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Marie has places her hood back on as the Carts have been repaired and another cart with more tool for the caravan to Use. As the carts continue to trave the wasteland that is the Drytongue flats. The Blackback pulls out a parchment and does inventory while she waits, I takes another hour before they arrive before Marie asks everyone that isn't on the black backs payroll to line up outside the Caravan. "Alright! Let me reintroduce myself, I am Marie blackback for those who are just arriving, We are standing before the ruins of the Mad Regar, This is an event that we never would have tought to happen considering that the castle just disappear during a siege over many years ago." She look at the Castle that is sitting in a deep basin, "One of his most notible talents was dealing with curin folk, creating bone dragons and his crimes. We have not entered inside because we aren't stupid enough to go without powerful armed guards and talent folks of the Freeswords. We will be doing this whole mission blind, We are looking for a shard of Lunar crystal the size of a head. Now please once more introduce yourselves and tell me your talents." The hooded blackback asks softly underneath her hood giving a eerie green glow.

Bite giggles profusely and shakes her head. "You remember sssweetie. I'm Bite, I'm a mage first and foremost, along with a treasure hunter." she hisses with a fanged grin. She sways a bit as she talks and stretches when she finishes, looking around.

Angus chuckles as he crosses his arms. "Angus Solacious, skilled swordsman and I'm good with a musket as well." His twin tails wag behind him as he rests his hand on his saber and looks around at everyone.

Ryusho bows slightly then stands up straight, "Ryusho, Retainer of House Ironsoul, and Expert Craftsman and Journeyman, capable of both combat and skilled field repairs."

Tilly looks to Angus briefly before turning back to the blackback "Mathias Tillson, retainer of Solacious, athleticaly inclined and skilled in the art of consealment."

Travis tilts his head, looking at the figure curiously, befores speaking in a soft voice. "My name is Travis, and I'm a archer and learning to be a field medic."

Ictus hmms? and smiles as he nods to Angus in agreement, "Ictus Solacious, skilled scout and bladesman." he checks his blades and other equipment to make sure everything is ready

One of the newer arrivals to this group, Mazurek does not say a thing until such a time that it is his turn to speak. A silent guardian, so to speak, the dragon keeps pace with the wagon(s) well enough during the trip. When everyone has introduced themselves he clears his throat softly before stating, "My callsign is Private, First Class..." It is here that he pauses, looking to the group while cracking a smile, "...Lunch, of House Solacious. My abilities are currently that of the Ninja. I have almost mastered the art of crafting, if that is a concern at all."

Selena clears her throat, a disdainful glance to Ryusho. As she waits for her turn to address the Blackback, she quietly mutters something across to the Tegu. Her turn up, she replies to Maries a little curtly; "Selena. I should hope you know me; I pulled the shadow pendant research off the ground and actually got the ball rolling for you." The wolfess rolls her eyes, glancing back across the new faces.

"Mage, Swordfolk, Crafter, Exercise addict, Archer, Scout, Ninja, Investor." Marie nods and sighs, "Well I guess I will be needed. Now here is the plan, We will go in everyone will do whatever they do best and for the love of the Creators please make sure that you keep the folk around you safe. We wan't this to be a casualty-free trip." She grins and begins to walk to the doors of the sunken palace. "I remember you but I wanted us all to get aquainted." She called back to Selena as she looks over the building that looks like it was was only a few months old at best. The castle seem perfectly perserved and at the front door was a strange set of math circle. "Hmmmmm Lets see seems like a trick to it." Four circles of the colors Red, Blue, yellow and green sit outside a center circle of white.

Bite giggles profusely, ignoring the blackback's ignoring her and calling selena a pure investor, she moves towards the door and inspects it, before working out some air and fire mathmatics, instructing lightning to strike the white circle. She sways a bit and stretches as she does so, ready to get into action.

Angus nods and turns slight to Tilly. "Don't hurt anyone unless they need it okay?" He asks before he turns back to the group and followed. Bite's display of magic recieves a suprised blink from the Kitsune as he tilts his head and stares at the door.

Ryusho hums quietly as he was going over the few magics he knew in his head as part of being an elemental dragon and thinking about how it might work out but then jumps slightly at bite's display as he look sover, not sure what she was doing but going to stay out of the way as he scoots to the side a bit, just because he wanted to avoid getting hit by a stray shot since the magical side would still cause injury at least partly as he looks back to the door

Tilly draws his tattered cloak around him and moves to stand behind his employer silently nodding in reply to the fox. Then catching sight of the resultant flash from Bite's use of magic he backs up a few steps not particuarly found of magic or its users.

Travis takes a curious look around, and gives a light hmm. He watches what is going on, but stays a distance away, in case something blows up, not really sure what sort of traps the place may have.

