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A Badger stand at the gate waiting for her soldiers to appear as she looks over a parchment in her hand. "Not a very pretty fella." She smile as she stands next two an empty cart. The sun is rising as she growls to herself as looked at the pictures of the smiling Ferret on the bounty poster. "You won't be smiling when we get done with you."

Arimia leads the way over to the cart that Kilsa is by, with a golem following in her wake. She calls out, "Hello, Miss Ironsoul!" when she draws near, giving a wave. She looks around, glancing at the cart, and to see if anyone else is approaching, before turning back to the badger. "So, how much do we know about what we're getting ourselves into this time? Any disturbing horrors not of this world?"

Selena takes a short bow to the badger. She looks tired for whichever reason, but still ready to do anything she can to help "Lady Ironsoul. You asked for us? What do we know about our target?" She asks, yawning softly though doing her best to keep it from being obvious. "Hey, Arimia." She smiles, and gives the raccoon a hug.

Ryusho would be making his way though partly he was testing out a Goelm he had just designed, first one, though it shows a lot of skilled craftsmanship, suitable for his known skills of crafting, his lack of skill with golem crafting itself, shows that it is only a basic design that has a few little hitches in it follows along beside, though a lot of components are more visible, the quality showing their durability does at least show...even if it might not be near as skilled as others who are starting this.

Wulf ambles into the orphanage courtyard or whathave you and takes a quick looksie. "Heya now Ari, those unknown horrors weren't too bad." chuckling she moves over to stand next to Ari and her golem. "You all need any help? I heard ya were goin after somethin, or someone at least."

Kilsa smiled at Arimia, "I don't know so that is why I personally have a stake in this mission." She looked at the group gathered around her and smiles, "Alright Ironsoul Defenders! We have a personal stake in this mission, while the bounty is for FireFang Falion. He is less our primary target.... I'm not sure how many of you know of Gilda Venus but she is a deadly math user and a serial killer. She is Ironsouls target While Falion is the bounty target."

Arimia gives a small nod of her head and glances around s the others approach. She stares in horror, or perhaps revulsion, at the sight of the other golem, but as Kilsa starts to talk she turns her attention to the badger. She gives a small flick of her ears before saying, "Right. Any idea at all the sort of opposition we're going to face? Just those two, or do they have followers that we'll have to take care of on the way?"

Selena clears her throat. "How good at math are we talking?" She questions. "Are we looking at someone with some experience, or just someone that knows a few tricks? Does she have any preferance? If I know that, I'll have a better opportunity to stop them from using it." She sighs quietly.

Ryusho mrphs softly as he hears this, "This sounds like I better use a soul I am more skilled in, .." He says softly, "means I will need get this thing here to idle while I am doing that." he says nodding in thought as he checks his stuff, then checks over the golem, as he knows how to set it into an idle 'waiting' mode, but otherwise he could run it back home to stay there and continue he didn't realise they had such a major threat to deal with

Wulf blinks feeling out of place now that she realizes she is the ONLY Non-Defender here. Shaking her head gently she listens, the others have already asked the questions.

Petey is present, if a bit quiet He adjusts his armor lightly as he bounces from foot to foot, getting it comfortable and in place, "We'll make short work of it, and bring justice for the city," he says with confidence, flashing a smile.

Kilsa smiles at Arimia, "We are looking at the very least over 30 warriors, a few students of Gilda, and possibly many many archers." She smiled and flexed her arm, "But we wouldn't be doing a good job if it wasn't hard or deadly." She winked at Petey, "I'm hoping our actions will spur the Good King to allow our organization to do a little more good." She speaks with a small grin on her features, "Now if everyone is ready please get into the cart for a fun ride through bandit infested woods." She says with a grin. "Oh and when we get there.... I want you all focused and covering each others tails."

Arimia gives a small shake of her head and looks around. "This is insane, you realize," the 'coon says, even as she and her golem get into the cart. "So small a group can't manage so many. Certainly not head on. We don't want to get captured an' taken in either. They'd take our weapons an' all. Now, finding the location out from an ambushin' group would work, but then we'd have to be cautious an' sneaky." She reaches up and lightly tugs at one of the piercings on her ears, saying, "I'm not opposed to havin' extra holes put in me, but I prefer to choose where they are. An' I prefer they not be arrow sized."

Selena sighs quietly. "Lovely to hear, Kilsa." She sighs, climbing into the cart and readying herself for spellcasting, and she turns her attention to Arimia. "So, Arimia, do you know anything about this 'Gilda'?" She grumbles quietly. "I'd prefer to know what I'm up against in the magic department. But I do agree. This doesn't sound like a very good idea at all. They have fortifications, and I don't think they won't expect someone to come after them."

