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The tournament grounds is quite a sight indeed. The open fields have been trimmed, and the whole viewing box areas redecorated with colorful flags and streamers of all sorts. Looks like the rumours are true, the Good King himself watching with his small escort in his own sealed box, though the tournament grounds are filled to the brim with watchers and participants alike. Three booths are manned by exhausted looking todds (most likely from army recruitment) with their respective categories, mage, marksman, and warrior, gifted only. It seems like the gifted get special qualifications in the tournament...

Fenris has discarded his normal outfit in favor of what seems to be a martial arts gi and street fighting wraps! It seems hard to believe that he is entered as a mage. Even now, he stands off to the side of the field going through martial arts katas as he waits for further announcements.

Cedric approaches the booth for mathemagician signups, waiting to enter, dressed simply in a pair of tan breeches and black boots with a loose, sleeveless black shirt that sort of blends in with his dark fur. He wasn't really sure why he wanted to participate in the tournament as he's not one of the more competitive beings around, but here he was... signing up anyway!

The badger seems a little bit surprised to see Fenris there already, approaching the tiger with a tilt of his head. "Oh... I uh... I didn't know you were entering too..." he says quietly. This should be interesting!

Cassidy slinks up towards the marksmanship booth, for her own part. Still looking rather exhausted and ill, but she's got her black long bow all the same. "This could be a fun distraction," she murmurs to herself as she puts her name down and glances around to see if she recognized anyone she might end up competing against.

Angus winces a little as a twinge of pain runs up his back, his burns still healing a bit as he downs a dulling potion and walks up to the Marksmanship booth to sign up, musket resting against his shoulder as he looks to his cousin and chuckles. "Yep, should be a great distraction. Care to make a bet out of it or are we just playing for fun?" He teases, before stepping away from the booth.

After signing up for the warrior section of the tournment, Dio decides to prepare for the upcomming challange in the best way possible. Somewhere off to the side, the lion slips a hand into his precious coat and pulls out an object. A weapon perhaps? Rather, a freshly baked piece of bread, still warm and prime for consumption. Sitting down next to his spear upon a wall, he chomps down, spilling a torrent of crumbs over his body while he watches others move about.

Elroar glides into the arena, still landing heavily. As he usually does. No crater this time though. He's got all his armor, sans chestpeice... As usual, with his massive sword already drawn. He heads over to the Warrior's area, sword resting on his shoulder. "Aye. A Tournament. This should be fun at least." He chuckles, looking about to the other areas. Quite the crowd.

Kalt makes her way down the path to the tourny, the Vixen clad in her new armor with her helmet tucked under her right arm. Her left hand is holding onto the reigns of a horse, the creature bearing the solacious emblem on it's saddle, as it appears the vixen once more 'borrowed' something she didn't have herself! Her path is rather straight and true, heading to the warrior tent to sign up before looking around. "Ah, hey there everyone, how're you goin' bout?" The vixen smiling before she narrows her eyes at Angus. "... M'swearin', I should go lockin' your room an' all till you finally heal an' all!" The Vixen huffing, though her hypocracy is rather great to say the -least-!

The registrations are quickly filed and then large badges are given to each competitor with a random string of numbers on it. "My money's on you gifted." The fox at the mage booth points out. "King's a fool for holding this to try to prove that non-gifted can be better." All three booth people tell the groups to enter the tournament grounds when they are ready and follow the ushers guiding the three different groups after into the tournament grounds, which has been neatly divided into three sections. At the Mages division sits just one other person, a skunk, eying Fenris and Cedric over with an uninterested hmph. Three large brick wall forms the first obstacles for the participants. "Mmh." The in charge motions to the three and points to another three sitting in a special section in the crowd. "They'll be grading your magic skills. One score for flair, one score for result, and another for time." Her soul pendant sits neatly in front of her colorful robes.

The archers see a lot more competition, Angus and Cassidy perhaps even recognizing some of the participants from their stints in the army. A minuscule target with an apple on it's head sits well over a hundred meters away. Many are trying to take the shot, but it's a difficult one with the strong breeze.

Only the warriors group seems to have nothing set up for it, just four other warriors already riding up on horses, carrying massive looking lances that are padded with a thick ball of cotton padding behind to spread out the force of the impact. The in charge there squints at the three new participants. "Ya'll got horses?" He points to the other two. Jousting is in order!

Fenris grins at the official and waves happily to the skunk competitor, sure that it will only make him irritable. The tiger bounces back and forth on his toes, still looking like he is preparing for a martial arts match. "Hey Cedric!," he said, "I'm glad you're here or this would not be any fun!"

