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Amos is waiting outside the doors of Burkes & Burkes with his hands in his pockets. The scarred old tomcat looks over the gathering beings with his one good eye. "Come on, boys and girls," he rasps, "We don't got all day, and I ain't sayin' this more than once!"

Thelergramor has been waiting for this. In full equipment, multiple weapons, the wolf grins behind his mask, bandage wrapped around his torso from a recent arrow wound. Shouldn't affect his performance. "Are you sure, Amos? What if it needs to be said again?" A chuckle, likes messing with the cat. His blunderbuss in hand, the wolf is chomping at the bit to get started.

With a hand on her skirt to keep modesty, Cassidy drops from the sky and quickly straightens up, brushing her gloved hands on the red sleeves of her jacket before tipping a hat. "Hello! I am ready and able, reporting for excitement." She turns her masked face up to the sky, trusting her companion to drop down any moment now to join her.

Natska does indeed land right next to Cassidy, legs bending into a slight crouch as the extra weight of her armor weighs her down. She gives Amos a solemn nod, stepping up next to Cassidy, and her ear flicks. "If he has to say it twice then something is already going wrong," she says. "I am ready, Mister Longtail."

Cythim slowly approach the group, looking around to see where they are actually. Wearing a simple robe, a long spear on her back and a hood over her face, she is someone that tend to be unnoticed easily. The salamander bow softly to Amos, "Hello ... Mister?... Hum... I am sorry but i don't know your name... Would you mind if you told me so?", as she place a hand on her back, uneasy.

Angus approaches the group, his silvery golem Mister sitting upon his shoulders as the fox looks around. At his belt sat his rapier, a dagger tucked in at the side as

Angus approaches the group, his silvery golem Mister sitting upon his shoulders as the fox looks around. At his belt sat his rapier, a dagger tucked in at the side as Angus looks around before putting his hands at his hips. "Good evening Amos, I am ready when you are."

The ragged tomcat eyes the group with his piercing green eye, made even more stark next to his milky, blind eye. Without even looking up, his fist lashes out at Thelergramor, landing a hard blow to the solar plexus. "I do not repeat myself wolf," he growls, "Do not mess with me." He turns his attention back to the others. "Name's Amos, Amos LongTOOTH," he says flashing a wink at Natska, "And we are here to apprehend the Creator criminal known as Joseph Preston under the direction of the crown." He pulls a ring of keys from his black Spyguard coat and opens the lock. "I will get you inside of his little hideaway," he says, "And probably bypass some of the security systems. But it will be up to you to capture him." The tomcat gives a lopsided smile, showing off his one oversized fang. "You DO know what a Creator looks like, I assume," he says, "Fella is like to be the only one around." His grin turns into a frown. "The man is not to be killed, and only injured if absolutely necessary. You do anything but subdue him and it comes out of your hides. Probably literally. Any PERTINENT questions? Once we're in, I want silence for as long as possible. The goal here is surprise."

Thelergramor coughs, wind knocked out of him by Amos fist. He's doubled over for a few moments, holding his stomach. Rising back to full height, not that tall, really. "Heheheh....." Maniacal laughter. "...Good shot, ya old bastard." Another cough, managed to avoid misfiring his blunderbuss. "So, don't kill him...Missing a limb or two alright with you?" He turns to the others: "I'm fine with amputating the 'creator'." The word creeator is said with such spite, Thel must really dislike them.

Cassidy stares at Thel for a moment and sighs, withdrawing the blowpipe from her jacket. "Good thing I brought spare darts," she comments. "Might need to use one on Thel, at this rate. But no, no questions from me. I am ready to go whenever." She turns her head towarsd Natska and smiles before waving at Angus. "Good to have you with us, cousin."

Natska returns Cass' smile, then gives Amos a quick shake of the head. "No questions. I am ready." She glances over her companions, sizing them up, then gives the group a small nod. "If we do trigger defenses, let me take them first. I seem to be the heaviest equipped."

Cythim grip her spear painfully, scared, as she saw Amos LongTOOTH acting. "A-acknowledged the m-mission... m-mister...". Her eyes are fixed on the tomcat. "If the creator tries to flee by the trapped path... how are we supposed to track him?". She turn her head away and look at the group. "I'm Cythim by the way, please to meet you. If i haven't done beforehand.".