Ryusho looks over at those who are trying to decline it, "..I hope you all do realise that we are talking mostly about non gifted I believe, from what I understand, " he says as he sets the golem to be idle or inacrive, and head back to his room to set there, as he begins making sure his gear was set up as he looks up, "Though now, I know that we have an advantage in several ways compared to non gifted, I don't know what to say about some of it.." he says softly, "We will have to decide what to do, besides A head on assault is of course not the best idea, but, Kilsa has the idea, we hsould follow her lead, as she will show how to do this.."

Wulf chuckles at the Ari and Selena, just shaking her head. "Ari, adter fighting those shades I'd think thirty men would be a cake walk." Turning her head she stares at Ryusho "And Non-Gifted can fight just as well as the 'gifted'."

Petey tilts his head, "Have you heard?" he asks, "Some non gifted have..." he rolls a hand, "Become... so. It's very strange, but I've heard of it."

The badger gets in after the group and smiles, "You must think I'm insane Arimia, We are baiting ourselves for the raiding party. Those friendly fellows will be our guide into the Fortress." She chuckled, "The Raid bands have been no more than five or so folk. We take them out and hopefully take them alive." She grinned, "If not, I'm hoping some talented earth users would be willing to bore a hole into the fortress." She grinned as waited till everyone was settled and order the cart to move.

Arimia wrinkles her nose slightly and says, "I'd say we just go with the second option. The raiding party would take our gear from us if we let ourselves be captured, an' they wouldn't take us in willingly." She crosses her legs and gets comfortable where she's sitting and says, "I would favor a more covert approach. Burrowin' under, or findin' a lightly guarded back door. Somethin'." After that she turns to Ryusho and nods her head at Wulf's words. "An arrow fired from a non-gifted will kill you just as quick as one fired from a gifted. So don' get complacent an' underestimate them. After all. Every single one of the things we can do 'cause of our soulgems was first done by someone without so they could imprint the knowledge in the gem."

Selena raises an eyebrow. "Frankly, the hole would be the easiest way to get in. I can even patch them up again afterwards." She offers. "But, I suppose fragmenting the enemy is just as good a solution as any to other problems." She nods. "I'm going to assume we can expect fire or earth magic from their hedge mage." She grumbles a little derisively. "But that's not really important." Gesturing to Arimia, she smiles. "Why not tunnel, indeed?" She offers. "It wouldn't be the fastest way to go, but I could certainly do that." She notes, and turns to Wulf. "As for the archers, a good wind at the right time can knock their aim. At the very least, it'd disrupt their arrows enough to keep 'em out of out faces. It's a pleasure to meet you again, Wulf." She grins.

Kiyasai is late to the show again, though her immaculate appearance in her heavy armor probably offers a reason why. "I'm here!" The snowmewl is busy catching her breath and what exactly this mission is about, unslinging her weapons.

Ryusho Sighs softly, "I am not the best at explaining what I mean, so I won't bother then." he says softly, as he settles himself and gets his gear and everything set up for this trip, and ready for field repairs if it is needed as he looks around at the group, nodding slightly, signifying he is ready to go..."That and Well, as a Dragon that I am, I have little to fear from the elemental magic users, as well as the arrows and blows though painful, and lethal, my body heals at such a high rate it can be quite hard to cause enough damage to keep me down.

Wulf yawns, crossing her arms and closing her eyes as she gets ready to take a quick snooze as she mutters something about a musket round to the head as she drits off into a soldiers slumber, somewhere between concious and unconcious.

Petey moves over towards Kilsa, then glances about again a moment before looking up at her, "I'll be your support, my love. They'll have to get through me first."

"Love? Oh, you're the Lady's consort..." Kiyasai is struck dumb for a moment before she pulls herself together enough to bow politely, then nods to Petey. "I'm willing to lead the charge, even if Lady Ironsoul has already made plans to do so. I'm quite a bit more expendable."

The cart ride is calm and almost in uneventful as Kilsa begins to fidget and grinn at Petey. "I wouldn't want you to scarifice yourself for me. You would think that they would have att-" An arrow passes by her head and hits the center of the cart. The arrow shimmer for a moment before powerful wind magics pushed everyone out of the cart, A second arrow hit the cart and the flames are pushed around wildly almost as if the fire was a living snake. A warcry echos thought the woods as bandits run out of the trees looking for an easy kill.