Mazurek notes the stallion's tattered cloak while he follows at the rear of the group, "You know, you could get something better than that. Mathias, was it?" He eyes Ryusho briefly before returning his focus to the Horse, "I could help you with that if you don't have something ordered already."

Selena scoffs at the blackback's response. "Marie. If you remember me you wouldn't be calling me an 'investor'. I'm only doing a lot of the work on that pendant." She replies irritatedly, pacing to a safe distance from Bite after the electrical burst. "I'm a taskmage and a spellcrafter, not someone with a few crowns in your pocket. Now, let's get moving." The wolfess grumbles.

The Display cause Marie to dive out the way before the math could do more to damage her body than a little sparks dancing off of her mathmagical robes. "A little warning please. And I apologize after the last experiment that took my eyes and left me in a two coma, I've forgotten alot." She says dusting herself off before whistling as the doors reform into large elementals the size of a building that step aside. The inner room smells of death as dozens of skeletons of dead folk that seem to have died almost perfectly in the positions they were last at in front of a large dinner table. To the right is something that looks like a giant tumor growing out of the wall to the left is a door mark with a medical symbol and to the north is a room with a picture of eye above it. In the center of the dinner table is a goblet that is filled with a glowing liquid that illuminates the entire room. "Something isn't right here." Marie says her eyes fixated on the tumor like growth coming from the side of room, it is currently pulsing like a heart beat.

Bite smiles as her math does the trick, swaying as she moves inside. She stops to inspect their surroundings, and once she determines the tumor isn't trying to get off the wall and kill them, she looks to the glowing liquid and then the door with the eye above it. "As long as it isn't trying to kill us I think we should leave it alone sssweetie." she hisses before looking the room over again and hissing "The doors are fine sssweeties but the skeletons are trapped somehow."

Angus blinks as Bites magic manages to do the trick, but the sight of the skeletons and the tumor causes him to stop in his tracks. Drawing his sword his eyes narrows as he watches the tumor pulse. "...anyone else think that is massivly creepy?"

Ryusho mrphs quietly as he leans forward and slowly walks up a bit as he grunts softly, "...Very unsettling..." he says quietly, "Not to mention the scent of death is heavy now that the door is open, that does not help with the atmosphere at all..unless you want dead, dying and incredibly creepy..." he says quietly....making a bit of a face even though he still looks like he is currious.

Tilly turns his head to Mazurek nodding and thanking him quietly before looking to the doors as open, moving up to rejoin Angus and seeing the fox drawing his weapon follows suit but keeps the weapon concealed. Then he enters the building running a hand along the table as he walks its length briefly stopping to investigate the glowing liquid.

Travis gives a little ooh as he watches the door open, and he makes his way forward as well, making sure his bow is at the ready as he starts to walk over to Bite, looking around carefully with wide eyes, a little shiver running through him. "This place looks creepy, and I do not like the fact that there are skeletons here, not when the guy was known for animating them."

Mazurek eyes the doors as they become a pair of elementals, looking to each of them on the way by, "That's a fine way to guard your tower. Attack those visitors who don't know the key." Then he sees what everyone else sees...and he steps right up to the table but touches nothing, "These skeletons...they died in their seats?" He then eyes the Tumor-like thing that some are commenting over, "What do we make of that thing?"

Selena Nods back to Marie skeptically, then directing her attention to the door to the left, then over to the tumor - though she holds her immediate movement as Bite announces a trap. The wolfess keeps herself a little more attentive as she paces across the floor, nonchalantly replying to Ryusho; "Not really, no. It's certainly strange, but..." She shrugs, then looks a little more concerned as she pokes about the tumor. "There's something inside here, Guys. I'm going to cut off some of the first layer and see if... whoever it is is alive. We might be able to get some information from them."

The tumor lets out a pained scream as Selena cuts away a small portion. Inside of the first layer is torn away to reveal a salamander head he looks at Selena inside of the aminotic fluid and mouths something with a look of desperation before the turmor screamn again and another thicker layer grows over it. As this happends a nasty wet noise lands behind the group as they look notic that about them is dozes of fleshly turmors being attended to by elemental made of blood. The elementals don't seem to notice the group below them yet. Marie looks up in disguest, "I think she should get away from this room and fast." Marie begins examing the doors, "I don't think I like the idea of seeing either rooms if they are any worse than this one but what would hold the lunars crystals we are looking for. My vote is on the medical door, what do you all think since I won't be able to help much with fighting I will trust your judgement more than my own in all matters of danger and exploration."

