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The golden Chicken continued to run away from the insane villager buy the rest of the group some time. "I FRESH AND GOLDEN BROWN LIKE GOOD SKRITH MEAT BUT IF YOUR RUNNING THAT SLOW YOU'LL NEVER GET A TASTE!!!" He lead them around madly. Back at the Chapel the Tapir female allows each of the group to leave, "Go north behind the church and keep going that way and you'll see the biggest house in Heartfall. That is where the stone is." She nodded, "I'll watch over the youngsters while you do your Creator given duty. Thank you..." She says to Kiyasai with tears in her eyes.

Arimia arrives in the town, tugging a lioness behind her, and doesn't look too pleased. She hears the chicken calling out about how he tastes and about being at the south of town, then scowls slightly, guiding the lioness to the north side of town, until she spots the rest of the group. She moves up to them and says, "I've brought reinforcements. Sorry if she ain't exactly willin'. An' what is that bloody bird goin' on about?"

Bite hisses "He's a distraction sssweetie lets go we need to destroy the crystal." as she moves, quickly as the serpent can. She begins preparing some form of spell.

Selena notices the raccoon's return, pulling up the weary priest and passing her another dulling potion to replace the spilled one. "Come on. We still have work to do." She comments, and makes for the door. "Arimia, where were you?" She asks. "No matter. Come with us. We're going to need your help with some dark magic." She comments hurriedly, looking quite relieved.

"I wonder what Skrith tastes like." Kiyasai's curiosity almost distracts her from her exhaustion, but it's still visible on her face as she trudges on. leaving her crested shield behind in the chapel just so she doesn't have to carry anymore weight. "Glad that you two've arrived. Though you've missed a chance to see my secret hammer technique." She grins, then goes through the door.

Outside there is a large Cheetah heavy folk with a spear sicking through each of his hands. He groans weakly as the group passes him, "Help.... Help...." He calls out weakly as his arms start to grow tentacles and his eyes become black. "Hungry...." He is trying to pull himself off of the house he is impaled against, "Hungry...." As the group look ahead there is a shiny black stone in the distance, seems to be several folk in robes surrounding it.

Chaos... Arimia has dragged Mira into complete chaos. "I'm not sure how I'll be helpful here Miss..." She is shocked to hear the chicken, and see the town. Even more shocked to see the large Cheetah. She holds her hand to her muzzle as she looks about. "By the Creators..."

Arimia reaches out to grab Mirana, pulling her down. She practically hisses something into the vixen's ear before pushing her away, a bit roughly. As she passes the pinned heavy clan folk her own tentacles lash out from under her cloak to strike him, in the hopes of stunning him long enough to pass without even the threat of harassment from him. She says to Selena, "I'd stayed behind to make sure nobody else came up on the town, remember? An' then I saw this one," she jerks a thumb at the fox, "Shirkin' her duties, so thought I'd bring her here."

Bite giggles and continues to proceed towards the nearing crystal, it's in sight, now it's just guarded. She decides now is as good as anytime, and when she's in range unleashes her explosive force upon the crystals base.

Selena nods to Arimia. "Must've missed that part. Things haven't been exactly quiet." She comments, raising some earth around the cheetah's feet to keep them locked in place before continuing towards Bite, hanging a little behind the snake in preparation for combat.

Kiyasai gets very, very distracted by the leopard who's slowly being corrupted and sighs, her hands trembling, and then she tries to put him out of his misery with her hammer, but finds she can't do it. With a resolute shake of her head, she charges on towards the circle of people and the black stone, clutching the one Arimia gave her.

The moment bite unleashes her explosive force the stone shimmers and the area in the center of the group give an explosive wave of force tossing everyone around the alley way. A few of the robbed folk notice the group and begin to charge at them while brandishing many different weapons and corrupted bodys. A lone figure in a red robe waits behind as the minions attack, The stone pulses with a soft reddish glow.

