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"Keep a level head and think. If something is worth doing, get it done right the first time. If you have to take a risk, weigh your chances first."
"I don't do hugs. You have to be selective about who you give them out to. The more you give away, the more their meaning is cheapened - that way, those who do receive your affections feel extra special."
"Stop pulling at my feathers."
"Waste not, want not."
"There's a time and place for everything, just not now."
"But then it wouldn't be symmetrical, and we can't have that. Is that what you want? Asymmetry?"

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  • Gifted - Does it matter? Really? I don't feel any different, but I've never known anything else anyway.
  • Magic - So many beings think in terms of absolutes, solid lines drawn in the kevinscopes of their minds that delineate one thing from another. A forge is where you beat out a sword from ingots. A spell is a gesture, a twitch of the fingers, a kevinscope inscribed on parchment or paper. But boundaries and becomings are where you find the truly strange and interesting things.
  • Fun - Necessary to the functioning and well-being of society, I suppose, but it's often...foolish, for lack of a better word for it. I won't begrudge those who indulge in it, but leave me out of that nonsense when it's done for its own sake.
  • Tinkering - I've moved out of the craft school, no thanks to my lack of funding. But it appears that I have been given suitable employment in accordance with my talents, so we shall have to see how that turns out.
  • Self-Reliance - There is no shame in asking others for help and receiving it when freely given, but begging for it is pitiful. No matter how grim the situation, there is always something that one can do to improve it. Know the value others can bring, but one should always be able to count on oneself to get things done. Do not be a parasite who feeds off others.
  • Teetotaler - Won't begrudge others their drink, but I want to keep my mental faculties about me at all times. Drink clouds the mind. There is indeed a time and place for such comforts when pursued in moderation, but they do not lie with me.
  • Spirits - Impressive. Enigmatic. Certainly a subject for observation and study. But I am yet not convinced I should throw my lot in with one.

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I don't like talking about folk behind their backs. Either keep it to yourself, or let them know as well.

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RP Hooks
What, you're actually looking to run into this crazy bird?


First and foremost, Sveta's a tinkerer, and has found work for the newly-restored House Longtail. She's looking to specialise in a few fields, mainly metalworking and gadgetry, and is particularly interested in applied kevinscoping in those fields. Forgets to eat, forgets to sleep, and often gets overexcited about news from the Academy, although she was never formally trained in magic. Instead of looking purely to the fields of mechanics or mathemagic, she seeks to combine various disciplines in interesting ways and hence is a dabbler in many of them.

She's not exactly the best at creating *new* things, but does her best to improve upon other peoples' ideas and inventions.

Obsessive Learner

Athletics? Weapons? Magic? How to pick a lock? Which kinds of yellow-spotted fruit in Eastbank are delicious, and which will give you a terrible case of the runs? Sveta's determined to learn it all, even if it doesn't necessarily apply to her everyday life; this compulsion often sends her into long periods of reclusiveness; this has not been a boon for her social life. Despite the increasing toll on her mind as she tries to cram all the wisdom of the world into that brain-attic of hers, she's determined to make it fit. The only real limitation on her is the minute it takes to switch soul gems, for the old memories to fade and new ones to come in, and she's equipped for practically any situation.

A simple way to easily get her attention is to tempt her with the prospect of learning something new about a topic she's currently pursuing, or simply asking her a question about something she has knowledge of.

Neurotic and Pedantic

Obsessed with structure (often, but not necessarily neatness) and doing things RIGHT (especially on the first try), Sveta is largely serious and easily gets frustrated at what she perceives to be needless tomfoolery. A particularly uncooperative project will often find itself tossed aside, only to be returned to some time later.

She can get frustrating if one doesn't rub well with her pedantic and somewhat long-winded manner of speech; she tends to have a one-track mind, and often assumes others think and feel the way she does about most topics unless it's pointed out to her otherwise. Physical contact, especially that of the unexpected kind, tends to irk her. The tendency of such contact to muss her feathers is her usual excuse for disdaining such contact, but one can only wonder...

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Svet hawk final1.jpg

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Full Name: Svetlana Kuznetsova.

Clan: Graceful Folk.

Species: Northern Goshawk (Accipiter gentilis.)

Apparent Age: 18.

Approximate Age: 18.

Personality: Neurotic, pedantic, perfectionist, melancholic.

Height: 5'1" (155 cm).

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Army Magician: 35

Cannoneer: 35

Champion of Light: 35

Craft Apprentice: 35

Dark Magician: 35

Fighter: 35

Golem Crafter: 35

Hearth Magician: 35

Journeyman: 35

Mage Adept: 35

Merchant: 35

Parent: 35

Performer: 35

Priest: 35

Rogue: 35

Street Fighter: 35

Unseen: 17

Windrunner: 35

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