Bite shakes her head. "The eyeball. Eyes represent many things, and this used to be above ground on the desert. It could be the library, an observatory, but sssweetie with what this place is known for, and what i've seen thus far I don't want to go into a medical room." she hisses.

Angus follows Marie's gaze up to the elementals, before his gaze snaps to Tilly and the table as he remembers Bites words. "Mathia ..get away from that" The eyeball door gets a curious look from him, before he just shrugs. "Either way will still have to find the crystal."

Ryusho very slowly nods in agreement with Bite, "I definately do not want to go into -medical- considering what I have seen.." he says softly, but..of course had hee seen the salamander, he looks around, "SHoulnd't ...we try to save any who are stuck here though if we can? I mean if there are any who are -alive- that we could rescue?" he may add, just for the sake of it, ".....but yes..I don't want to be here any longer then nececary after that...even if..I would like to save anyone who may somehow be trapped here...if there are anyone..that count as being alive.."

Tilly looks back over his head towards Angus then removing his hand from the table and moves back over by the fox stopping to watch Selena go to work on the tumor paying close attention to the movements of the salamanders mouth hes able to make out what he was saying afterwards asking to no one in particular "who is lord Regar" turning to the rest of the group hoping for an answer.

Travis looks around a bit, giving a little shiver as his gaze goes around the room, blinking a bit as he sees that there is someone inside the tumor. His eyes widen a bit, as he looks around carefully, his fur frizzing up as he grips his bow tighter. "I do not like it here, not at all. Best bet is to get what we came from and get out with out disturbing anything, who knows what could be trapped here."

Mazurek looks from one of the doors to the other after events start unfolding. With the slight argument going on about which door to take he can't help but wonder something. Moving his way around the tumors that have dropped from the ceiling, unless they're all in one place, he heads over to the medical door and tries going through it. He doesn't tell anyone of his intentions, though it might be to do a little investigating on his own.

Selena looks back to the eye for a moment, then back to Tilly. "He was insane. Now's not the time to explain." She murmers back to the horse. "I'll explain what I know after we're in a safer place." The wolfess comments. "Bite, the eye here was from an old apostate clan. Tried to resurrect their members from the dead. I don't think that's a good path either." She replies, pointing out some other symbols on the eye.

The group following Mazurek doesn't make it very far before the emblem above the door glow and the door shuts behind them. The sound of dripping blood reaches everyone ears as a few normal elemental are cleaning the room. "Yes. Yes." A small mouse with a set of tools is cutting into a fleshy tumor that is screams, "There we go now the flesh production will increase so much more." The mouse chuckled before turning around. "Who are you?" His face is nothing like a mouse more draconic in appearance. "INTRUDERS!?! ALERT THE LORD WE HAVE A WAY OUT!?!" The moust laughs giddely as he preforms a complex dark magic gesture and the fleshy tumor pounces on him and covers him a strange living armor his body turning more draconic till there a strange fur covered dragon with no flesh and blood oozing out of its mouth. The dragon hits a circle of math on the nearst wall which causes the door to seal up behind the group. "I can't wait to see what sort of things I can do with a fresh flesh." The draconic abomination screams.


The draconic mouse dies but the battle has damaged ceiling is great and the roof collaspe causing sand to start rapidly pouring into the room. Outside the room the medical emblem glows and opens the doors again. The sand is rapidly filling up the room as the group is forced to make a choice between being incased in sand or dasing for the now open door. The group outside is standing before a irriated Marie, "Any to think without any common sense they go charging in to to a room. We have to clue what could be in here. What part of unexplored don't those folk get?" She hears the commotion and sighs, "I hope that them coming back and not something worse." She growls as the doors fling open and sand poors into the room. covering the whole bottom of the room before the sand in the medical room is filled to the top and the main room has two feet of sand filling it. "The Creators give me strength." Marie says while holding her hand against her temple.

Bite hisses disatisfaction. She takes the time she has to inspect the eye for any clues, making no sudden moves since the creatures were still in the room. "They're idiots sssweetie..." she hisses and shakes her head.

Angus walked back out of the medical room, trying not to trip and fall on the sand, and flicks some blood off of his sword. "Well we learned one thing atleast...Lord Regar is still around somewhere." He grumbles, taking a step away from the doors to give room for the others to enter.

Ryusho grumbles as he wades out of the sand a bit himself, and gets ontop of it sighing as he wipes his axe and blade down, half hearing the 'idiots' comment, "..Can't blame me...The more noble folk went into the room, and so I had to follow, as an Ironsoul Retainer, I am sworn to protect noble and common alike, and in this case....following out of duty....even though I wanted to stay as far away from that room as possible...and hope I don't have nightmares of that...dastard that I saw within it."

