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It is late in the evening as Mirana studies an old book. It was written in the First Tongue and she managed to barrow it on good faith from the church. This one discribed some of the bigger blessings bestowed on the beings. This one discribed the many aspects, most undiscovered, of the Kitsune. It was badly smudged, something must have happened to it over the ages, but Mira tries to read it anyway. She was born with this unusual aspect, and always wondered why it upset her father so, and what it ment for the young vixen.

The badger walks into the room holding a dagger and looking over it critically, "Ahh rubbish. This blade is better off shaving the but hairs off a brothel worker than as a weapon." She growled before noticing Mirana and smiling, "What are you reading?" She says gruffly before bending the crappy daggers blade with her bare hands.

Selena looks over to Mirana from another corner of the room as the vixen continues her study, waving up to Kilsa as well. "Hey you two. Mira, what's the book on? I didn't see you coming in." She asks, sorting some papers and grumbling something about 'freedom of information' and the 'first tongue' a little annoyedly. "Is all well, Kilsa?" She inquires, looking back to the badger after their cursing.

Bite approaches Selena slowly, being careful not to exert herself as she carries a book to read, in a local closer to the wolf. She waits for an accepting glance before moving to a seat. She watches Kilsa curse about a dagger and giggles, pulling out hers. She takes aim and slings it out with a tentacle, sticking it deep in the wooden leg of one of the tables nearby Kilsa. "Try that one sssweetie." she hisses and smiles.

Arimia flicks her ears slightly, glancing around the workshop as she enters, surprised to see so many here. She gives a wave to Selena and Kilsa, a small frown followed by a wave directed toward the serpent, then wanders over to look over Mirana's shoulder at what the fox is reading.

Mirana continues reading as Kilsa walks in, "Oh.. I got this from the church on my way to find you My Lady." She looks up from the study, "It is a book about Kitsune I happened to find in the catacombs, but it is badly damaged, do you think you could help me figure it out?" She asks. She yips slightly when Selena speaks up, and when Bite comes in, throwing a dagger, she can't help but smile, but place her head in her hand a moment. This gives Arimia plenty of time to sneek behind her to peak over her shoulder, but the book would seem nothing be illigiable scribbles and smudges to the 'coon.

Kilsa takes the blade out of the chair and give it back to Bite, "Its a fine blade I'm sure but the rubbish I have in my hand is a blade crafted by some hopeless noble that wants to be my apprentice." She rolled her eyes, "The child has no love for the forge just for instruments of death and violent stories. I would be upset if he breed but I'm under contract to keep his identity secret." She grunts and pull out her own hammer and begins tracing her finger over the design. "I should just head down to shanty town and begin training them on more than just making tables and chairs. Give even some undo fear." She looked at the books, "I could try to take a wack at it."

Selena Shrugs. "If it wasn't a problem to teach me the language, I'd gladly take a look at your book." She comments, shifting some materials aside and making her way over to the shelves of books nearby, taking a quick perusal of some of the older titles on shadows and soul pendant design then moving on to the lore section to take a look there. "As it stands I don't think I'll be able to help you much... As for this noble kid, Kilsa, Try training him to make tools if he has no respect for what he makes. Then have him use his creations until he has respect for the craft." She suggests with a smirk.

Bite accepts her Kilsa made dagger back and smiles, nodding before she moves from her seat to whisper something to Arimia, seeing her reaction, while at the same time masking it as a plesant hug, rather poorly. She looks to the books Selena is checking out before moving to her seat again, content to listen to Mirana's works because she's confident she cannot read the first tongue herself.

Arimia flattens her ears as she stares at the book then leans against the fox, draping her arms over her shoulders. She holds onto Mirana lightly and says, "I have a hard enough time readin' when it ain't all senseless squiggles. Got one with pictures?" She glances toward Bite and whispers something back before moving away toward the bookshelves, to search with Selena.

