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The village was as quiet as ever, a few of the tents that had once held the sick taken down, and packed away... Presumably all the remaining individuals left inside of the healer's building. The light rain filling the streets with mud, and providing a drull atmosphere as inside of the healer's building the Rat is seen working diligently, a box filled with tubes filled with dark black liquid on his desk. His front door is open, providing no impedence for the freeswords, as the majority of the remaining sick appear to be closing in on the doors of their lives themselves, stressing the urgency of the situation. The majority of the sick even appear to be children, making up fifteen of the nineteen remaining patients.

Cassidy makes her way through the rain, a black parasol held over her head and hat to ward off the rain. She didn't mind the weather too much, thought the mud was always annoying, so she floated lightly over the ground as she had the day before. As soon as she slips in the door, though, she touches down again and bows. "I have come to help the last, as promised."

Approaching the village once more, Thel has again abandoned his coat, scarf still over his face. Didn't learn his lesson then. A shovel is held in one hand, laying over his shoulder. Armed more heavily than last time, no musket, but an axe and sword have been added to his arsenal. Dredging through the mud, whistling the same dreary tune as he had previously. Stepping in through the doors, looking at the rat with the same mistrust he garnered recently, then glancing at the a forementioned door. Thel shrugs, waits to be told what to do.

Boxes in each hand, Dio quickly jogs towards the village, eager to escape the rain and the cursed fate of having a water dense mane! But considering the water dripping off his clothes and fur, it was too little too late. Eventually, the lion proceeds into the open building and gives his dripping head a little shake before settling the boxes upon the floor carefully. "Some dullin' potions an' other medical supplies if ya need 'em. I'm also usin' a medical based soul 'gain if ya need any 'elp with anythin'." Curiously, he looks towards the black vials and the remaining patients.

Natska makes her way through the warm, muggy rain, silently following Cassidy to the plauge-stricken village. In deferance to her expected work of the night she has added a white cloth mask of her own, covering her muzzle, but enough of her face is visible to tell she has a solemn expression. Inside the doctor's house she steps off to the side of the door, out of the way, and bows.

Fenris sits in the healer's house, resting his head for a moment on a table where he has settled for a brief rest after having spent the evening and most of the day scrambling to see to the needs of the few survivors. It had been painful to take down those tents, occupied only by the dead. The tiger only prayed that this cure would work. Seeing the others arrive he rises and adjusts his coat. His golem seems to be gone. Probably off on some errand. The tiger gives a sniff as he looks at the inky jar on the healer's desk.

Angus watches the rain drip off the brim of his hat, not minding the weather as he made his way steady towards the village. The rain itself actually calmed him for the most part, letting him focus on the task at hand as he steps into the village. He knew not what Traxico needed of them, but today he was prepared for anything as the butt of his staff thumps against the floor of the house as he walks in and turns to give the rat a nod.

The Rat looks up slowly from his spot to view the group that enters, Fenris' remaining presence having aided him some in the tasks, though if the Tiger saw Traxico sleep at all during that time... The Rat's dilligence and determination wearing greatly on him, as those tired eyes appear just a bit more dulled from behind the mask as he takes a slow breath before speaking. "Thank you. I wish I could have not asked for such help, but those that did not go to the swamp the other day took their opportunity to finally leave. I am afraid all that's left of the village, is myself and these remaining." Traxico pushing himself to his feet slowly with a slight groan as he leans on his cane and moves to the bottles of black liquid. "I've made as much as I could, and need able hands to help feed them to the sick... Hopefully, it shall clear the illness in a few hours I pray... Any else who are willing, I have a grim task I wished to not ask, but I've not the strength to aid in burying the bodies but... Respectful burials would be appreciated." The Rat's gaze falling to the floor as he speaks.

Cassidy gives a quiet nod to her friends and sets her umbrella aside by the door and reaches up to remove her hat. "I'm willing to help you administer the cure, yes. Though if you would rather have my hands elsewhere, I can do my best to dig, as well. I am not so great at that kind of thing, however."

