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My name is Kiyasai of the Clever Folk. Graduate of one of the finest Cliffside academies. Proud of my heritage, even if my parents were unjustly killed.

There is so much in the world to study...being a priest only takes away a quarter of my time. Sleep another quarter. The rest, I look for new things to learn, and cool things to find.

In the Darkest Times, there are only two driving forces that can save us.



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  • Above Good and Evil - There is no two sides of the coin that a scholar-priest such as Kiyasai can see. Much like most of her fur, she sees the world as grey, and the first action to consider being what is logically the soundest action. This is, of course, if she's in a condition to be logical.
  • Addiction Displacement - Kiyasai's been through Dark times with Dark magic. She wants to stop but...the tainted vitalities are eternally tampting.
  • Berserk Button - Don't ever try to hurt or even joke about hurting a person she has taken under her care. Bad things happen, and she is far stronger than she looks.
  • Cuddle Bug - Nyaaaa~
  • Dojikko - That hammer she's holding, please keep your toes away from it. It's really dropped very often.
  • I Can Still Fight - For a Cause, nothing is impossible.
  • Innocently Insensitive - The poor leopardess has poor social skills.

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  • Ironsoul Defenders - FOR LADY IRONSOUL!
  • Arimia - Head of her operations unit.
  • Kilsa - Leader of the Ironsoul Defenders
  • Selena - Permanently at Loggerheads
  • Jera - ...Trading. Mostly legal trading.

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RP Hooks
Never falter, never fail.


Kiyasai is an enthusiast at medicine, and most specifically, at chiurgery and medical operations. Always willing to test a drug or even a disease, there is no bounds to how far she will go when there's something to learn at stake.


The leopardess stands for what is right, and will help anyone out in times of need. Even if it's a person she doesn't like at all. Such is the life of an altruist.


Kiyasai left Cliffside to broaden her horizons and she sure is willing to pull out all the stops, going anywhere she needs to for the sake of learning more.


Ahem. Do contact her in private.

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