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A fine afternoon in the summer of tropical Firmament, a fine, warm day to behold. Already, the UGMS Contact Light has landed on the grassy tournament, the familiar sight of the merchant creator's vessel a hulking grey beast as opposed to the generally more bright and colourful star-ships of most visitors to the planet.

Today, a cold metal ramp leads up to the side of one of the large, blocky containers attached to the ship's side, cool drafts of air blasting out to grant folk some relief from the summer heat. There's considerable hubbub as curious beings, even those not invited, gather at the trader's unexpected arrival, especially with the presence of the Good King, the Royal Scholar Mione, and a number of nobles from the city.

Mr. Harkenson, the trader, has disembarked to personally usher in folk to his impromptu expo, the chubby Creator's smile appearing quite genuine as opposed to the sten or simply blank faces of his grey-jumpsuited crew. One can only wonder what he intends to show everyone today.

Fenris saunters onto the scene in his long, dark coat and broad brimmed hat. He has heard quite a bit about the various creator visitors, but this is the first opportunity he has had to deal with them in person. The tiger is here as an official representative of the Lightbringers Unit, to see what this off-world merchant had to offer. He has brought his hedgehog golem, Speedy McShieldman, along just in case there was anything worth purchasing and carrying away. Or in case of another riot. One never knows when a shield golem might come in handy.

Fenris joins the crowd on the gangplank and does his best not to ogle the creator vessel. It looks much like other creator ruins he has seen around Promise.

Cedric heard the news of Mr. Harkenson's return to Firmament, and made his way down to the grounds to see. After all, gifted were generally included in the invitation, and he was one of those! The badger carries himself through the bustling crowd, making his way up to the front to get a better view and ends up just near the gangplank.

Jessica ambles up amongst the crowd, wielding a deployed parasol to deflect the worst of the sun above from her bright white and black fur. Her movements are sedate as the mildly rounded noble casts her vision wide across others while moving to get some space for herself. Her gaze sweeps up over the imposing vessel of the gods with two parts awe and one part wonder.

Amaterasu follows after Fenris, the mage glancing between all that is present. As the Wirefur representative for today she came quite prepared, a fire elemental protectively hovering in front of the female, various spell components and a flask of tea to alliviate she who, looked just a tad bit green. This would be her first interaction with a creator, so she was a tad bit nervous. Especially after what she heard happened with the last one who decided to visit. Even then, she held herself with the bearing and stature of one who was raised on her own wit, dispite the slightly sagging posture from feeling downright horrible.

A tailflick, and Flora rides her golem into the area, grinning like the madwoman she just might be. But, a noble madwoman at that, and gifted to boot, two out of four isn't bad. That's like, halfway certified!

In any case, she soon makes her way over towards the vessel, curiously watching it, and the other beings gathered... It could be... Interesting to see if she can find something to further her research.

"Good afternoon, dignitaries of Sweetwater, ladies and gentlemen," Mr. Harkenson says through his translator. "And especially to the Good King, who has taken time off his very busy schedule at short notice to grace this event with his presence. As promised in my last message to you, I've successfully dealt with most of the paperwork on the CREATOR side of things and have returned to show you my catalogue." One of the crewmembers is snapping away and capturing images of the gathered crowd with a device, earning a stare from the merchant before the latter resumes his usual pleasant demeanour.

"However, before we begin, there are some matters I'm obliged to inform all of you - yes, my potential customers - of. I'm afraid that after extensive discussion with Mr. Parson, there have been some additional requirements set in place on the sale of certain articles of our technology, intended to preserve your culture as far as possible. A little of a letdown, but necessary, as I'm sure you'll all agree. The conditions are as such:

PROMISE's native technology is on par or exceeding the quality of the technology to be sourced.

Multiple examples of the technology are present in use on Promise.

The addition of an arbitrary number of pieces of this technology would not significantly disrupt the function of beings.

The technology to replicate the import exists, or the use of this technology is widespread.

The technology is legal." And then not quite under his breath, "I swear, Parson is trying to ruin me.

"Nevertheless," he continues in normal tones, "today all of you are cordinally invited on board the cargo hold of my ship, to view the wares that Mr. Parson has currently approved for sale. While I cannot release any goods at the moment due to the necessity of training your priests to use the money transfer devices, I can nevertheless take orders, and indeed, his Grace the king has been my first customer, requesting that the city's sewerage system be brought into fine working order. I hope that this display trust will help convince Mr. Parson that the inhabitants of PROMISE are capable of honouring their deeds and contracts as a civilised people. Are there any questions before we begin?"

