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You think that'll be enough to take me?

Let me show you what a Cliffside mage can do.

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Nobles: Pampered. The lot of 'em.

Cliffside: I grew up there, but they've never done me no favors.

The Poor and Needy: Hands off.

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Kilsa: She claims to be a noble, but I ain't seen it yet. She's a good sort. Takes care of orphans. To afraid to get her hands dirty though. You need to learn that you gotta do unpleasant an' terrible things to ensure safety.

Angus: A pampered noble. But he's trying. An' all things considered I guess I should try an' be nice.

Zevran: A bit overeager to fight. But when it comes down to it I'd prefer he be beside me than opposite me.

Wulf: Another fair hand in a fight, but a bit more levelheaded than Zevran when it comes to avoiding them. Cuter too. Even if I feel like she could pick me up an' toss me around like a sack of potatoes.

Kiyasai: Cute, though I don't know if she's all that mentally stable. A good healer, though. Worth bein' around.

Selena: So I guess... That we're a couple now? An' plannin' on lifebondin'? I don' much care about the lifebondin'. It'll make her happy. I jus' hope I don' mess somethin' down the line to make her hate me. I probably will though.

Bite_PC: This Taipan is another mage, an' a good one. Though she giggles an awful lot. Its a little... Annoyin'. I suppose considerin' everythin' else with her it's tolerable.

Mirana: Another spoiled noble. This one is under my command, though. And she doesn't seem to know any better. She's learnin' though. She ain't as insufferable as most every other noble out there. I guess I could get used to bein' around her.

Ariella: Is nothing worth taking seriously to you? I'm all for lightening up, but maybe this lioness needs to be weighted down a bit.

Saibh: This marten comes off as a bit cold at first. Think that's jus' her bein' shy though. We've talked an' I rather like her. Jus' wish she were around more. An' that she could make better decisions when it came to... Ah, well. Life ain't without it's bumps.

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RP Hooks
Looking for her?

Free Sword: She's a member of the Free Swords guild. As such she can often be found hanging around the guild and it's inn.

Former Beggar: She used to be a beggar and apostate in Cliffside. As such she's sympathetic to those she runs into. She can often be found swiping some food for them, helping them in Shanty Town, or raining down as much hell as a three foot raccoon can manage on those who take advantage of the poor without provocation.

Ironsoul Defender: She's part of Kilsa Ironsoul's Ironsoul Defenders.

Cliffside Trained Mage: She's a mage adept trained in Cliffside and with a natural talent for the divine maths. If you're looking for a mage, you're looking for her.

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Full Name: Arimia

Clan: Apostate

Species: Raccoon

Apparent Age: Varies

Approximate Age: Early twenties

Personality: Chaotic Neutral/Neutral Evil

Height: 3'2"

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Mage Adept: 26

Dark Magician: 30

Golem Crafter: 30

Rogue: 4

Journeyman: 5

Performer: 1

Parent: 1

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