Kiyasai has a shield on hand! Blocking arrows, she swings her massive warhammer in heavy arcs as she starts charging the bandits with her newfound confidence from her soul gem, the head almost singing through the air with her lightly enchanted, but mostly physical attacks.

Arimia lets out a yelp as the magic pushes her out of the cart, retaliating before she even hits the ground by muttering a dark magic equation to terrify and mentally assault the attackers. She points out in the direction the arrow came from and orders her golem, "Go fetch the one who shot that at us."

Selena growls in irritation as she's thrown out of the cart by the sudden burst of magic missiles. Pulling herself to her feet, she quickly launches a violent tremor outwards, causing a spreading wave of roiling terrain to spread out around herself and her companions before adopting a more tactically sound position. "Really. On Arrows." She grumbles to herself.

Ryusho would stumble to the side as he shifts, taking several seconds to get himself caught in a way from the weight he had for his body, but also the weight of supplies as he most likely had been riding on the edge with his pack still on, as he shifts, quickly dropping the pack as it -thuds- to the ground as he draws his blade and readies himself as needed, glancing around as he dues use one hand to make sure to scoot his pack farther from the cart to make sure it doesn't catch alight on the flames

Wulf barks as she is woken by a thunking arrow then getting thrown out of the cart, as she is knocked out she hits the ground with a roll. Bouncing up with her musket in one arm and aimed at the nearest bandit while drawing her sabre with the other arm. "Ooooorah! Up and at'em folks!" She pulls the trigger on her musket, causing the the barrel's intircate math to flare up blue befoire fading.

Most of the bandits are covered in metal plating smiliar to Calcified flesh, The first group is easily bowled over from Selena spell much of the metal armor falling off in huge place. Most of the Bandits near Arimia begins screaming and wetting themselves as they hack through thier own comrade to excape the pink Raccoon. Behind the bandits a growling large sandcat-like creature made of Iron is slowly moving toward the group, the creature appears to be a golem with a ballista welded to it sides. The entire creature glows with various ruins as is lowly approaches the group while firing bolts big enough to pass for spears in the groups general direction, A bolt catches the cart and the math inscribed on it cause it to explore in a wave of fire and splinters as the bandit close in on Ryusho and Wulf.

Ryusho adjusts his position as he pulls out his axe and adjusts his the axehead then promtly falls off the axe hilt..and blade off of the hilt for it, "...are you shitting me...." he mumbles softly, FINE THEN! He will do this Pugalist style!

The Ballista collapses and growls from the whirring gears, a moment of silence is broken as the creature stand up again, "Grrrr." The Ballista growls as his runes begin to glow and repair itself by gorging on the fallen bandits. The creature stares at Wulf, "GRRRR!!" The creature body is incased in fire as it charges the group in a suicidal frenzy.

Selena makes use of what little opportunity the cannibalistic machine affords her, dredgince spires of stone from under the creature and towards it, attempting to use the creature's momentum against it to inflict any kind of structural damage she can - and slow it down.

Arimia points at the encroaching golem and commands her own, "Stop that damn thing!" This sends her large metal creation to go stomping toward the burning construct. As she does that she picks up her bow, getting ready to draw an arrow, but pauses looking at the golem before shaking her head. "Arrow won't do much to that."

Wulf snaps her jaws back at the construct as it growls at her

Wulf snaps her jaws back at the construct as it growls at her, charging foreward with her Musket slung over her shoulder. "C'mon lifeless hunk of junk do your worst!" hopefully her superiour agility will keep the thing from whaking her and eventually give her a chance to slip in behind it to give it a few good backstabs or slip in under it's defense to stab at it.

The creature is struck form the stone beneath its body and impaled, "GGGRRR!" Earth runs appear on the flaming creature as it takes the math used against it and shift it to cover its rapidly breaking body in a new shell. The moment Arimia Golems attacks the Ballista beast it opens its mouth and fires torrent of boiling metal over the golem which harden rapidly enough to cacoon it. The creature smiles at Wulf between melting teeth at her taunt. "Grrrrrr....."

The encased golem shatters it's metal prison as the fire math on it's arms flare to life, sending a stream of fire at the already burning opponent. The raccoon starts citing one dark magic equation after the other, targeting the flaming beast, focusing on draining the magics empowering it. The spiked raccoon shaped golem goes to meet the other in battle, eventual beating it down while Arimia continues to strike from afar.

before the mechanical monstrosity can pull out any other tricks, Selena manipulates the fire into roaring hotter than any normal forge, rapidly reducing the damaged creature to slag. "...Now that's over. What can we salvage of the wagon?" She asks, not entirely sure if dousing it would be viable by this point.