Mirana yips as Arimia pulls her down and hisses into her ear. She looks as if to whimper a moment, but doesn't, instead nodding, looking purposeful. After Bites explosions, they are charged at. Mira is quick to decide how best to be helpful. She works a little earth math, staggering the enemy movements. She watches closely, and turns to her companions, guesturing what she notices and continues to use her magic and kitsune ways to confound, occassonally choosing to be a bit more direct, lighting the assallent aflame or striking with some spears made from ice.

Arimia flicks her ears as they are charged, and begins to work a variety of dark math, and something a bit more twisted. As the fight finishes she glances about to see if the commotion of the fight has drawn any more attention.

Bite giggles and lets loose torrents of flames and explosions, occassionaly pulling her knife out to use for a quick stab in the back. She focuses her attention on theh stone and the remainder, the one who stayed back

Selena looses her elementals at the Kindcraft along with flurries of debris and flame, looking resolute to clear the path ahead remorselessly.

First in, first out they say. Kiyasai does the largest of the mob in with an unwavering smash from her hammer, leaving only a broken body behind as she treads over it and does the creature in. "I don't think that did much...looks like the dark magic is still everywhere..." She looks to Arimia, as though she'd know what to do.

The way is clear to the final hooded figure, "Hmmm. So you've got a fighting spirit. What does the flesh and blood know about the infinate that is the Old Ones?" The Robed figure holds out a yellow stone it glows softly and fires at Mirana. "Feast on Sacrifice I have chosen!" A Yellow light hits Mirana it fill her with a warm glow and suddenly a shriek is heard coming from Mirana but she isn't making a sound herself, Dozens of screams answer and the sounds of the villagers coming in a ravenous wave is all that anyon can hear over the screaming noise of the yellow glow. "Now die." The Hooded figure uses a bit of math to cover himself and the Stone in a metal dome. The folk are coming closer...

Mirana kneels down a moment, her ears folding back, and examining herself a moment. Nothing seems wrong except the fact that she is glowing and there are screams coming from her, making her hold her ears. Looking around though, she sees... things.. coming at her. She yips and tries to focus enough to do some math, while looking to Arimia, "Umm, Miss, I think I've a bit of a problem..." she tries to say over the sounds of the screams, she holds her staff with one hand and her ears with the other.

Kiyasai stares at the approaching group and damns them back with wings of light. (That serve no function except to draw attention.) And then she charges the apparition in a try to help Mirana out.

Selena glares at the hooded being. "I mightn't know about your petty gods..." ripping the metal dome apart as soon as it forms. "... But I know enough about math." She growls, directing her elementals to the odd cloaked thing, silently hoping her allies make use of the opening.

Arimia growls and works a bit of complex dark math with a blend of other maths as she directs the energies at the crystal the hooded figure is holding. She works at disrupting the energies coming from the crystals and at damaging the crystal itself with her magics, attention absorbed, but not so much that she can't growl at Mirana, "Aware of that."

Bite sees a chance to knock the crystal over, and employing earth magic she attempts to work it free of the ground below with a giggle.

As his Shield is broken and the Stone Fall over the Hooded figure laughs, "I see your reliance in the creators has made you cocky and foolish. Now behold the power of the Left Eye of E'galish." The Hooded Figure takes the yellow stone and smashes it against the already damaged stone. "Now I put my faith in the Old Ones THE TRUE SOURCE OF POWER ON PROMISE." Mirana's yellow light changes to a red and shifts to the Hooded figure as the Folk that come running to attack the group screaming in pain as their stones are painfully ripped from their bodys and sucked into the glow around the figure. "Yes! No your humble servant Azar will work miracles in your name."

Arimia rolls her eyes at the rather overdramatic exclamation, and twitches her tail and tentacles as she prepares more math for battle. ooc :abuses hero points even worse.

