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A young pelican priest begins to take head count, looking slightly worried. She counts again and again and looks a little bit more frantic than before, rushing here and there looking for something. "Has anyone seen Faer?" she asks the children. Recieving no positive responses she frowns and puts her hands on her head. Bite slithers over to her, easily transversing the incline. "Sssweetie do you need some help?"

Selena looks over concernedly, then turns back to the group of kids. "Well, that concludes my little lesson." She smiles, quickly picking up her bowl and cloth and covering in the hole she made, pacing over to Bite and the pelican concernedly.

Wulf flick's her ears at the sound of concern, finishing up her weapon caretaking she scrambles to her feet and rushes over to dee what's up as sher Sabre finds it's scabbard.

Arimia glances up at the pelican calling out, giving a small frown. She turns back to the small golem in her hands, then works on rather quickly repairing it, before handing it to the girl that brought it to her. She then stands up and says, "You all have fun with those, try an' figure out things you can do with 'em, yeah?" Before gathering her things and walking over to join the group forming near the priest, her large golem following along.

Ariella shakes her head, moving over to the priest curiously, still curious. "Who's fair?" she asks, a frown creasing her face twin tails swaying from side to side, idly wondering in the back of her mind if they're overwhelming the poor preacher.

Kilsa is dress in her smithing attire as she walking into the Orphanage, A large sack slung over her shoulder clinks of all the metal she as been mining, a curious glance at all of the non-staff gathered. "Um. Was there a party?" The badger asked a little uncertain.

A shadow crossing over the ground outside the Orphanage is accompanied by the sound of wings flapping hard. Almost immediately afterward the door opens to reveal the black Iguana-dragon, who looks like he has just come from a bath since he is still very wet. Looking around, he naturally gravitates toward the largest group and calls out, "What's this about a missing kid? It's not the Pit Bull is it?"

The pelican runs up to Kilsa and says very hurriedly "Faer is gone! I can't find him anywhere." Shaking her head she says "He's a panda folk, I can't imagine where he got off to." Bite hisses to Kilsa "We were teaching a little divine math, but something more importnat came up sssweetie." she hisses and looks around for a panda.

Ariella nods towards the group at large, stretching out her arms. "I'll check around in town and spread the word about a missing kid if you like? Can't do much more about him though, I've never been here about so I can't say I'd be tursted by him or whathaveyou," the lioness excuses herself, pouting a little. "You've got enough people for a proper search of the grounds, though, it shouldn't take too long."

Arimia reaches out to lightly grab Ariella before she can leave. "The priest here said she can't find him anywhere. That means she's searched the grounds an' came up empty. That means we're gonna have to search elsewhere. So you may wanna wait until we've got a bit more information." She turns back to the pelican then and asks, "Did Faer ever mention wantin' to visit somewhere in the city or nearby? If so he may have went there. Or he may go there if he's lost an' can't find his way back here. Or did you notice anybody hangin' around who shouldn't be?"

Wulf rubs her nose. "Well, I may be able to help track the kid down but a concentrated search in his last whereabouts would be best, then spread out from there we could get a clue there. Then again I know that when I was yopung I'd never stay in the places I'd already explored all that much."

Kilsa look at the pelican, "Alright get all the children together for a head count ask if any of them have seen Faer." She shakes her head, "I swear I'm going to fire someone if this is negligence on the churches behalf. Where was she last seen." She asked the other priest while noding to Wulf question. "And do you tihnk she might have ran away?"

The dragon's body shines a little thanks to the water turning to ice in the doorway. He doesn't show any discomfort for this, though, "It isn't him, then? Good. Where is he, then? I've been wanting to speak with him since...well...that day." Then to Kilsa, "Was he ever told?"

Selena nods to Kilsa, giving the badger a friendly wave in greeting. "Water magic 101 from me. Does this kid has some history, Kilsa?" the wolf asks quietly, turning back to the pelican. "I second Arimia's question. Anyone have a clue where he might have gone off to?" She queries, looking a little perplexed by Mazurek's comment.

The pelican says "He always talks about being in the city guard when he gets older, but if he was there they would bring him back..." before looking to Kilsa. "I'm sorry if anyone should be in trouble it's me. Let me get the kids togther, I remember seeing him playing out here and when I didn't see him I came out to check." She moves off and rounds up the kids, doing a last count before questioning them. She comes back and shakes her head. "No one saw him leave."