Tilly following after Angus he turns to the fox asking "earlier that thing said that everything here is meat for lord Regar... im thinking these things most likely have something to do with that."

Travis gives a little rumble, shaking his head some as he notices the others go into the medical room, the room that was said to be bad to go into. He winces a bit as he hears the sounds of combat, shaking his head, and then snorts a bit. "Sucidal idiots. If the thought process of nobles is doing such things, I can understand why there is such a outcry against them going on right now, they have no common sense."

Ictus grumbles as he dashes out of the room after the others and looks to Mazurek furiously, "On a scale of one to ten of stupid, that was at least a seven." it's a very harsh whisper as he doesn't want to alert the other creatures in the other room, but loud enough so everyone else can hear. Though he nods in agreement with Angus at his comment, he looks over at Travis' assessment of them and shakes his head, "I only wanted to pull them out..."

Sometimes it is good to be a dragon, and this is one such case. There is no fear of suffocation by the Iguana-dragon and he, quite literally, takes his time in leaving the medical room, making sure that everyone else is out ahead of him. Being able to hold your breath for however long is necessary sure helps a lot. Casually brushing off the sand from his body he remarks just after he is scolded by Ictus, "We took care of one major threat by going in. You can now save the souls trapped in those things, provided the elementals don't assault us. Anyone for some more Chivilry today?"

Selena rolls her eyes. "You mean to imply you didn't choose to walk into the room, Ryusho?" She replies nonplussedly, gesturing to the apostate's room. "Are we going to check this room now, or are we going to try and pull the salander out of the tumor over there? And let's not forget the 'trapped skeletons' you may well have disturbed with that sand." She comments annoyedly, then turns to the other dragon. "Mazurek, pull your creator-forsaken head on before you screw something up and get someone killed." A slight nod to Ictus and she murmers across to the Solacious fox. Her tone is audible; flat and entirely unimpressed.

The room has settle down as as the group is finally reunited and Marie sighes, "Alright. I will have to eat my words. I obviously hired a few that would perfer to play with fire. " The Skunk sighs and removes her hood. "Will try this the other way, I'm going to open the door those with long range weapons or math are going to have them trained on the door. If I dive out the way keep attacking." She grumble and gently opens the door peaking inside before her jaw drop "My...Goodnesss." Inside the room is an enomous dragon laying on a medical table big enough to build a house on. Various tools seem to have been using on her and some are even still sticking out of her, her ribcage is open exposing her organ to the world. The dragon is still breathing and the moment the skunk steps in the door the dragons begins to struggle in fear and growl. On the other size of the dragon is a door, there doesn't seem to be any guards at all.

Bite holds her math at ready, nodding to the skunk and ignoring the excuses presented by the rest of the party. She eyes the dragon with a curious look, her experience with dragons has not been a good one thus far, this could get ugly. If it moves she intends to unleash her prepared spell upon it.

Angus turns to Ryusho as he walks out of the room and quirks an eyebrow. "Talk to me about nightmares when you face down a shadow that could easily slaughter a dragon." Nodding to the skunk he trains his musket on the door and waits for something to jump out, but when no threats seem to present themselves he lowers the musket, and turns to the dragon. The last one he had met was not at all a friendly one so he was very wary of the dragon, so he kept his musket at the ready just in case it decided to get any ideas.

Ryusho gasps softly as he almost steps forward, "Oh my god..." he says softly, ".....Oh god..I'm so sorry..." he says quietly as he instinctively almost steps past the group 'talking to the dragoness quietly, as he looks over her slowly but from a distance, his tone changing -completely- compared to the rather strong, dragon that helpedprotect them earlier, this almost is a very worried, cautious, -scared for someone else- seeming dragon, as he mrphs, continuing to look over her, as he cringes, "By the creator, I'm so sorry,Why would someone do this to a Dragoness like yourself..." he says quietly towards it, as he shifts, though keeping his movements slow, his voice quiet, calming almost naturally in tone as he ..literally lookes a mix of horrified and actually shockignly distraut, a less common look as in it is 'depressing' to him to see this.....I suppose he does feel rather...closely linked to his dragon side as he normally says....

Tilly waits for a moment after the door is opened then with nothing happening as a result moves closer to get a better look. after observing for a moment he moves back to stand with Angus asking the fox "so what do you thinks going on here? its like everything is being harvested for its flesh..."

Travis watches carefully as the door is opened, and a little gasp escapes from him as he is able to see just what is in that room. He gives a little shiver, flinching back at that sight, a low growl coming from him. "I understood that this guy liked animating skeleton dragons, but I did not know he did it to the dragons while they were alive!"