Fenris gives a friendly wave to his friends among the crowd as Speedy trundles along beside him. It looks like he got here just in time to get a spot with a good view. He can even see the Good King and his entourage from here! The tiger idly wonders what actual syllables the creator merchant is saying when his translator paraphrases his words. He is also painfully curious as to the kinds of things that this Mr. Herkenson has decided to make available.

Cedric returns the tiger's friendly wave as he approaches the creator ship and tries to keep himself from showing any discomfort with Fenris as he stands nearby, listening to the chubby creator explain the terms again. He nods, having heard a slightly more extensive version of the conditions of their trading before, though this is the first he's heard of the sewers being restored. Anyhow, he keeps quiet for now, ready to see the available goods.

Jessica approaches only as seems proper, and keeps any questions she may have to herself for the non. She angles her parasol against the bright sun above as she moves towards the front of the line, taking advantage of her noble privilege silently to become one of the first to board this strange craft and see what is being offered.

Amaterasu, this being the first time she's heard, or seen a creator was a tad bit wary, and, given her liniage, she did her best to keep a respectable distance between herself and the Good King. Ever since that issue with her uncle, she was careful of how she went about in the massive public eye. She herself had tons of question, and was quite raring to go. However, she figured she should hold herself with a bearing similar to the other nobles in the area. This she found hard for many reasons, instead just sighing and resuming her posture of experience. She still held her tongue, she wouldn't speak until spoken to.

"Flora has... Several questions, yes. But only two are... Important right now. Firstly, what happens to 'illegal' technology already on promise? And secondly... What exactly constitutes... Illegal? Does the scorcher count? Are there... Alternative devices like it that are legal?" she asks, almost a bit too specific, perhaps...

:dashing her way up through the field to the scene comes Kalt, dressed in her Solacious uniform with a large satchel stuffed to the brim with what must be assumed to be what crown's she still owns after purchasing her arms. The Vixen slowly as she gets close enough before falling in near Cedric and Fenris as she straightens her posture. Her left hand gloved so as to offer a bit more covering for decencies sake, but all the same she offers a slight wave to the merchant while remaining silent.

Siyu is trying to catch up. He had heard the ship had landed, and he wanted to make sure he arrives in time to join! There's a wagon coming behind him, freshly packed, various goods, trinkets really, trade goods, crafts. The man made it clear the last time that raw gold was worthless so he came prepared this time. Taking a deep breath he makes the wagon wait at the edge, and swish his silk clad hips up towards the parked vessel. Jessica is here? He smilesa nd bows to her. Ama and Fenris as well. Even Cedric and Kalt! The merchant recognizing most here. Folding his hands in front of him, the rodent rocks back and forth and waits to catch up on events.

Harkenson turns to Flora, tweaking his translator to project his voice in much the same fashion a being might use a spot of air magic to do so. "By 'illegal', we mean such devices which are not in line with Creator laws and ordinances. It would be quite a challenge to completely define all of them for you - and I am no lawyer - but let this explanation suffice for now. And as for those which are already present..." he twiddles his thumbs thoughtfully. "...It has been much of a sticking point amongst the committee, I hear. For example, the numerous BODY MODIFICATION devices that were no doubt brought with your forebears. These are quite thoroughly illegal for the extent which they can change even a CREATOR, but to remove them would be to disrupt the beliefs and practices which have grown up about them. The general consensus is that while we wil not remove any present, neither will I be allowed to sell you new ones, or repair them for you. I'm sorry."

"Very well, then. If there are no further questions, let's begin! Welcome on board the UGMS Contact Light!"

There's a brief pause as the Good King and his entourage step up the creator steel gangplank, followed by the clergy and nobility, then everyone else invited. The difference in the air is marked as one enters the vessel proper - huge grates set high in the corrugated metal walls blow cool - perhaps even chilly - and dry air over much of the hold. The walls are blank, with no indication of any passage leading further into the ship, and on stands are displayed the various goods which are for sale.

For the simple, articles of creator fashion similar to those worn by Jetstream's little group, not too unlike that of beings in general design and yet wildly different in their details. A number of Creator spells in three dimensions, as opposed to the usual two-dimensional kevinscopes, all bearing peaceful purposes as explained in the writing on the stands - this one for encouraging crop growth while discouraging weeds, that one for repelling biting insects. Replacement parts for sacred doctors, as well as new devices wholesale. Small amounts of creator steel and chemicals. And of course, a number of systems in miniature, over which Harkenson is speaking with the Good King.

