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On a raised stage stand two proud robed figures, a behemoth of a rabbit stares down at a comically small elephant. "Come on you bloated bag of air, surely you don't expect that to work!" the elephant jests humorously to the rabbit, who replies with "Listen squirt, it's simple!" he says before he holds out his hands and does a flashy gesture to draw the eye away from the forming vapor, heated water creating a visionary impairment. The crowd goes wild! A Taipan walks towards the stage with a grin, giggling and watching the show thus far. "See? Interesting stuff goes on here." she comments to those arriving behind her.

Daniel follows close after the taipan, blinking a bit as he stares at the stage. "... So this is the academic district? Weird... I see are two people on a stage yelling at each other while some water boils. What an odd way to run a class." He shakes his head a little as he looks up at his serpentine mentor. "You're not gonna teach me things like that, are you? I don't think I could handle the pressure."

'No, no interesting stuff does not go on here' screams the look Rainer is giving the performers, though he doesn't utter a peep. He also seems to be wondering 'why am I heeere' with the dark, heavy bags under his eyes and flattened ears, staring vacantly at the stage, slackjawed from his vantage point... seated atop a low wall. "Do they have to be so loud?" There, he actually spoke that one.

Ictus hmms as he walks along with the others and grins at the show, it's been a while since he's seen one of these gatherings. He looks at Rainer and grins as he moves behind him, speaking in a low shout "PRIVATE! Did you drink to much?"

Selena sighs quietly as she watches the two debate, pacing over to Bite as the Taipan arrives. "Any clue what the clowns are up to? They've been making lots of steam but nothing else..." She comments, nodding to Daniel as the mouse enters. "Makes me wonder why I came by here again..."

Mitchell walks back and forth through this area a few times a day, as he does hi various mercenary work around the town and surrounding areas. It's never really been very interesting here, truthfully, so when he starts to pass through on his way to the city gate he blinks as there's a commotion. What's going on here? HE wanders over to take a look.

The badger walks into the district with a wide smile on her face, "Such unfriendliness." She says with a little bit of a smile, "I have a little bit of candy within my tunic that could possible up the seritonin and dopamine level of these too. Then they would should slowly speak out there problem so their next encounter would be one of more amicable nature." She says watching the math with little interest at the moment.

The elephant counters with a decent gust of wind, clearing the air, only to reveal a small water elemental who surges towards the paciderm. The crowd nods and murmers, giving a few looks to the strange Rainer. Bite giggles and shakes her head. "NO I don't know whats going on and I might teach you like this, but I kind of want you to watch and see whats going on." she hisses and smirks.

Daniel looks a little nervous at the possibility of a harsh teacher, but harsh teachings are better than no teachings. He watches the little bout of magic, giving a surprised look at the water elemental. "Woah, you can make things out of magic? That's awesome!" The little mouse then realizes how loud he's being, covers his mouth, and quits his excited jumping. "Woo." He half-cheers, trying to keep his voice lowered.

Rainer bristles up like a thistle, bugging out and teetering oh-so-precariously on his chosen perch for several tense seconds before stabilizing himself. Afterwards, Ictus is the recipient of the wolf's best dirty look while a hand feels about for a loose bit of stonework he could break off and toss at the fox. But, finding none, he finally gets around to answering, "Yeah. A little. Look." He gesticulates with both hands towards the combating mathemagicians, "A couple Academy clowns are about to kill each other, why don't you pay attention to that instead."

Ictus chuckles at Rainer and pats him on the shoulder, "Remember this next time, you should always be prepared for surprises." milatary to the end isn't he? Though Ictus does watch the proceedings curiously

Selena chuckles quietly at Daniel's enthusiasm. "Yes, you can. Unfortunately these two aren't achieving anything other than giving a show." She sighs. "Rather disappointing they haven't given any indication of what they're trying to get across to each other since I got here." She grumbles.

Mitchell blinks a little at the math going on at the stage. He looks around, spots a few familiar people. Sorta heads over towards Kilsa like a lost puppy. He's felt kind of like a lost puppy of late! But all the while, he keeps some attention towards what's going on. Both for amusement's sake and cause ... well, you never know when something might go boom and need rescuing, right?

Kilsa changes her soul gems while looking at the performance. Her eyes curiously scanning the areas but leaving the math to the experts even if they seem like agressive children than season mages. The badger smiles as her familar soul gem flushes her mind with an almost calming feeling.