Thelergramor nods. "I'll bury the bodies. I brought a shovel for that, anyway." He gain glances at the door to the other room, curiosity. "But, yes, where are the bodies?" He scratches his bare chest, then puts his hand in a pocket.

Dio walks towards the series of vials and casts a curious gaze upon them. He mulls over the liquid within his mind for a few moments and smiles warmly. "I think I see the logic yer gettin' at with this medicine, lad," he claims before pulling back and looking towards the rat. "Usin' negatives to cancel out the disease o' somethin' o' the sort. That's some good thinkin'. I wish ya the best o' luck." After hearing the old man's task, Dio begins heading for the door, but stops at the doorframe to look over his shoulder for a moment. "Very well. We'll get right to it. A bit o' elbow grease an' earth magic an' we'll be givin' those beings the burial they deserve," he says firmly before walking out and preparing to assist in the grave digging.

"It will be done," Natska replies, her tone strictly business, and nods her head again. She turns then, and follows Dio back out into the rain, ears folding as she follows the lion's lead on the burial detail.

"I have done all I can do here, sir," Fenris says to Traxico, "Your alchemy is flawless and the theory is good. I will leave the living in your hands and help with the dead." He thinks sadly on the rows of dead laid out, waiting to be returned to the dust of Promise. A bitter flashback to old losses. The tiger fetches his broad-brimmed hat and looks out at the rain. "Unless you think I would be any more use here?" he asks wearily, noting the full grave detail and secretly a bit relieved at the idea of avoiding the dead today.

Angus gives the rat a solem nod as he looks to those going out for grave detail. "It would be better to burn the bodies, make sure no one ever has to deal with this disease once more." He states quietly. His ears then flick as he turns to the bottles once more. "How do you wish us to distrubt them?"

Traxico shakes his head gently, hobbling forward some to pick up a bottle as he looks to Cassidy and Fenris. "You may aid inside if you wish, I've no qualms for more hands... But I will not see these bodies burned. They were friends, and like family to me... I will not desecrate what remains of them should this work." The Rat giving a gentle cough before picking up a bottle of the black liquid. "One to each of the sick, pour it slowly into their mouths, and make sure they swallow. If it looks like they are not swallowing, force them to, or you may accidentally drown them." The Rat nodding gently, before bowing softly to Dio. "Please my friend, between math and force, make thirty-one graves... That should hold all the dead. The bodies, are outside behind the building... The soil should be soft, and give way easily." The Rat nodding solemly before holding the bottle he picked up close, and motions those helping him to begin.

Cassidy takes up one of the bottles and moves over towards one of the far patients, leaning over to look down into their face as she pulls the stopper from the 'cure'. "Understood." She slips a hand under the afflicted patient's head, helping to prop them up a little to ease the passage as she brings the bottle up to slowly administer the mixture.

"31? More than my whole village." With that said, Thel heads outside. Making his way behind the building, he looks for a window into the locked room. Arriving with the corpses, the wolf shakes his head, removes his hat, mutters a small prayer, almost a poem, though the pronouns are changed for the large number of corpses: 'No words of love/just light the fire/for those who lie/upon this pyre. For mercy we pray/but for ourselves/not for them/they've left this hell.' While it may not be accurate, 'tis the only prayer the wolf knows. Setting his hat back on his head, he begins digging.

"Right then," Dio says as he walks and talks to meet up with the others behind the building. "Let's get started then. Make sure ya space 'em out nice an' even." Running a few calculations within his head, the lion begins digging out a graves within the dirt with a bit of earth magic.

Natska follows along, and stops behind the building to eye the pile of bodies. Her ears go even flatter, but she patiently waits for Dio to clear a hole in the ground. One the lion has the first hole completed she gives him a curt nod, then starts carefully moving bodies into their graves. "Keep digging, Dio. Thel, could you fill?"

Fenris takes up a bottle of the medicine. "Two poisons to combat another," he says, shaking his head, "With a bit of miracle stirred in, I hope." The tiger imitates Cassidy, carefully lifting the head and neck of one of the afflicted children. He slowly dribbles the serum into the little thing's slack mouth, then closes it and gently strokes their little throat to encourage them to swallow. One. He lays the little head back on its pillow and moves along to the next bed.

