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"There is a whole world out there, ripe for exploring. Everyone should get a chance to enjoy it, but sometimes they just need a little push." - Rixo "The Wall"

A clever clan panda that probably should have been heavy clan, with the way she composes herself. A traveler and nomad hailing from some far off land, almost always clad in heavy, thick armour of titanic proportions for her relatively small frame. Rather jovial and jolly in nature, though her black armour serves as a reminder that there's a bear to contend with under all that cheeriness.

She adheres by some foreign and unspoken code of conduct and honour, and firmly believes in the absolute freedom to do as one pleases, until it becomes directly antagonistic to the innocent. Determined and vindictive, she serves as both staunch protector and ceaseless hunter for whatever her chosen cause of the time is.

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Politics: An unfortunate necessity in life, but it tends to be so droll. I much prefer to be out in the action!

Nobles: They're a well enough bunch when they're not pompous. I treat them the same as I treat everyone else: With respect, until given a reason to do otherwise.

Shadows: Individually, I like them well enough. As a collective, some unfortunate past has left be a bit bitter.

Soulless: I wasn't always among the soulless. I still like to imagine that I am not, sometimes, and tend not to change souls very often at all. I like what I do, and while others can do it as well, I often find that having the knowledge is only half the battle. Familiarity and expertise are what allow me to excel.

Spirits: Both spirits and Old Ones alike are quite an interesting thing. I care little for their war, and am just as likely to side with any of them as I am to side with none of them. I do not need their power to become mighty.

Sweetwater: Quite an interesting place. Of all the locations I've seen over my years, this has been one of my favorites. Good people, and seldom a dull day around these parts.

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Angus: An interesting fellow. Trouble seems to follow him wherever he goes, so I try to stick around where he is. That's how you get in on all the fun, after all! Though he's not a bad guy himself, from what I've been able to notice. Down to earth and not afraid to get his hands dirty. I can respect that.

Selena: A capable mage. I do not know her as well as I might like, but we seem to be on friendly terms most of the time. She strikes me as a determined sort, and has a noble heart. I can applaud both of those, and I know if I needed someone competent at my side, she'd be one of my first picks.

Bite: A fellow explorer, I do believe, but not for what I feel are the right reasons. She seems to seek monetary and personal gain, but I suppose I cannot fault her. To each their own, after all.

Cedric: A being like me! Sort of. We're both black and white, and our kind are typically unseen in large numbers, but he seems like a good person. Tends to often be on an assignment or task with me. No reason to not like him!

Arimia: I try to like her, but she is a bit too abrasive for my tastes. I am content to avoid clashing with her, as I have no personal quarrel at this time.

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Name: Rixo

Title (Possibly self given): The Wall

Clan: Clever

Species: (Not so) Giant Panda

Age: 32

Height: 5'2" out of armour.

Build: Burly. A considerable amount of muscle with a generous padding of fat, but far from out of shape.

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