Angus Crosses his arms as he gives Amos a nod. "Understandable, hopefully we won't have to pull our punches to much to capture him." He hears Cythim speak, turning to fix his gaze on her when he notices how scared they are. "Take a deep breath, if you go in twitchy something is bound to go wrong." As thele continues to talk about causing the creator harm Mister fixes him with a saphire gaze, watching him as Angus clears his throat. "Thele, we need him very much alive as to not cause problems, we don't want him dying of blood loss." He states before he greets both Natska and Cassidy.

Amos narrows his eyes at the impudent wolf. "Lord Solacious," he says, not looking away from Thelergramor, "I give you special dispensation, as an authorized servant of the crown to deal with the criminal known as Thelergramor Alverriss as you see fit should he fail to follow orders." The feline eyes Cythim for a second. "Welcome aboard, Cythim," he says, "If the bastard is slippery enough to get past you, then he will have to deal with me." He gives the group one last look, then turns and opens the door, striding quickly and quietly into the warehouse.

A moment's walk has the group standing around a bin of lovely crystal pieces, probably meant for the chandeliers being constructed nearby. Amos looks around at the group. "Ready?" he rasps quietly, "Remember, quick and quiet. The machine here produces a sort of malaise, it will take me just a moment to deactivate it. Do not panic." Warning given, the old tomcat extends a hand and begins to chant. Suddenly, the bin is gone, revealing a strange device. A palpable wave of fear and nausea flows from it.

Thelergramor scratches at the back of his neck, gags slightly. Machine making him feel sick, the wolf tries to shake it off, grumbling incoherently. "...What the fuck is that thing anyway? Hurry up Amos, before I rip it apart..." His words are spoken quietly, as directed. He gags again, pulling up his mask to spit on the floor.

Cassidy slips a gloved hand into her pocket withdrawing a small case. From it is produced a single dart, tucked between fingers as she stows the case away. She keeps it ready with her blowpipe, just incase.. "Remember to try to stay quiet. We want to get the jump on him this time," she murmurs softly, inspecting the bit of venomed metal in her hand.

Natska settles herself into a braced stance before Amos triggers the defensive device; ready for it this time she takes a long, slow breath and lets the malaise wash past her, giving Cass a small nod of agreement. "Ready," she murmurs.

Epsilon shake visibly at the sight of the machine, as her hand get moist, and try to keep her calm and to stand on her feet. Then as Amos talked of traps, she stealthily change her soulgem, switching from Journeyman to rogue, as she feel a dark change in her mind, as she clumsily let her spear fall down on the ground. Blushing, she put it back on her back as she get out a hidden dagger and point it out at the machine, still too scared to talk.

Angus gives Amos a nod as he rests a hand on the hilt of his rapier, his gaze afixed on the machine. He braces himself as the wave of Malaise hits him, he grinds his teeth, biting his tongue as he keeps himself firm in his position, standing strong against the wave as he remains quiet as Mister calmly sits on his shoulders.

Amos works quickly, stepping up to the machine and chanting the unintelligible gibberish common to machine priests. After a few moments, the lights on the machine go dark and the strange pressure and nausea abate. The old tomcat carefully lifts the machine and sets it aside, relief evident in his posture. He waves Angus over and with the fox's help, lifts aside the trap door that the machine concealed, revealing the steel door of a Creator vessel much like the one that had been discovered in the old Eastwood forest. After a moment of fiddling, Amos looks up at the group triumphantly. "Ready!" he rasps, then presses a button.

There is a whoosh of air and the heavy metal door slides open, revealing a black space beyond. "Move!" Amos hisses!

Thelergramor shakes away the rest of his nausea, adjusts his mask. Thel completely ignores Natskas previous comment about letting her go first, running up and dropping down into the hole as Amos commands them to move. Blunderbuss hanging from its strap, the wolf drops, grabs the ledge, and looks down before letting himself fall into the bolthole.

Cassidy peers down into the hole after Thel jumps down. She looks up to Natska and smiles, still bent over at the waist at that odd angle. "Well, despite your armour, at least I don't have to worry about you getting injured at this rate." She straightens up and takes a brief bunny hop into the hole, using her air magic to slow her descent.

Seeing that Thelergramor and Cassidy already jumped in, she checked her spear on her back, seeing if it is correctly fixed then brace herself, counting on whatever skills she got though her jounryey as she lower down toward the hole and slide down in the hole, ready for anything as she start to feel her fear slowly fading away.