Angus shrugs his shoulders as he hides his grim frown under the brim of his hat. "It is not desecration, but I will conscede the point." He answers as he picks up one of the vials to do the same with one of the afflicted. He works slowly, making sure the child swallows every drop as he works quietly.

Traxico nods gently as the group begins working together, slowly moving himself to the back near the door. "I... I cannot watch my friends burn. I am sorry." His voice low and strained as he pushes open the door to a dark room, and bows his head to the group. "... Give me a moment respite, and I shall join in giving the medicine. I fear I will fall soon if I do not sit... And a miracle is what we need my friend." The door gently closing behind him.

Dio's work is easy, the soil parting like it was meant to cave for the bodies as the graves are made in quick succession, all that was left to be done being ensuring the bodies were inside before too much rain flooded it. Thel most certainly does see a window though, and soon enough a small dim light begins to illuminate it, though unfortunatly it's too high to see into.

Cassidy finishes with her first 'patient' and shuffles off to acquire another bottle of the medicine before moving off towards the next patient, repeating the process with the head lifting and the slow administration of the cure. "I do hope this stuff works. Few enough remain as is, and I don't want to lose them, too."

Thelergramor glances up at the window. "I'll fill in the holes, but first... Hold off on the burial for a moment, the dead aren't going anywhere." Sticking the shovel in the ground, He gestures at the window. "I'll be brief with you; I don't trust Traxico. Plague victims are always burned, don't know why, but the diseased are always burned. A doctor would know that. And the why of it. That room, up there? Was locked yesterday. I think. Now, I want to get a look inside. Magic could help, but I'll climb the wall if I have to." He folds his arms. "So, going to help me?" His eyes squint, looking at the other two.

Dio haults his earth magic and turns towards Thel. "The diseased 're traditionally burned, yes," Dio agrees with a solid nod of his head. "But in this case, it would seem the village ain't commin' back. They don't want to live near this swamp anyone an' I can't blame 'em. There's all sort o' nasty things out there. The healer is an interestin' sort, but I think the lad's got good intentions. I looked at the medicine an' it all checks out. It may not work, but it's 'bout the best anyone could do fer dealing with a plague. If he wanted to kill anyone, it would've been best not to call the freeswords o' tell us 'bout that uninfected family. That's just my guess. I've been too trustin' at times, but fer now, I'll continue burryin' these bodies." Giving a small shrug, the lion continues his task and once more puts his earth magic to use for more graves.

Natska turns her head to watch Thel, eyes narrowing. She does not stop her work, though, giving Dio a nod and continuing her task of gently depositing bodies in the holes in the ground.

"Traxico?" Fenris calls out as he moves to his next patient, "Are you alright back there?" He does not think he saw the poor old man rest even once last night. The rat must be on the verge of collapse. "Carry on here," he says to Cassidy and Angus, "I will go see if I can help Traxico." The tiger makes his way back to the old man's room, to see what he can do to make the healer comfortable.

Angus gives gives another solem nod. "As you wish." Is all he states as he grabs another bottle of medicine. Taking off his hat he sighs and walks over to the next kid, forcing them to swallow the medicine as he keeps his thoughts to himself.

As Dio and Natska continue working, it appears Thelergramor's plan is left to him, and him alone. The Wolf left with little options to climb up, besides building a pyramid with bodies, or jumping up and trying to hold as he looked. Natska and Dio however, make a rather curious discovery while they work... For if they take an instant to count, there are only thirty bodies outside. No signs of foot prints leading away from the area as well, so it seems one was just... Absent. Perhaps the Rat had miscounted?

The group inside are given a rare treat, as they begin to view the effects working with surprising haste thanks to Angus' presence... The Blisters decreasing, and rashes slowly clearing up as they begin to breathe with greater ease! It was terrible to know the lives lost to bring it to this, but now it appeared the disease was on the losing end as the sick begin to reject it thanks to the medicine and spirit's aid.