Fenris looks to the official again. "So, are we supposed to clear it? Or level it?" he asks, "Either is fine." After she explains that the goal is to destroy the low wall, Fenris nods affably and takes up a spot opposite a wall, preparing himself for a little controlled mayhem.

The badger regards the skunk with indifference before he responds to Fenris. "It wouldn't? I'm not sure what my presence here has to do with that!" Cedric replies as he traverses the grounds over towards his own wall, taking a moment to consider how best to take out this wall. He has quite a few options at his fingertips of course. He waits for the go-ahead from the tournament officials as he thinks his options over...

Cassidy peers at Angus for a moment, a frown tugging at her mouth. "Yeah. Glad to see you out and about. Sorry again. Are you feeling okay?" She tugs nervously at the string of her bow, glancing around at the other archers taking their shots. She frowns again. They never said she couldn't use her airmath to take care of that pesky breeze... For her.

Munch munch munch... Dio chews thoughtfully upon his lovely loaf of bread, his eyes half-closed from the wonderful goodness that has blessed his palette. "Mmf! Moi? Oooi.." The lion points to himself and looks about as he's addressed, shooting copious amounts of crumbs onto the floor from his full mouth. After a heavy swallow and a pat upon his armored chest, he eventually gets up to his feet and scratches the back of his head. "'orse ridin', eh? 'aven't done that in 'bout two years o' so. When signing' up fer the warrior competition, I thought we'd be smackin' each other instead! Should call this the Calvary fight," he claims with a jolly laugh before reaching down and picking up his spear. "Suppose I could go borrow one."

Elroar had to switch out from being his massive Dragon self, no big deal, he was still 8' 5". He heads over to his horse, saddling up. He knew what to do. "Heh good luck with those sharp sticks lads! I've seen shivs less flimsy." The shirtless Komodo starts riding his horse, getting ready for the event.

Kalt waves farewell to the other contestants as the warriors are led off to their own area, the vixen's gaze falling upon the opposite riders before she climbs onto the back of her horse, and buckles her helmet on. Ensuring her neckguard was present before snagging her Lance and spurring her horse forward in preperation.

"Alright, on the count of three, blow up your brick walls, mages. I know it's a competition but keep it friendly." The in charge growls softly, and then he signals for the judges attention before waving his hand down and counting down to three! The skunk mage almost preempts the signal as she lets loose a massive fireball that just punches a hole into the wall and the resultant explosive impact sending bricks flying all about, almost into the crowd. 8-7-10! What a score.

A few of the arrows have found their mark, taking out the apple without hurting the dummy at all. The successful contenders move to one side while the rest slink away dejectedly. Less than half made it through the first round. The IC points to the two dummies set aside for the two Solacious nobles. "Quickly. Next round will start, with or without you."

The IC at the warrior side nods and then opens the stables to pull out a strong looking horse for Dio while the other warriors get kitted out and led to different corners of the enclosure. It's a one on one combat, it seems, with Kalt and Elroar early early, they're put against opponents of similar build, though it's hard to see who is what behind so much armor. The signal for these two matchups is given, and almost immediately, the horses that they were given charge, whether the participants are ready or not!

Fenris applauds politely for the skunk mage's explosive fireball and steps up to face off with his own wall. The tiger takes a deep breath before dropping into a fighting stance and throwing a punch at the wall! The tiger has been practicing since the little fiasco at the tiny canine riot, as he had come to think of it. He focuses the raw force of an elemental blast around his fist, sending it speeding at the brick wall! In the same breath, he utilizes his mastery of air magic to create a crushing downdraft on the area of the wall and draws on earth magic to draw the debris down into the dirt of the tourney field. If he does this right, there should be a great KABOOM and then nothing to show the wall was ever there!

Cedric quickly does the calculations of some earth math in his head, waving a hand before quickly kneeling down to channel the tumultuous energy into the ground and incite controlled tremors near the wall in an attempt to crumble the wall at its very foundation. As the earth quakes and splits open around the wall, he concentrates on some fire math to send a wave of fountainous flames up through the cracks in the ground just for show!

Cassidy quickly steps forward, readying her longbow and the bit of math inherent in the bow's construction. "Sorry, sorry. Let me get on that, then!" Approaching her target she draws one of her arrows and notches it, slowly drawing back the string and lining her shot before letting it fly, the arrow unafflicted by the breeze, it seems.