Ariella turns her head to look at Arimia, shrugging to her. "I honestly don't know I can help other than being a spare body to search," the lioness explains, gesturing towards the gate. "I think it best if I start getting the word out, seeing as how I'm not sure I can help much. I haven't been in the city long, so it's best to get other people aware there's a kid missing, right?" the woman says, explaining her motives, looking down at Arimia with her arms crossed, plainly the type to dislike staying still when action is needed.

Arimia gives a small shrug of her shoulders, turning away from the lioness, though her lashing tail indicates she doesn't agree. "Fine go. Though I still think getting information like where he was last seen, who he was last seen with, what he was wearing, and so on is important before running of. You may also want to know what age he is, his height, build, an' so on. 'Cause I know you don't know otherwise, as you said you've not come here before. That way you can give people a description. If you really don' want to stand around though go ask folk in the surrounding area if they saw him wanderin' or with someone." Her attention is focused back on the pelican at this point and she says, "We're gonna need to know all that, by the way. An' then we can start really searchin'. I'm assumin' you've searched all the orphanage an' it's grounds, yeah?"

Wulf pokes Arimia on the shoulder. "First of he is a she Ari." Turning to the pelican she nods. "Gonna need to know what she is first so I can try and track her down if we find any foot prints."

Kilsa nods, "Let find him. just for safety sake anyone not attending the outdoor check closets, bedrooms and my supply room." She step outside and begins to head to the city guard office. "Im headed to the guard. A few of you should join me. Extra eyes would help."

Mazurek doesn't get an answer to his question from the Badger. He isn't going to sit around and wait for the answer, though, for the invitation to join her has him leaving along with her, "My eyes are yours."

Selena Sighs quietly as her question isn't answered. "Good luck, Kilsa." She calls over to the badger, opting to wait for more information before running out to look.

The pelican calls off to them "He's short, and plump, and was wearing a cute blue outfit the last time I saw him!" she says before looking to anyone remaining and saying "He's almost 7, and he's normally one to play alone. If you'll excuse me I need to take care of things around here and search everywhere once more." she says before looking around to gather the children. Bite slithers off after Kilsa, not one to pass on helping her friend, and much less one to pass on helping a child. As they head out towards the guards station a brief glimpse of someone short, black blue and white can be seen down a dark alleyway.

Ariella steps out of the gate, looking around curiously for any signs of a young panda. However, the lioness sets off in a different direction to the guard station and thus misses the alleyway, with perhaps it's vital clue. She is at least keeping her word however, going up to a few street vendors and asking them to keep an eye out

Arimia nods her head at the pelicans words, before turning to head out the gate after the badger, doing her best to catch up. When she passes by the alley and catches that glimpse she says to everyone, "Hold up," before starting down the alley with her golem in tow, calling out, "Faer?"

Wulf slides to a halt with Arimia, her eyes darting over to the Gaurd House Alleyway and studying it for movement. "You think you saw him Ari?"

Mazurek comes to an abrupt halt upon spotting the...something in the alley. Of course, he is already passed it by the time he realizes it and the call to halt is met with him backpedaling while staring to the Alley. Without prompting by the others he starts down it without calling out. He'll try to have his dark coloring work for him in this dark spot.

Selena nods, making a quick exit once the description's finished. The wolf jogs after Arimia, turning the corner. "Ari, I should be able to get onto a roof and look from there if you think that'd help." She offers. "Might be too cloistered to be useful this way though."

The form piddles along at a moderate pace until it is out of view, turning a corner. However faint, the sounds of a struggle can be heard, along with laughter. Bite tilts her head and slithers into the alleyway.

Arimia gives a nod to Selena, saying, "Give it a shot, if you can't get a good vantage point come back down and catch up with us." That said she and her golem start moving a bit quicker, running down the alley and trying to round that corner before losing the small form again.

Wulf darts behind Ari, her long strides carrying her along rather quickly, using her sense of smell to at least hopefully keep track of wher the person turns should she and Ari lose sight of the figure. "Right, if thats him he must think we are playing Hide and Seek."

Kilsa walks after the short creature without saying a word just in case it a case of mistaken identity. The large badger doesn't waste anytime starting go from a walk to a full jog after the little creature once she thinks it might be out of site. "Excuse me!" She calls out trying to get thing attenting before she hears the sound of struggle and break out into a full run.

Mazurek cocks his head slightly as he catches a sound the others seem to miss. Instead of following behind them he takes to the air and goes on an Aerial Recon. He might only be able to stay up for only a minute, but it should definitely help with the search.

Selena leaps up from behing the group in a cloud of dust. The wolf curses quietly as she relises she overshot the jump, landing on the far side of the roof. She quickly runs over to the appropriate side to try and get a better look at whatever's going on, though she loses some precious time.