Fenris' own venture into Traxico's room is met with silence at first, the rat not responding even as the tiger opens the door. Inside he'd find a study filled to the brim with books, a single lit candle, and the body of a younger rat, probably only seventeen in age, eyes closed and body still without breath. Above him was Traxico, his tired eyes barely focused as he shakes his head, the liquid he had brought in with him being poured into the dead bodies mouth. "... Come now foolish boy, wake up... Come then..." His motions stilling after awhile as he lets out a drull sigh, and shakes his head.

Cassidy continues along with her work, smiling faintly as the patients seem to be getting better. As much as she liked to keep her stoic image, she couldn't help but give a soft sigh of relief before settling back against the counter, nodding at Angus. "At least... It looks like they'll be alright, huh?"

Thelergramor uncrosses his arms, approaches the wall, looks at the window. The wolf shrugs, disappointed that his allies are not helping him. He takes a few steps back, then rushes forward. Planting a foot on the wall, he attempts to climb up and grab for a handhold near the window.

Dio pauses for a moment and takes a quick headcount. "Strange," he murmurs under his breath. "It would seem that we're missin' a body. I don't think the lad would make a mistake like that fer the village he loves so much, eh?" Before getting to deducing the problem, the lion continues his digging job, hoping to finish it up before things got too muddy or dark.

Natska continues her work in silence, the monotonous task offering her no distractions. She kneels, carefully picks up a wrapped body, cradles it in her arms, and rises to pace her way back to a fresh grave where she kneels again and gently lies the corpse to rest. Then it is back to the pile, and the next body. And the next grave. And the body after that. And the grave for that one. Her ear flicks at Dio's comment and she turns a heavy gaze on the lion, pausing a moment to count remaining bodies; then her gaze moves to the building and she thinks a moment before continuing on her task. "No. He would not. If anything, he would under count."

"Oh, Traxico!" Fenris breathes, though there are obviously no words for a time like this. He hurries over to support the old man. He puts out a hand to the body of the child, already fairly certain that he knows what he will find.

Angus shakes his head. "We won't know until they get back up on their feet, the disease might of permanently damaged something." He states as he rests his staff inthe crook of his elbow, crossing his arms as he looks to the door to Traxico's room, before turning back to Cassidy. "But we did all we could."

Dio's work is finished finally, all thirty one graves dug in the earth, and as Natska works to fill the holes with bodies, they're soon close to completed. Almost every grave holding an occupant, waiting for one sweeping motion to fill them in completely. Thelergramor's efforts are rewarded only slightly, the grip is perilous, and from what he can see, he can vaguely make out the rat, and Fenris over a bed with something inside of it... A body perhaps? It's hard to say.

Cassidy and Angus' work finally seeing the last of the diseased having the cure administered, the work taking hold to clear them of the effects it seems, though the ones first administered seemed to sleeping peacefully by now, and with the door open, Angus no doubt sees Fenris and the Rat, though they obstruct what is on the bed.

Traxico blinks tiredly as he notices Fenris, moving to sit down on a small stool with a ragged sigh as he shakes his head. "Do not worry... I will work harder, I will cure them. This... This failed, but I won't let him--- them, die." The Rat's voice shakey as he reaches up to remove the plague mask, his face tired and worn, with the appearance of a man aged beyond his years as he stares at the floor. "Just... A moment to think, and I will try again." Yet, as Fenris can no doubt tell, the boy is dead as dead can be, having sucombed to the disease long ago it seems... And from the feeling of his body, and appearance, he's definantly been dead for at least a few days.

Cassidy slowly makes her way towards the back room with Fenris and Traxico, hoping to inform them of the good news as she nods again at Angus. "Well, it's better than nothing, certainly." When she pokes her head in, she feels the somber nature and declines to share her enthusiasm, instead opting to say, "The patients seem to be making a recovery, yes."

Thelergramor releases his grip, drops to the ground. "The tiger is in there with him. Probably nothing to worry about then. Still, I don't trust the rat." Thel doesn't voice his reasons, but he expects this village to be filled with 31 undead in a week. Grabbing his shovel, he begins to fill in the graves. "Wait, missing a body? Pfft, rat can't count..."