Ictus looks at Selena and sighs in defeat with a shake of his head, he'll explain it later if she'll listen. He looks back to Maz and glares at him, "You could have at least told us what you were doing." he readies his crossbow and trains it at the door and what may be behind it, he blinks at the creature behind it and keeps his bow trained on it, "It looks like an experiment of some kind... Doesn't look hostile... Maybe if we help it, it'll help us?" he looks to the others curiously for their opinion

The Iguana-dragon turns his gaze directly upon the wolfess, Selena, while the next door is about to be opened, "It was my full intent to go in alone if you didn't notice. The others were not forced to follow me in, so it is not I who got them in danger. They got themselves in it of their own free will." A slight nod follows that and he gazes into the new room, eyes widening a bit upon seeing the state of the dragoness, "Don't count on any help from that one. Her organs are exposed and she will most likely kill herself if she did not accept any healing. Also, Ictus? Wait until later for the scolding, if you would. Besides, of those here only you have the true right to do so. Well, you and Angus, anyway." He has nothing to help the dragoness with but he does move close to the door, yet off to the side, in case folks are going in.

Selena shakes her head slowly as the doors reveal the dragon. She quickly paces over, offering a flask of dulling potion to the creature before taking a close look at the dragon's internals, a frown slowly crossing her face. "Is anyone here familiar with dark magic? There's some spells on her organs here." she calls, gesturing to several sections of skin. "She's otherwise fine. I can try and look at the formulae, but tampering with them on a live subject... No."

The Dragoness give a blood curdling scream as a large tumor start to form in her open wound before a large pitbull male erupts from the wound gasping for his breath and looks at the group. "Hmm." He peer down at the group with bright red eyes as his body slowly starts to form scales. "Well... This is odd. I might have been in her flesh too long." The dragon is still screaming he calmly walks out of her entrail and hops off the table with a wet splat as the animotic fluid spill off of his body. The dragon is still screaming and thrashing in agony, "What year is this?" The bulldog asks simply to both Selena and Ryusho.

Bite eyes the bulldog for a few seconds before flashing a wicked grin and raising her hands, erupting them in an intense charring flame. "I'll take a look at the dragon in a minute sssweetie." she hisses.

Angus eyed the bulldog down the sighs of his musket and growled lowly. His eyes flicked to the rest of the group before he looks back to him. "Give me one good reason for telling you what year it is?"

Ryusho would almost freak out as he almos tseems to charge formward, and....he seesm to not -notice- the bulldog..or whatever that thing is..he is moving towards the dragoness, as his mind seems to either of snapped logically or -something- as he seems to have one very simple goal in mind..Help this poor dragoness....just -help- her...He konws some medical stuff, he has dullingpotions out the ass of some incredible quality that he has leanred how to make....and he has dedication...and is damned sure.....but one thing is certain, he seems to be almost oblivoius to the fact of growing agression to the one......

Tilly watches in horror as the bulldog emerges from the dragons open chest cavity and without thinking he immediately lunges forward towards the canine intent on lodging his shiv within the dogs skull but he stops short as his target erupts into flames, startled he leaps backwards dropping down into a crouch and catching himself with his free hand as he looses his balance.

Travis gives a low growl as he watches the bulldog coming out of the dragon. He lets out a snarl, raising his bow up, drawing back a arrow, defently not liking the looks of what is going on, his eyes narrowed out of anger as he gets ready for combat.

Ictus blinks as the tumor grows and growls low as he levels his crossbow at the bulldogdragondemonthing, his finger dangrously close to pulling the trigger as he looks on, "I don't see any reason to tell him anything cousin..." he blinks as Bite sets the dog aflame and sighs as he watches the burning flames for signs of movement

Mazurek finally enters the room with the rest of the others just as the Bulldog is bursting forth from the dragon's innards. He can't help but note the other dragon's actions in moving to save the bound female. Leave it to him to be concerned over a stranger... Then the flames erupt and he, too, gets ready for combat. In fact, he joins in with the assault immediately, spitting out a blast of lightning into the flames.

Selena gestures to the bulldog. "You will give us answers. I imagine you know Regar." she growls, pacing back over to Ryusho with her medkit. "Watch it, Ryusho. We need to sedate her first." she calls to the tegu-dragon, silently cursing the abomination of a situation.

The Pitbull look at Angus, "I guess the best reason is because I don't-" In an instant his body is caught in flame. "AHHHHHH!!!!" He screams and stumbles backward before collasping on the ground and thing he stand up again as a large ball of lighting hits him. The pitbull begins laughing, "Heh that hurt... Alot. I'm guessing my friends didn't conquer Promise like we expected." He stands up his body still burning as his skin peals away in crumple peices to reveal golden scales. The pitbull hops on the platform and dives back into the flesh of the dragon who screams in agony again as a large shape is seen moving under her flesh as she screams her throat raw. The sicking sound of her own body putting out the Pitbull flames is heartwrenching.

