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List of Chakra Sets

  • All proficiency bonuses are denoted in amount/level.
  • Corrupt Court Chakra sets are denoted with a (C).
Chakra Set Arms Torso Legs Set Bonus Found On
Aquatic Shyster Numbing Venom, Calling, Elemental +0.05 Misdirection +0.15 Fog of War Contact Poison Cephalopotamus
Astounding Acrobat Athletics +0.05, Light Weapons +0.1 Desperation Quick Reflexes - Sandfur Hopper, Spotted Screecher
Azoth Oil Of Vitriol, Alchemy +0.05 Alchemy +0.1, Medicine +0.05 Aqua Vitae, Gemcrafting +0.05 Inquisitive Mind Magic Tome, Spirit Essence
Bandit Poison Coating, Deceit +0.05 Poor Constitution, Underworld +0.05 Light feet, Underworld +0.05 - Shanty Thug, Ishara Swashbuckler
Boiling Specter Boil Shrug It Off, Stealth +0.05 Fire Magic +0.05, Water Magic +0.1 - Steam Wraith
Combat Medic Medicine +0.15 Flow with the Current, Direction +0.05 Along the Watchtower Rallying Cry Hunting Jarl, Snarling Maneback
Creator Mechanist Shower of Sparks, Traps and Locks +0.05 Creator Tech +0.15, Spellcrafting -0.1 Light feet, Creator Tech +0.05 - Hivebot Drone, Machine Servitor, Guardian Golem,

Malfunctioning Drone

Creator Sculptor Ward Medicine +0.1, Metalwork +0.05 Imbue Vitality - Mechanical Bird
Crystal Warder Needle Spit Clear Bodied Moderate Armor +0.05, Fire Magic +0.1 - Obsidian Idol
Dark Arcane Arcane Renewal, Fire Magic +0.05 Dark Magic +0.05, Water Magic +0.05 Sapping soil, Dark Magic +0.05 - Wandering Magician
Dark Schemer (C) Madness Sigil, Alchemy +0.05 Defiled Biology, Alchemy +0.05 Leap to Safety, Alchemy +0.05 - Enthralled Worker, Enthralled Miner Mage, Akros Cultist
Desert Spear Marksmanship +0.1 Desert Wind Lunge, Moderate Armor +0.05 Grasp of Hunger Animate Alluvium, Greater Ram
Dullahan (C) Spine Whip, Athletics +0.05 Deceit +0.05, Misdirection +0.1 Spectral Mount Head Throw Headless Soldier
Earthdeep Earth Magic +0.05, Shields +0.1 Earth Magic +0.1 Iron Stance Solid as a Stone Shale Elemental, Boulder Beast, Sandshell Pangolin
Fencing Master Find Weakness, Moderate Weapons +0.05 Celerity of the Gale, Light Weapons +0.05 Lunge - Blue Shell Knife Thug, Sand Cat
Flametongue Fire Magic +0.1, Heavy Armor +0.05 Burning Courage Hotfoot Volcannon Magma Mass, Burning Desire
Glorious Commander +0.05 Direction, +0.1 Leadership Commanding Shout, +0.05 Direction Inspire Along the Watchtower  ????
Gem Eater Prismatic Flash, Gemcrafting +0.05 Chromatic Blast, Misdirection +0.05 Practiced Haste - Gem Mantis, Crystoise
Gentle Sleeper Dream Dust Earth Magic +0.05, History +0.1 Dreamer's Haven Ethereal Insight Crimson Mob-Bonnet, Dream Fragment
Grim Revenant (C) Essence Reap, Stealth +0.05 Dying Breath, Dark Magic +0.05 Hungry Lunge - Jawless Zombie
Hidden Threat Stealth +0.05, Deceit +0.1 Surprise Hungry Lunge Clamp Living Container, Funneltrap Spider
Loyal Huntsman Rapid Shot, Moderate Weapons +0.05 Eye of the Marksman, Moderate Armor +0.05 Marksmanship +0.01 - Black Cackle, Bandit Marksman, Karnak*
Martial Arts Specialist Moderate Weapons +0.15 Find Weakness Roundhouse Kick - Lost Scout, Wild Squirkik
Mountain Digger Burrowing Claws Mountain Heart Heavy Armor +0.1 Sudden Burrow Hill Wurm, Clawed Ayass
Overflowing Font Ignite, Light Armor +0.05 Fury of the Inferno Shards of Ice - Alchemical Mishap, Gushing Elemental
Phantasmal Terror (C) Blades of Darkness Aphotic Countenance Air Magic +0.1, Calling, Corrupt +0.1, Calling, Life -0.1 - Spectral Servant, Fallen Outrider
Poisoner Venomous Jab Purge Stealth +0.1, Traps and Locks +0.1 - Sandtipede, Shadow Scorpion
Rapacious Barbarian Bloodrage, Heavy Weapons +0.05 Shrug It Off Grasp of Hunger - Bone Dragon, Lost Warrior
Rimeblood Icy Wind Hoarfrost Air Magic +0.05, Water Magic +0.1 Icicle Spike Rime Lamprey
Samiel Stirrer Cloud of Dust, Air magic +0.05 Earth Magic +0.1, Air Magic +0.05 Desert Wind Fire Magic +0.05 - Desert Piz, Badlands Efreet*
Sanguine Vessel Haematic Drain Blood Price Misdirection +0.05, Dark Magic +0.1 Crimson Frenzy Strongjaw Biter, Krick Swarm
Servant of Flame Desert Wind, Fire Magic +0.05 Fury of the Inferno Fire Magic +0.05, Light Armor +0.05 Ignite Glowtail Kark, Volcanic Efreet
Silent Assassin Poisoned Blades, Light Weapons +0.05 Find Weakness Athletics +0.05, Stealth +0.1 Assassin's Guile Bandit Cutpurse. Somnambulistic Terror
Silverthorn Crippling Toxin Alchemy +0.05, Medicine +0.1 Toxic Thorns Vine Whip Stranglevine Blossom, Mossthorn
Skeletal Horror (C) Heavy Armor +0.1, Heavy Weapons +0.05 Bone Bulwark Dying Breath Mark of Death Pyrrha Cultist, Skeletal Abomination
Sparksetter Static Discharge Fire Magic +0.05, Intrigue +0.1 Accelerated Pace Stunning Burst Luma Moth, Stormsnake
Stalwart Defender Aikido, Shields +0.05 Unyielding Strength, Heavy Armor +0.05 Implacable Stance - Mudscuttler, Lightning Sneld
Subtle Shifter Misdirection +0.1, Stealth +0.05 Debilitating Aura Suppression - Tainted Automaton
Tormented Heretic (C) Addle Advice Leadership +0.1, Traps and Locks +0.05 Savant's Curse Tainted Ice, Inky Drippings
Troop Marshall Shrug It Off, Shields +0.05 Heavy Armor +0.15 Second Wind - Green Gop, Quartz Formation, Shelled Purgtor
Venomheart Shadowy Flame Poisonous Essence Direction +0.05, Misdirection +0.1 - Swamp Wisp, Black Gop, Mycogop
Verdant Life Medicine +0.15 Solar Bodied Rooted - Sunpetal Lily, Razor grass
Waterbourne Shards of Ice, Water Magic +0.05 Flow with the Current, Water Magic +0.05 Shrug It Off - Dew Elemental, Fisk
Zephyric Messenger Sand Spray, Air Magic +0.05 Celerity of the Gale, Air Magic +0.05 Practiced Haste - Howling Elemental, Greygull, Errant Zephyr
  • This creature can only be found in bounties at this time.