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The streets of the city are filled with the sounds of guards and innocent folk running through them in distress, the heavy rain providing a blanketing sound to drown out most sounds not near to the individuals, with heat helping to make it stifling and uncomfortable for those in armor. A few guards stand in the road leading from the main square to the Mange Square, armed to the teeth with pikes and muskets, and heavy armor meant to aid them in quelling disturbances.

At the mange square itself, one could make out a large mob of folks... Clad in leather and armor worthy of the scrap yards, complete with a menagirie of weapons ranging from timber axes, to dulled greatswords that should have been melted down years ago. A large commotion rising from them as they seem to have their attention focused to the front of a smaller building that possesses a larger overhang, where a handfull of small clan folk are curled against the locked door. Muskets and blunderbuss' in hands as they seem to be fending off the mob barely with the threat of retaliation... Though it doesn't seem like the mob will wait much longer before -something- happens.

Hearing that there was a disturbance Angus quickly makes his way down the street, the rain battering his face as he forgot his hat at home in a hurry. Musket in hand he slides to a stop, throwing up water in his wake as he looks around to try and find out what is going on before speaking. "What in blazes is everyone doing out here in this piss storm?"

Johnny walks along the street, being rather at home in mange square, with his half cape protecting him, his hood over his head, not that it mattered as he was naturally a little water resistant. He looks around, attempting to discover the root of all this commotion. This wasn't good for any low lives or commoners. He decides it is time to harass the guard a little, saying to the first he encounters "Hey, no good un, what's going on around here? You need any help, I'm bored to tears over here."

Hearing that there was a disturbance Angus quickly makes his way down the street, the rain battering his face as he forgot his hat at home in a hurry. Musket in hand he slides to a stop, throwing up water in his wake as he looks around to try and find out what is going on before speaking. "What in blazes is everyone doing out here in this piss storm?"

Johnny walks along the street, being rather at home in mange square, with his half cape protecting him, his hood over his head, not that it mattered as he was naturally a little water resistant. He looks around, attempting to discover the root of all this commotion. This wasn't good for any low lives or commoners. He decides it is time to harass the guard a little, saying to the first he encounters "Hey, no good un, what's going on around here? You need any help, I'm bored to tears over here."

Raining again! It was heavier today than it'd been in recent days. Cedric heard of the commotion as he was leaving the guild, and hadn't much time to prepare himself for another investigation. The chainmail had only slowed him down last time, and firearms would do him no good in this weather, so he'd prepared as much math as he could, put on his favorite rust-colored vest and set out for mange square, walking purposefully through the rain to get to the bottom of the matter. He'd attempted a small spell to try and repel some of this rain, but he just couldn't get the math right, the rain proved far too torrential for him to fight. He'd have to think of something else later.

The badger approaches the scene of the riot not far behind Angus and Johnny. "Yeah, I'd like to know too. Why the hell are you folks harassing these guys. Don't you have jobs? Let us handle this before you make murderers of yourselves, one and all!" he growls at the mob, reaching up to slick his rainsoaked hair to the side. To Johnny and Angus, he nods politely. "Good to see you both here. I'd hoped I wouldn't have to face a bloodthirsty group of beings myself."

Rixo didn't seem to mind the rain much at all, the armour-clad panda striding through the familiar streets with a rather grim sort of determination, like a tiny titan. Pausing next to Cedric she nods, scowling. "Of course not. You know I'll always be around for this kind of thing. Vigilante though I might be, I cannot abide mob justice. This has to end before things get bad."

An ear-splitting shriek cuts through the air, though might end up being muffled by the torrential rain. A shadow careens across the ground as a rather large figure flies by. Mostly lost from sight to those who can't see very well thanks to all the rain, a griffon composed of a black panther and a raven sails toward the disturbance. It does not take long at all for the griffon to bank to one side, beginning to circle the area in a tight loop. Using some air maths the familiar-to-some-voice calls down, "Citizens! Return home! This is not the time or the place to throw blame toward those who do not warrant it!"