Angus blinks a bit at the impatient Ic, giving them a bland look before he switches his musket over to his right hand. Taking a step forward he draws one of his pistols quickly with his left, takes a beed on the apple and squeezes the trigger. Sending the pistol ball speeding towards its target with a puff of smoke and the crack of gunpowder.

Before going and retrieving his horse, Dio heads over to the storage area and gets himself geared up, taking up a shield and padded lance along with proper head protection to go along with his plate armor. "Yer a strong lookin' one!" The lion says with a hint of excitement as he looks over his mount. "Let's see... I'm gonna name ya... Leo! Ya, that's good. If ya perform well..." His voice drops to a low whisper, muzzle getting close to the horse's ear. "I'll buy ya some food o' somethin'. They got vegetables in the market like ya wouldn't believe. Now! Let's go on an' win this thing."

Saddling himself upon his horse, Dio wobbles a bit as he attempts to find his balance after years of non-practice. Shield in one hand and lance in the other, the lion moves into position and awaits his opponent.

Dio's opponent is led to the opposite side of the ring, and then the moment both of them are lined up, the IC gives the signal to joust! Luck of the draw, perhaps, but Dio's opponent looks like one of the swifter contenders...just digging his greaves into his horse's side to spur it faster while he stays hunched down, lands and shield raised. Kalt's horse is the only amongst the other three that doesn't jerk to a forced start, giving her quite a sizable advantage over her opponent who's fighting hard to keep balance. Weight gives both Elroar's and his opponent's horses quite slow movement, giving them plenty of time to recover.

Dio leans down to talk to his horse right before the joust begins. "This one looks tough! Let's see... I don't think I've ever used a lance before... Let's just run in an' show 'em everything we got!" After the signal goes off, the lion prepares himself and heads forward at full speed, lance couched and prepared to make a blow right into the chest of his opponent. It was certainly close, but it seemed he had just the right angle and speed to get the upper hand upon his opponent. The padded lance presses against the plate of his opponent, delivering a mighty blow at great speed!

Elroar brings his shield up, making sure his guard can take anything his wee little opponent can dish out. Even without chest armor he doesn't feel any fear for his safety. He's survived worse.

Kalt raises her lance to her opponent in a show of good will, before closing her muzzle guard on her helmet as she spurrs her horse forward! The advantage of her smooth start more than enough for her to get a good line in as she shimmies the lance around... The poor opponent didn't even seem to stand a chance as they're soon slammed perfectly with the lance, in the center of their chest! The Vixen attempting to fully dismount her opponent quickly it seems...

Fenris gets a nice 9-9-7 after the dust settles...getting penalty points for making the judges wait to see the end result. Cedric gets a poor grade of 8-1-9 at first...until ooooooooooooohs~ Leak from the crowd and the judges at the adjustments to the textbook spell, the papers quickly being discarded in favor of a more solid 8-8-9. Through the wall's debris, a line of armed guards have formed, enlisted recruits dressed in heavy armors carrying children's balls tucked under their arms, giving ten targets to each of the mages. "Mmh. You need to destroy as many of the balls as you can. But you'll be disqualified if you severely hurt any of the recruits." The skunk laughs and then calls up an unstable elelemental near the line of guards to just punch the balls towards the crowd, making sure the Good King himself gets one to catch!

Both Angus and Cassidy have no issues making their shots. Though the next one seems a lot more difficult to make. The dummys are quickly replaced by what look like odd structures built of wood, with a single glass orb trapped in the middle of the whole thing. "One shot. Break the glass and you're out. That includes dropping the orb on the floor." Perhaps some study might lead to a weak point being discovered.

All three of the Gifted win their respective jousts, Elroar just slamming his opponent's shield arm almost right off with his greater combined weight between his horse and his form, and Dio's lance catching his enemy a split second before he himself would be struck. The combatants horses are led in place again for the semifinals! With a single non-gifted left, Dio and Elroar are pitted against one another!

Fenris raises an eyebrow at the skunk's solution. It works, of course, but it seem to lack panache. The tiger does not even raise his hands this time, instead allowing ten little candle sized flames to appear and circle his head for a moment. Then with a smile, he punches the balls out from under the guardsmen's arms toward himself, before sending them spiraling into the air! Then his little crown of floating were-lights zip up into the sky! Each of them homing in with unerring accuracy to explode a little ball in a blast of white light!

The badger shakes his head. This one should be easy enough. What could possibly be flashy, swift, and accurate enough to take out these balls without harming the ones holding them? LIGHTNING! Cedric quickly and accurately fires controlled bolts of electricity from his palms, aiming quickly for each ball with the loud sounds of thunder accompanying each crackling, sparkling spear of energy as he looses them at his targets in rapid succession!

