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A large badger stands before the group looking like she has a bad itch, "I've got good news, I've uncovered a large ruin that might be related to the old ones, We have it on good information that this place is possible still in use. I want all of you to be ready to take on this threat but what I want you to look for is on any information we can use against the Old Ones. I don't care what it is but I do care that you come back alive and well. I cannot go this time do to the good kings order...." The Badger grumbled before passing out a map to each of the gathered folks, "I am trusting you to go in, explore and report anything of use and remove all threats." She says with no argument tone. "Any questions?"

Selena shakes her head. "Sure. Any other information?" he asks, pulling her hair behind her and plaiting it for work.

Angus studies the map for a few minutes. "Do we have any information on possible threats?" He glances up at Kilsa as he checks to make sure his weapons are secure. "Also...why can't you go?"

"No questions." Kiyasai adds lightly before standing with her hands rested on her hammer. She looks pale and tired more than anything else, not in her armor.

Kilsa looks at Angus with an annoyed experession, "I am considered to important to go unless the place has been checked. Since I hadto fun this by the good king first I get kicked off the team." She growls and shakes her head, "Not matter. I know I can leave it in your capable hands. Now I have a cart waiting for you unlike the last time there will be a personal guard for the trip so no surprise now lets step outside." She lead them to a cart where a little moust in a robe smiles and nods at each of them before hoping in the car as a familiar bear hold on to the reigns. "Good luck."

Selena shrugs. "There weren't any surprises en route last time we headed somewhere in a cart." She comments. "And I don't think we'll be having a repeat of that other accident." She comments to the badger, waving back to her as she heads over to the cart.

Angus is given an annoyed look and just smiles. "Well you are important Lady Kilsa, and I meant no offense when I asked." He walks towards the cart and glances at the mouse then the bear. "Ya, hopefully we will be safe."

Kiyasai bows politely to the badger before she wanders over to the cart and clambers on, curling up and leaning against a wall. "The answer is still no, bear." The mew preempts.

The badger smiles at Angus, "I'm not upset with you, friend, I just want to be a apart of this. I will pray that that Creators guide you well." She says at the bear grins at Kiyasai, "Alright, but what about that cute Vixen right there?" He cuckled and the mouse slapped him in the ear. "Alright Alright.... YAH!" The cart begins to move quickly and smoothly as the bear speak, "I remember when I was young and bold I was able to fight off waves of waves of deadly Jarls while working on my papa's farm."

Selena looks unimpressed with the bear's boast, though the keeps herself silent and occupied with a book. "It's good to see you again, Kiyasai. Angus." She finally greets the pair.

Angus completly ignores the bear and instead starts to recheck his equipment. "It has been awhile hasn't it Selena." Turning to Kiyasai he gives her a slight nod. "And hello again Kiyasai, haven't seen you in Firmament in a long time. How have you been?"

"Busy." Is the best response Kiyasai can afford. "Been a lot to take care of. Worse job than royalty." The feline seems out of place without her armor, clothing simple and unadorned, exposing the snow white fur on her belly. "Just a day off for me is all." She shrugs, and looks at the path the cart is traversing.

The Cart ride is pretty uneventalful until a group of bandits appear in front of them, "Alright you get out and give use all you Hrik!" The mouse moved like a little blur and within seconds the entire group is dead. The mouse chitters and hop back on the cart as the bear rolls over them. "Old Roger could have done that with his hands broken." The bear says before the mouse smack his ear again. Three hours pass before the group is stopped in front of a stone slab on the ground with an open door ruins decorate the slab and the door leads to a set of stairs.

Selena looks back at Kiyasai a little skeptically. "You call this a day off?" She asks incredulously. "I'd hate to see what you have to do on a regular basis." the wolf shakes her head sympathtically, turning a few pages in the book, watching the mouse butcher the bandits with ease. "...Well, that was impressive." She comments. On arrival, she puts her book back into her bag and steps off the cart unceremoniously.

Angus places his hands behind his head and leans against the side of the cart. "Are you kidding, this is definitely a day off for me. No court duties, and no patrol." When the bandits appear his hand was already on his weapons, until the Mouse jumps in and slaughters them. "well....looks like Kilsa didn't lie..this trip is pretty safe." When the cart stops he steps off, and is instantly intrigued by the ruins.