Mirana watches as she stops glowing, and all the creatures screem out, stones flying from them to the hooded figure. She watches closely though, and notices that a few things aren't right. "Miss! Something is very wrong with the magic he is channeling!" She studies and thinks, feeling the change of the currents about them all, "Whatever he is doing..." and she stops a moment again to run the numbers, "is disrupting the control of elements around him. He'll not be able to do any math that I know of with much success Miss!" Her prepared math she refocuses, ready to assist Selena or Arimia in their assults.

Bite puts some effort in, grinning to herself as she speeds along spell prep. She unleashes a paticularly powerful explosion upon the damaged crystal.

Selena glares at the priest, flinging the metal from the priest's shield into the priest, the force enough to propel him through the walls behind him, rubble stayed by Mirana's assistance. "...Forget any 'gods'." The wolf growls, surveying the wreckage with no hint of a smile, a few loose pieces of the structure falling in her spell's wake, followed by a large part of the building collapsing over the huge hole. "What was they you said about disruption, Mirana?" She sighs weakly with a knowing smirk.

The moment Bites explosion hits the crystal a waves of force is released in mini explosions of random elements, some of the already downed towns folk are lit ablaze or randonly set on fire. The crystal shatters from the force but the shards slide under the wreckage as the hooded figure crawls out of the wreckage. The creature that crawled out is certainly not the one that went it. Yellow pus filled tumor cover much if his body parts of the wreckage has turn from steel and glass to fleshy growths mimicing the materals. His tongue has swollen to tentacle sized proportions. "SQQQIEE." He tries to make noise similar to talking but is only comes out as high pitched screams. His head grown several muzzles as he drags his currently tumorous hands though the wreak as he eyes shimmer and seem to lock on Kiyasai and the energies the stone is pulling out everything he seems to touch sprouts eyes and tentacles and black shards randomly as he drags himself closer to the group.

Mirana points to what is happening to the hooded figure and all around her, "That... kind of disruption..." she states. Then, looks as the strange creature seems to lock onto Kiyasai. She runs over beside her, wondering what exactly to do. She decides it best to study things for now, use some math to feel out what is happening. "Not sure exactly what is going on....but it doesn't feel at all right. Any ideas Bite, Miss Arimia, Selena?" she asks as she herself tries to get a feel on things.

Bite looks the creature over and backs up, preparing to attempt set it on fire. "Sssweetie, I think you shouldn't let it get you." she hisses to Kiyasai, trying to think of what to do about it. "We can't trap iit if it turns everything it touches... miss priest, do you think you can cleanse it?"

Selena looks over at the shambling abomination for a moment, then over at Kiyasai's stone for a moment. "Kiyasai, that thing! Use it as a focus!" She calls over. "Use your skills through it!" She demands. "And don't let that thing touch it!" She looks back to the beast, pulling a small stone out of her pocket and to her chest, and readying herself for action.

Kiyasai struggles to keep track of everything that's going on, but she focuses all of her power on the stone and then keeps it inside her armor. "You're never getting that, demon." She growls, and then lunges in her standard battle form.

Kiyasai glows brightly, A golden light shines from her in a protective bubble, The abomination reaches and attempts to swat as Kiyasai but the weaker shards in his body glow with the same golden hue. He begins to scream and sizzle as the profane energies from his body seem to tear away, Kiyasai doesn't move a muscles as her glow expands and begins healing wounds in every direction. The tentacles fall off of the creature and the stone and metal that had fused to his body falls off and Kiyasai stone breaks leaving her face to face with a Apostate Irish setter wearing hooded robes looking at her confused. Many of the previously dying towns folk are slowly getting to their feet their minds clear of the hunger.

Mirana watches as the holy energy from Kiyasai seems to fill the area. The healing and rejuvinating effects reflecting off all it touches, scouring the tant from everything. As the town folk seem to recover slowly Mira looks over to Arimia and back to Kiyasai, "Miss Arimia, I'll help with the towns folk, there doesn't seem to be any more immediate danger." And she pulls out some herbs, food, and a field medic kit, rushing to the injured to patch them up, offering food and water to those in need, always looking back to make sure that all is ok with the rest of her group however.