Cassidy eyes her targets, humming in thought as she preps another arrow, trying to grasp the situation and the best way to bring it down without cheating. She examines her target carefully, wondering if maybe she should chance it... Nah, better to look for a weak spot.

Angus holsters his pistol and eyes the target curiously, this will be a hard one to take care off. With a shrug he drops to his knee and brings the stock of his musket up against his shoulder as he lines up the shot with his sights, taking a slowww breath as he focuses on his target to take it down.

"Phew," Dio exasperates, wiping a bit of sweat from his brow. "That was a close call, Leo. Thought the lad was gonna tear my arm off o' somethin'! An' do ya think wearin' all this armor with a heavy mane ain't hotter than a volcano in summer? Hoo wee..." Considering that his next opponent has shown his skills, Dio psyches himself up with a bit of a slap to his cheek before preparing his lance and shield. Once the signal is given, he goes off in another full offense!

Elroar barely has time to celebrate before he sees his next opponent. He rolls his shoulders, adjusting his lance and shield quickly before spurring his horse onward "YAH! COME ON!" He Starts down the lane at top speed.

Kalt waits until she's left into the new lane, the Vixen shaking herself before kicking her horse forward once more as she's cleared to attack, leveling her lance with the hopeful intent of another victory...

The skunk indeed doesn't get the most fantastic score. Scoring low for flair, but somehow always managing to go first for reasons beyond people's control, snags that top score there at least. Fenris sure is good at riling up the magic watching crowd! The colors and lights impressing the judges quite a bit. Though Cedric beats Fenris to exploding the last ball. And the sounds of thunder booming has sent the little kids shivering in fright! The guard line clears up now that all three have cleared it. Revealing an empty space. "Ooh, we weren't expecting all of you to make it into the freestyle round! Do whatever you want, and we'll add up the scores later. No time score for this round." The skunk steps in first. Setting up a few equations in the grass and then kneeling to clap at the floor, draining the water right from the ground and coalescing it into a dragon-shape that roars into the sky, exploding into a shower of mist to give everybody rainbows to see wherever they were sitting.

The archer crowd dwindles massively, though things get more successful with each and every shot. The first few failed tragically, the glass orb hollow, and very easily shattered! Surprisingly, a being with a shotgun gets quite the success, his grapeshot decimating the supports of the structure to leave a nest of splinters that catches the orb safely, if only he hadn't cracked it with his shot earlier. Another gets the clever idea to tie burlap to his arrow to try to catch the orb first before taking the structure down, but missing his shot. Only the two Solacious Nobles are left in the running...

Dio and Elroar charge at each other at full speed, though it's Elroar's larger weight that gives him the upper hand, his padded lance slamming at the side of Dio's shield and stumbling him, but not nearly enough to take him off his horse. Both horses are brought to opposite ends for a second pounce. Kalt is having a terrible time with her opponent, who taunts her lack of practice by evading her blow, and then tapping at her side with his lance to taunt her and tell her that she'd have fallen if he were serious.

Fenris smiles up at the display of water magic, not too shabby, but predictable. The tiger begins to go through the motions of a fluid, flowing martial arts kata, drawing air and earth and fire and water around him in a dazzling display. Bits of stone and earth rise into the air before crushing themselves down into dazzling crystals while little multicolored were-lights dance among them and tendrils of water twist and spin in the arial display. Gradually, the display coalesces into a glittering representation of two armed figures, one dark and amorphous and the other a fairly good representation of the Good King in battle armor! The magical figures spin and dance around each other, mimicking the movements of a choreographed battle before the monumental image of the king slashes through the menacing shadow and the whole display rains down in a soft fall of crystalline dust and rainbow casting mist!

Fenris laughs happily at his own magical display and turns to flash Cedric a friendly smile! "Your turn!" he cries, "I can't wait!"

The badger magician rubs his hands together, working through the maths necessary for a big, flashy show. To begin with, he sets the ground near his feet ablaze with a large raging fire, stepping away from it quickly and lifting the earth into a column high above his own head before he draws the water from the ground in a helix encircling the makeshift torch. As the spouts of water cross paths and rise above the flames, he gestures once again to twist the multiple fountains of water together in a spiral above and surrounding the raging flames in the column of earth and he attempts to freeze the columns of water, unsuccessfully. Still, he works with it and raises the flames from the column up into the jets of water and allows them to dance with each other, causing bursts of steam as the flames and water collide. Whatever it was he was originally trying to do probably would have been more impressive.