Angus adjusts the brim of his hat after pulling up the trap door, giving Amos a nod as he watches the others go down. "Guess it's our turn mister." He comments to the fox on his shoulders, giving him a slight smirk before he adjusts the scabbered of his rapier to make sure it doesnt stick before hopping into the hole, relying on his skill with air magics to keep him from falling.

Natska takes a breath and gives Amos a nod. "I am glad you are watching our back. I'll make sure nothing goes too horrible down there," she offers, as her allies file past and down into the hole. Then she takes her turn, lightly hopping down into the bolthole; as she lands she quickly takes a few steps forward and drops into a guard stance, eyes searching for threats.

The group finds themselves momentarily disoriented as down becomes sideways! Everyone findes themselves safely on the floor of the vessel. A floor that just happens to be perpendicular to the ground outside! The room is quite bare, just a simple steel corridor, shaped by Creator magics. There are a number of closed doors branching off from this main hallway, and the hall itself bends away in the darkness ahead.

Amos peers over the lip of the door, surprised to see the group standing on what looks to be a wall. He shakes off his surprise, then calls down quietly. "I have turned off the automatic lights," he says, "And most of the security. Turns out that it works the same as the one in the woods." The tomcat grins lopsidedly. "Mister Joe doesn't think much of our know-how," he waves them on, "Now get a move on! Catch him sleeping!"

Thelergramor thuds as he slams to the floor. Hanging from the ledge put him face down when gravity pulled him in a different direction. Unable to do much besides blink and stand, the wolf picks up his firearm, an dbrushes himself off. No dirt, but still. From up ahead, Thel hears something moving. No lights, though... Thel suppresses the urge to charge, crouching and turning to the others. He gestures forward, performs some simple sign language to the group.

Cassidy is minorly disoriented by the sudden change of gravity, and counteracts it by curling into a little ball and rolls around in the air for a moment, stationary, til she feels confident enough to put her paws down on the ground again. How odd! She reaches up to adjust her hat and mask, followed by prompt adjustment of her bowtie. She glances around and looks towards Thel's gesture. She doesn't know the signs, but starts to trot in that direction.

Although "the wall suddenly becoming the floor" was not something she could train for on a regular basis, Natska's reflexes let her take it in stride, the cat landing on her feet in a graceful motion. Her ears perk as she gives her allies a moment to recover, taking the time to pull a small and softly glowing amulet from her belt pouch and settle it around her neck, and then she begins to move down the hallway as well.

Cythim got confused at the sudden change of direction, but thankfully manage to roll out and stabilize herself with her tail. She dust her robe off and put her hood back on her yellow-orange head and look around to see if there is anything without much success. She then ready her dagger and look around for the others.

Angus slowly dirfts down to the floor, blinking at the sudden change in direction as he clutches at Mister to make sure the golem doesn't fall before he realizes that they were safe. He drops the last few inches, landing silently as he notices that Thele is signing, before he turns to both NAtska and Cassidy to speak to them using hand gestures he used in the militia, pointing in Theles general direction before drawing his dagger at his side.

The light from Natska's gem and the light filtering in from outside make it possible, if not easy to navigate the empty corridor. The sounds that Thelergramor heard before become apparent to everyone as they move down the hallway. It seems that there is something moving around behind one of the doors further down the way! It does not look like it would be hard to open, it has one simple, large button panel next to it, glowing softly in the darkness.

Thelergramor stays low as he moves up to the front of the group; trying to approach the door. In the dark, coupled with his mask lenses fogging briefly, the wolf stumbles, blunderbuss tapping against the wall quite audibly while he wipes his mask. "...Fuck..." He whispers, then steps quickly up to the door, standing with his back to the wall, door next to him. He waits for someone else to hit the button, ready to round the doorframe once it opens.

Cassidy stands before the door and tilts her head, brushing down her skirt for a moment. "Mm..." She murmurs softly as she decides to lean forward, pressing a large ear against the door. Maybe she could hear better as to what it was! She just hoped no one would open it with her standing there.

Natska had, in fact, started to reach for the button; she pulls back though, as Cassidy takes a spot at the door. She gives the fennec a grin, then stands next to her, looking up and down the hallway and ready to move as soon as something unexpected happens.

