the castle.

Cassidy hums softly and returns to her seat, waving Thel off with a smile. "Of course. Have a good night, and thank you for coming!" She says as she breaks the seal to read over the letter. A thoughtful hum escapes her muzzle as she mulls over the contents before turning her attention to the gift itself. "Oh ho! It's lovely," she murmurs. "I'll have to thank her, later."