"Hey. You were the one who said true Faith was too much for you." Kiyasai smiles a bit as her eyes close, shaking her form a little to warm up before she gets off the cart. "Don't worry. I felt the same way when I was forced to give up my mage classes too."

The ruins seem to be written in some language that doesn't look familiar to the group surrounds the entrance, A second cart is seen rapid approaching the group. The steeds come to a stop near the first cart, there seems to be a serpent and a Husky in this new cart.

Selena looks around the area cautiously, eyes settling on the door hatch for a moment. "Well, doesn't look like there'll be too much trouble from that trap." She comments, and waves across to the familiar snake and husky. "Bite, Wulf!" She greets the pair. "How are you two?"

Angus shrugs at Selenas comment. "Well you never know, we thought the same thing the last time we went exploring and look what that brought us." When he realizes who the cart had brought he smiles. "Bite, Wulf, Good to see you to again."

Kiyasai looks at the second cart with a resolute glare before she shakes her head lightly, clearly not who she was expecting. She pauses to look at the strange markings for a moment, but doesn't find anything that she recognizes, and then she just stands there and waits.

Bite hops off the cart, and heads straight over to the nearby others who are so eager to greet them, with the exception of Kiyasai who gives her a glare, which she confusedly returns to the feline. 'How dare they be unhappy to see her, clearly something is wrong with them' she rations. "Hey sssweeties, sorry i'm late, what's going on?" she hisses and giggles as she reaches them.

Wulf rolls off the cart, shrugging her Musket over her shoulder as she hits the ground with a faint thump. "Heya Sel, I'm doing better now that I am fully recovered. Howabout you?"

Wulf offers a wave at Angus.

The first room after the long stair case is a dusty room filled with dead rock spiders that have aged to the point of being white husks of their former glory. There is a pill in the middle with a run in it and the skeleton of a pig with bleach white bones. A weird set of text is above the skeleton while on the others side is another set of stairs going deeping into the ruin.

Selena smiles. "I've been better, I guess," Selena says to Wulf, descending into the ruins. "But at the end of the day I'm still intact. It's good to see you've recovered so well, though." The wolf smiles. Upon entering, she takes a look at the odd text and skeletons, wondering if there's any conclusion to draw.

Angus follows Selena into the ruins, his hands on his Rapier just in case. But when they move closer to the Skeletons and the text he stops. He takes a look at the text, and shrugs. "Well I can tell you one thing, this language isn't from Promise. But I do see the word Vault in that jumbled mess."

Bite spots, and slithers over to a mechanism, thinking for a second before moving towards the skeleton and pulling part of it off, she attempts to use it to activate the mechanism, staying well away from the stairs. "Be alert sssweeties."

Wulf nods towards Selena, offering her a wink. "I can make you feel better later I bet, you know if you have the time." She sticks near the entrance to the area, keeping an eye out. "No worries Bite, I'm working on just that."

The Snakes tampering doesn't little more than rustles some old machinery but luckly it doesn't trigger to the trap nor does it disarm it. The rest of the sketelon falls into a pile of bones causing a creepy clatter to echo off the walls, on of the bones fall on a pressure plate that cause math to activate and small flames to appear and brighten up the room.

Selena shakes her head at the husky's offer. "It's not that kind of 'been better'. ...Anyone have a clue what this might mean by 'only the good can keep death away'?" She asks, gesturing to the odd little hole. "Looks like something fits in there, but..." The wolf looks a little perplexed, fishing around in her bag for something or another before producing a soul gem. "I'm guessing it's looking for some kind of item related to the church?" She muses. "Any objections to my putting this soul gem in?" She asks, displaying the 'Champion of Light' gem she's been keeping in her bag.

Angus shrugs. "Might as well try something, we came here to find treasure." Not finding much else to do he decides to stand near Wulf at the entrance.

Bite looks to Selena and tilts her head. "Sssweetie you're better off with this." she hisses a preist soul gem to which she has no attachment to at all. "If something goes wrong I don't want you to lose your nice soul gem." she hisses and giggles, tossing it to her.

Wulf lifts an eye at Selena, making a mental note to ask her about what is troubling her later. "Yeah, best use a gem that is easily replacable." turning to face the group and the door she watches the group fiddle with the mechanism.

