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That looks valuable. Better let me hold onto it.

There's money involved? Why didn't you say so before!
The water is such a wonderful place sssweetie. Come join me.

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Love - How can something so wonderful be so cruel. Keep it at a moderate distance.

Soulless - Everyone needs a little help to get by, mine is a soul. What's your crutch?

Crowns - Look at them all! They fill you with glee and let you fulfill your needs. Seek them out.

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Kilsa - This badger has inadvertently become who she considers her closest friend. In her eyes, a powerful and corruptible companion with a sense of humor who is always a pleasure to run into.

Valente - An information source, he seems to know everything that goes on. He's leading her to riches, she likes him. He's also got a wonderful orators voice, and is great with his musical instrument.

Monique - Rash, seemingly frenzied when in battle, this individual is of interest to Bite for their prowess in combat. Assuming the don't fly off the handle and drive their axe into someone friendly, they should be safe enough.

Ariella - This lioness has worked her way up to a little more than good friend status, a social and loveable being who's antics shroud her true feelings. She's a talented performer, and a bit of a tease.

Selena - Bite quite likes this particular mage. She's going to be great one day, she can feel it. A real "sssweetheart" with a bit of a soft spot for cider, she's a joy to be around, and a good friend.

Arimia - A bit off putting at first, but once you get her to warm up to you she's a true joy to be around. A powerful mage like herself, Bite considers her a talented asset and a good friend more than competition.

Mirana - A noble woman, she's kind of fun to have around, even if some of her other friends give her a hard time. In Bite's eyes, she needs a little protection and encouragement to reach her full potential, but should prove a loyal friend.

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RP Hooks
You want a reason to tangle with this taipan?


First and foremost a Mage Adept, Bite isn't shy to put her talents to work. If you need some magic, she'll try to help you out... preferably for a price.


If what you're doing involves a profit, you can be sure she'll take an interest.


Everyone likes to relax now and then, Bite is no exception. You can sometimes see the snake relaxing about Sweetwater.

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Bite PC
Bite PC/Portrait

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Bite PC/Infobox

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  • Mage Adept - 30
  • Parent - 30
  • Rogue - 30
  • Fighter - 30
  • Performer - 20
  • Ninja - 15
  • Merchant - 1
  • Courtier - 3
  • Priest - 1
  • Journeyman - 1
  • Scholar - 1
  • Dark Magician - 15
  • Hearth Magician - 30
  • Army Magician - 15
  • Duelist - 1

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