Bite tilts her head and smiles. "Sssweetie you can't hide in there." she hisses very loudly, tracking the movement and working out some earth magics, attempting to manipulate the minerals in the bulldogs body to curdle.

Angus growls and turns to Tilly. "If he comes out, aim for the eyes." He tosses Tilly his musket as he draws his saber and moves to stand next to Bite, waiting to see what she will do to remove the bulldog from the dragon's body.

Ryusho would barely be lucid enough to hear Selena as he would look to her, when she speaks up and nods feverishly, "Okay fune just..-help- Please.." he says, his voice almost pitiful, -begging- as he would listen to her commands, following dead on to the letter as he follows though aiding as he can almost sometimes before she can tell him what he needs to do, as he realises certian things without being told, thankfull for at least the medical training he has, though his dire 'need' in a way to help the dragoness, is also greatly helping recall medical knoledge he probably would not remember easily but then againa crisis situation can do that to some people sometimes.

Tilly turns to face Angus momentarily as he hears the fox speaking to him, catching the pistol as it tossed to him. He then turns back to the dragon's reaching into the open chest cavity with his right arm in attempt to grab the bulldog.

Travis frowns even more as he watches the bulldog jump back into the dragon. He lets out a low snarl, watching the movemnt in the dragoness' belly that he assumes is the bulldog, waiting for it to become visable. "OK, that's it, no mercy for this cretain!"

Ictus winces as the bulldog dives into the dragonesses body and shakes his head as the two work to save her, it's a noble effort but he fears it to be a lost cause as he steps further into the room and tracks the movements inside the dragoness with his crossbow

Mazurek was not about to let the canine get away. When it becomes clear that he isn't going to be fighting fair, so to speak, the iguana-dragon goes for a more direct approach and reaches into those very warm guts to seek to extract the dog from the dragoness. Yes, he's actually going to rearrange the guts if he really has to.

Selena looks back at Ryusho a little awkwardly at the pleading, though she nods. "I don't want to leave a being to suffer." squickly infusing a large volume of sedatives into the dragoness's bloodstream, having Ryusho assist with the chemicals. the rest is comparativel simple - implements passed back and forth, careful incisions made and wounds kept clean through the best form of aseptic tehnique available to the wolfess and tegu, quickly removing several strange objects tainted with mathematical perversions - sources of the problem that the wolfess sets aside for examination. "Get out, Mazurek, or so help me I will burn you to death!" She yells at the interfering dragon.

The dragons starts to relax as the sedatives take there effect, The creature on the inside is moving about rapidly before bites math causes the creature to lock up as its bones swell up. Things seem to going well before Tilly and Mazurek manage to reach inside of the dragon to pull out the malform bulldog, The dragon even under the affects of sedation gives an pained moan as the bulldog reaches out and digs his hand into the dragons heart for purchases and ends up pulling away a fist size chunk of flesh spraying the horse and the iguana in a fountain as blood before the heart starts to beat slower and slower before the dragon on the table expires.

Bite notes the death of the dragon, and the removal of the parasite by the foolhardy duo, and decides enough is enough. She reaches a three tentacles up, one each to slap Mazurek and Tilly, and one to slap the removed being from their grasp before she sets them ablaze, trying to focus most of her efforts on their insides. She sways a bit as she works, her dissapointment in this development just presenting itself in a malicious grin. She seems to be humming.

Angus steps right up the the burning bulldog and rams his sword straight into his heart. With a vicious snarl he twists the blade before pulling it out of him with a shove of his foot.

Ryusho stands there, freaking out, as he tries, and -tries- desperately, to save the dragon, wasiing potions, trying -everything- but when she dies he stands there, for several seconds before he turns slwoly, drawing both of his weapons as he looks at the ones who -caused- the death, Oh the bulldog is dead, BUt you shouldn't interfere with surgery like -two people did- ...and he is staring at them with -MURDER- in his eyes right now

Selena growls loudly, turning to face Mazurek and Tilly "What did I just say, you idiotic wretches!?" She yells, And with a snap of her fingers an imtense column of fire envelopes Mazurek and Tilly. "You idiots! I can not believe your sheer audacity!" She rants as th fires rage, readying herself for another cast.

Travis looks around, frowning some, and then gives a little snort of disusst as the battle against the bulldog turns into infighting among the group, and he lowers his bow down, and turns his back to them, tail flicking behind him as he lets out a soft rumble.