Standing a head above most in the crowd is Vestela. Tall, even for a polar bear, her short ears twitch as she shifts uncomfortably in the heat. Her heavy armour did her no favours in this weather, nor did the heat. Still.. atleast the heavy rain slides off her waterproof coat as she tries to make out what's going on. Nudging the fellow next to her, a bit harder then strictly necissary, she asks him in her rumbling alto "What's going on? What have the little ones done to piss everyone off so royally?" adjusting her large warhammer strapped to her back, the polar bear tried to decide which side of the altrucation she wanted to be on, and by the smell of things, the bloodlust hung thick in the air.

Fenris comes loping through the streets at top speed, skidding to a stop as he comes upon the scene. The tiger takes a quick glance around, then saunters closer as if the rain did not bother him at all. In fact, it doesn't seem to be bothering him at all. Despite the torrential downpour, the tiger and his long, dark coat seem to be as dry as a bone dragon in summer. Some of his magic, no doubt. He scowls at the unruly mob, but holds his tongue for now, since there are plenty of beings, some more familiar than others, who have already announced the groups arrival. He gives a curt nod to those he knows and takes his place among them.

The guards look to the group of Freeswords as they seem to answer the call, a small mouse girl known to a few of them as the investigator from the previous crime scenes approaches. The investigator's insignia has been replaced on the clasp of her cloak with a captain's seal, and in her hands she has a rather large repeating crossbow. "What's happening is the worst thing in this situations! Someone's gotten the public into enough of a panic that they're trying to beat down anybody whom vaguely resembles the descriptions of the serial killers! The group in mange square has a few merchants pinned against the old Tavern, and will more than likely lynch them if we don't get to them soon! I don't like it, and will never approve of it but prepare for a fight!" The captain adjusting her bucket helmet as she turns to begin to approach at the crowd with her fellow guards, counting six guards including herself to aid the freeswords.

The mob itself seems to keep it's attention mainly square upon the trapped small folk, though a few do turn at the shouting from Cedric and Angus. A particularly angry Collie woman with a large blunderbuss in her hands snarling back as a group of six 'vigilantes' break off to face the guards and freeswords. "We're doing what you couldn't do! I'm not going to raise my children in fear of some sick fucks cutting us open, and if that means a few have to die to ensure their safety so be it!" The group around her shouting in approval as they begin to display the assortment of axes, swords, and crossbows in their hands.

Mazurek however, has drawn the attention of the main portion of the mob, enciting a dozen or so to pick up rocks and anything they could find to hurl up at the gryphon. Most of the projectiles landing short of him, though a male bull finally hits his target as he -launches- a tar covered torch up at the flying individual, smacking Mazurek in the chest to leave behind a bit of the burning tar on his chest. "NO MORE FEAR! NO MORE!" The crowd begins to chant, a few fox's in the front jabbing at the air infront of the small folk with their spears.

Angus frowns as he cocks the hammer on his musket, glaring. "Sure ya, just do their job for them!" He snaps as he keeps his gaze on the female Collie, thinking they would probably be trouble. "Evening Cedric, Rixo hope you are ready for a fight." He looks up as he hears Mazurek, trying to keep track of them through the rain before he just decides to watch the Collie again.

Vestela is givin a few stares before being pat on the back as a few muskets around her are raised. "They're killers! We're making the city safe by purging them away! Come on, you're well armed and could help us take them!" The crowd merging around her as they don't give her the chance to wait while pushing them up to the front of the mob slowly!

Johnny thinks for a moment, trying to decide how to handle this, before he shakes his head. He pulls free a swordbreaker that has been shortened length wise with a clean break, and a dagger for his off hand before he moves towards the small folks. "Let's go." he says, announcing "If you strike me and my soul speaks to me you will not live. Leave."

