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Hello there, my name is Ictus. Ictus Solacious if you if you care, nice to meet you.

"I'm a native of Sweetwater and damn proud of it, I'll be Creator Cursed if I let any shadows take over our Promise!"

"Strength to protect what matters, courage to do what is right."

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Nobles: Yeah, I'm one of them. Most are stuffy, but I usually play nice so as not to risk getting in too much trouble

Shadows: Damn things are Creator thrice cursed and the bane of our existence, they'll get what's coming to them.

Soldiers/Commoners: To be commended and praised for their hard work, I'll always share a toast with them despite what my family may say. They are no commodity or necessity they are friends and family.

Thieves: Despicable, no matter the reason. I can sympathize with those who steal to survive... But there must be another way, right?

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Angus: My cousin is alright, fun to hang out with and quite good in a fight. Don't mess with his sister though

Mirana: Angus' sister, powerful mage and quite scary when her family is threatened

Selena: She seems the angry type, though that may be just because I unintentionally insulted her. I'll have to make it up to her some how...

Sally: Another cousin, leader of the Lightbringers Unit and my captain.

Saibh: Very dangerous being, she seems cold and calculating...

Arimia: Viciousness incarnate wrapped in a cute bundle, definitely one to stay on the good side of... Or avoid if you can't

Fulror: Interesting guy, seems to have anger issues though... But no complaints from me so far

Rainer: Good on the battlefield, not so good with traps from what I hear. Chronic drunk too, he should lighten up on the booze

Kilsa: A friend to most and good with children, she runs the orphanage and rose to nobility through her actions. A very brave soul.

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RP Hooks
Nobles: You a noble? He's one too! Maybe we can get along

Military: You a soldier? So is he, Ictus can take orders and dish them out

Adventurous: He likes to see new places, who doesn't right? Got a mission to so far off land or local? Sign him up!

Lightbringer: He's a Lightbringer, defending beings from shadows is his hobby, job and mission

Commoners: He's fond of them and even gets along with most of them, always willing to lend a hand if he has the time or ability to. He doesn't need to be paid, he just likes helping out

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Full name: Ictus Solacious

Clan: Graceful

Species: Fox

Age: Twenty Two

Height: 5' 7"

Weight: 165 lbs

Build: Light, moderately toned

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Ninja: 34

Fighter: 30

Rogue: 12

Parent: 9

Champion of Light: 2

Street Fighter: 1

Craft Apprentice: 13

Noble: 9

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