The moment that Selena begins to inserts a the soulgem a screech is heard as something travels up the stairs rapidly. It doesn't take long before the group see the sourch of the screech, a large flame elemental in the shape of Snake with a staff. "Yune Dah Jilnoskun!" The strange creature cries out before attacking.

Selena growls, lashing out at the 'guardian' with the bleached remains of the dead beings, the storm of bones forcing the elemental to vanish back into the aether as its being is displaced too much, too rapidly. Selena dusts herself off and shrugs. "Well. That was educational." She comments with a wry smirk.

Bite drops her improvised weapon, the bone she had been prodding the mechanism with and stretches. "Well that was exciting sssweetie." she hisses and giggles. "So sssweeties, shall we see where it came from?" she quizzes.

Wulf pushes her Sabre through her belt instead of it's sheath, that done she starts reloading her musket. "Yeah, let's go see with this beastie came from." She looks to the door and moves her head towards it. "So shall we go?"

Selena paces cautiously towards the stairs, keeping an eye out for any obvious traps though she notes none. The wolf looks back to Bite and asks, "See anything there?"

Bite grabs Selena and pulls her back. "Sssweetie it's not disarmed." she hisses a little angrily. She tilts her head and thinks, unable to determine the mechanism she giggles, and begins summoning an unstable elemental within the trapped area.

Wulf blinks and shuffles back, spilling just a little powder. "Eh! Wait don't do that, that might set of a BIG trap, not just a localized one." The Husky watches on as she finishes reloading, not really able to stop the summoning.

The elemental doesn't last even a second as a the stairs drop the elemental down to a small room where it is pelted with does of arrows a growl is heard as a black claw appears and grabs the elemental. The elemental explodes before the stairs close back up. A single very old crown lands in front of the party with and old Good king face on it.

Selena looks down at the crown, then looks back to Bite. "Reckon it'd be worth a try putting that into that receptacle?" She offers, at a loss for another immediate solution to the trap. "After all, it is the 'Good king'." She comments.

Bite does her best to hide a grin, staying focused on the task at hand. "If it fits sssweetie, why not?" she hisses, looking to gauge the value of the coin she's potentially throwing away.

Wulf whistles as she watches the elemental drop down the sudden hole, her eyes watching the coin fly through the air and hit the floor. "Well if it doesn't fit I want it, it'd make a wonderful necklace piece." The Husky wanders over to the slot and looks at it closely as she waits for bite to finish studying the coin.

The crown slides in the slot with a simple clunk before the fire light the tunnel and the group Passes safely into the next room. This room is filled with books that seems to be in a useless condition there is a bit of math scribbled on the ground but the largest items in the room is four different armors and each of them holding a scroll. The scrolls are red green white and black, the armors are the same color as the scroll they hold. The door at the end of the hallway is sealed with earth math.

Selena scrutinises the statues, pointing out the white one to the rest of the group. "Dark magic on the ground on that one. The rest are enchanted." She notes. "Might want to avoid it." The wolf comments, taking a particular interest in the green statue and its scroll...

Bite tilts her head. "Sssweetie will you do me a favor?" she hisses to Selena. "Drop that and on the count of three will you summon an elemental inside this armor?" she hisses pointing to the red armor.

Wulf watches the math-users go about their business, taking this time to investigate other things. "Math... math here, math there.. math everywhere." She grumbles and continues to look around.

The moment that the elemental is summoned the armor bulges in a such strange as the unstable elemental unevenly fill out the armor. The Taipan snatches the scroll with particed ease at a the armor collaspes into large chunk and starts to immediately rust away. As this happen the other armor follow suit as thier scroll burn away. The area turns a green hue as intense earth magic unseals the door. A curse is heard deeper in the ruin as some hushed and hurried speaking goes further down the doorway.

Selena begins to make way over to the door, noting it's now unsealed. "Bite, what's on the scroll?" She asks hurriedly.

Bite opens the scroll and scans the contents, tilting her head before rolling it up. "Well sssweetie i'm not sure but I guess we'll find out." she hisses and looks into the passage ahead, scanning for traps once more.

Wulf takes up the rear, her rifle out and ready to fire scanning the area in front of the group as they travel along.. "I think we'd better find out what that noise was coming from that door, lead the way."