Arimia glances around, observing the various effects going about the area, then watches as the tentacles and such fall off the Irish Setter. The 'coon gives Mirana a nod before she walks over to the Apostate and nudges it with a foot, saying, "We've got a bit of chatting to do, I think."

Bite smiles when the effect loses it's grasp on the townsfolk, stretching and inspecting the area for any additional danger as she approaches the priest and Arimia.

Selena watches on, awed by the effects of the aura's procession. Feeling things to be safer again, she returns here gems to their usual configuration. She finishes her short walk over to Kiyasai and looks back at the settler sternly. "You have a lot to answer for." She growls, and whispers something across to Arimia, a curious expression on her face.

Kiyasai finishes her task, but she's far too spent to do anything more than to fall to all fours and try her best to recover her wind.

Azar stands up and nods, "For first time in years I can think clearly...." He looks at himself and at the others, "Its different." He seems unnervingly calm as he gets up and dusts himself off. "What happends now." He looks fearful but his tail wags as he looks at the ruined building behind him with wide eyes.

Arimia folds her tentacles behind her and adjusts her cloak to cover them again, saying, "Well. Now you have to pay for..." She glances around and waves an arm around at the village, "This. There won't be any getting around that. There must be justice, after all." She folds her arms over his chest then and adds, "An' frankly, I believe you will be put to death. In control of your actions or no. You'd just better pray to whoever that you survive for it to happen outside the village, as I imagine those that survive won't be too pleased with you."

Bite shakes her head. "Sssweetie when did you stop thinking clearly?" she hisses and frowns, trying to draw information out of him before he's sent off to justice."

Selena looks at the person nonplussed. "Since you seem to be clueless, let me fill you in. You brought kindcraft here, behind promises of prosperity, and turned all the villagers against each other so you could use them to fuel some abomination of a spell." She deadpans.

Azar nods at Arimia, "I know.." The feel good effect of Kiyasai attack starts to fade. "I'm not clueless and one of them is coming this way. We were going to use them to fuel our position near here. It would have been a Hex the size of the a town used to hit Firmament like a ballista." More and More towns folk begin to crowd the area and begin to murmer and point as they gather weapons and prepare to Kill Azar.

Arimia gives a soft sigh and shakes her head then says, "Gives a small frown and says to Selena and Bite, "Find out what he means by one of them coming this way." She walks over to Kiyasai then and checks on her, asking, "Are you... O...Kay..." She trails off as she notices the gathering crowd then gives another sigh and says loudly, "That is enough! Each of you has enough death on their hands! Yes, it is his fault, but killing him won't change that! He does deserve to die, and he will. Unfortunately it will have to wait, though, as we need to take him to Firmament to find out more about this attack, if it was a single effort, or part of a more united force, and more about the Kindcraft aspect of it."

Bite nods to Arimia and smiles before turning around. "So sssweetie, who's coming, why did they want to target firmament, and are there any others we should know about?" she hisses, moving him away from the approaching mob just in case.

Selena shakes her head and directs her attention to the crowd for a moment. "Arimia is right. If this person has information that would save other towns this fate, would you rest knowing it was your fault they were unwarned of the threat?" She calls out. "Rest assured that I will have the verdict delivered here when it's passed. He will get what he deserves."

The crows look to the group before Terry pushes his way through, and stands at the front with a Blunderbuss in his hands, "The children have been cured, You all have your lives and they only ask for scum in return. Let them pass or I'll put a load of pellets into the folk dumb enough to turn on the towns savior." Azar look at bite while terry is speaking, "They want the firmament because it brings hope and its one of the larger places near Kindcraft. The one coming is my leader, Tessel. Since I am considered useless and Impure he will be running operations soon." Azar says as Terry leads the whole group with his blunderbuss to a cart. "Keep the Cart and get him far away from here I want him dead as much as the rest of em. I just don't want to do wrong by you good folks. Be safe." The Golden chicken says with a smile.