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An academy graduate from Cliffside, with too much free time on his hands.

Abandoned by his parents at a young age, he was taken into the ivory towers of Cliffside and instructed in Divine Math after his surrogate grandfather passed on.
Though not before attempting to live a life on the streets outside of the bothersome constant competition inherent in the culture of his homeland.
A recent arrival in Sweetwater, looking for the opportunity to do something worthwhile. Or just anything that seems exciting and/or profitable.

After staying in Firmament for a while, he left the city without leaving behind any clue of his whereabouts to spend time alone in the wilderness
for some reason. Nearly eight months later he returned to civilization offering no explanation for his extended absence, and actively changes or makes
light of the subject if asked about it.

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  • Nobility - Some of them are alright. Some of them are awful. You just have to separate the chaff from the wheat. Fortunately, I've met more wheat than chaff.
  • Commoners - No, we're not jealous. We just prefer not to be treated like lesser beings simply because we didn't inherit an honorable name without inheriting the honor implied by it. I admit that some have earned the honor their name imples, while others... not so much.
  • Shadows - Dangerous and fascinating. They have some interesting powers they don't seem to be immune to. Apparently not all of them are so bad!
  • Gifted - So that's what they're calling it now? I guess I can't really argue... still... seems a little bit like bragging to call yourself that.
  • Cliffside - Ah... let's change the subject... I mean, I s'pose there's worse places for a kid to be abandoned... but that place is in the past. Where it belongs.
  • Sweetwater - It seemed like the place to begin my real life. As good a place as any other. But after the novelty wears off, it's just like everywhere else.
  • Shelled Clan - Tough, resilient, stubborn. I don't know much about this clan, actually. I can get kind of stubborn, but I guess not enough to warrant ending up here? I haven't met many of this clan.
  • Growing Clan - Another clan I know little about. Even less so than shelled folk. Not a clue why I didn't end up here. Probably for the best, I didn't get along well with the ones I've met.
  • Small Clan - They're interesting, I guess! Most seem friendly. A lot are a bit cowardly, but with how small some of them can be, I don't blame them. I'm not small enough to have ended up here.
  • Water Clan - I wouldn't have minded being in this clan. I like to swim, even if I'm not as good at it as others. I probably would have ended up here if I were born an otter.
  • Clever Clan - I admire their spirit of inquiry, and their pursuit of knowledge. I might've been one if I could keep myself focused on one thing at a time...
  • Heavy Clan - Larger beings. Most of 'em seem really direct, and to the point. Maybe a little slow sometimes, but almost always cute! I'd probably have been one if I took after my father in size.
  • Adaptable Clan - I have a feeling with my test, it came down to this or the Graceful Clan. I take to many different pursuits while only mastering few, myself. I probably get along with those of this clan best, outside of my own.
  • Graceful Clan - Where I ended up. I don't like to show off too much, but I'm good on my feet, great at Lowball and I enjoy playing music down by the beach most of the time. It's a shame about the whole stage fright thing, really.
  • Apostates - What's the big deal? I'd rather judge a man by his acts and intentions than his clan. Well, if I were inclined to judge anybody. I'm normally not. I am fortunate enough not to have ended up here. It was honestly rather close to happening...
  • Spirits - They're interesting. But I've yet to hear of one that piques my interest.
  • Creators - Um. That's a little embarassing, let's talk about something else...

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  • Angus - A noble fox serving in the Sweetwater military, as far as I can tell. I can tell he cares about his family a lot... maybe. I'm not sure what's going on with that whole thing, I just keep wandering headfirst into it, somehow. He's been pretty reliable and competent as an ally. After fighting alongside him more times than I can count, I like to think I can consider him a friend. Which I can't say of very many nobles. Don't worry. I'll never speak a word about Answer or Do.
  • Bite_PC - I can't put this nicely, she seems kinda greedy, but there are worse ways she could show it than she has to me, yet. I don't like to form opinions about people I barely know, but she seems very intelligent, and one of the kindest-hearted people I've had the pleasure of meeting even if her mind seems drawn to the allure of treasure a lot of the time. Who doesn't love the glitter of crowns and lunar dust though?
  • Selena - We've had a few conversations here and there. She's always been very honest about stuff. A lot more than most people would be. It's one thing about her that I admire. I kinda wish I could speak my mind as freely as she does at times... oh well. I haven't talked to her in quite a while, but that's my fault for running away from Firmament for while. I hope I can still consider her something of a friend. I see she's still as amazing with mathemagic as I remembered!
  • Sven - It wouldn't have worked out and I'm sorry about the way I handled this. I'm still in love with this being, but I have to let go.
  • Fenris - A friend. I don't know how I feel about him beyond that. But he is a friend, and one of the few I'm blessed with.
  • Glein - Another fellow Cliffsider. he seems to be very interested in the acquisition of information. I can't fault someone for that. I don't really have that much to hide, but there's still a few personal things I'd rather not have spilling out across the city. Apparently he's a shadow... I don't know how to feel about that. Could be helpful to have one near enough to observe. Still, he could be a useful source of information and he doesn't seem to be a bad person, so far.
  • Jendayi - A big sphinx woman with what seems like a pretty big heart! Another being I don't know too well, but I've come to enjoy seeing her around. I think we'd get along pretty well, anyway. I think she might be some sort of priestess. I don't think I've met a being with such devices that wasn't! I wouldn't mind chatting with her sometime.