"Please..." is heard, just before a muffled "Mmph". A sneer is heard, followed by "Just cause you got outta the slums doesn't mean you can leave old Johnny." the group rounds the corner they are greeted with an eyefull of rats. About fifteen of them, all surrounding one lass of the rodent variety. Before them stands a small panda, wearing a blue outfit and carrynig a metal pot lid and a stick. "Let her go! The city guard will save you lady!" he cries, drawing a mass of leers. "Get outta here kid. In fact, we'll make you leave, you got no business here, just a nice pleasant conversation about relationships goin on, grown up stuff." one of them says before drawing a knife and treatening the child backwards.

Arimia curls her lips in a snarl and starts to walk forward, golem following along behind her. As she moves her small form twists and changes elongating and growing larger, until she's not a short raccoon, but an eight foot long, serpentine dragon. With tentacles. "That was your first mistake," she hisses, moving to interpose her now bulky form between the panda and the rats, though her golem doesn't stop, continuing to advance on them.

The Husky doesn't like that guy in front of Arimia and uses the momentum from her running to thow an overhead punch at him with the hilt of her Sabre. The Metal strikes the thugs head with a crack and her instantly closes his eyes in pain and passes out as Wulf places a kick on his chest to get the crumling thug out of the way. "Outta the way dirtbag."


Kilsa walks into the area smiles, "Faer, I see a future Crusader within you. Numbers like this will mean nothing before you as your heart is bigger than all these cowards combined." Kilsa withdraws her hammer off of her back and hold it infront of her as she continues to walk forward. "The wicked and cruel will always use such under handed tactics such as fear and numbers against a single force of good. I am proud of the caliber of folk that I see within you. I will never let anyone squash that spirit!" Kilsa shouts as she takes a strange pill and rears back her hammer and toss with enough force to bowl over the crowd in front of the pair. Kilsa eyes have a eerie calm as she dashes into the mob and begins to apply crippling blows with her bear hang her gaze only falter to make sure that the child is ok as she shows him what he will someone day be capable off. Kilsa is taking at much as she is giving without her weapon but the focus look never fade as she becomes whirlwind of pain. "Remember this Faer! Look over the faces of your rescuers and know that you too can be a beacon to other Folk." She screams over the calamity she and her friends are causing among the rats.

Spying the action from the air and the fact that the group is going to the aid of the panda in their own way, the Iguana-Dragon dives into the fray. He was intending to send a blast of flame at the amassed rats, but holds back at the last moment when Kilsa becomes a whirlwind of death. As a result he moves to Plan B and tries to get the kid out of the fight without harming him. Feet attempt to clamp over shoulders and lift the kid into the air. His destination: The nearby rooftops where the two can watch in relative safety.

Selena growls quietly at the scene below, wrenching a shingle loose and throwing it down just on the other side of the commotion along with a small, grey orb that bursts into a billowing cloud of smoke, obscuring that exit from view. The wolf continues, conjuring a roaring ring of fire on the earth that coalesces into a vaguely humanoid shape of hellish appearance that rushes out of the cloud to swipe and burn the thugs viciously.

The first rat falls over in pain as Wulf aggressively assaults him. Almost immediately five crossbows come out and five bolts plunge into her, the action followed by a glance backwards. The thugs decide to push forward away from the fire and the crazy badger, who has injured a great deal of them, along with recieved multipel slashes with knives due to her close proximity. Mazurek manages to save the child who cowers on the rooftop, apparently very frightened by being swooped up at random, A few of the rats hurry their activities as they try to push pass the group, and three rather distinct cases of tainted vitality are cast upon Kilsa, Arimia, and the poor golem. Bite hisses and backs away, beginning to conjure flames to trap the groups escape.

Arimia narrows her eyes slightly, speaking a dark mathmagic equation to counter one of the tainted vitality spells being cast. She then replies with dark math of her own, causing confusion, and forcing some of the rodents, at least, to start to secrete blood and viscous bile from their pores and other orifices. As she does this her golem continues to stomp along, striking where it can and throwing out bolts of fire on occasion.


Wulf snarls as she is hit by crossbow bolts and glances around for any nearby cover to hide behind as one can only take so many crossbow bolts and survive. She slides over to it and takes a breather, chugging a dulling potion while she can.

Mazurek sets the kid down on the roof as gently as he is able to do so. He has not done anything this strenuous in some time and the action has him huffing and puffing like a Forge Bellows as he finally settles to the roof himself. He is quick to scoop the kid up into an embrace, holding him close while making certain the battle below can be watched, "Your courage is admirable. Perhaps, one day, you will be able to provoke your namesake to your enemies. Watch how they take care of the thugs." Would the kid even be able to feel how cold he is through the fur?