The elephant cries out "ADMIT IT! It's flawed!" as he works to counteract the water elementals form, dispersing it across the platform. The rabbit stamps a foot. "YOU just don't understand! It's brilliant!" he says as he conjures up a jolt of electricity to the now poorly place elephant who barely manages to put up a rathe effective caustic shield.

Failing to muffle it with his hands, the mouse lets out a frightened squeak in response to the bolt of electricity. "T-they're gonna hurt each other doing this!" Daniel speaks to Selena, glancing back to the pair on stage with a worried look. "If these are the kind of arguements that come out of learning magic, I'm starting to have second thoughts." The last thing he needed was someone drowning him because he disagreed with them.

"They better hurt each other doing this." Rainer mutters as his eyes narrow to a squint ... mostly because the glare of the sunlight is hitting him just so. Feeling a brief surge of energy and a fire in his blood, he waves a fist in the air, bellowing across the square, "Roast 'im like a Happy Holiday dinner!" ...Immediately after he cringes and grips his head with both hands, rubbing his temples. "Why did I do that."

Ictus looks on curiously before glancing sidelong at Rainer with a grin, he doesn't say anything but tilts his head at the two mages as he watches

Selena shakes her head. "These arguments are the kind that happen when people don't understand how to discuss their theories." She replies disdainfully. "If they don't let us know soon I'm just going to ask them what they're going on about."

Mitchell wanders a little closer to the main group and blinks, looking to Selena, Daniel, and Bite. He smiles friendly-ish, "So what's going on? Are they ... going to duel or something?" he asks, with a concerned raising of the goaty eyebrows.

The badger looks at the battle with a little disinterest. "Is this what passes for math now? I thought math user are more..... Smart and composed." She shakes her head and walks over to Rainer and beings to pat his bat gently. "You don't look so good, want some water?" She offers a wineskin full of water to the wolf.

Wulf rushes to the scene, the clamor and noise from the two 'mages' fighting having drawn her to the scene. Skidding to a halt she stares at them and then snarls in... dissapointment or some other emotion. "Idjits..."

A young white mink wanders into the academy district, looking around with a curious gaze. He looks lost, gazing around unsure, stepping carefully, making sure not to bump into anyone as he heads towards the gathered croud.

"NO! You can't make an electrical elemental, it will disperse itself! It's in it's nature!" the elephant says as he works some simple water magic to remove the hazard. The rabbit shakes his head and tries to stop him with another spark but fails to do little more than a speck of light. "But think of the implications! YOu hhave to work around it." Bite shakes her head and giggles. "You'll be fine sssweetiei." she whispers to Daniel and gives them a reassuring smile.

Daniel flinches as he hears Rainer's shout. Oh Creators, people already wanted to roast him because of his opinions! ... Wait, no. That was directed towards the two mathemagicians on stage. He lets out a sigh as Bite reassures him, then turns to face the wolf again, "I can't blame you, honestly to me, it seems to have devolved into a magical dick waving contest while they yell at each other's own faults." Shocking language for the boy, but he was kinda right.

Rainer peels his hands away from his face to find Kilsa lurking nearby waving a flask in his face. "Ugh, you throw one heckuva party, Ironsoul." rumbles the pup with an appreciative grin as he accepts the drink and holds it upside down above his upturned and gaping maw, draining the vessel in no time flat. Holding it back out for her to reclaim he wipes his muzzle on the back of an arm. At least now he's smiling, even if he still looks ready to drop dead. "You have any idea what these two mathheads are on about?"

Ictus looks to Rainer and nods in agreement, "Though I wish Miranda showed a little more... Restraint..."

Selena smirks at the concept of an 'electrical elemental'. "I'd say possible, but a very fleeting existance..." She comments to Bite. "possibly cycle the charge around, but it wouldn't be sustainable." She shrugs. "I'm not sure why you'd need one though." Selena waves to Wulf when she hears the husky over the crowd, nodding to Bite and Daniel before making her way to the husky and greeting her with a quick hug. "Have you been well, Wulf?"

Mitchell hrms and shrugs a bit, and wanders off. Doesn't seem to be his concern, and he appears to be kind of invisible anyway, so ... he wanders back to the square for the night.

The badger smiles and looks for a seat to better watch the dispute in. "I have no clue, Rainer. I've been jusst kinda watching." She says dragging the poor wolf with her, "I do like to make my friends happy when I go wild." She chuckles.

