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Having recently started to give up thievery, Thel has joined the military. Though, his unit is 'subtle' and 'not common knowledge'. Now typically wearing a long leather overcoat, armed more heavily with knives, muskets, swords, axes, traps and dark magic, the wolf is turning more toward freesword work. Still technically wanted by the law for larceny and banditry, primarily around Thera'dor, seems they don't recognize him in Sweetwater, and noones turned him in yet.

Despite his threatening appearance, he's a pretty friendly guy.

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Clans - Why should I care what clan you're with? I treat all fairly. More or less.

Nobles - Some bad, some good. Just like everyone else. Though, they do have more wealth...

Commoners - Me, basically. Not much to say here. Not usually worth pickpocketing. Not enough coin on them.

Merchants - Prey. Mostly.

Criminals - Can't stand them. Joking of course, being one myself. You can probably figure that out just by looking at me. Or maybe you've seen a wanted poster somewhere?

Creators - Really not a fan of those smug... Don't get me started on them...

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Angus - Met him a couple times. A noble. Not a bad guy, a bit too upstanding from my perspective. Probably doesn't trust me.

Cassidy - Another noble. A friend, nothing more. We were close for awhile.

Chance - Fun guy. Knows a bit too much about me. Shouldn't be a problem.

Cedric - Don't know him well enough to say much, actually. Just someone I recognize. Apparently he and Chance are together.

Natska - I trust her, though at this point she knows more about me than I'm comfortable with. Damn whisky.

Technetium - A Wirefur. Apparently, some hate Wirefurs. Is good with magic. Also, currently my woman.

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Name - Thelergramor Alverriss (Allegedly)

Clan - Graceful Folk

Species - Wolf

Gender - Male

Birthplace - A peasant village, not even on the map.

Birthdate - Unknown

Age - Appears mid 20's

Height - 5'8

Weight - 140lbs

Build - Athletic, slightly malnourished

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RP Hooks
Thievery - Being my profession, quite interested in it. Trying to move away from this...

Alcohol - I drink. Alot. Numbs the pain. When drunk I'll either be really happy, or depressingly sad. Often both, one right after the other. Been told by someone I care for to cut back on the drinking.

Combat - Sometimes you just need to stab someone. Words don't always work.

Really, I'm interested in just about anything. I just like playing a character.

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