Cedric smiles a little at Rixo and Captain Lunaxia as they approach the scene, though it's an obviously forced smile. It's not fake, it's just a bit difficult to smile given the situation, especially for one so out of touch with his own feelings. But he gives it a shot. "Don't worry, we're always prepared for a f..."

He's cut short, catching a glimpse of the thrown torch at the familiar voice he can't quite see the owner of with this rain in his eyes. it's difficult to make out the flying figure, but he can focus in on the brightness of the flames that threaten to consume Mazurek. He reaches deep into his mind for the right equations, going temporarily into the fugue state required to utilize mathemagic, attempting to will the flames to die down before they engulf the griffon entirely!

Rixo flips her heavy warhammer around and sets the head of it on the ground, tugging her shield from her bag. "I know you and the guards did not like it, but... If we are to be fighting a mob..." She reaches for her horn again, looking to the mouse as she makes it clear what her intent is. Not being told to stop, and given the extremity of the situation, she raises her helmet just enough to blow into the horn. Just as yesterday, moments after the ghastly sound rings out her even more ghastly steed comes to her side. "You should really stand down. Fighting us is folly, and attacking innocents even moreso." Her spectral steed gives a hissy-huff as she slings her hammer onto her back, opting to reach under her cloak to withdraw something else. With a flick of her wrist, she uncoils her bone whip and glowers under her helm, doing her best to appear intimidating to the commonfolk. Maybe it will discourage them. And even if it doesn't, it is quite practical... "Hello, you two. I wish it were under better circumstances."

The Griffon can't hear anyone chatting on the ground unless they're shouting it. He isn't paying much attention to anything other than the crowd anyway, but even then he somehow manages to...NOT...avoid the lit torch that one of them trows up at him. It was the largest thing thrown, too. His feathers catch fire very easily because of it, but the flames only burn for a few seconds before going out. He recognizes the feel of the maths being used yet he was in the midst of a surprised shriek when it happened. Not taking any chances, the griffon does the next best thing...or worst thing depending on how one looks at it. Down comes the black body from the air in a controlled fall, landing right in front of the Small Folk to get in the way of the mob. It's a squishy landing, given all the mud, and he crouches instantly, "It is strongly advised that you all back off this instant! To the one that tossed the torch, you are forgiven! Do not let it be said that the Lightbringers are not forgiving of their own kin!" To the small folk he turns his head to ask, "Climb aboard in case things get even uglier?" He can carry a good number of them, given his size and all. Can clutch some of the rest to his underside.

Vestela unslings her warhammer, resting the heavy head on the ground with a solid *thunk* as she digs her heels in, content on not moving, either forwards or backwards. "These tiny ones? Surely you jest. Look at them, barely big enough to lift a butterknife!" the polar bear snarls. "Sure they're guilty? Don't get me wrong though, if they're to blame, I'd gladly grind them under my heel." she adds as an afterthought, as her ears flatten against her head. Someone had to pay, after all. A few small folk might be a small price to pay for some peace of mind. Guilt could always be established after the fact.

Fenris snarls at the collie spokeswoman for the mob. His hands curl into fists at his side. "So you are rounding up all the small canines in the city?" he asks through clenched teeth, "Small canines like your children?" The tiger spits onto the rain-soaked pavement. "Small canines like the little tailor who was stabbed because he fought for you?" he snaps, his concern for his little protege pushing him toward the edge of his usually long temper. "I think that I am looking at a group of being willing to commit murder!" he shouts, the rain sizzling away from his impeccably dry clothing, "Go home before you are the ones on the most wanted list! Leave the little folk to the guards." The tiger braces himself for action, should the mob decide to attack.

The guards slowly edge closer to the mob, a few murmering their own prayers to the creators as they shoulder crossbows or raise shields. Luxania a few feet behind them with her repeating crossbow aimed at the main mass of the mob with grim determination plastered about her face. Their concern far away from Rixo and her Phantom horse, as they had a more pressing matter on their hands right now.