Cythim clumsily drop her dagger on ground, cursing herself in her mind as it noisily fall on the ground, stupidly revealing their presense as she get her dagger back. She thought "So much for stealth..." as thinking that there is no point to remain stealthed, switch switfly her soulgem, using the partial darkness to cover her moves, going back into a journeyman.

Angus cringes at the noises, letting out a pent up breath as he stands up and sheaths his dagger, drawing his rapier instead. "Hear anything Cassidy?" He asks as he takes a step behind her, drawing his dagger in his right hand as well as he gets ready for a fight.

After the clatter of Cythim's fallen dagger dies away, the corridor is deathly silent. There is no way THAT wasn't heard on the other side of the door!

Thelergramor takes a breath, waits to charge as soon as the door opens. Not much left to do, but, since they're no longer unnoticed... Thel slams the stock of his firearm on the door thrice, knocking. "Give up and I'll let you keep your limbs!" Probably broke whatever Cassidy had heard, but, the dropped dagger might have killed that already. Speaks low to the group. "I'm going in first...Blunderbuss up close, no-ones stupid enough to test that. Besides, no reason to risk the rest of you..." He waits for the door to be opened, weapon held to his shoulder professionally. Doesn't look right, really...

Cassidy glares at Thel and briefly considers stabbing him through the heart then and there. Then, a grin creeps across her face under the mask and she points briefly at Natska and Angus, then at herself before withdrawing further into the hall. "Go in alone, then," she mutters. "And tell nothing of our presence, you fool."

Natska growls under her breath, her grip tightening on her glaive; after a moment, though, she gives her head a quick shake and steps back with Cassidy, giving the fennec an inquisitive look.

Since she just plain lost their effect of surprise after her big blunder. She set her dagger back in her robe, hidden, and not much willing to fight without a weapon, ready her spear and stand in a fighting position, waiting for whatever may come from the door.

Angus eyes Thele after his actions, squinting before he steps back and allows the Wolf to do his thing. His gaze turns to Mister on his shoulders, and he whispers a command to the silvery fox before it hops down off his shoulders , its saphire eyes flashing with an inner light as it moves closer to thele, watching and waiting as its mechanical tail flicks.

An instant after Thelergramor bangs on the door there is an easily audible scrabbling within the room, followed by a bit of what can only be swearing, though it is in no words that anyone here understands. Something did not go according to plan, it seems. Then there is silence.

Thelergramor shakes his head at Cassidys reaction. "Problem? We can talk about it later..." hits the button, hopefully causing the door to open. In which case, he charges in. Assuming he's about to get hit with something, the wolf prepares to dodge.

As Natska and Angus come over, Cassidy shakes her head and slips the dart into her blowpipe, keeping it at the ready. "If he wants to abandon all subtlety and caution and endanger lives in the process, it won't be ours," she explains quietly. "We'll just go in to clean up whatever mess he inevitably makes."

Natska watches Thel rush in, remaining with Cass and Angus, warily on her guard. The jaguar's tail flicks back and forth, and she shfits her weight a little as she gets ready for quick movement.

Cythim check on her medicinal supplies and ready some as she expect something to go wrong while she ready her spear as she lower it, to strike whatever may come from the door, may it be stupid, or an enemy. "Something tells me that i will have to heal the guy while ignoring that stupid fox, bleeding to death...".

As soon as the door opens Mister's eyes flash once more before he bolts for the opening, trying to get into the room quickly to try and take down the creator without hurting him to much, tiny metal claws clicking on the mettalic floor.

Angus sheaths his blades as he crosses his arms, his feet moving and bracing as he gets ready to move quickly and violently just in case he is needed as he keeps quiet and focused.

Thelergramor's charge is met with the sound of crackling energy! Though the wolf manages to dodge the initial shot, he is not out of the woods! The Creator, Joe Preston stands in the middle of a room that seems to be a large parlor and cantina! There is a sort of rounded couch in one area and what looks like a miniature bar! Joe certainly hasn't been roughing it! The man himself is tracking Thelergramor around the room with a small white box! Could that blast have come from such a tiny thing? The Creator's eyes flicker toward Mister as he darts into the room, but the little fox golem stalls out as his movements cease to give him any forward motion! Joe grins at the little thing. "You bloody animals are even stupider than you look!" he gloats, firing off three more shots at Thelergramor!