Cassidy closes her eyes for a moment, taking a deep breath before drawing back her arrow, letting her eyes open as she takes aim at the target. She fires her shot, hoping to take out two of the supports at once to tip it over to the side, while using her air math to try to catch the orb as it falls, letting it come gently to rest against the ground.

Angus lets out his pent out breath slowly as he places his finger on the trigger, commiting to his shot. He had made sure to load his musket with an armor piercing round, and it looks like it will come in handy as he draws a bead on the block right underneath the glass orb, wanting to smash the block into wood chips and splinters as he squeezes the trigger and lets the round fly.

Clank! A lance rams against Dio's shield, causing him to wobble about on his horse while the intense shockwave courses through his arm and shoulder. "Oooh! Ow!" He exclaims while riding towards the opposite wall. "That was a close one! Nearly knocked my arm off I tell ya." Taking a moment to recover, the lion rolls his arm and spurrs on his horse to once again charge at his opponent!

Elroar rounds about, bringing his horse once again to bare down on his enemy. "Damn... That was close... more go! HYA!" He spurs his hors again, the massive komodo once again barreling down the lane at full tilt, his shield pulled up close to him and is body shifted forward. He was not about to back down from one little nudge! (Though that still smarted quite badly...)

Kalt huffs heavily as the rider teases her, the Vixen rolling her shoulders as she makes her way around, and hefts the lance once more... Spurring her horse on with a frantic pace this time, she keeps the tip centered as perfectly as she can to try and slam it full force into the poor man's chest piece!

The judges discuss for a moment and then tabulate the scores....and then decide that Fenris is the eventual winner. Two pretty tigresses head from the stands and lavish him with a medal and a garland of flowers, much to the skunk's furore. Flames surround her hands as she growls and then just blasts a fireball right at the judge stand! Which...fizzles out right before singing their fur.

Angus gets a fine shot off at the figure! Splintering the wooden block, though he's perhaps miscalculated a little, blowing up the wood into chips too fine to give any support for the glass orbs which shatters with a loud clash for everyone. an insult to injury, the air magic inside the hollow orb is released so that the grey fox can hear "Haha!" In an obnoxious tone. Cassidy almost drops the ball with her air spell but catches it juuust in time for the orb to be scratched. And she gets a medal and a wreath from two studly, barechested todds.

The last lance between the two is close...Both padded lances crashing against heavy armor at the same time, but Dio loses his shield and takes a beating at his arm while he lands a cleaner hit, only just knocking the komodo off his horse. Hell hath no fury like a foxen scorned though, Kalt completely outplaying her opponent this time who has let his guard down, sending him tumbling several rolls across the grassy floor and leaving him in a collapsed pile of metal and tangled being! To be quickly evacuated by the medics on hand, and treated with the others. "Hmm." The IC looks to the battered Dio and Kalt. "You two want to go on with the final round?"

Fenris grins and happily accepts the medal and the flowers, taking one of the ladies by the arm. "Cedric!" he calls out to his friend, "I think this lovely lady needs an escort!" The tiger passes a garland of flowers over to his friend with a smile. "Let's go see what the concessions tents have to offer," he says, ignoring the fuming skunk magician. This had been an excellent day!

Cedric accepts the crown of course, looking slightly disappointed. Nobody ever taught him how to make PRETTY magic! Just the incredibly destructive kind! "Well... I could use a drink, I guess... yoo... can keep both your ladies." he says, raising an eyebrow to the tiger as he wanders off with the others. But not before gesturing behind him to light a small fire on the skunk's tailtip.

...Perhaps Cedric is a little more well known than he thinks, the two male badger escorts that were hired tailing after him for a night at the inn, if they got lucky.

Cassidy gives a sympathetic look to Angus before giving him a gentle smile. "So close! You did good, Angus." She happily accepts her medal and the wreath from the two men, giving them a polite nod. "Thank you both!" Her ears twitch for a moment as she looks them both over before looking back towards the joust. She wanted to see how Kalt fared!

Angus frowns a little as he stands and shoulders his musket, chuckling a little. "You win some, you lose some." He sticks his tongue out at his cousin, chuckling a little as he flicks his tail a little as he turns and walks off the grounds.