The crowd around Luxania is chanting and pointing at the small folk and the gryphon landing infront of them. "Eight dead in barely a week! They've killed innocent workers, guards, and nobles alike! They have to die for us to be safe!" A roar of approval surging up through the group, before the sight of the phantom steed seems to put a cold fright into many of them, one older Mastif pointing a hammer at Rixo from within the mob. "They send the cursed after us! They'd turn monsters upon us to prevent us from keeping the city safe!" A few smacks being distributed to keep moral up at a fighting level in the mob, though five do take the opportunity to flee.

"Do not bring our families to your justification for keeping us in danger! We'll fight as hard as we need to!" The entirety of the group ready to boil into berserkering mob justice, until finally a cat cries out. "They're trying to fly them out! GET'EM!"

The start was sudden, as a musket lets out at Mazurek, the round passing just to the gryphon's right as the small folk behind him startle and return fire into the crowd, causing four of the mob to topple. The group facing the freeswords cry out as the collie aims her weapon at Rixo and fires, just barely missing the woman as another fires a crossbow at Angus... The rain helping the group it seems as the bolt flies wide, smacking into a window. Though, johnny is not unseen as a large bulldog hurls a rock at the rodent, clipping the back of his shoulder.

Angus frowns as the Mob starts up, shouldering his musket and taking aim at the Collie's Collar bone! "Maz, get them out!" He shouts before he lowers his musket, and swings, bringing the stock into play to try and crack a skull. Trying hard not to take any lives today in the process!

Johnny hit, and psychs himself up to shrug off any performance issues before he targets the bulldog, moving for them in preparation for a rather bloody maneuver. "You're done." he announces, moving towards the exposed thrower with intent to draw vital fluid from their body with incredible power.

A sigh of relief, given by Cedric, as he manages against the blinding torrents of water to put out the tar-fueled fire. His suspicions of the identity of the flying being, Mazurek, are confirmed as he lands. His eyes narrow in a look of what might be among the most severest of wrath ever displayed by the being. He's snarling in a most uncharicteristic way as he listens to Fenris' speech. That's right, these beings were out for blood and didn't care who they hurt. He was about a moment away from snapping.

And once they started attacking for the terrible crime of trying to /free innocent beings/ and then began firing at the group of Freeswords, which included himself, none of whom had so much as lifted a weapon yet!? He'd snapped a little bit. He at least tried to calm himself enough while working his fire maths to aim the battlefield flames in the way of the mob and their intended targets. If they proved insane enough to step into the fires he was attempting to spark up in front of them, then they deserved what they got. Simple as that!

Rixo and her spectral steed split into two forces, the horse rushing into the crowd to thrash and kick with those nearly unseen hooves while the black-clade panda lashes into the crowd with her long whip with practied precision, but aiming for weapons instead of bodies, trying to disarm as many as she can. Even her horse seems to be following some unspoken command to stun and disable rather than kill. "Don't use lethal force if you can avoid it," she calls out to her companions, grimacing. "Or I'll treat you the same as them." She says little else, conserving her breath for those repeated lashings.

Mazurek ducks the shot that was aimed in his direction, and perhaps that was a good thing since the small folk retaliate and fire their own muskets. He does not join in with the melee combat that the other Freeswords are in the midst of doing. It is a good thing, too, since someone decides to raise up a torrent of flame nearby. Having nothing but his wings to possibly use to ward off the mob at a distance, he stands his ground, "Small Kin! Climb aboard before they swarm you! You do NOT want to be at their mercy!" The flames should buy time, yes?

Vestela narrows her eyes, the particular maths being woven by the tiger worried her somewhat. Even though she hadn't exactly taken a stand on any side of the confrontation, she prefered her white fur pristine and un-singed! Of course, she didn't know where the flames would be directed, but suspected it'd be against the angry crowd. Weaving some dark magic of her own, aimed at Fenris, she atleast tries to lessen the impact on the crowd. "Hey! Does the guard pay for assistance?" the polar bear calling out to the captain, curious if there was a chance for some extra coins to round out her purse for helping dispersing the mob.