Thelergramor dodges another shot, rolling to avoid it. As he levels his blunder buss toward the creator, Thel calls out: "Big room!" To the group, less focused on taunting than usual. "FUCK YOU JOE!" Apparently not... Thel is hit by two more bolts of energy, hip and shoulder, dropping him to the floor, still conscious, but down. Paralyzed, for now.

Cassidy glances to her companions and adjusts her hat before darting forward. She doesn't go in the door, instead, what she does is bring up a gloved hand and snaps her fingers, creating a small burst of flame within Joe's room. She wasn't trying to hit him, specifically, only trying to see how the building reacted to such a thing...

Natska quickly moves up to the other side of the door, using the wall for cover. She grins at Cassidy, and gvies the fennec a nod. "Surrender, Mister Preston," she calls out. "Nobody needs to get hurt, and we would like to have a nice, civil chat!"

"What are you doing...?". As cythim tries to understand the aim of the fire spell, she follow Natska, while giving some room, her spear pointing toward Joe, ready to strike and to dodge. Angry at Joe, she stay silent as she interiorly curse him and hope for the best.

Mister struggled, trying to continue moving on. As soon as Cassidy and Natska move, Angus gives them both a look before bolting right through the open door, the fox going to take cover behind the couch as he shouts. "Why continue this, you are caught!"

Joe smirks down at the flailing Mister as the golem is repelled. "And what is this thing supposed to be?" he gloats, swaggering toward the edge of the shield, "You even pretend to make your own droids!" The man looks over at Cythim crouched in the doorway and laughs loudly at Natska's warning as he squeezes off another round at the door. "What do you think you animals can do against an armed Creator?" he sneers, "You are nothing but savages at best!" He takes another pair of shots at Angus. "I could take on your whole planet with this little cruiser!" he laughs, "There's nothing you animals can do against me!" His gloating is cut short however, when a ball of blistering fire appears in the middle of the room. Suddenly, the overhead lights turn red and a machine spirit's voice speaks out a soothing warning before with a sudden hiss the air is swept from the room! The man gasps, caught off guard and his hands go to his throat in surprise!

Thelergramor in the few moments between Joes taunting and the flame causing the air to be vaccuumed away, the wolf manages another taunt. "I'LL SHOW YOU SAVAGE, YOU SHIT! I"M GOING TO TEAR OFF YOUR HAND AND EAT--!" Then, the air is sucked out. Thel, having used all his breath on yelling at the creator clutches at his mask with his left hand; can't move his right. Unable to scream, Thel waits for air to come back; panicked to the point of biting his lip hard and deep enough to bleed. He proceeds to choke...

Cassidy taps gently against her blowpipe and chuckles. "Yes, savages indeed," she mutters off-handedly. "What a shame. Imagine if those savages could have wicked ideas?" She gives a little wink to Natska. "I do hope Thel will be okay in there, though. But that's what happens when you charge in blindly. I may have just saved his life, if it doesn't kill him."

Natska quietly snickers, leaning against the wall next to the door, calmly waiting for the air to finish cycling and the door to open again. "Oh! Cass!! Cass! We are walking on a *wall!* We need to do this for our castle. It is great, isn't it?"

"You guys are crazy...". While she wait for the door to open again, she relax a bit and put her spear up, as she check on her medicines. Then she remove her hood revealing the black color around her head while the rest of it goes from yellow to orange.

AS the air started to vent Angus took a deep breath, holding it as he removes his weapons belt and drops it, tearing off his shirt as well as he changes, becoming more draonic as he grows. The tightening of his chest while he held his breath disappeared as he changed, feeling much better as a dragon as he charges directly towards Joe to see if he can't charge through the shield with his new size, yelling at Mister to get clear and out of his way as he does.

The vacuum in the room does not last long, as Cassidy's fire is quickly smothered. With a gentle whoosh, the air once more floods with oxygen and the hatch hisses open. Joe gasps for air at the center of his protected circle. He babbles something in fast Creator speak that no one can understand, and the machine spirit responds in kind before he scowls out and shouts at Angus. "What did you ###### animals do to my ship!" he roars, then his eyes bug out as Angus starts to change before his eyes! He fires off a shot from his strange little box before Angus plows into his shield, the whole thing lighting up in a blue ring, repelling the massive dragon. This time.