"It's amazing that the purification systems have survived centuries with only minimal maintenance, your Grace. Your priests did what they could, and they were excellent at it. However, if it were operating at full capacity...yes, this is a miniature...Shralesta has expressed interest in not just repairing, but even upgrading their desalination, I'm afriad that devices to move mountains will need to be approved on a case-by-case basis by Mr. Parson..."

Fenris looks around the hold, amazed by the similarities to the old ruins he has seen and even more amazed by the differences. "So this is a living, creator vessel," he says to himself, "It's rather wonderful, isn't it." The tiger finds himself transfixed by the three dimensional mathemagic. "Oh!" he cries, a little louder than he probably meant to, "That makes so much more sense!" He looks around, a little embarrassed by his own outburst, but it seems that he is not the only being awestruck by the hold's contents.

Cedric steps inside the vessel as well, not far behind Fenris but a good distance after the royalty and most of the nobility, of course. The badger browses the stock, looking nearly slack-jawed at the things on display, stopping first at the clothing he was curious about before... but then he notices the creator spells in three dimensions and stares quietly at them. "...This... this should make Selena quite happy..." he muses aloud, mostly to himself. Though he seems quite interested in them, himself...

Jessica raises an ear at the sales-creator, "Forgive for the intrusion on your display, honorable creator, but I did not catch that word. Anti salusomething?" she says, prompting with a roll of her free hand.

Amaterasu had invited Siyu up to join her in entering the ship, the fox looking a bit off-white, closer to a very light shade of green. "Hey." she smiles, entering with the rest of the nobility. Once inside she noticed a marked decrease in temperature and looked about for the cause. Was it some sort of air magic she did not know about? It helped her sickness a bit, but she was still feeling rather terrible "Urp." she swallowed a bit of bile, shaking herself free of the nasty taste "I've been feeling horrible lately..." she tells the rodent eyeing the creator spells, or more specifically, their prices. She whistles a bit "Imagine having a couple of these in the shop, I'd be set for the next year, what with the little one on the way."

Another tailflick, a slight nod. "Flora... Understands, yes," she mumbles, her tails flicking behind her as she follows after the others, silently watching the different things and not quite seeing something she fancies, so far, before she moves over to the miniature-systems. "Flora is... Curious about these. What are they?" she mumbles, gesturing at the various devices.

Kalt finds herself speechless as they make their way into the vessel, the Vixen almost transfixed for the most part before they make it to the demonstraitions... Her eyes blinking some in confusion at the spells as she side steps around them, and moves over to the Creator Style clothing. Leaning forward some as she looks them over with a carefull eye before biting her lower lip gently, her hands moving to the satchel at her side as she gives a short nod to herself as she straightens her posture. "So... We can go an' buy these things an' all right? Uhm, are they made considerin' we ain't creators an' all? No offense an' such just, we gotta bit of a different body an' such..." The Vixen's tail flicking as if in punctuation, before she goes to look over some of the darker colored jump suits, before trying to peer around for anything that held a 'uniform' styled appearance that she could bring back to Angus.

Siyu rubs his chin and he leaves the wagon and what not, he follows with the others, looking over at Ama, he bows his head, "Greetings Lady Wirefur. You look as if prehaps you need a hand would youwish to walk with me and see the marvels we have on display here?" he says politely. He offers his arm to Amaterasu, "I saw the Lady Jessica Blackback here too. If you do not mind we should go say hello." he gives Ama's arm a pet and wille whisper up to her somthing. He just keeps smiling and then...the spells, the metals...he looks at the various ingots, the variations! And the three dimensional spells! Oh yes. He wets his lips, "I think we shall quickly have to figure out...what trinkets we make that creators will buy. And figure it out very quickly..." he mummers to Ama. "Lady Wirefur I think this is going to be a very interesting exchange." He hears the merchant talking to the Good King. He doesn't want to get close enough to bother, not wanting to get in the way, but he's talking about somthing both Promise and Shralesta has? The devices the priests maintain? His large ears just perk and try to catch as much as he can. He lifts his nose up, and sniffs, "The air, hm...I wonder what wind magic is in this ship." he considers, don't sailors use air magics to bring fresh hair down into the holds? He smiles and bows his head to Lady Blackback, "Lady Jessica" he greets

"The term is DESALINATION," Harkenson replies, frowning and thumping his translator with a meaty hand. Seems like some things never change. "It means to remove the salt from water to make it potable - during my short sojourn in Shralesta to set up the necessary devices, I had the opportunity to speak with a number of priests, and the maintenance of the REVERSE OSMOSIS systems and additional devices was their main concern - their failure would mean thirst for many, many beings.