The Ballista beast is nothing more than ash as Arimina and Selena finish it off, the wagon is nothing more than burning planks of wood. Kilsa walks to the group after being noticably absent at time. "Alright I got the plans off of um... A bandit." The badger walks arkwardly to the group as the beast burns around her, "Now Servants please let us continue to Cliffside as planned." She speaks in a haughty tone.

Arimia gives a small frown, at Kilsa's words, but follows it with a small nod and what might be a fake smile. She walks over toward Kilsa, her golem following. She says, "Sure! Lead on!" As soon as the badger's attention is off the 'coon and her golem she says to the metal creation, "Grab this imposter!"

Selena suddenly rips the earth aside, restoring the terrain the moment the 'noble' falls in. "Next time you try to trick someone, do your homework." She growls icily. "You have some questions to answer for us, 'Lady'."

Wulf blinks at the suddeness at all this, she just thought the Lady was king around; but best to leave this to people who actually know her than do anything about this herself and she staps back away frome the scene.

Ryusho would of been already preparing to act when the others seem to jump in right away without a single instant of making sure anyone else knew incase someone had not realised that it was a fake, because it was quite a very subtle difference between the original and this imposter, but otherwise it is pretty much dead on....most would miss he would of been impressed had they not been not only a flaw with atitude, but the slight physical differences... ..even though he was worried he was looking around wondering where the real kilsa dissappeared to and begins cursing softly...fucking good job ryusho, COMPLETELY FAil at your job at being her RETAINER...and therefore one of her major guardians......good -fricking- job....

Kilsa rolls back with almost blinding speed away from the golem, "What gave it away? Was I not noble enough?" The badger falls into the hole and grins at the ground around her fills in. "Here is an answer, First we break her fingers." The badger grins, "I ask questions too : Whats big, fat, black and white and is currently being tranported to a small room with many folk that don't take to well nobles, females or Goody two paws...?" She chuckled, "Now how about letting me so I can rearrange your face?" The blue eye badger taunts.

Arimia tilts her head slightly to one side, and walks over to stand in front of the badger, making absolutely no attempt to hide her tentacles from sight. She stares at the imposter in silence for a few moments, then says in an almost conversational, if accentless, tone, "Have you ever seen what dark magic can do to a being? Beyond the draining of vitality, and weakening of the body, I mean. Those are mere tricks. No, the most fun one can have is with the mental aspects. Twisting another's mind. Breaking them." She moves to look directly into those blue eyes before saying, "You're going to tell us where this room is. Or I will rip the information from your mind and leave you a blubbering vegetable for the scavengers to feast alive on."

Selena glares coldly at the impostor. "I suggest you start talking and make this easier for yourself."

Ryusho almost -stumbles- at noticing that about Arimia, and almost draws a blade -on her- for the natural thought of it beign a shadow, then..mrphs as he shakes that off what the -fuck- is goign on with people thjese days as he shifts, ".....You two work on that, if she gets away from you two I will have bnoth your heads myself, I'm going to investigate the area for any signs of where or when they grabbed Kilsa.....Creators Damn me to the shadows if I can't help save her ..even though last time I saw she tends to save herself..." he mumbles as he begins to examine and investigate the area.

Wulf calls out into the pit as she moves to stand over it, sabre still in hand "Oh, oh I know the answer to your rude little joke, minus the getting drug places, it's you! Go figure!" grinning she reaches to her belt and grabs a bag of gunpowder with a fuse. "Hey can I drop this down there after your done, hmmm? It should make a nice boom."

The badger chuckles, "kindcrafter? Wow.... Scary... I've eaten a few of your kinds tentacles, kinda tasty." The badger stomach growls as she just overhears the dragon, "Awww are you life bonded to her? Figures a noble would only have feelings for a living wallet." The Imposter claps and smiles her hands suddenly free, "I'm glad you all want to get her that makes this part much better, we honestly don't want to kill.. " The other badger laughs, "Well ok. I'm lying we really want to kill her but long as she is alive we have a free connection to some nobles randsom fee. So We will start small." She holds out a small white ball that explodes in her grip, "Go back to her estate and bring us every crown this old hag has and our leader won't send her back in Badger Jerky form." The female is sitting in a nearby tree when the smoke clears and a bandits corpse is in the trap instead.