Thelergramor doesn't calm at all as the air returns to his lungs; he continues to gasp, choke and roar profane, violent insults at Joe. Best not to elaborate. Though, he can see Joe...But Angus is blocking his shot. Blunderbuss has no precision; can't use bow with one hand...His only option is dark magic. He mutters the calculations for entropic fortune...Hopefully Angus doesn't get caught in it.

Cassidy brings up her fingers and snaps them again, this time trying to rip the air out of Joe's lungs directly, once the door opens. "Animals? Savages? Don't your people make Beings to do things because -you- can't? You should give us credit where credit is due. You have all your gadgets and tricks, but they won't protect you from me," she sing-songs.

Natska ducks into the room just behind Cassidy, moving around the fennec as she does her working. She takes in the scene as she takes up another defensive stance just to the side, between Cass and the Creator, ready to provide cover if needed. Alhtough, given the goings on she sees, her ears go flat.

As the door open, Cythim rush toward the place, searching with her yes for Joe. As she spot hil, she says, "Hey, Big Pork. A GIFT FOR YOU!", as she use her spear to sweep joe's legs, trying to make hil fall on his big fat ass. "That's for Mister, monster.".

Angus stumbles back after making contact with the shield, Joe's attack going wide and missing him. He moves forward, clasping both hands together as he steps up behind Cythim as they attack, as he brings both hands to bear in an overhead hammer blow to the ward that was stopping them from getting to Joe.

Joe Preston does not even have time to cry out again as the air is ripped from his lungs and he is simultaneously struck by a bolt of dark magic. The creator falls to the ground in his protective shield, spasming and frothing at the mouth. A trickle of blood drips from his nose along his bare, alien flesh.

Cythim's attack, while well meant, is of little use as it bounces off of Joe's still intact shield. Angus's mammoth strike, on the other hand smashes into the energy barrier as it flares brightly and dies away, leaving the thrashing Joe exposed at last!

Thelergramor chuckles as the creator drops. "Hey, someone get in there and help him...also, what the hell happened to him?" Nope. The wolf totally did not cast any dark magic...

Cassidy quickly runs in, already fishing up the manacles she carries with her. "If any of your are a medic, please get ready to tend him. Someone go fetch Amos." Taking advantage of his downed state to try to shackle his hands behind his back. "Joseph Preston, you have been exceptionally naughty. What would your sister and niece think?"

Natska stays near Cassidy as the fennec rushes to the Creator's side. "Nice job," she comments, although she looks over at Thel and speculatively eyes the wolf. "How badly hurt is he? I can make sure he survives, but it would require someone taking one for the team."

As Joe pass out, Cythim put her weapon on her back before healing him. She start by stopping the bleeding. and make sure that the wounds doesn't get infected, then she tighten some bandages around the wounds. Not wanting any witty comments, she pull addiotional bandages that she wrap around his mouth to shut it close as she knot it. "Take that monster.".

Angus finally lets out the breath he had been holding the entire fight, walking back to his equipment as he changes back to a fox. "Call us animals now will ya, can't make fun of Mister anymore." He snaps, grumpling as he redresses himself and belts back on his weapons, putting his hat back on as Mister comes to his side and hopes back up on his shoulders when he crouches.

It seems that Joe has done all the taunting he is likely to do for a long while. Cythim's timely attention sees to it that the Creator fugitive does not swallow his own tongue as his convulsing dies down and his breathing eases. His eyes remain rolled back though, and he is obviously unconscious. Hard to say how the fugitive would respond to being called, extremely naughty, but as things stand, the world may never know. His weapon, if weapon it truly is, lies in the middle of his former shield, dropped during the magical onslaught.

Thelergramor sits up, coughs. "Heh. Asshole still alive? Yep, he's breathing." Thel rubs at his paralyzed leg, nope, nothing. "Well, shit. Someone want to drag me out of here?" Thel suppresses a laugh, and the urge to shoot something, while waiting for the rest to figure stuuff out.

With the creator shackled, Cassidy starts to stand and dust her hands off on her skirt before smiling at Natska. "That wasn't so bad, was it?" She turns towards the door and conjures up a bit of air magic to carry her voice back towards the exit. "Amos." It's all she says, not trusting the air to carry a whole speech, but it was a notification, at least, if he heard it.

Natska responds with a grin, nodding her head. "Not bad at all! You guys didn't even need me." She considers Joe for a moment, then offers Cassidy her glaive and crouches down to pick up the unconcious creator in a fireman's carry. "I am sure the Spyguards and the Priests will be all over this place, too, to secure it. Almost a shame that I can't pocket something for my shelf, but it wouldn't be worth the hassle." She smiles then nods at Angus. "Drag the wolf?"