Selena glares down at the ground from her spot on the roof, readying some fire math for the event someone attacks another of her friends, ignoring the discussion between the dragon and panda, the wolf waits for any hostile movement, her elemental lashing out and burning the bandits furiously until it vanishes in a gout of flame.

Kilsa grins notice out of the corner of her eyes as Mazurek scoops up the kid. She grunts and is nearly dropped to her knees as the rapid blasts of Tainted vitality strike her. Her pill has worn off and with it her bravdo is worn away in favor more intelligent decision, she picks her hammer of the ground and give a tired laugh as her body feels much weaker than she let on.

Kilsa grins notice out of the corner of her eyes as Mazurek scoops up the kid. She grunts tiredly as her pills effects have dissipated and with it her bravdo is worn away in favor more intelligent decision, she picks her hammer of the ground and give a tired laugh as her body feels much weaker than she let on. "That was fun.... A little stupid but fun." She chuckles as she raises her hammer.

The group of rats is massacred, daggers swing and bolts fly, all directed at their own. Arimia's golem, while weaker, still manages to wail on one of them. The unstable elemental lights one poor soul on fire just before going out, and as their numbers dwindle they push back to bypass the badger, trying to get by the newly unblocked space. The group is only six strong by the time all is done.

Arimia is certainly looking a bit worse for the wear, but she doesn't seem ready to give up. She lifts a hand and, staring at one of the fleeing rodents, starts to trace something in the air. At first it would seem to be a bit of divine math. But there's something wrong. A tainted edge to it. She sends this foul math to scourge the fleeing rat her eyes had locked on, and when it's completed, she seems to be looking a bit better than before.

Wulf stands back up, having had a bit of time to recupe and chug down a bottle of Dulling potion. Staring at the fleeing rats she can't do much without her musket that she neglected to bring (and making a mental not to ALWAYS carry it) The husky gives a tug to one of the bolts, barely flinching thanks to the affects of the potion and starts to advance towards the rodents.

Kilsa smiles and shouts to the rat as she enters the fray, "Surrender you've already seen what we can do when NOT trying to kill you. Do you really want o make things worse?" She tries a little deplomacy on the remaining stragglers of the rats. "Oh Well...." She makes a stomp as if she is going to let lose. "5.....4..." Kilsa counts down.

Mazurek does nothing more than watch the action below, at least to start. When the rats begin to rout, he works to corral them back through the use of some draconic air magics. He's chosen the wrong soul mixture to do this properly, but he tries anyway. Air-breath, go! The Panda gets some firsthand experience with dragon breath in the meantime.

With a wave of her hand, Selena calls a backdrop of fire behind Kilsa, the flames flickering and glowing ominously as the wolf gazes down on the rats disparagingly.

At the appearance of a second wall of flames, which are bolstered by a touch of air magic, the rats give in. They allow themselves to be taken away to the city guard, who happilly sort out the details of the occurance. The group is praised, and the child returned to the orphanage.

Arimia glances about until she finds the pelican and waves her over. The 'coon is back in her normal form by now. "We found Faer. An' without him leadin' us the way he did, if unintentionally, we wouldn't have helped that rodent lass with that gang. So in a way he's a hero. That said..." She turns her attention to the panda and says seriously, "Wantin' to help is all well an' good. But one also has to know their limits. When you come across an overwhelming force like that you go an' find help."

Wulf is idly pulling at a Crossbow bolt in her arm as she stands in the courtyard of the Orphanage, seemingly fascinated by thre feel, they all thankfully seemd to miss her appealing features. "Damn bolts... damn rats..."

Kilsa looks at Faer with a smile, "I want you to remember something. If you decide to ever take up the mantle of Crusader or Priest. I personally wish to pay for your training." She chuckles.

Mazurek smirks at Kilsa, "If that offer is to anyone, I'm thinking of going down that path when I finally finish with the craft apprentice. I have almost completed all I can learn from it." The dragon had stuck to the Panda during the journey back.

Selena drops herself off of the roof, landing a a soft puff of wind. She quickly makes her way over to Kilsa and Wulf. "You two are so reckless..." she grumbles, looking over the pair's wounds and applying some disinfectants and poultices where appropriate. "Wulf, want a hand getting to a doctor for those bolts?" She offers.

The child smiles and gives Kilsa a hug, giving her a wave as he's guided back inside. Bite giggles and shakes her head at Kilsa's injuries. "Sssweetie look what you've done." she hisses and prods. "Let's get you to see help too." she hisses and smiles.