Mirana looks up to Kilsa, "Ok My Lady, you can try, I can make out bits and pieces, thing about some kitsune having more then two tails, and having different aspects to them. But, I can't make out what those aspects may have been, nor how they got so blessed." She says, handing the large book over to the badger. Looking over to the rest, she nods, "I'm trying to learn more about the blessings I've been given... and to learn a bit more about the creators themselves. It discribes things that could be done for Kitsune blessed, but I'm not able to make it out properly, could, anyone help, I'd apprichiate it a lot..." she says.

The badger holds out her hand for the book and takes a look though, "I'm a little rusty but bear with me." Kilsa begins slowly looking through the book and trying to figure something out before her eyes widen a bit, "If I'm reading this right those with two tails are only at the tip of their power. I see a mention of nine tails and a warning I can't quite make out." She looks at the text carefully and scratches her head.

Selena pauses over a book for a moment, greeting Arimia with an affectionate hug and kiss. before taking the item from the shelf. "Ari, do you remember if we had anything on dedications in here? I know I didn't bring in any lore books..." She comments. "Kilsa, Mirana, how bad is the smudging? I could take a look at it ad see if it's restorable, but I don't know how useful that'd be if I could." the wolfess places her book down on the table, quickly moving back to Arimia, directing a friendly nod to Bite as she passes by.

Bite smiles. "Well maybe I should have the same privledge." she hisses semi loudly, but then smirking she stretches, raising her hands over her head and taking her shirt off, making gestures of being hot. She sighs contently and lays back in her seat. "So sssweetie why do you need to know about the Kitsune anyhow?" she comments, waving to Selena and trying to get close enough to see what she's got without moving from her seat.

Arimia frowns and says, "You were more badly injured." At Selena's question she continues to frown, eyes scanning the shelves. Only growing distracted for a moment as Bite removes her shirt, leaving the serpent in just her bikini top. Her eyes return to the shelves and she says, "We had a copy of a short treatise on them, I think. Nothin' really in depth. Don' think it would be helpful but I can try an' find it if you want."

Listening closely to Kilsa's words, she nods, "Humm, ok, so.. only the tip?" She asks, looking back to her two tails. "And.. nine tails?" She looks back over herself again, wondering what it would be like to have nine. She is quickly braught out of it though at the other questions and comments, "Oh, it is fairly bad, water damaged it looks, but, I guess it would be ok to let her take a look if she can't read it right Kilsa?" She asks, "And anything would be of help." As Bite removes her shirt, Mira averts her eyes but goes on to day, "Well.. that is.. a bit interesting.. Miss Bite, you see, well, Angus and my father, wasn't too.. well keen on the idea of having a born kitsune, then, later one become one. "Oh, Miss Arimia? Anything would be helpful, anything at all, I'd really like to prove that nothing is wrong with Kitsune and learn what I can do with this blessing."

"I don't see in the harm in letting her look honestly." The badger says with a smile. "I wonder how powerful you can become." Kilsa looks at Mirana in a curious new light, "I wonder will you be doing something crazy like generating power with your tails or using math by just winking wildly or.." Kilsa goes off nameing strange powers from out of no where, "...or it might even work better if you using a soulgem of a ninja."

Selena nods to Arimia. "Well, I've got some notes on the table if you're looking for more information for th epentant. We're going to have to rewrite the math for non-flat surfaces." She shrugs, a hand moving to her chest to change something for a moment. "Because being unable to read the book is a good thing." She grumbles to Mirana, an ear flicking back. "Bite, I found some interesting little bits of math when I was looking through the books as well. Some of it might be interesting if you want to go ahead with that plan we have with Fuyu." She offers, taking some paper and her quill from the table. "Mirana, I'm taking that as a yes." she asserts, pulling up a seat and quickly listing down some of the characters on the paper in preparation for looking over the damaged sections. "This is one of those things that knowing the language would help with, you know."

Bite giggles, stopping herself from getting up to leave in sad agreement with Arimia, and turns to Selena. "Really sssweetie? We should get on that as soon as you're all done with this." she hisses and smiles. She moves to the seat again and settles in, watching everyones actions.