Fenris reacts instantly to the mob's attack, letting loose with a roar and a blast of raw force toward the main body of the mob, trying to bring as many of the maddened beings down as quickly as possible. If this could be done without killing, it would be a miracle, but a welcome one.

The mob is quick to become a frenzy of violence lashing out at all near them, the flames around Mazurek and the small folk keeping the more melee focused of the mob at bay. However, that doesn't stop those armed with projectile weapons, as another musket shot rips through the night air to smack into Mazurek's shoulder. The small folk ignorant to his new injury still attempting to climb onto his back, though one falls as a crossbow bolt lodges into his chest. The remaining four trying to reload their muskets to fire in their defense once more.

Angus' shot finds it's spot in the collie's shoulder, the woman falling to the wet stone street with a yelp as the crowd turns to return fire once more on the freeswords. A bolt lodging itself in Rixo's armor at her thigh, piercing through a joint in the armor, providing a hinderance to her viscious attack into the crowd. A good six of the mob beaten and knocked down through the effort of herself and her mount. Angus finds a retaliation to his own shot, as a blunderbuss' discharge peppers his right side painfully, but not seriously wounding. Another bolt sails by Fenris, clipping his side as it would cut through his clothing and any armor to draw a nice painful line of blood.

Johnny's luck is tested as well, as the rat manages to bring the pitbull down, the man thrashing for a few moments before laying still. His victory short lived though as a turtle woman goes to swing a piece of timber at his back, the wood weak and worn thankfully so it doesn't do too much damage.

The guards as well are being tried and tested, firing into the crowd as the mass advances on them... One guard ending up under the advance to have his blood coat the street in the rain, as another is pulled into the mass with cries for assistance before he is silenced as well. Luxania's repeating crossbow letting it's payload out once more, felling a handfull more of the group until Fenris' spell goes off...

The spell is -very- effective, decimating the main portion of the mob, as beings go flying and cry out before falling silent. The display shocking enough to force them into a full retreat as they numbered only in a handfull now, quickly dashing into the alleys as they try to escape to safety from the freeswords.

Vestela would find herself thrown a good deal away from the force of the blast, her armor all that spared her from the delimbing of many in the crowd with her, though not from some mild burns and scorched fur. Either way, it's a lucky feat to not be ruined after that!

Angus grunts a little as his right side is peppered, nearly causing him to drop his musket. "We aren't trying to kill them!" He shouts to no one in particular as he lunges forward, aiming to hit the being that shot him with the butt of his musket.

Johnny finishes his work with the bulldog, whirling around after being hit with a board? His body replished by the influence of the sanguine chakra, he brings his knife out and stabs the woman, a dagger laced with something foul. "You're pushing your luck. It won't kill you, probably." he adds as he pulls it away.

The angry badger calms down a lot after his flames leap up across the square, standing as at least a slight deterrant to the mob advancing on Mazurek. He'd managed not to directly attack anyone with such lethal force, hesitating to take any lives unless things got too bad. But apparently a simple wall of warning flames to subdue the violence wasn't appreciated, as he began to feel a familiar sensation. A darkening of his vision. "A hex!" Cedric cries out to Rixo. "One of them knows dark magic!" he helpfully shouts to the friendly Dark Knight. He'd worked this very hex himself, many times before, and knew how to remove it quite easily. Although he was burning his stamina at an alarming rate. He didn't know if he'd be able to reverse that hex again, nor another like it without the knowledge from the appropriate gems. Which he didn't have on his person.

At any rate, the badger flame mathemagician was too worn from the effort of casting the fire magic, and then having to reverse that damn hex. He needed to step back a bit, fortunately, aside from the dark magic, very little focus was put upon him. The other freeswords and the city guards, however? Well... he didn't want to think about that right now. It would only make him angrier. Everyone except him was getting injured. And then the crowd had the audacity to turn tail and flee? One even wanted to join up with the guard!