The Malformed bulldog screams at the fire coursed over him his scales not formed enough to protect him his screams ring out louder and louder before Angus blade silences the bulldog forever. The body dissolves in a nastly bubble as the math starts to break down and with it his flesh. Marie shakes her head and says a silent prayer for the dragon watching her group attack each other she decides to stay out of the way and follow through to the next room. "Aha!" In the next room is a large lunar crystal sitting on a pedastal with a skeleton of bone dragon that is plated in metal studded with even more lunar crystal. The bone dragon looks to three times the size of the living dragon in the previous room. It doesn't seem to be away but Marie is not risking steping any further than the doorway. "What to do now." She looks back at the group and wonders if they is better off dragging a few researchers from the caravan to take a look.

Mazurek works with Tilly to get the intruder out of the dragon's body. They are successful, but not entirely so as the one they were wanting to save from further torment is killed in the desperate last efforts of the dog to save himself. The next set of events is not entirely unexpected, but the manner in which it is done does take him off-guard. The slap by the tendril could be considered nothing like the sudden column of flame that descends upon him and the stallion. He cries out while he backs away from the group, "What would you have us do, leave him inside her where he could have tormented her?! I did not wish for her to die, either!" He continues to back toward the entrance door, more than certain that the others are not going to see it in that light.

Ictus shakes his head at the wasted life and blinks as Selena lights the two on fire, "Selena! Hasn't there already been enough wasted life?!" he moves to try to stop her, hoping someone will get the dragontegu

Tilly sidestep as the canine is knocked from his grasp, watching as it he was set alight then run through with a saber. He turns to look at Selena as she flies into a fit of rage having little time to react as he is set ablaze, letting out gasp of pain he collapses onto all fours and begins coughing.

Bite looks at the gigantic bone dragon and winces, her experience with them has not been pleasant in the past. She nudges Selena, and whispers something to her before focusing all her being on making one powerful mathmatical effect on the bone dragon.

Angus walked right up to Ryusho as what was left of the canine continued to drip off his sword, and without any remorse, and a little air mathmatics, slapped Ryusho across his face. "Wake up!" He growls, keeping his voice low as to not disturb the dragon. "Creators dame you Ryusho! Take a look, take a good hard look at what's happening here. Yes I know her death saddened you, it saddened me as well. But would you rather have that bastard lose in the streets of sweetwater killing more innocents? I know it's dame well hard but you have to step back and see the WHOLE picture dammit....We can mourn the dead later...right know we have to focus on the living so we can STOP this from happening again."

Ryusho Would of been, would of been trying his damndest to force himself after Tilly and MAzurek though at the slap he stands there for several seconds....tembling...., at least for a little while, but soon he would absolutely -fall apart- mentally, colapsing eventually into a heap as he just has a complete mental breakdown, half going over and just clinging to the corpse of the dragoness as he breaks down, just....WHy, they had it, they had saved her life, how could it of gone wrong, How couldn't they of stopped that...His potions he swore were strong enough..they had been sealing the incisiouns within moments after they had been made and the work was is it that they couldn't ......His mental state is a -wreck- because to him, he lost someone that was dear to him, he was not awoken by lunar crystals and the like as most, he was -naturally- just -awoke- as adragon, in mentailty and potentially in soul he feels much closer then most it is somewhat of a decimating event..he probably won't be of much use for a while.....

Travis gives his head a little shake, and then sighs, before he starts to carefully check the way out, looking to see if any of the things that were falling before, is blocking the way out.

Selena glances back to Ictus. "Because he crossed a line. He risked your lives, then killed my charge. While I was working on them. He's more of a danger to us alive than dead." she barks to the solaciou fox before nodding to Bite, readying her own component of the spell, thin ripples in the air. The wolfess utters something under her breath - likely an obscenity. Then for a moment, true nothing exists in the void of all energy created by the pair's spell. Then, a energy and mass rush to fill it a reverberating blast echoes in the chamber, colossal and chaotic as the roiling energies tear at all in their wake.

Ictus nods to Selena in understanding and sighs, "I know, and they will be punished for it... But their punishment isn't really for you to decide right now." he blinks as the spell goes off and takes a step back to watch the fireworks

Mazurek notices that, at least for the moment, the others are no longer ganging up on the two of them. He is quick to move over to Tilly and settle beside her on one knee. He uses some magic he knows to blow over them both in such a way as to put the flames out if they still burn, as well as try to keep her clothing from falling apart to ash. This might not matter if the sudden magical effects spoken of are nullified, but either way he is quick to gather the stallion up in his arms and hold him in a notably gentle and tender manner.