With the graves all dug, Dio takes a mental break and looks towards Natska. "I'd like to thank ya fer 'elpin' me out, lass. Awfully dark stuff 'avin' to bury bodies like this, 'specially in the rain. Funny 'nough, I didn't think I'd be buryin' bodies 'gain after I became a traveler, but things tend to 'appen when ya decide to take jobs fer the Freeswords I suppose." Walking closer towards the fresh graves, the lion begins covering them up with more earth magic. "The 'ealer seemed awfull sad 'bout his son when he was mentioned. I'm sure the lad's got a good 'eart in 'em."

The jaguar bobs her head in agreement, laying the last few bodies to rest. "Mmhm," Natska says. She takes a moment, watching Dio and Theler filling the graves, and then decides to let them finish as she stands in the rain, hands at her sides.

Fenris gathers the old rat into his arms. "No, Traxico," he says, "it works, you saved them all. Your boy will be so proud of you." He follows the old rat to a chair and helps him to sit. "Look," he says, pointing to the dead youth on the bed, "See how peacefully he sleeps." The tiger flexes a little bit of his kitsune power to cast an illusion on the body of the child. Not to restore life, but to smooth the features ruined by disease, to try to ease the parting. He holds the old man tightly, sharing the old man's grief as best he can. He sits there in silence for a moment before speaking again. "When did he fall ill, Traxico?" he asks, "He must have known how hard you worked and how much you love him."

Angus steps over to the open door as well, poking his head in to look around before taking a step out. He says nothing, instead just leaning against the wall to be able to list in on the conversation between Fenris and Traxico, trying to see what is going on as he looks to Cassidy.

With Thelergramor's aid, and Dio's last work of Earth Magic sees the bodies sufficiently buried within the ground, only the disturbed earth to mark where they lay. Without a plan for the burial, and with the amount of people, in time the grass would grow once more, and the dead would lay resting in a ghost town abandoned by the world, but reclaimed by nature. All that was left for those digging, was to go and let the rest know, and see if the cure did work.

Traxico looks up slowly with urging of Fenris, those tired old eyes filling with a mixture of joy and sorrow as he struggles to stand while tears begin to stream down his face. "H-He was the first ill... F-Foolish boy traveled from the s-swamp sick and ill... I-I tried so hard for him I--" The Rat's gaze turns sorrowfull once more as he lowers his head and shakes his head. "... I am n-nothing to be proud of... The Rat taking a shakey breath before muttering out his words. "T-This is all my f-fault."

Cassidy furrows her brow and leans against the doorframe, trying to scoot over to allow Angus to see in. "Your fault? You work so hard to save the people that you could. Many will get to live and grow to have families of their own because of your work. Why do you think it's your fault?"

Thelergramor sticks his shovel back in the ground, cracks his knuckles, then retrieves said shovel. "Right, done. I'm getting out of this rain." Laying the shovel over his shoulder again, Thel heads back around to the front of the house. Stepping through the door, he looks toward the now open door to the other room. He approaches the group, stays a few feet back, listens in.

"Good work. Time to take a good breather." Quickly, Dio makes his way into the healer's house, once again eager to escape the rain. Water drips heavily upon the floor, especially from his large mane! "It looks like they're pullin' through pretty nicely. Suppose after they're rested an' recovered we'll need to bring 'em to the orphanage o' somethin' an' make sure beings 're warned 'bout this disease. Thanks to the ol' man, if anyone catches this stuff 'gain we'll 'ave a fightin' chance 'gainst it." Wondering further into the room, he peers at the commotion and eventually puts the picture together, studying the scene in silence for the moment.

Natska follows Thel and Dio back around and then into the healer's house. She stands just inside, and to the side of the door, her hands left at her side. She nods at Dio's assessment and her ear flicks, spattering a little water on the wall beside her, and then she speaks softly. "It is nearly done. There is one grave left."