The badger walked forward slowly, not caring that he was walking toward the remaining rioters directly and crouched down to the ground, breathing raggedly. He had enough energy left in him for one last display of power before taking a breather. Quickly tracing out a pattern in the ground, he attempted to call up a gust of wind to knock out those fleeing into the alleys. He wasn't going to let them escape justice. Not after all they'd done to his friends.

Rixo snarls as the arrow jams itself into the joint of her plate. She wasn't going to let it stop her, though, and it didn't puncture flesh, so she hauls herself onto her spectral mount and rears it back. Once that explosion takes place and the mob starts fleeing... All of her pent up rage and aggression finds a new target. Fenris. Making a note of Cedric's words and promptly setting it in the back of her mind, she circles her mount around and away from the field of battle for just a moment, hoping everyone would be too caught up in their actions to notice her approach Fenris behind, lashing out for the tiger's neck with her spine whip from atop her mount, attempting to ensnare his throat entirely.

Mazurek finds himself shot in one of the shoulders! The impact gets him to grunt, but not shriek this time around. Then one of those mounting him gets shot and falls off, causing him to look back to the battle just in time to see utter devastation occur. His feathers flutter a bit in the wind generated by the massive surge of flaming death that causes those who remain of the rioters to outright turn and flee. This alone makes him hesitate, although so did the fact that he had a small kin on the ground nearby. Nevertheless he waits for the rest of the small folk to climb aboard before spreading his wings to take off. He does not leave that one behind, though, making a grab for him/her with his hind claws, seeking to take the group to relative safety.

Vestela's growl starts deep down in her broad chest as the flames start to die down around her. Her vision is filled with red and blood begins pounding in her ears like a drum, a familiar battle song to the mercinary. The bear bares her fangs at the tiger who DARED try to set her on fire. Caring little for the fleeing mob, she barreles forwards with a loud roar, heading straight for Fenris. Swinging her hammer in a wide arc, fueled by her anger and dark magics she attempts to knock him to the ground. In a blood rage, she doesn't seem to care being outnumbered, that her earlier spell strangely enough got countered, or that the fight already has ended..

Fenris closes his eyes and does his best to suppress the urge to fall to the ground and vomit. There had been rage in that attack. All of his years of finely honed control, undone by a stupid, frightened mob. Maybe this was it, time to move on again. The tiger looks out over the devastation that he had caused, paying no attention at all to his own wounds. The tiger staggers forward and drops to his knees next to the nearest wounded being, the collie he had had a shouting match with. That action may have saved his life, as Rixo's vicious spine whip whistles through the air above his head. He does not seem to notice at all as he fishes in his coat for his well used triage kit. "I'm sorry," he murmurs, tears wetting his face as the rain had not yet been able to do, "I didn't mean-" The tiger's tears are interrupted as Fenris spots a battered polar bear bearing down on him with a warhammer. The tiger nimbly rolls to the side, drawing the maddened bear away from the injured being that he still hoped he could save.

Mazurek's actions are successful as the small folk grip to him for their life, though the one that had taken the bolt to his chest was limp in the gryphon's grasp. The crowd not giving parting shots as they finally escape into the alley, even the one Angus had tried to hit found his safety in the winding passage ways as the square is left with the large amount of wounded and the handful of dead. Johnny's attack adding one more to the pile as the attack would ellict a wet squilch as the turtle woman curls over to lay limply on the ground with blood pooling around her.

The scene around Fenris doesn't go unnoticed, as the remaining four guards move quickly. Two with tower shields, and one of the crossbow bearers moving to stand between Fenris and Rixo, while Luxania unleashes another volley from her repeating crossbow into Vestela. The polar bears armor deflecting a handfull of the bolts, however four of them sink deep into her right side, piercing the armor and flesh to draw blood. "

"ENOUGH! You will -all- stand down, or so help me we'll take you in with them, or put you down! The mob is gone, it's over damn it, it's -over-!" Luxania's gaze rather intense as she's quick to drop the repeating crossbow before drawing two rapiers from her sides.

