Oil Of Vitriol

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Oil Of Vitriol stats
Type Direct damage, Debuff Target Single Enemy
Description Acid upon your foes sears them and leaves them open to further attacks.
Based on Aqua Regia Template Slot:
Cooldown 8000 Charge time 750
Energy 15 Accuracy 75%
Damage 20 Acid at level 0
100% chance of PoisonDamageResistDebuff at magnitude 2 for 5 rounds.
30% chance of PhysicalDamageResistDebuff at magnitude 2 for 5 rounds.
Training Upgrades
PhysicalDamageResistDebuffChance by 20
PhysicalDamageResistDebuffMag by 1.5
PoisonDamageResistDebuffMag by 1.5
Secondary Effects
Secondary Damage No damage at level 0
Secondary Type None Secondary Target None
Secondary Statuses
No Secondary Statuses

Oil Of Vitriol/Extra Notes Edit notes