As the group goes deeper into ruin they come across the strangest room, There is a shadow coated Cobra folk trapped within a bubble made of a strange pink glass like material, below it is a panda with tentacles growing form her arms legs and back as she paces the bubble she doesn't notice the group but unlike every thing in the ruin she doesn't seem to be aged or weither but what does stand out on her form is that her body is coved with mathmagical robes. "Hmmm... Applying the trinity principal here we could......" She speak to herself before cursing against and looking over the bubble more as the shadow stop looking at her and notices the group but doesn't alert the panda to thier persence.

Selena readies herself for combat, thoguh rather than launching a spell at the panda or shadows she opts to ask, "What are you doing?" loud enough for the panda to hear, uncertain if the figure will be hostile or not.

Bite tilts her head at the strange pink bubble and hisses "A lund del man torien?" with a look that makes her seem more confused. She's not really sure if this will lhave any effect at all, but it's worth trying. She does however prepare a spell just in case.

Wulf has her musket lifted up abit, easily able to fire at the figures if need be. Her eyes land on the tentacled bear and she frowns. "Where is Arimiawhen you need her?"

The panda waves her hand at the voice, "Yes Yes. I'm sure you want to know but honestly my attention can't be bothered speaking to junior members. If you want to tutor go bother someone else, this shadow isn't going to just tell me his secrets because I ask nicely." The Panda speaks in the most condecending voice she can manage, "I mean really.... I've only just scratched the surface." She doesn't bother looking around as the shadow just stares at the group and growls before attempting to smash the glass around it and get to the panda. "Now go be useful and clean something." She says with a huff.

Selena shrugs, looking a little put off by the panda. "Suit yourself - I'm not with the Kindcraft. Anything I should know before we bother 'someone else' for some answers?" The wolf asks politely, looking rather surprised at the lack of immediate hostility.

Bite watches not the panda but the angry shadow in the sphere. She slithers closer to the sphere, looking them over with a smile and a wave. "Maybe they're hungry sssweetie, you should let them have some food. I always feel better when I eat." she hisses and smirks, her spell still at ready but she does not act on it, instead pulling out her dagger with her best attempt at hiding it from the rather oblivious so far mage.

Wulf frowns, there is no way that someone like this would be any good and she is completely corrupt to boot her musket is raised and ready pointing at the back of the Panda's head; her finger squeezed on the trigger within a hairs bredth of actually firing. If this gal moves off goes her head, figuratively speaking of course.

The Panda gives a annoyed tsk at Selena, "Those Kindcraft fools are bottom of the barrel grunts, Do you think creatures that have been around since before anything even the Creators could dream of would really just stay to a single location?" She laughed and noticed bite getting near the glass. "GET BACK YOU!" She begins to do a bit of quick math before shot rings out and a sizable hole is in her head. "Urk." Her hands trembles as she reaches for her head and fall backward. Her body bubbles with a late activated math that burns her clothing, her gems and everything she had on her to dust. On closer inspection there is a trap door under where she died the other other path is on the other side of the room. A strange gurgling sound comes from the serpent shadow that sounds like laughter as it look on without growling or attacking the bubble.

Selena shakes her head and sighs. "What waste." the wolf sighs as the panda's self-immolation clears the corpse out of the way. "Shame I can't speak shadow, though." She shrugs. "I'm pretty curious about what goes on in their heads." the wolf muses, checking the trapdoor for any more surprises before directing her elemental down.

Bite lashes out at the bubble with her dagger, trying to break the cobra out with with stabs and cuts, ensuring anything she does won't push through if it actually breaks and hurt the trapped being.

Wulf is already reloading after a satisfied smirk is given. "Well she was about to toss some magic, at Bite no less." The Husky wathes Bite and immediately starts speeding up her reloading. "Out of the fire and into the frying pan..."

The elemental manages to make it all the way down safely before it math wears out. Without the panda to maintain that bubbly it quickly breaks under bites assualt and the Cobra falls out and quickly stands up. The gives a smiles that could chill bone before whispering to bite and looking to the entrance and walking away it doesn't make any hostile action nor does it seem particulartly concerned to stay but it keeps its eyes on Wulf musket careful not to give her a reason to end its new freedom.

Selena nods to Bite, waving to the shadow a little warily. "Well, you certainly trust them more than me." She chuckles quietly, and gestures to the trapdoor. "Shall we? It looks safe enough."