Angus growls as the shooter gets away, and then the group starts infighting. At this point he just turns his musket around in his hands and walks over near Rixo and her steed. "There has been enough bloodshed! Lets not let it continue!" He snaps, reading the musket in a two handed grip in case the panda wishes to continue.

Johnny turns to see the commotion the guard is going through, cleaning his weapons and waving a guard over. "She'll need medical attention." he adds as he nods to Luxania. "Sure thing."

"Stop this, Rixo!" Cedric yells to the dark knight, as she attacks Fenris without mercy, aided by the polar bear stranger. And now Angus is getting involved and everything's going crazy! Something has to be done to stop this! "It was a misfire! I can fix this, just stand down, please! Don't kill him!" the badger pleads with the pair. He clutches at the phoenix feather worn around his neck and suddenly, with no explanation he bursts into flames, his clothing engulfed and consumed by the heat of the flames as an inferno of healing energy that surrounds the mass of dead beings from the mob. Unfortunately, his power isn't quite able to bring them all back to life...

As the flames around Cedric flicker out, it isn't a badger that stands there, but a winged avian being with bright orange and red plumage, so bright it's almost glowing. His shape closely resembles a cardinal being.

Rixo settles her gaze on Fenris for a moment, watching him rush to the Collie's side before being driven away. When the two guards come between her and the tiger she does indeed stand down. Instead, she turns her gaze to Angus and stows her whip away. "Bloodshed? He alone probably took more lives than the rest of this day's participant's combined. He will pay for his crimes, if not for me than by someone else. But I will let the fiend go. Even bringing the wicked to their knees isn't yet worth losing my friends and allies." She leaves it at that, but keeps her shield at the ready as she slides off her mount, lowering her free hand to wrench out the bolt that had gotten stuck in her armour, letting it fall to the ground as her steed makes itself scarce, trotting away before vanishing entirely.

Mazurek has some trouble doing so, but he does manage to fly the small kin out of the danger zone and to safety. As such, everything that transpires after the mob has been dispersed is missed by the griffon. The one that took the bolt to the chest is immediately taken to the infirmary to be seen by the medics. The rest are dropped off there as well.

Vestela's large hammer hits the ground with a resounding thud. Disapointing! Snarling, she's about to set of after her quarry but is stopped in her tracks as several bolts slam into her side, staining her white fur with streaks of red. Giving her head a little shake, trying to get rid of the fogs of anger clouding her mind, although the pain would normally have been ignored and she would have continued her attack, the sudden actions of the phoenix has a definite calming effect. "Fine!" she growls. "My quarrel is with the tiger, not with you." she says, squinging her eyes at the captain.

Seeing that he is no longer threatened, Fenris immediately goes back to tending to the wounded collie, those bitter tears still running down his cheeks. He is completely heedless of both the rain that still refuses to touch him and the phoenix fire from Cedric. Wordlessly, the tiger gently cleans and dresses the messy wound, expertly applying tinctures and stitching. After finishing up with the collie, the tiger moves on to the next injured being, and the next and the next, trying to preserve as many lives as he can. He weeps silently the whole time, ignoring his own minor wound and allowing the blood to dry his shirt to the wound in his side.

The small mouse woman doesn't seem to even flinch from the polar bear, aparantly having come a long way from the bright eyed investigator when the serial killers began striking. Her grip remaining tight on her rapiers she eases her stance and nods to the remaining guards as she motions to the five revived by Cedric's magic. "Now that we have an understanding, the remaining will be taken into custody... I want to know exactly -who- instigated this city wide pandemic. This was too organized for all the mob groups to start at once..." She huffs and finally sheaths her swords. The other three guards moving to the revived to begin tieing them together as four more reinforcements appear to assist.