The combined effort of Bite and Selena tear into the giantic bone dragon the force of the spell rips through the creature who screams feebly, as his body was starting to grow skin that got blown away as he tried to grow it before the magic fails and the creature stops regrowing flesh. The explosion at the end of the spell sends it bones flying around the room glowing white hot. The lunar crystal on the pedastal seem to bend the entire spell around itself to avoid anything but slight wobbling. Marie looks at the devastation with awe, "That is crazy..." She just says with a shiver looking at the white hot bone dragon remains.

Bite giggles and hisses "OKay sssweeties, lets get the crystal and get out of here, we don't want to be around if it's still able to reassemble." she hisses and nods, looking around for traps. "Sssweetie the gem is protecting something below it, it's a power source."

Angus watches Ryusho slink over to the dead dragon and sighs. Turning he shakes his head and picks his musket up from where Tilly dropped it, looking rather cross when he notices how much ash is on it. He then slings it over his shoulder and walks over to the two burned fools. Sighing again he kneels next to them and takes out his basic field kit. "Alright, so I have some stuff that should help with the burns a little, won't heal you up completly, but it should help."

Travis is watching the area that leads towards the exit, though he does look towards the door the others have gone through when he hears and feels that explosion, calling out as he turns back towards the exit to make sure nothing is coming towards them. "Be careful in there, we do not know how stable this place is, or what may wake up."

Tilly flicks his ears as the gust of wind extinguishes the flames then seeing Angus approaching he lays in the iguanas arms quietly closing his eyes and allowing the fox to tend to his burns.

Ictus watches space warp around the bone dragon and shudders along with Marie... He looks at the two mages and makes a mental note to stay on their good side, if possible. he looks at the lunar gem and ponders what it could be powering

Mazurek looks up from nuzzling the stallion, smiling to Angus while holding Tilly in such a way to let the Kitsune help him, "Take care of him. Don't worry about me. I will be recovered by the end of the day anyway." Dragons and their resiliance, coupled with the Growing Clan, make for a tough creature to take down indirectly.

Selena dusts herself off in wake of the detonation. "Bite, We can make it back out with the gem even if we have to tunnel. I'm behin you if we have a fight coming." She calls out, taking a place near the taipan.

A simple touch form Bite causes the gem to make a soft clicking sound. The pedestal breaks apart as the ground beneath it. Inside the hole is a Jackal sleeping in a pit, his body is dressed in ornate robes. He doesn't appear to be waking as the gem is taken. "Its... Regar..." Marie gasps and takes the Gem, "I'll get this back to the caravan before any more madness happens." Marie shakes her head and leaves back the way they came carefully avoiding the blood Elementals and strange flesh pods.

Bite follows after the blackback, her work here finished. She watches everything carefully on her way out, half tempted to set fire to the room that bore the deceased dragon. SHe opts not to, and returns to the caravan.

Angus manages to finish patching up Tilly before he turns to give Mazurek a hard glare. He then bops him on the nose. "Be quiet, your a lightbringer and there for under my command, I'm not going to stand idly by just because you say you'll be fine. Now, put this ointment on your burns or I swear you'll be eating it." He hands Mazurek the ointment before he turns back around and walks up to Ryusho to help him out of this dark and and decreped place.

Ryusho would get up slowly as angus helps him up, though he seeems to of recovered enough he is not either supre depressed or raging, but he does seem a bit dull in reactions, but he shouldbe alright hopefully after a little while longer.

Tilly soon as Angus is done tending him he rolls out of Mazurek's arms onto the ground laying on the cold ground for a minute listening to Angus as he reprimands the iguana then Angus leaves he slowly gets up onto his hooves and follows after the fox.

Travis turns as he hears the sound of people leaving, before he gives a soft sigh and starts to head out as well, stepping carefully as he moves over towards Bite, looking about carefully as he follows the Taipan out, glad to be out of such a nightmarish place.

Ictus goes to help his cousin to move the injured idiots back to the caravan

Mazurek takes the poultice that was forced into his possession, but he waits until the group is back at the caravan before applying it to his burns. It wouldn't do to hold the group up and be the last one out this time around. What isn't used is handed back to Angus.

Selena taps Angus on the shoulder as she leaves wth Bite. "If they are under your command, kindly inform them that if they so much as lay a finger on one of my charges again, they will not live to regret it." She states flatly. "Killing an innocent under care is despicable. We can negotiate terms at your leisure. The wolfess growls, not waiting for the others. Instead she glances back to Bite and nods to the taipan. "Good work on that last spell. Now we know it works." Selena sighs quietly as she boards the wagon.

The Caravan ride back is quiet but before everyone leave Marie thanks them for all their help and will have them rewarded for their work at the Firmament as more Blackblack entire the Castle. As the Caravan leaves the drytongue a large white object could be seen flying over where the group had just had thier exploration.