Dio lets out a growl of pain as another intense shockwave crawls through his body from multiple points. Everything seemed to slow down for a moment as he got rammed into the shoulder, just barely managing to stay afloat as he connects. "Augh! Ooh!" He yells out in pain as he gets off his horse, hand holding at his shoulder to help dull the pain a little. "That's gonna really hurt later. Hoo..." Turning to face his opponent, the lion dips his head and smiles. "That was a good duel, lad. I just got lucky there. A few inches an' I would've been knocked 'cross the arena."

Looking at the IC and then at Kalt, Dio nods and pats his chest. "Ain't one to leave a tournament unfinished. Gotta let the crowd 'ave some conclusion now, yeah? Though, I don't think my arms up fer joustin'. 'ow 'bout a duel on land?"

Elroar gets himsself off the ground, winded, but not injured at all. "Oof, Though that was going to work..." He shrugs, rolling his shoulders. Damn that hurt. He heads off the lane, toward the viewing area, might as well watch what happens next from the sidelines while he gets his breath back.

Kalt nods to Dio as she chuckles, sliding from her steed to pull her sword free from it's sheath before stretching her back. "I'd be appreciatin' that a lot more than runnin' round on a horse an' all... You gonna be fine with that shoulder though? Could go an' even the odds?" The Vixen tapping her left arm before giving a wink, her focus going to the sword to allow the creators flames to ignite along it.

"Ain't too big a problem right now," Dio claims as he rolls his hurt shoulder. "My blood's still boilin'. The real pain won't start 'til I've calmed down, so let's 'ave a good duel!" Searching around, the lion spies his set aside spear and picks it up before heading back to face Kalt. "'sides, ya probably ain't perfect with movin' that new arm o' yers just yet. Sounds fair 'nuff. An' no hittin' the groin area, ya 'ear me!" He claims with a laugh as he holds the spear point out in front of him to tap weapons with Kalt like a handshake should Kalt do the same.

Once they're both nice and ready and the signal goes off for the duel to begin, Dio attempts to make a quick stab towards Kalt's shoulder!

Kalt works to step to the side of Dio's thrust, the Vixen smirking as she turns on a heel to swing her sword down at his left side, knowing plate tended to get thinner along that crucial area. "Maybe so, but I ain't left handed!" Her tail flicking as she eagerly tries for her win!

Angus takes a seat at the sidelines of the combat zone, cleaning the barrel of his musket as he watches the fight before he puts his hands up to his muzzle and shouts at Kalt. "Come on Kalt, take him out!" He shouts insteadddd of the teasing words he wanted to throw at her for her comments earlier to him.

Dio tries to finish the duel quick, jabbing his spear forward straight for Kalt's shoulder. Unfortunatly, the whiff left his sides wide open. Kalt's sword sinks past his armor and singes at his hide, allowing a growing blotch of blood to stain upon his coat. "Gah!" The lion growls out in pain, dropping his spear to the ground. Eventually, he settles down upon his rear, clutching at his side while still grumbling in pain. "Good duel lass, but did ya 'ave to make the sword flamin' too? That stings ya know. Ha ha h- ow, don't make me laugh like that, lass. Gonna need a beer o' eight after this."

The crowd cheers as they see a winner! The Good King himself clapping and then holding out the universal handsign for "GOOD JOB." Kalt is awarded with a medal and a garland as well, along the the two customary todds. "Do you need help?" Medics bring out a stretcher, the lead one asking the lion.

Kalt smiles to Dio and nods, giving him a wink. "Ah, you're big'nuff to go an' take it ain'tcha... An' yeah, you're drinks tonight are on me fella!" THe Vicen turning to give a bow in the direction of the king as the flames upon her sword snuff out and she soon enough sheaths the blade before blinking at the garland, and the male foxes around her. "Uh, well hello to you too!"

Cassidy claps her hands and nods. "Yes, good show, Kalt! And you as well, mister lion!" Lowering her hands again, she turns her eyes skyward and takes a soft breath, letting it out in a soft huff. Not a bad day, really.

Angus stands up and claps for Kalt as well, eyes narrowing a little at the toddes crowding around her as he walks up to her. "Congradulations Kalt, not a bad fight." He stops a few feet away from her and her toddes, crossing his arms over his chest as he smiles.

Dio looks at the medic and nods his head. "A dullin' potion, some 'erbs, hot water, an' some bandages an' I should be alright. Ain't too deep, but we gotta stop the bleedin' soon." Turning towards Kalt, the lion laughs once more, only to find himself growling in pain shortly after as punishment. "O' course, o' course. Gonna take much more than that to bring down Dio the Traveler. I'm gonna go get fixed up an' then we're gonna go get those beers."