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RP Hooks


Very adventurous and more willing to endanger his life in the name of thrillseeking than any being probably should be. Although he may complain
a little when things get tough, he definitely enjoys the adrenaline rush. Need someone who will take point in a dark, scary cavern? This is the
badger for you!


Through intense study and the competitive nature of Cliffside's academies, as well as months of practical application, Cedric has become quite
proficient in the working of various schools of math. It's a bit of an open secret that he has an affinity and interest in dark magic, and not
so much a secret that he's fond of fire magic. He is not limited to these two schools, however.

As a somewhat experienced mage, he's more than willing to assist less experienced mage apprentices with their studies, and help them out if they
ask! Though, occasionally, he may need to be bribed with a round of drinks or a meal beforehand, depending on how lazy he's feeling at the time.


He's one of them. He often wanders into the Freesword's Guild looking for work, or something to do. Or something to drink. He is likely
to be found harassing the innkeeper with endless questions and indecisiveness as he tries to figure out what he wants to order. Yes...
he's one of those people. He hesitates more in choosing food and drink than he would in entering a dangerous place.


Yes, but not... enough to hide himself away from the world. He opens up pretty quickly after meeting new people and having a good
conversation. He's quiet a lot of the time, but occasionally he'll chime in with a lame joke. He's always good for a lame joke.
Though some just meeting him for the first couple times might assume off the bat that he's just distant, grumpy, or sort of a lone
wolf, none of these descriptions actually define him. He tends to prefer the company of others but doesn't really know how to express
it without feeling horribly awkward about it. He suffers from unfamiliarity with interacting with others in a non-competitive way and
his extreme awareness of his own social ineptitude tends to inhibit him from expressing himself. On the inside he actually harbors some
jealousy towards the ability of other beings to be social and make friends easier than it seems to come to him.


He would love to be of help to people! He's just not very proactive about it. He's always willing to lend a hand if asked, and if he doesn't
think he'll just get in the way. He's a great follower too, generally preferring to defer to someone else in group situations, and usually
won't hesitate to follow any reasonable request asked of him.


With the use of the performer soul, he's learned rather quickly how to play a wide variety of musical instruments. He's still a bit too shy to
actually sing, and it would be hard to get him to dance... although as a member of the Graceful Clan and a rather athletic being, he wouldn't
have too much trouble doing it. His preferred instrument to play is the guitar.

He hasn't performed in public very often. Just a few times. Though every time he has, he's been met with more praise and attention than he finds
himself able to deal with. Still, if one were to ask around the maritime district and the beach, they might talk to you at great length about
a badger that often plays music by the beach most nights. He gets stage fright easily and is unable to perform for larger groups without getting
very self-conscious.

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Full Name: Cedric Hutton. Took the last name of his adoptive grandfather, and doesn't know or care what his real surname is.

Family: Born to a Heavy Clan badger father (name unknown) and a Water Clan otter mother (name also unknown). Abandoned at a young age, possibly due to the soulless condition, and taken in by a kindly, elderly neighbor, a Clever Clan owl.

Clan: Graceful.

Species: Badger.

Date of Birth: July 23rd, 457

Apparent Age: 17-20

Actual Age: 20

Alignment: True Neutral.

Personality: Introverted. Friendly. Indecisive. Aloof with brief glimpses of actual affection. Complete adrenaline junkie. Hesitates quite a bit when it comes to certain things.

Temperament: Phlegmatic-Sanguine


Height: 6'2"

Weight: 168 lbs

Build: Lithe, but athletic. Somewhat of a swimmer's build. Built somewhat more like an otter than a badger.

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Combat Souls

Berserker: 35

Social/Crafting Souls

Actor: 25

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