Wulf stares at the two magic throwers, her hand resting on the pommel of her Sabre and clenching rythmically. "I've been fine... just resting. What are these two scholarly numbskulls on about anyway?" Her eyes drift over to Kilsa and Rainer for a moment before turning back to the math slingers.

Travis tilts his head, continuing to look around. He wanders closer to the two using mathmagic, watching them curiously, speaking in a soft boyish voice to anyone else standing close to the two. "What is going on?"

The elephant shakes their head and laughs. "You're fooling yourself if you think it will provide you any gain. As it stands this is one of the best employable elementals, practical, easy to control, and safe." he says as he summons up a large, rather angry looking water elemental. The rabbit grins. "I'll show you how safe this can be. Don't belittle my work, you know it's brilliant. Think of all the forgework, fishing, even combat prowess such an elemental would weild. Metal armor and weaponry would be our enemies downfall." he says as he creates a powerful jolt directly aimed at the water elemental, who reacts very poorly to it to say the least. The elephant says "You're mad, fishing? You'll just end up hurting people." The serpent looks to her friends and raises an eyebrow. "I think I agree with the elephant on this one." she hisses and looks to her student. "It's a foolish encounter but a worthwhile thing to watch."

Daniel rubs his chin a little as he listens in on the pair's arguments. "I think I agree with him as well. Such an unstable force in a person's hand will surely backfire... lightning is much too sporatic to control properly, even more so than fire!" He was honestly making this up off the top of his head, hoping to sound smart. "Perhaps with enough skill it could be used correctly, but with what he's showing right now... it's doubtful."

Rainer can only turn a puzzled look on Ictus. "Who's Mirana--awrp!" He finds himself hauled along by the badger, stumbling the first few steps as he comes down off his perch on the wall but quickly falling in line. "Hi Wulf. Hi ... the rest." said in monotone with a wave as he's marched past the others. A hand finds its way back to rubbing his temple as the mages bicker on, and he mumbles, words slurring together, "Ruhl nineteen mathcawses m're trubluh thanit's wurf."

Selena page Thank you! :3

Ictus hmms at the argument and shrugs, "Such an unstable thing as lightning would be an ineffective weapon too, might go off at the wrong time." he looks to Rainer and chuckles, "A cousin of mine..." he shakes his head as Kilsa drags the wolf away and looks to Wulf, "Oh, just a debate... If things get too out of hand I'm sure the guards will handle it."

Selena nods to Rainer in recognition before murmering back to Wulf, tone loud enough to be heard by those around her. "They're discussing the possibility of a lightning elemental. I can see it being possible, but not useful, and very volatile." She shrugs. "These are the kind of mathmages I don't much like. arguing so violently over a theory."

The badger does something strange as she sits net to the wolf, she lean her head against him and starts to yawn. "Tell me when one of them wins, forty cown on the big rabbit." She says as her eyes flutters softly and she starts to doze on Rainer's shoulder.

Wulf justy shakes her head at the pair, offering a friendly wave to Ictus and Rainer. "

Wulf justy shakes her head at the pair, offering a friendly wave to Ictus and Rainer. "Even i dn't know much about math ande I know that it would be hard to control, too a fine degree, lightning. Too volatile and erratic to be a viable answer to anything... but maybe it could be harnessed for other things."

The mink boy takes another look around, his ears perked up as he listens to the different conversations going on. Travis gazes about curiously, before he hmms, and carefully moves closer towards Bite and Daniel, speaking softly. "Umm, is what those two doing safe?"

The elephant shakes his head and works out extremely simple earth magic, extremely well. His body coats in stone, and as it does his elemental seems to pick up the same effect, making it feel somewhat better about the lingering magical effects. The rabbit scoffs and says "Fine, I'll show you!" as he musters some intense mathmatics. The elephant sends his elemental at the other mage but a bit too late, a sparklng cracklng being bursts into existance. As it does it seems to have a very poor very startled reaction, flailing about, tagging it's summoner and then lashing out towards the crowd. Bite blinks and does her best to work on dispersing it, having moderate luck.

Daniel continues watching the dispute as usual, oohing and aahing at the various tricks he was picking up. Earth-based armor? He hadn't thought of that before. Though as the rabbit summons the electrical elemental, he jumps in surprise, turning to Bite before spying that she'd already been trying to diffuse the situation. The mouse paniced, hiding himself in his arms, he dare not try to help, he'd only end up messing something up.