Fenris shakes his head. "No," he says, "this was not your doing. You healed them, Traxicor. You saved those that could be saved." The tiger looks at the now peaceful visage of the dead boy, maintaining the illusion both for his sake and for the old rat. "The First Texts do not say anything about what happens to the soul of a being when they die," he says quietly, still holding the sobbing healer, "But I like to think that they watch us and help us and know that we love them." He lifts the old rat to his feet then carefully wraps the body of the dead youth in the bed linens as he had so many others over the last day. He takes the too light bundle in his arms, nodding to the rest of the group as they arrive. "Let us give his body back to Promise," he says quietly, hoping the others will help the old man along.

"I... I made a mistake. I-I couldn't let my son die, he w-was all I had left, couldn't just let him go." The Rat's gaze moving from the floor to Fenris as he takes a deep breath. "T-The first two b-boys... I tried to use them, they were healthy, strong... I thought I could have it in time, I was wrong, and it--- It spread." His words falling from him with a disgust and hatred as he shuddered. "... I stopped it though, the masks, everything kept it from spreading. I had to stop and save them, c-couldn't just let the village die. I---" His voice stops as he hears Natska, lips pursing as he tries to take a deep breath and shudders. "... I w-wanted my son safe... I d-did it, and my sins are mine. The last grave is not for my son, it is for me."

Angus watches the others walk in, giving them a nod in greeting as he knows the job is done. He states nothing as he listens, his scowl turning a little softer as Fenris and Traxico walk out. "I have seen many pass, some violently. Your son's passing was the most peaceful I seen, he can now rest." He states, standing up as he turns his gaze to Traxico. "The last grave is not for you."

Cassidy glances over her shoulder towards the others that are entering before looking back towards the rat. "What is done is done. You saved several, and they will get to enjoy their lives because of you. You did what you could, and I think that has earned you the right to keep living, yes."

Thelergramor blinks, turns toward the rat. "You did this?" Looking to Dio and Natska: "Told you I didn't trust him." Back at the rat. "You, what, experimented on children, they got sick, infected the whole village then?" He chuckles, that malicious smile crossing his face as the wolf pulls down his scarf. "And it seems your son passed on anyway. I'll put you in the same grave. Save time." He looks to the others, noting any possible objections.

Dio carefully listens to the saddening tale, not quite sure what to think of it all or how to handle the situation. "I see..." The lion mumbles under his breath as his hands grasp an idle chair before settling himself upon it. "I've made a million mistakes an' countin'. Fer a few, the guilt never faded an' I even 'ad thoughts like that to be honest," he claims with a nervous chuckle, hand scratching the back of his mane dense head. "Suppose that means I ain't much an authority on the subject. But what I do know is that we'll be takin' these kids to the orphanage after they're able to move 'bout 'gain. That's all I'm gonna do."

Natska's eyes narrow as she catches the conversation, but she remains silent. At least, until Thel makes his aggressive speach. She takes a step forward and puts a hand on the wolf's shoulder, her touch light. "Thel. The captain and the corporal get to decide what happens. Not us." Her attention tracks back to the rat, and then the other lightbringers, but she refrains from weighing in on the topic.

Fenris turns a hard gaze on Traxico. "No," he says firmly, "Death is for respite and for judgement, not for atonement." He continues to carry the boy slowly and carefully to the doors of the healer's house and looks out of the rain. "You may seek judgement," he says, "But atonement is required." He turns that cold gaze on Thelergramor, "And Traxicor the healer will live to atone," he says before the floor at Thelegramor's feet splits with a loud CRACK! absorbing the wolf's legs up to the knee, locking tightly around his ankles. "We are not judge, jury or executioner," he says, turning to continue his walk to the door.

Angus stands up, fixing Thelergramor a hard glare. "Stand down Thelergramor, Traxico will live." He states, giving a grin. "He will not be allowed respite from his grief, he must realize that he and the Old one that resides in this swamp are one and the same now. Innocent blood is on his hands." His gaze turns to Fenris as he fixes him with a look after the display of magic. "Fenris, bring back up the bodies. We are burning them."

Traxico slumps with ease as Fenris moves with his son's body, the Rat left kneeling on the floor as he listens to the words and shakes his head slowly. "I... You must understand---" His eyes widening at Angus' proclemation as he looks up almost in terror. "N-No! Please! Just let them rest, they don't need that! The village will be abandoned, they've no needs to face the flames, I beg of you!" His body shaking slightly as he looks between them all in panic.