Having finished her work on the pig, she move toward Thelergramor. "Idiot.", and sigh while she check on him. Noticing the wound on the tongue, she pull some herbs, "Brace yourself, it may sting a bit", as she slowly rub it with the herbs to stop the bleeding, before moving, to let Angus.

Angus stretches a bit before he walks over to where the creator had been resting, stooping down to pick up the weird weapon that Joe had dropped. "Wonder what this thing is." He mutters a bit as he turns it around, pointing it away as he pokes at it a bit.

There is a flash of light as Angus fiddles with the strange Creator weapon and a beam of energy sizzles past Cythim's head to slam into Thelergramor's face, knocking the poor wolf out cold! What a moment for Amos to arrive! "Hells you think you're doing, Angus!" the ragged old tomcat hisses, before seeing Thelergramor sprawled out on the floor and Joe sprawled over Natska's shoulder. "You know what," he says, "I don't wanna know." The Spyguard gazes around the room. "Huh," he sighs, "I honestly expected more damage." He waves a hand at Angus. "Get the wolf, and let's get out of here," he rasps, "I gotta fill out paperwork on all this."

Cassidy smiles and tips her hat to Amos, giving Natska's glaive a playful twirl as she prepares to move off after Natska. "It wasn't so bad. Didn't even have to touch him, personally! Though we had a few close calls when someone decided to just knock on his door." She coughs gently and glances over to the outcold wolf and sighs. "I'm sure he'll be fine, though."

Thelergramor blinks as Cythim tends to the bite on his lip, then, he is shot. Now unconscious, the wolf is unable to do much... besides subconsciously hope that his self-sacrificing heroism might help speed along his acceptance into the Lightbringers.

Natska gives Amos a short nod, grins at Cassidy, and (gently) hauls the unconcious Creator out of his bolthole, to face whatever Creator-style Justice the others had planned for him.

Cythim got scared to the bone as the wild missile grazed her. But decide to try to cool dowd and steel her mind to ignore it. She walk up to Amos and point at the pig. "Here's your meat, still breathing".

Angus blinks, putting the weapon down slowlyyyyy after he managed to take Thele out by accident. "Woops, that's my bad." He states as he puts Mister down, telling him to follow as he walks over to pick Thelergramor up and fireman carry him out. "Give Joe a kiss from me when he wakes up!" He jests, thinking the mission was a success.

Amos shakes his head and leads the way to the entrance. "Pretty trick this," he says, peeking over the threshold of the ship to where the ground seems to be a cliff face, "Probably scare me half to death if I had come this way first!" He calmly walks out the door and down the cliff as normal gravity reasserts itself. "Come on then!" he says, "Got yer pay out here!"

Thelergramor is unconscious; can't really do much...

Cassidy moves along after Amos and Natska, making her way out of the ship. "I wonder how he got that down there, anyway. Very interesting thing! And that was an interesting night." She glances over at Natska and Angus. "Glad you two are okay, though!"

Natska snickers, looking back over at Cassidy. "I was ready for a serious fight, but you took him down quite well love." She pats the unconcious Creator, eyes the place where gravity shifts, and carefully steps out onto the floor proper. "Oh, weird. I like it. So where do you want him, Amos?"

Angus makes sure that Thele won't fall off his shoulder as he follows, eyeing the drop as he steps out onto it. "I'm just happy that Mister didn't get hurt." He comments as he looks over at his little mechanical golem before he leans down to pick him up and hold him under one arm. "Think Thele will wake up soon?" He asks as he follows.

Amos whistles and a pair of burly beings, a bear and and ox, in spyguard coats shoulder their way into the warehouse. "These gentlemen will take care of our friend Joe from here, Missy," the tomcat says to Natska as he turns back to reseal the door to the Creator ship, "And this little bit of equipment will be reported to Mister Parson, don't you worry." He smirks at Thel being dragged by Angus. "You can leave him here, Lord Solacious," he says, "My boys will see to it that he's taken care of." He reaches down and runs a hand along Angus's golem, Mister. "A fine piece of work," he says with a little smile on his face. The two big spyguards lift Joe from Natska's shoulder and haul him away, escorting the heroic beings along with them.