"These," he says to Flora, "represent the workings of the many devices currently in use in PROMISE cities. As mentioned to his Grace, this one here is proof of concept of your sewerage treatment system - a little outdated by our standards, but mighty fine by yours. This one -" he gestures to another - "is what Shralesta's DESALINATION devices are, in essence. Another one here is one I have found in Hilrock, which naturally gathers light from your sun to keep many important buildings in the city warm in that cold clime without the need for conscious MATHEMAGIC, and far more efficient, too. Since I cannot fit such huge devices in my hold, I must use these miniatures to let customers like his Grace the king to see just what they are buying.

"I hope that you understand why Mr. Parson has selected all of you as my potential customers. By virtue of your stations and abilities, you are a measure of the cream of your society. If you cannot handle these wonders, what hope do the less fortunate of your people have?"

A little more time passes by, as the invited beings browse the wares, a few even stopping to make orders, the prices displayed on a large device by a stand in the corner, one of the crew scribbling away. Although for those of good hearing, some sort of metallic noise can be heard from one of the vents...

Jessica seems satisfied with the answer provided and allows the poor creator to continue with his demonstration. Her eyes wander from creator to creator as if looking for a particular one, but fails to fi... oh hey a Siyu. She snaps her parasol shut, being indoors, then raises a hand towards him, "Good day and well met. I'd say creators watch over, but they seem to be doing that without my leave these days."

Fenris looks over at Cedric. "Remarkable aren't they?" he asks, a grin spreading across his face, "Writing math in three dimensions! This changes everything!" He looks around the room, sauntering toward the price board with Speedy shambling after. A frown crosses his features. "What is that sound?" he asks no one in particular.

Cedric is still lingering near the three dimensional spells, examining each one as closely as he can while trying not to seem suspicious about it. He turns his head, shifting his position to try examining them from all possible angles and attempting to figure out their functions. He's snapped out of his staring by the tiger and looks over at Fenris. "It does... it could potentially give us some great samples to work with in developing new ones in the same vein..." he says, clearing his throat and looking over towards their host. "Ah... excuse me... would it be possible to elaborate on the use of these mathemagics, or... perhaps demonstrate?" he asks, even though he feels that his request might be just a bit unreasonable.

Amaterasu greets the Lady Blackback with as much protocol as she knew, which was very little. "A pleasure to meet you, milady." she bows to the skunkette, she was far from her being equal. Catching Cedric's question she agreed, not turning her attention completely away from the noble before her "I, too, would like to see these spells demonstrated. And will they be distributed in the same manner as viewed here? Or in the traditional method we find such magics?"

"These all work?" Flora asks after a moment, curiously looking at the devices. Heck, she's just barely not touching them. just that. "Are there... Other devices?" she mumbles, her tails flicking lightly and her ears twitching. "Can... Beings buy these smaller models? Flora doubts Flora could buy something big, but Flora could contemplate a small model to aid in Flora's research, if there is something that... Suits Flora's needs." The spells get another cursory glance, but Flora doesn't seem... Interested in them in the slightest.

Kalt nods to herself as she finishes picking out a few outfits, before turning to go and place the orders, the Vixen's tail flicking behind her as she grins happily. "So we go an' pay you after you give it all an' such right? You gonna go needin' sizes for the clothin' an' all then?" Her ears perked in excitement from the thought of -more- creator stuff still!

Siyu smiles at Lady Blackback and he bows his head to her politely, still attempting to hold up Ama and make sure she's fine. THe small rodent being a polite gentlemen, "Mmmm so they do!" he inquires, and he looks up at the vents, "I wonder if they are above us." he tilts his head at the noise but pays it no mine. Prehaps more machines or spells are working there. He smils and looks up to Hark, "Friend Merchant." he bows politely to him, "You bring very good If you wish...not everyone can of course attend here in Sweetwater. If you give me a list of what you offer and their prices well. I run a printing buisness. I can make sure all the noble houses and merchants know what wares you offer. I would of course love to prove you a friend." he grins, hoping to gain some good faith at least. "And the other thing I find missing is...well. Books. Do you not have any tomes?"

