Defiled Biology

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Defiled Biology stats
Type Passive Auto Target Self NoAoE
Description This chakra causes severe metamorphosis in wearers, beware. Several slick tentacles sprout from your sides, necessitating altered clothing. Each is as strong as your arms, though lacking in manual dexterity. What strange creature have you become? Creators preserve!
Based on Passive Template Slot:
Cooldown 0 Charge time 0
Energy 0 Accuracy 75%
Damage 0 Healing at level 0
100% chance of Charge at magnitude 5 for 20 rounds.
100% chance of Size at magnitude 1 for 20 rounds.
100% chance of Tentacleswipe
Training Upgrades
ChargeMag by 3
SizeMag by 1
Secondary Effects
Secondary Damage No damage at level 0
Secondary Type None Secondary Target None
Secondary Statuses
No Secondary Statuses

Defiled Biology/Extra Notes Edit notes