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Adventurer Rule #7: Be the centre of attention!
When Rainer is a household name, you'll be able to say "I shared a meal with that guy!"

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  • Boundless Enthusiasm - Long after any rational being has given up the fight, he remains in the thick of things, always convinced that victory can be snatched from the jaws of defeat. Whether it's on the field of battle or exploring the depths of long forgotten ruins, he never doubts his ability to carry the day.
  • Self-Sufficient - Accustomed to spending extended periods away from civilization, he's something of a wilderness survival expert, capable of getting by with nothing but his wits.
  • Meager Possessions - Material wealth does not interest him. He spends money as quickly as he comes into possession of it, content to own only the clothes on his back and his swords.
  • Will and a Way - Some call him careless, others, reckless, and a few are convinced he's just plain crazy. He ventures into the unknown with abandon, and with no apparent thought for his own safety, or that of those around him. If there's a button, he'll push it. If there's a trap, he'll spring it. If there's a way forward, he'll find it. And if there isn't, he'll make one.
  • Code of Conduct - Covering many aspects of life and living, he follows a set of thirty "Adventurer Rules" which guide his behaviour and form the basis of his morality. Karma tends to bite him in the bum whenever he defies the spirit of a rule, or lets one slip his mind in the heat of the moment. It's unclear if he devised these rules himself or learned them from someone else during his travels prior to arriving in Firmament.

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  • Sally - You know I'll always have your back -- but is what we're doing really right?
  • Angus - What's happened to you? You used to be so care-free...
  • Jera - I owe you a debt I fear I may never be able to repay.
  • Mazurek - I have done so much wrong by you in confusion and anger. Even though I have your forgiveness, I'll never believe I deserve it.
  • Thelergramor - It's not that I don't trust you, but I'm keeping both eyes on you.

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RP Hooks
Adventurer Rule #14: Never abandon someone in need.

Mountain Dog

Rainer's raison d'etre is to explore every corner of Promise and, in the process, find every lost ruin (and the secrets contained within), securing his place in the annals of history as the World's Greatest Explorer. The further his travels take him from civilization, the better, as far as he's concerned.

Dog Tags

Rainer serves the Sweetwater Army as a member of the Solacious family's Divine Sentinel Unit. When he has to. Or when it's convenient for him.


Rainer's paycheques tend to all end up in the coffers of the Freeswords Inn. When he hasn't accidentally drank himself into a stupor, he likes to regale any poor fool who doesn't know enough to turn down his offer with tales of his exploits.

Show Dog

Who doesn't love friendly competition? Rainer is always happy to undertake any challenge, even if he's horribly outmatched or completely lacking in much-needed experience. He'll talk like he fully expects to win right up to his inevitable defeat, of course.

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Full name: unknown

Clan: Adaptable

Species: Grey Wolf

Date of Birth: Spring 459 (best guess)

Place of Birth: unknown

Apparent Age: Late Teens

Personality: Sanguine-Choleric

Concept: Treasure Hunter

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 152 pounds

Build: Athletic

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