Rainer is a headrest, next that he realizes. He angles his muzzle towards Kilsa with a note of concern about his features, softly rumbling "You -did- get some sleep between now and last night, right?" Suddenly there's commotion! and despite his various aches he kicks straight into action ... by throwing himself and the drowsy badger to the ground. "Get down!"

Ictus blinks as the elemental is conjured and winces as it goes out of control, "EVERYONE GET DOWN!" as he tries his best to shield any nearby bystanders

Selena notes the electrical arcs in the air from the poorly formed elemental, quickly joining Bite in the attempt to dispel the elemental. The combined effort renders the charged thing inert, though she growls angrily to the mathemagicians on stage. "What in the creators name do you think you were doing!?" She yells up at them. "If you want to prove something, putting others in harms way is NOT how to do it. Have some consideration!"

The badger wakes when her face smacks the ground with the force of a thrown brick. "OW!!" She screams holding her paw over her bleeding muzzle and growls. She looks up without rasing her head to assest the situation, "What going on?!" She doesn't look happy at all.

Wulf dives off to the side behind a wall and shouts out to the lightning wabbit. "Dagnabit! Stop yer damn math slinging ya crazed jackrabbit! There is something your on to but using its an elemental would be fruitless and pointless." The husky stays behind the nonconductive things and out of the way. She wll not be shocked, no sir.

Travis gives a startled meep as the lightning starts to lash out at the croud, and he dives to the ground as well, curling up into a fluffly little ball behind Daniel and Bite, shivering and giving a little whimper, eyes tightly shut.

The dispersed elemental vanishing, the rabbit hangs his head in shame. "I appologize." he says as the elephant approaches him and socks him. "I TOLD YOU!" the tiny elephant says. "I told you'd wind up hurting people, it just happened to be you." he says and sighs. "Lets go, your presentation is a failure, lets get lunch and discuss how to make your spawn less... disruptive." he trumpets, offering his hand, which the dazed rabbit takes. They work the stage away and appologize to the crowd, to which they get a fairly angry glare from a serpent. "Ssssweetie, don't do what they did when we're going over lessons, if you have some ideas talk to me about them." she hisses to Daniel.

Daniel opens one of his eyes as the situation diffuses itself, well that was a lovely introduction to magic that he'd not soon forget. He can check learning how to summon elementals off the list of things to do, at least until he's much more capable. "Oh I understand that already miss Bite, I didn't need a stubborn rabbit to show me that. With how little I know though, I'll probably end up asking about basic things though, no need to worry about me making... a fire tornado or something." He shrugs, unsure of if that actually existed or not.

"C-crud, Kilsa are you okay?" Soon as the dust has settled Rainer's up off the ground, moving hands towards the badger's bloody muzzle though he avoids actually touching her, even if she'd let him. "I'm sorry, um--!" He darts a quick glance over his shoulder... looking to see if anyone else is hurt? Or looking for the quickest escape route should he need it?

Ictus glances back as he watches the elemental diffuse and sighs in relief, he smiles at those he was shielding and looks sternly at the rabbit, "You are quite lucky you only hurt yourself."

Selena shakes her head in disdain. "That rabbit needs to try and write their equations before they throw them around like that." She grumbles quietly to Wulf. "That kind of stupidity is what gets people killed..." She grumbles. "Anyway. I have a book to pick up from here, Wulf. I'll catch up with you later?" She offers, pausing for the husky's reply before pacing off.

"Mah fashe huuts." Kilsa growls and stands up slowly, "Raihner. Yah owe meh a drank." She whimpers as she touches her nose again and starts heading to her manor to get some needed disinfectant. "Ooowww." She moans out before grabbing the time of her nose and snaping it back into place with a nasty crunch. "OH MOTHER OF THE CREATOR SAINTS THAT HURT!!" The badger screams as she contines her way home.

Wulf Peeks out behind her wall and stares before turning to Selena. "Yeah, sure Sel... you know where you can find me if you need me, well unless i'm out in the country."

Travis shivers a bit, and then when things seem to settle down, he shifts a bit, blue eyes peeking out from under his tail. He looks around carefully, and when he sees that the danger has past, and the rabbit is moving away, he slowly stands back up, his fur sticking out all uneven now.

The serpent pats Daniels head and asks them to stay put, following after Kilsa to give her some treatment after seeing hehr and giving a worried look. The two mages get mixed opinions from the crowd before they disperse, leaving the rabbit in all his shame to go and have a nice meal.