Arimia gives a small shrug of her shoulders and moves along the shelves, eyes scanning them for the treatise she mentioned. She mostly ignores the conversation going on as she searches, though Kilsa's talking about powers makes her look over at the large badger a bit oddly before she resumes her search.

Mirana looks over to Kilsa, then over to Bite, Arimia, and Selena, "Random.. math? And winking?" She says, then "I.. don't have a ninja soulgem.." She watches Selena carefully, "Now.. careful Selena! This isn't our book. Please careful" She says over to Bite and Arimia, "Well.. maybe, maybe Kilsa has a point? The Creators did like divine math? Maybe something in that could do something? I.. I guess I could be a test subject if.. if we were careful?" She offers a bit unsure.

Kilsa look at Mirana, "Do you really feel like offering yourself as a test subject considering your 'condition.'" She look at the fox and give her ear a quick tweak, "You got someone else to think about right."

Selena gives Mirana an amused grin. "I'm not going to be touching it unless I have to. Bite, take a look - they're the papers to the... Far left, should be pretty obvious. Mostly integration math." She notes to Bite, giving a quiet sight before she starts trying to puzzle out the washed out characters and Kilsa's comment, transcribing them to the best of her ability and commusing; "Mirana, Kitsune are empathetic, right? Think what Kilsa might be thinking of is an improvement of that empathy or associated talents?" She asks, tapping her pen at the end of the script - her written first tongue is rather messy due to unfamiliarity with the script. "Might be what the bled section of ink was describing."

Bite watches Selena work for a while, moving towards the papers excitedly. "I thought they were already masters of the art sssweetie, can they really be any better than they are?" she hisses and tilts her head. She begins reading over the notes Selena had directed her to with interest, occasionally lookinig up to see how the group is doing.

Arimia pulls a thin book off of a shelf and carries it over to the table. She hands it to Mirana and looks at the book Selena is transcribing out of again before giving a small shake of her head. "They could, Bite. What if instead of jus' havin' a better sense of what others are feelin' they could manipulate those emotions? Make a person feel what they want them to feel?" She looks at Mirana and asks, "Have you tried doin' that? Or somethin'? 'Cause I think if you wanna figure it out it's going to be part research in those books there, an' part you experimentin' to make what you can already do work in new ways."

Kiyasai enters the workshop with a pile of notes in her hands, having been away for very long and finally getting a visit in. "So that's where you guys are..." She catches the last half of Arimia's statement though and blushes a little, folding her ears flat. "If this is about Kitsunes and their do know that the kitsunes of old shared emotions by...more carnal means, right?" The feline squeaks out as she places her stack of notes down, looking flustered. "No wonder you all weren't anywhere to be seen."

Mirana looks over to Kilsa, then pats her very slightly swollen belly, "You.. have a point there, My Lady." She says then looks up over to Selena, "Yes, Kitsune are empathic.. but.. better? Or associated talents?" She looks over what Selena has already written out and ponders it, "That.. is good.. not quiet exact, but.. lets see... not only.. others but also ... and with that can turn the tides?" She roughly translates, hoping not to give away anything about the language itself. She looks over to Bite and Arimia, "Well, I.. I guess I could try..." she says. She gets up and walks over to Bite, first feeling the Tiapan's own feelings, then imagining her feelings for Arimia. After she has a good feel for what Bite is currently feeling she asks, "Miss Bite? What do you think of Miss Arimia?" She asks, then starts to try and project upon the serpant her own feelings for the 'coon. Kiya enters just as she is trying to do this, but doesn't let her own concentration break.

Selena quirks a brow at Mirana's action, noting down the vixen's translation on the paper. "Hello Kiyasai." she greets, looking over the pages again for anything she may have missed, chuckling quietly at Mirana's choice of emotion to impress. "So Bite, what do you feel for Ari?" She queries. "

"After all, we'll need to know if she succeeded somehow." She finishes with a chuckle.