Having finished speaking with the King and letting the monarch pore over the rest of the catalogue, Harkenson guffaws at Flora's question. "Of course they work. Here, touch this!" He indicates a smooth panel on the solar device where Flora may rest her paw, if she desires, and feel comfortably warm. "Even in the dim light of my ship, it is quite efficient. As for selling those to you - well, I did not intend to, but you may place an advance order for a number that interest you. I will have to clear it with Mr. Parson, but it is unlikely he will object, I imagine.

To Siyu, "I'm afraid Mr. Parson has placed books and other MEDIA on the no-go list - as Mr. Parson put it, 'there's no better way to TACTICAL NUKE a culture'. Training for priests on the usage of replacement devices, I'm afraid, will have to be done in person by my TECHNICIANS."

"And as for the rest of you, if you want a demonstration of my wares, I'm more than happy-"

The scrabbling in the vents grows louder, drawing more attention, and even some of the grey-jumpsuited creators look up in alarm. With a clang and a screech of steel, the grating covering the vent flies open, and a stream of about seven metallic spider-like creatures burst from the opening. Those who've been into the undertunnels before will recognise them as akin to the machine servitors that skitter in those dark tunnels, only these look...less as tools and more prepared for causing harm.

"SPIDER DRONES!" the creator merchant roars. "How? Parson's SCANNERS said we were clear of damn MALWARE! Crew, while they're still away from the natives, draw and -"

"No weapons, sir! Remember? We left them at the -"

Harkenson makes an exasperated noise, his jowls quivering. "Then disable them! Use the -" the translator absolutely fails at the next words "- and short them out! Linda, get to the TRANSCIEVER and get Parson on the line! The rest of you, protect the natives. Now!"

Well! A fine time for the skunk to make her departure. She offers a curtsey to the wirefur, then is moving towards the exit as quickly as decorum allows her, all due haste, without looking the part.

A nod, a mumble, and Flora smiles faintly. "Flora will need a full list of devices and their purposes... For now, Flora has some... Business to attend to at the church," she mumbles, smiling faintly as she offers a polite curtsey to the king, climbing atop her golem and leaving shortly.

"Speedy!" Fenris calls camly, "Defend!" The tiger makes a quick soul swap, relying on his golem to protect him and those around him as he allows the knowledge set to adjust.

Amaterasu blinks, well, she didn't expect that. She crawls backwards a bit "W-what are those things?" with a quick command her fire elemental jumped in front of her, the more threatening beast hopefully drawing away attention from her. She doesn't hesitate to summon yet another elemental, this one quite unstable, but really powerful

Kalt jumps back as assailants crash through the grates, the Vixen pulling her unfirom jacket off along with her gloves, before she quickly swaps her soul gems. Allowing a moment for the knowledge to kick in, before she flexes her metalic hand as she goes to surround herself with thick blotches of Shadows, her eyes turning a light shade of red as she glares at the things. "Well, M'figurin' I were needin' some metal scraps anywho..."

Cedric seems more than a bit shocked at the appearance of the familiar devices, though much different than the ones he's seen in the undertunnels. Nevertheless, he's not scares of a few servitors and leaps forward to kick at one, perhaps!

Siyu grunts and focuses on his new magic. wateragic frost freeze the joints solid.

Chaos! That is, until everyone present gets their gears in order. While whoever planted the machines were expecting Harkenson's crew to be disarmed, they certainly weren't counting on the bravery of the beings of Promise. Those who aren't inclined to fight are quickly herded out of the hold, while those who are face the sinister devices sally forth - even the Good King himself draws the fabled sword and wades into the fray.

On their own part, the creator crew hurriedly erect shields of shimmering white light that barely encapsulate them, drawing a being or two into their embrace, escorting them out, then dropping the shield long enough to let them go and hurry back in for another.

Fenris grins as fire magic drips from his fingertips and his new soul gem grants him access to all of his knowledge of combat magic. "Speedy!" he calls, "Cover me!" The tiger throws himself toward the hostile machines firing concentrated bolts of flame at their familiar weak points, joints, eyes and other sensory hatches. He dances through the spidery machines, laughing and spinning as his golem rolls around him in defensive patterns. "Leave it to the Creators to show us a good time!" he calls enthusiastically.

Just after kicking one of the arachnid-like drones away, Cedric calls on some powerful fire math of his own with which to attack the drones as as he weaves through them, taking particular care not to accidentally fry any friendly targets by mistake. "Oh! These ones have a bit more fight in 'em, don't they!?"