Cassidy snorts and scoops up her hat, settling it on her head again. "I am all three, when it suits me. But I don't feel like it right now. Whoever tries anything, and I do mean anyone, be it Angus, Fenris, or Thel. I'm going to stab you myself. This is not a time for fighting. Besides that, do as you will. I think I'm done here." Collecting her parasol from near the door she steps out and kicks herself up onto the roof with a bit of air math to watch the rest of the proceedings, ready to make good on her warning, should the need arise.

Thelergramor laughs, genuinely amused. "Alright, he'll live." For now. Taking his Axe, Thel starts smashing it into the floor while wrenching his legs violently in an attempt to free himself.

"Hoh hoh!" In a strange motion, Dio claps his hands together softly but a few times before settling back down. "Livin' fer atonement. That's the same conclusion I came up with all that time 'go fer myself. Anyways..." The lion pulls himself out of his comfy chair and takes a long needed stretch. "Suicide now wouldn't be the correct choice. Maybe ya could go into another village an' help them with somethin'. O' maybe spread yer knowledge 'bout disease fer others to learn from. It won't bring anythin' back, but it's sure better than takin' the easy way out. Regardless, I'm gonna 'elp out an then we'll see 'bout organizin' somethin' at the orphanage," he says before heading outside.

Natska hops back at the sudden motion of the floor, and is glad her cloth mask hides the majority of her expression. She stands there for a long moment considering the situation, ear twitching, then turns and follows the others outside. She looks up into the sky, then decides to follow Cassidy's example and uses an air-assisted jump to grab the edge of the roof, swinging herself up as well. She perches there, crouched, and watches the rest of the group.

Fenris sighs, then carefully carries the body around back with the others as the rest of the group follows. He lays the rat boy's corpse carefully on the ground amidst the other graves, then steps back. The tiger closes his eyes and takes a deep breath before laying his hands on the ground and setting to work. His efforts bear fruit almost immediately as the loose gravedirt shifts and the shroud-wrapped corpses lie exposed again on the cold, wet ground. Another push of effort and the shrouded bundles all burst into flame, the heat scorching against the faces of those standing by, even at a distance. Fenris lets out his breath in a huff and stands. "I will stay and see that everything is tended to here," he says, "Please take care of Traxico for me. He will need help for the road ahead of him."

Angus turns on Traxico as he protests, fixing him a cold hard gaze. "I am letting them rest! I am setting them free from the prison you made for them when you set this in motion!" His eyes flash for a moment as his lips split into a fanged smile. "Ser'ther bids me to keep the balance of chaos in check. You took everything from them, and I am doing so in turn." Walking over to the Rat he grabs him by the collar roughly, tugging on him as he forces him to follow. "Come, let us watch your son burn."

Fenris' work is done without hitch, the fire carrying on despite the rain as Angus grabs Traxico by the collar. The Rat doesn't have the fight or energy to resist, and is easily dragged along outside as Angus speaks, his ees clenching shut as he whimpers slightly. "N-No! Please, don't! I'm b-begging you! Just let him be, let them all be please!" The Rat's eyes feverishly concerned.

Cassidy shuffles to the side, letting her parasol cover Natska as well. "I was expecting a glum day, but this turned out to be less satisfactory than anticipated, wouldn't you agree? So much tension and aggression coming up out of nowhere. But at least no one seems to be trying to do anything. Although..." An idle thought passes through her head about seeing how effective her lightning would be on one of the ones below, but it goes as fast as it came.

Thelergramor manages to free himself, slamming his axe into the wall out of spite. "Fucking tiger..." He pulls the ace out the wall, grabs the nearby plague mask. "At least I got the mask... Ha." He leaves the building, just to watch the rat suffer. "Hey, you old bastard, I'm keeping your mask." He laughs, looks up at Cassidy, turns to watch the rat squirm.