Bite giggles and drops down the trap door, preparing her magics again to ensure she is safe whhen she reaches the botom.

Wulf keeps her eyes on the beast till it's gone, backing up towards the the hole and dropping down after the others. "Look out below!!!" Just before she hits the bottom she seems to slow down, using what little air magic she knows to make a buffer of air to help her land.

Its seems that the group has hit the stockpile they were looking for, Many well maintained books and scrolls are placed about in neat rows. The center of the room has a single black book that seems to be covered in tan hides and scales of various creatures, The center of the book look to have an eye almost the size of entire center of the book. This book sits on a pedistal that seems cleaner that all the other objects, book and scrolls in the room.

Selena looks around the room curiously, inspecting the book in the center though making no attempt to open or interact with it before she turns her attention to the other scrolls curiously. "This is an impressive collection..." She muses, looking in particular for anything on the shadows or Kindcraft. "Hey Bite, could you take a look at the book in the center?" She asks. "Something about it is bugging me... I'll have another look at the book in a minute."

Bite tilts her head. "Theres fire magic all over sssweetie, topped with other magics." she hisses and tilts her head. "It doesn't seem like it'll blow us up though." seh hisses and giggles, proceeding to look at the big book before shifting a bit, opening her bag and loading it up with books.

Wulf stands back, observing the area. "Right, you all deal with the magic. I don't want to accidently bow us up if I touch something out of place, so I'll just sit back right about..." She moves to a relatively unobstructed area and stands there. "Here."

The book flops open and it starts to flip pages until the pages end with a picture of a cracken and strange text written around it. The feeling of draining washes over Bite before a tentacles whip out and strikers her in the gut hard enough to knock her across the room more tentacles appear and swat at the other two members of the party but misses them completely.

Selena growls, trying to find ingress on the book's twisted math though her comparatively inexperienced mind finds no noticable flaws to exploit or math to distort, shaking her head before readying for a more conventional approach of subdual.

Bite is knocked across the room, books in bag and in hand before she pushes herself up, hissing angrily as she begins to use her water magics to replenish her body, as draining can never be good. She bags most of the books, keeping one in hand and prepares to assault the beast.

Wulf jumps back, her musket moving up to fire at the book, probably won't do much. But hey, she has to do omething now doesn't she?

The tentacles all spread out as the book distorts and something strange crawls through. A diseased looking kracken made of a patchwork of different skins, hides, scales and fungus. "GRRRRRRAAAAWWWWWW!!!!!" The scream from the creature touches the very souls of the group at it decides to attack them. The creature takes up most the room as it swipes at the group.

The creature give a weak cry as the three drive it back with a flurry of attacks and magics the poorly formed construct can barley put up a decent resistance before a sabre stab to the throat from Wulf seals its fate. The book makes a sound like a sickening heave before the creature is sucked back in by its entrailes and skin. The book snaps shut and makes a soft snoring sound.

Selena tentatively approaches the book again as it snaps shut, contemplating picking it up with some cloth form her bag once she concludes it's 'asleep'. "Living books. Who'd have thought." She comments before turning. "What to do with it?" She asks the pair.

Bite giggles and looks to Selena. "Bind it and grab it last." she hisses and nods, resuming her looting of the books and scrolls scattered through the room. She hands Wulf a bag and giggles. "You should help sssweetie."

Wulf looks at the bag in her hands after she slides her musket over her shoulder. "Uh.... what exactly am I supposed ta be grabbing? All of it? Anything I can grab? You both are the mages here and I'm buta simpleton when it comes ta math related things ya know." Still she goes about the room grabbing random scrolls and such, silently hoping she doesn't set of any traps.

The group manages to collect the scrolls and books with little problem but when Selena cast her math on the book instead of the stone rings she had planned on there were rings made of tooth like enamel that was covered in holes and poured out a reddish fluid unending. No matter how many time the spell was casted the result was the same, some how the group got the disguesting book out of the ruin and back to the cart where the mouse was surround by dead bodies with a grin on its hooded face. The bear smiles and gave them a ride back before they could enter the gates Kilsa appeared flanked by two Blackback who took the book. "Good Job. I have special reward for doing a job to the letter." She gives each on them a small sack of crowns.