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The name is Flora. High Lady Flora Longtail, apparently, yes. No, Flora wasn't born in the lap of luxury, no. As early as Flora can remember, Flora has been living off of the streets in Shralesta, yes, supporting herself on the few breadcrumbs Flora could steal... That was until the fateful day Flora was caught in the act by a rather intimidating-looking clockworker-wolf, yes yes. Miraculously, he gave Flora a bit of change, instead of calling the guard, allowing Flora to buy the bread fair and square!

Over the next few weeks, this continued, until finally, Flora followed the man home and tried to sneak in through the back-window, promptly falling atop the golem he was working on and of course, wrecking it. With FLora's leg useless and covered in scrapes and bruises, Flora tried to minimize the damage by repairing the golem... But of course, the ruckus alarmed the owner of the house. Imagine Flora's surprise when he brought Flora to a machine-priest for healing! Not only that, but he adopted Flora too, yes, instead of having Flora arrested for breaking and entering!

Flora lived with Master for over twelve years, studying the mechanics of golems and clockwork by his side and alone, yes. From time to time, we discussed various things, both mundane and more esoteric. Guilds, religion, all sorts of things, and not all of them as 'popular' as one might expect. Flora thinks the most important things Flora learned from that are that Flora should think for herself... And that Flora should be critical of every bit of information provided to Flora, yes.

Of course, everything changed that one fateful day he stormed into Flora's room and said Flora had to leave. Sure, Flora tried to convince him otherwise, but... He wouldn't listen, no. Didn't listen to Flora at all. Flora was given a ticket for a boattrip and a few things Flora would need, and then Flora had to leave... Flora doesn't like boats, no. Too much water, yes. Far too much water, Flora doesn't like water.'

It took a while, but then Flora arrived in Sweetwater, and now Flora is making new friends... And enemies, yes. Flora is also making enemies. But Flora is sure it'll all be fine, yes!

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  • Nobility -- I really don't get this stuff. Sure, I can act the part nowadays, when I want or need. I know all the rules, but well... Why on earth would anyone want all that protocol? Please, just call me Flora.
  • Gifted -- I really couldn't care less. Soulgems are useful, sure, but a person is still a person.
  • Cliffside -- Haven't had much experience with the Cliffsiders, really. Wouldn't know what to say. From what I hear, the air is rather competetive.
  • Sweetwater -- I was forced to head to Sweetwater after my old Master-slash-mentor told me I had to go. I was absolutely terrified at first, but by now, I'm starting to feel more and more comfortable around here.
  • Apostates -- Another one of those things I really don't get. What's so bad here? A being should be their own person, and should be judged upon their actions, not their clan or family.
  • Creators -- Very advanced people. I've only really met one of them, but I've heard stories, and seen some things that Miss Sinclair has done. However, by no means do I feel we should put all of them on a pedestal. Like each being is his or her own, so should we value the Creators.

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  • Angus -- A noble and personal friend, Angus has helped me out on several occasions.
  • Dio -- Still don't quite trust this guy. I'm still convinced he tried to con me into something, but after recent developments, he seems kosher enough. The guy still reeks, though.
  • Selena -- A personal friend, very skilled in magic, and my first go-to if I need anything magic-related for personal reasons. I tend to consult Brutus first if things regard Longtech Industries.
  • Fenris -- A fellow tiger, a close friend.
  • Doctor Sinclair -- The creator-doctor is an... Interesting person, to say the least. In some regards, helpful, in other regards, not so much. Not that I don't understand. Teaching us too much, too soon could prove disastrous.
  • Good King Good -- Good King Good seems friendly enough, though with his size, he's an imposing figure. I am one of the few beings that has had the pleasure of truly meeting him face to face, which, I'll admit, is a nerve-wrecking experience.

LongTech Industries:

  • Sveta -- A close friend and fellow craftswoman, the generalist to my few specializations. I believe she will be a valuable part of our team. I have recently given her a place in House Longtail as Lady Svetlana Kuznetsova-Longtail.
  • Brutus -- Fat and self-centered. If you know what buttons to press, you can play him like a fiddle. Not that I'd do that, of course. Currently employed as our magical advisor.
  • Matthews -- Tall, dark and handsome. Exactly the kind of guy you wouldn't want to meet after insulting me. Part time bodyguard, full time lifebond. Not exactly around anymore, and presumed missing or dead.
  • Lina -- Lady Lina Longtail. She seems somewhat insecure, which I can understand, considering the climate that supposedly exists within the other half of the family. I'm trying to encourage her as much as I can, and so far, we've made some success. She's in charge of housekeeping and catering at LongTech Industries at the moment.
  • Samira -- Ah, miss Samira. Excitable, naive, but eager to learn, and I believe, very talented. A true diamond in the rough. Whether or not she'll put those talents to good use? We'll see.

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RP Hooks
  • Clockwork -- Started working with it at a young age, never stopped. The machinations of the mechanical will always hold my interests.
  • Inventing -- I've invented one or two things, most importantly, the 'Camera' that resulted in me being awarded nobility.
  • LongTech Industries -- Longtail Technology & Industries, my startup-company. We aim to manufacture high-tech, non-magical products. By being-standards, of course. Surely, we cannot hope to reach the heights of the Creators. Then again, that doesn't mean we won't try, of course!
  • 'My fellow Longtails' -- I dunno. I mean, I haven't met a lot of them yet. They don't seem like nice folks, but... I'm sure there's one or two out there that deserve to be saved.
  • Creator Technology -- Interesting and very useful, but we have no idea of how to re-create it. I'll use it if it makes sense, but if I can solve a problem without reaching for my Sacred Doctor, I'm going with that, simply because I know how my own methods work, and what can go wrong.

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Full Name: Flora Longtail

Clan: Clever Folk.

Species: Tiger.

Personality: Introverted, twitchy, unpredictable, perfectionistic and calculating.

Motto: 'No touching Flora, no.'

Dedicated to: The Spark

Sacred Family: Kitsune

Parents: Marius and Rosalyn Longtail.

Grandparents, maternal: Reginald and Solana Longtail

Grandparents, paternal: Thomas and Samantha Swiftpaw

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My owned gems:

Golem Crafter
Dark Magician

Craft Apprentice



My usual sets:

Golem Crafter/Dark Magician
Noble/Golem Crafter
Craft Apprentice/Golem Crafter

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