Dio secures his hands within the saftey of his pockets. "Bodies burned, medicine givin'... That's 'bout as far as my job goes. Justice an' such is up to the Lightbringers. "Nice workin' with ya all an' good luck. I'm gonna start 'eadin' back an' tell the orphanage to prepare fer some more occupants in the near future." After a heavy wave, the lion turns around and begins his walk out of the village.

Natska quietly grunts, pulling the cloth mask from around her face, wadding it up, and throwing it down at the fire below. She frowns, tail lashing back and forth, but when she speaks again her tone is quiet, meant for her friend. "Glum. Yes." She pauses, and looks down at her arms. "I am... unclean. I will have to burn everything on the way back. Or something." She sighs. "Do we need to linger?"

Fenris shakes his head. "So much hate," he says quietly to himself, allowing the raging flames to die down, revealing only the hardened, stony ground below, all else burned away. "It brings no justice, and no hope," he murmurs as he carefully uses a last little bit of magic to etch one word into a large stone left on the burnt ground. "BELOVED" He turns to face the others. "I will take charge of Mister Traxico, Quartermaster," he says, to Angus, "If it is all the same to you." He reaches out to support the shattered old man.

Angus shakes the old man. "Your words fall on deaf ears, I will not relent. This is your doing, your fault, and you will live with it for the rest of your very. Long. Life." He states calmly, his voice hard and nearly silent as he offers the Rat to Fenris. "This is not done in hate Fenris, it is done in retribution. You may hate me, and resent me for it if you wish, I will not fault you." He lets the old man go before turning around. "I believe it is time we head back."

Traxico doesn't fight the shaking, the Rat limp and without fight before beign given over to Fenris, his voice shakey and worn. "... Just... Leave me here. Let me be forgotten." The rain washing over the stone Fenris had revealed below, and as it began to pick up in intensity, it did indeed seem it was time to head back to the city for them all.

Cassidy turns her eyes down to the ground for a moment before sighing again and reaching out to wrap a free arm around Natska. "We can go, yes. Do not let it weigh so heavily on your heart. We'll sleep on it, hm? And tomorrow we'll get together and talk over tea, once we've had time to let it settle. Now let us go home." Before she makes her depart, though, she kicks up a bit of localized wind to try to yank down Angus' pants.

Dropping his axe through its loop on his belt, Thelergramor chuckles. "Yes, let's go back. I'm tired of this village... and the smell of burning corpses does nothing for my mood. I'm not Calisiel." Another chuckle, approaches Trax and Fenris. He leans in to whisper to the tiger. 'Don't you ever try to trap me again.' He then backs away, waits for the rest to pass by. Removing his hat, he sets the plague mask on his face, then replaces his hat. "Heh, I love it already."

Natska's eyes widen a little at the final display, but she doesn't hang around to witness the aftermath; the jaguar leaps from the building, lands lightly, then starts the long walk back to Firmament.

Fenris ignores Thelergramor's threat and sits on the damp ground, helping the old man settle beside him and placing his broad brimmed hat on the old rat's head to keep off the rain. "We never really lose them, you know," he says gently, "We always find them right where they were when we left them." He sits in silence for a while with the shattered Traxico, simply looking at the slowly dampening ground. He understood why Angus had done what he had done, but it was terrible all the same. After another moment or two of silence, he puts an arm around the old rat. "Just imagine a stone monument here," he says, "A vault where those you have lost can rest in peace. Where you can always come to find them." The tiger smiles a bit, as if he can really see the vault. "Wouldn't that be a wonderful thing?" he asks gently. Then he just sits quietly in the rain as the others depart.

Angus was walking away, washing his hands of the situation...When the very air itself takes his trousers and pulls them down in mid-stride, tripping him up and making him fall face first into the mud! The fox sputters after he rolls over, glaring in the groups general direction as he pulls his trousers back up, picks himself up, and heads back to Firmament.

The scene is departed by the group with the exception of Angus fixing his pants at first before leaving, and Fenris with Traxico, the Rat nodding silently to the Tiger's words as they were left to sit out in the rain for a good period of time. The small village barely worthy of a name, all but abandoned with expection of the survivors whom would be sent to orphanages, and one broken rat left to rummage through the streets until death takes him.