Bite stares at Mirana for a few seconds before bursting into giggles. "What are you doing sssweetie." she hisses as she laughs. When she stops giggling so hard she shakes her head, this is greatly amusing to her. "How do I feel about Arimia?" she hisses as she smiles and then flashes a fanged grin with a barely visible blush. "I think shes a sssweetheart, a lovely individual to be around, protective, and cute... and sexy and a great fighter... and reliable..." she adds as she tries to let her list ramble on a little bit. She's aware Mirana probably knows exactly how she feels but she doesn't have to acknowledge that.

Arimia flicks her ears and glances from Mirana to Bite, then Selena, then back to Mirana. She gives a somewhat distracted wave to Kiyasai and asks, "What was I chosen to be the... Subject of discussion?" Her ears flatten atop her head at the list Bite provides, eyes on the serpent as she answers.

Kiyasai sets her notes down and weights them. "Leaving them here in case you guys ever need them and I'm not around..." She pauses, then laughs as she realizes what's going on. "Arimia, you're the worst possible test subject. You ask anyone the question and they'll give you the same reply, wouldn't take a kitsune to tell how people feel around Ari. Except maybe the lady." She salutes to Kilsa.

Mirana looks over to Selena, and then Kiyasai. "Well.. I guess... you are.. well.. right, that was a bad test." She says looking to the floor, instead then she wals over to Kilsa, "Umm... in the interest of discovering this, I ... hope you don't mind." And she tries the same thing on the badger, "How do you feel about Miss Arimia, My Lady?" she asks while focusing upon the great badger her own feelings.

"Arimia is trustworthy, sexy, strong, sexy, overall good, and oh, I forgot sexy." Kilsa says in a strange haze before blinking her eyes, "What? No no. Arimia is trust worthy but I find her as a good looking female but not what I would call sexy, I call her neutral with the capacity for great good or evil." Kilsa shake hear head before backing away from Mirana.

Selena leaves the finished paper on the table, pacing across to Arimia and cuddling her. "I'm not sure, but if she asked me what I felt about you it wouldn't have been a very good test. Don't you think?" She chuckles. "Still - Kiyasai nailed it. I don't doubt we're all fond of you." the wolfess smiles, craning her neck around slightly to deliver a soft kiss to the raccoon's lips. "Seems everyone wants a piece of you, Ari." the wolfess chuckles at Kilsa's unintentional declaration, picking up her papers and pads over to the door with a stretch.

Bite has degenerated into a mumble a she lists things to herself. She blinks and looks up when she hears Kilsa and giggles. "I trust you wont' be abusing this gift?" she addresses to Mirana, giving a glance to Arimia to see how they are taking this.

Arimia blinks at Kilsa's list then gives a small shake of her head. "Mirana, leave Miss Ironsoul alone." She turns away, ears flat atop her head, and gives a small nod to Selena. "I wouldn't mind that. I think we've done enough to help Mirana for now, an' I'm too tired for much more. An' I think she needs to stop an' consider possible implications of this. Such as if it would merit the bannin' of Kitsune's from Court."

"Or have a priest around. We're trained to dispel things like that." Kiyasai shrugs and sighs softly. "I have to leave myself. Have preparations for an important mission in a few days and I need to get ready." She pokes Bite once. "And I have to bring you swimming before I go."

Mirana looks up to Kilsa as she makes her decliration, she blushes deeply herself at how that came out from the badger, almost as if she were a puppet reiterating her own feelings. "That... that is.. just.. just scary." She says as she backs away herself. She looks over to the damaged book, the paper that tries to make out the smudged parts, Kiya's own paper, as well as Bite's on mumbling. "Umm.. I.. I think that.. is.. more then enough help for.. umm one night.. t.. thank you all." She says very flustered at what just happened. Gathering everything up though, she is sure to continue her research, maybe make her father not so worried about having two kitsune for children?