Siyu grunts a bit, "I have medicine for the wouded, " he sucks in more air and focuses on magic. Soften the spiders, soften the metal, freeze and shatter them

Amaterasu was a bit apprehensive "Keep them back!" she ordered her elementals, already beginning to intercept all that came for her. This, accomplished she just started launching fireball after fireball at the spiders that got past. Allowing the Elementals to clean up the mess.

Kalt doesn't hesitate long as she charges forward, hand gripping the hilt of her dress sword to draw it out and place it at the ready. Creator fire and dark shadows mixing along it's length as she snarls and moves to give a large sweeping strike at one of the drones, letting the blade and dark math rip it apart quite effectivly! The Vixen continuing to growl as she takes a moment to reign back in her thinking, while glancing around.

The creator machines are suprisingly tough! Nothing like the ancient machines still skittering underground, even if they do get plenty of scratches and dents, though. Thankfully, the situation is resolved when one of the grey-jumpsuited creators finally finishes tinking with an orb-like device - it emits a loud whine, and all the spider-like golems clatter to the floor lifeless, their machine spirits driven from them. At length, another crew member hands Harkenson another orb, and he speaks into it without much reservation.

"Parson." The creator merchant's voice is a low growl as he speaks into the device. "Took you long enough. What? No. Your TECHNICIANS told me my ship was clear. That's why we disarmed ourselves. You remember? No. What? The records? Well, I have a bunch of junk CERAMIC TITANIUM sitting in my cargo hold that says otherwise, Parson, want to come down and say hi to it? No. So either you're lying, which I doubt, or I'm lying, which makes no sense since I'd rather not be deported, which means someone out there is lying. Yes. It's either my crew, or someone on board your place. What? I don't care. I certainly didn't have the DRONES on me when I left. Someone is trying to sabotage us, Parson. I suggest that you clear your schedule, because I want to have a long talk with you when I dock at - yes, I know you're as eager to do so, so let's make it a date, shall we? So How did I survive? The natives helped out, saved my cargo. No, the DRONES went straight for the natives. Didn't bother with my wares. No. What? Good bye."

His fingers tighten about the orb, his knuckles whitening, and then the chubby creator deflates with a loud sigh, slumping a little as he addresses the beings still present. "Your Grace the king, and all of you...thank you. I' your debt. These...uh...golems are common amongst us CREATORS - they can be crafted for and assigned a wide variety of tasks. It seems that someone amongst us doesn't want me to succeed." He mops his brow. "I'm afraid I'll have to cut this viewing short until I can make sure the rest of my vessel is safe."

Fenris kicks at one of the disabled drones with his boot. "These are a healthy leap ahead of the servitors down in the undertunnels, aren't they?" he asks, still in good humor after the attack. "Do you think it's just because the ones below haven't had any maintenance in the last 400 years?" He looks to his golem, still careening around in a defensive pattern. "Enough, Speedy," he says, "Follow." The whirling ball that the golem had become slows to a halt and trundles back over to stand by Fenris's side, a slow hedgehog once more. "Anything else we can do to help you out, Mister Harkenson?" the tiger asks amiably, "Or to help you, your majesty?" he asks the Good King standing over his own heap of felled monsters.

The badger ceases conjuring up flames once the creator crew drive out the machine spirits of their attackers, and takes a moment to catch his breath. He certainly wasn't expecting something like this when he stepped aboard their vessel. "Um... not a problem, no...." he says to the portly creator merchant, scratching his cheek idly. He taps at one of the fallen drones with his boots. "Yeah... we've got more than a few of these things crawling around in our ruins... but these ones are definitely quite a step above those relics..." he says, crouching down to examine the drone at his feet.

Amaterasu was panting a bit heavily her hand resting on her stomach "W-well now." she offers, a little greener then before "That was... Exciting..." she urps softly "I think it would be best if I left... Now..."

Kalt pants gently before crouching down to poke at one of the drones curiously. The Vixen frowning as she hears some of the conversation, before giving a nod and picking up her uniform jacket to put it back on before she gives a polite bow. "M'figruin' I should be takin' a leave an' such now. Good luck with your talk an' such sir."

Siyu grunts,"pirates im creator space?" he interprets. just shaking jis jead

"I'm fine. No, not pirates, pirates would have at least wanted my cargo. This was sabotage." Harkenson continues mopping his brow as he wheezes. "Yes, thank you all for coming. Your Grace...I'll have a token of appreciation sent to you later on. Thank you for all your help. I'll see you all...later, after I have a nice, long chat..."