"It doesn't look like we have any way around what she's going to say. We'll bring all of Lady Ironsoul's treasury, and what we can find, at least, and then we'll settle the bill first. Find out where she is...and worry about everything else later." Kiyasai emerges from an apparent hiding spot, having stood guard during the interrogation just in case the ragtag group were attacked again. And then she murmurs something.

Selena scowls at the impostor. "...Done." She finally answers, a twinge of bitterness pervading her disposition. "I expect you'll keep your lackeys in check next time." She growls quietly.

Arimia flicks her ears and glances aside at Kiyasai's murmuring. She shakes her head slightly. She doesn't say anything and simply turns and walks away, her golem following along.

"If any harm comes to our Lady, the Creators save you. You have not seen a priest angry before. And you don't want to ever see it. Cause no matter where you are, I will find you, and I will kill you." Kiyasai smiles sweetly and swings her hammer back onto her back with a loud sound, then walks off beside Arimia.

Ryusho stands there several seconds, "I will not go back to return with Kilsa's supplies." he says simply, "...But I will give you an alternative.." he says simply, "You said she was after the coin? That shows you know simply, that dragons can have their hoards...I have materials that are worth several hundred thousand crown easily.." he says quietly, "You have no time to bargin without her having a soul gem...meaning that I can propose this...Take me to her, return her gem at least...and as a show of good faith....I will give you all, fifty thousand crown, as a show of faith that you will not remove the gem from her person again, while they work to collect on your demands." he says simply, "..Such goodwill must go both ways...if you are to get what you want." he says simply

Ryusho sheet

Chuckles at Selena, "Not my lackies, I'm smart enough to work solo." She looked at the group, "You have one day,though I would come sooner considering I'm not giving back her soul gems. I will except you to deliver her treasure to Fort Gilweed." She listen to Ryusho offer and laughs, "My good will is that she is still alive if your so worried about her soulgem then hurry up and get us HER crown. This isn't just about the crown, This is a message to the fat hippo that would call himself king from my employer. We know having a noble kidnapped and broken and beaten and possibly possessed had more effect than a few crowns from a Lifebonded Wallet."

The Ninja badger stand up on the Tree brance and shakes her head, "You can call me, Melinae." She tossed a handful of smoke bombs down before departing. A shout could be heard in the distance. "One day!" The voice echoed from no discrenable direction.

Already having left the scene, Kiyasai stops Arimia firmly for a moment, using her size. "Don't do anything rash. I beg you. Time is of the essence, but not haste." The leopardess lets go once she's said her short piece, and continues to follow, tail drooping low behind her.

Selena stands silently in place and bites her lip softly, before turning around and sprinting out of the site, leaping into the sky and out of sight as fast as she can, with an arm covering her face as though ashamed.

Arimia doesn't turn to listen to the badger as she walks, or even give any indication of having heard her. She stops at Kiyasai's action and stares almost impassively at the leopardess. "Kiyasai. I don't plan to do anything rash. I do however have plans. I want you to find anyone of a more... Reputable nature that you can to aid in this. Don't broadcast it though. We don't know if they have anyone in the walls, but I suspect they do. They seemed to know rather well that Lady Ironsoul would be out. In addition to having a plan for her capture. I'll be having Selena talk to some of the more capable kids at the orphanage. And I have a few stops to make of my own."

Ryusho hums softly....they can't pull the one day card without giving her a soul gem, or some other protection...otherwise they would have -themselves- destroyed by the shadow she would be posessed by most likely.....but he shakes his head, looking at the others...then around, not sure what to he looks down, and slowly kneels where he he sits there, beginning to quietly pray, his eyes closed and body open as he stays there several moments, thinking...before he gets up, his eyes he turns...slowly to begin to walk a bit, as he then stops, looking around to make sure of the area, as he shifts his position..knowing he has some favor with the good king...but...he probably has little to be able to get advice or aid from all he can do is hope and he shifts, and one thing he would be doing..on the way back, would be to begin to re-deticate himself...he is not a crafter, he is not a merchant, he is not what his souls are, he is Kilsa's first retainer, one to help uphold, and protect he Ironsoul name...and he failed his duty as one of her primary guardians.....and he will not let himself fail to return her to safety....and track down..and make those who did this he would decide...with what little, to non existant reputation he has...see if there is any way he can get some help possibly even from the Good king..though he knows time to get aid is he takes to the air to use his wings to accelerate his flight back home, though only for part of the distance...since he can not truely fly, especially for extended times....but he would use it to return to town quickly...