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"Look, trouble comes along in many forms. I've tried my best to build myself to the point where I can at least face the trouble measure, for measure. Though I tend to be a magnet for the impossible."

This Arctic fox seems rather chaotic, flashing through emotions as quickly as she shifts her souls. This Wirefur female does her level best to fit into a society which would much rather pack her up and ship her home. Even worse was the matter that she was a former cultist as well, though only a select few know of that bad history.

As she is, though, the cute 4' 10 vixen is a sweet girl, Intent on at least proving not all Wirefurs are bad, though it was probably her biting off more then she could chew.

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Cliffside - It's hard to really consider that place home. I think I only managed to survive because I was frail, but had a decent grasp of magic when the academy took me in. Hated the place with a passion, and some of the more simple-minded tended to just flunk out, or start a family mid studies. Never had that problem.

Sweetwater - I never really knew about this place. It was a place people would either hate, or just disdain. My focus was elsewhere, so when I finally arrived... Well, I was actually a tad surprised.

Creators - They are the people in the sky, right? Beings who don't speak our language, can perform all kinds of magic and have all this... What was it "teknologii?" I don't know. I'll just stick to my math and mind my store. It doesn't affect me none.

Wirefur - Boy was that a surprise when I found out that my mother had it with the royal family and got me, well... Needless to say I felt a bit... Well, different. My focus now is to at least show that not everyone in that creator forsaken family hellhole is bad.

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Gang Xi Siyu - A person I met in passing enough times to consider a friend. A close friend of Jera's, but I do wonder how that bond was formed at times. Doesn't stop the little rat from teasing me about it though.

Jera - At first I thought his kindness was pity, only after talking with him, and eventually being brought back from a dark path only showed what we really felt for each other. His is a family I would never mind being a part of, I just hope he can deal with mine while we raise ours.

Angus Solacious - I met him a couple times in passing. I don't yet know him enough to have a complete opinion.

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RP Hooks
Wirefur - She's proud of her name, though her family just makes her want to yank her hair out. If you talk to her, she will adamantly express that you can not necessarily be a product of your own environment.

Mage - She loves magic. It was the one constant when her life was full of trouble.

Merchant - Maintaining a store requires quite a bit of math, enough that in order to make a living, she cannot pursue her passion to it's fullest.

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Mage Adept


Dark Magician


Winter Witch

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