Mazurek's efforts are rewarded with tight hugs and solemn thanks from the small folk he had managed to carry out, the priests having grim looks upon their face in regards to the fifth member. He'd discover a vast amount of wounded, both of large and small folk filling up the triages, but for the most part the fires from the mobs have been surpresed and extinguished.

The Collie woman is patched up rather expertly by Fenris, her gaze held upon the skies and the rain as she was left to be taken into guard custody. His work on the others aiding greatly, though it appears the majority will live with moderate burns and such... A few missing fingers, and a smaller amount still having lost a hand or arm as they were closer to the point of origin from the blast.

Angus nods as Rixo backs off, and he leans heavily against his musket as the pain starts getting to him. "I think, it would be best to leave this to the guards...I think we have done enough, and I would really, really like to get this looked at. It's starting to bug me." He mutters as he places a hand on his side to see how badly he's bleeding.

Johnny looks to the rodent and gives a wave. "Happy to help, the guard need all the help they can get... sorry to hear about your big bloke, I'll be sure to stop by and pay him my 'respects.'" before he looks to all the injured and then stretches, preparing to go stand in the marketplace.

"Not enough, it's not enough, it's never enough." the badger-turned-phoenix repeats to himself like a mantra between quick shallow breaths, having failed to revive all the fallen himself. He attempts to rise from his knees, but in his overexerted condition, he can't quite manage it and collapses face first into the rainsoaked ground, rolling over onto his back to let the rain fall on him as he curls his wings around himself and blacks out from exhaustion.

Rixo stares for a moment longer before giving a slow shake of her head and looking to Angus. "You'll be fine. It looks little more than a flesh wound or you'd likely not be moving." Looking over the damage once more, quietly thanking the fact that some of them will at least survive, she shuffles down the street, sliding her shield onto her back once again.

Vestela pulls the arrows that got lodged in her side out with a small grunt. She'll have to lick her wounds in private. Can't go around showing weakness after all. "Well, wasn't this a stupid waste of time. Hmph! Seems we don't need any murderers slinking around to do the killing for us today." the polar bear mutters as she gives the captain as well as the panda a brief nod before turning on her heel, stalking off into the evening. The tiger was apparantly better at punishing himself then a simple smash of her hammer would accomplish. A victory, of sorts?

Mazurek chirps softly to the small kin giving him hugs, and goes so far as to peck them on the cheek one at a time. He does not remain idle afterward, though, taking to assisting with the healing efforts where he is able. He even transforms to his original form to avoid having his sharp beak break valuable things that need holding. His own injury is minor enough that he wasn't even damaged by the time he even reached the Triage. The wonders of the Growing Clan.

Fenris does the best he can to patch up the wounded mob members before finally slumping against a cold stone wall. "Captain," he calls, leaning back against the wall, "I will need a tally of those I hurt. This was a frightened mob and I will not have them go through life maimed on my account." Fenris goes through the tallies he himself has made, making plans for all the golem crafting he would be doing with his own hands. And then, if necessary, he would move on.

Luxania gives a nod to Johnny as she speaks slowly. "He'll be avenged, and I will not disapoint him. Be safe then Johnny." The mouse turning on her heel to look at Fenris with a slightly cold gaze as she clears her throat. "The wounded would have ripped you to pieces like the did guardsman Jenkins, and Leopold. If it bothers you so badly, I will talk to the medics to identify for you." The captain's haze turning back to the others as she nods and clears her throat. "... Payment for services rendered will be made from the guard house. Just ask for me by name I suppose."

The guard's own triage teams are quick to arrive on the scene, picking up the wounded onto stretchers to carry them out, including Cedric as well. Special care given to the pheonix givin his service in raising the dead... And soon enough, the city is left deathly silent with exception to the heavy fall of rain that carried the remaining blood through the streets to the sewer. As if drinking away the bloodshed that fear had brought, and the lack of empathy and compassion from the common man.