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The harbor hustles and bustles. Business as usual. Aside from the large airship draped with LongTech insignias and colors. The captain, a heavyset walrus with a bristling mustache is calling orders to his crew as they make preparations for lift off. "Final call!" a crewman shouts, "All aboard as is coming aboard!"

The regal looking Reindeer, Anton Aldermann stands on deck, greeting those of Flora's touring party as they arrive. As promised, Sven Snowmark is nowhere to be seen, even though his clipper, the Aurora floats only a little ways away.

A soft rumble leaves Flora's muzzle, as the feline watches overboard, gesturing at the LongTech security-corps confiscating everyone's weaponry. Her tails flick lightly, and she watches the walrus curiously, before shrugging and leaning back against one of the structures on deck.

Trace, meanwhile, is supporting Sveta, smiling lightly and nuzzling up against her beak. "Well... I... I suppose we'll be heading off soon, then?" the kite mumbles after a moment of contemplation, before smiling lightly.

"Yes, we will." Sveta has her hand firmly tucked in the crook of Trace's arm, letting him lead the way up the airship amidst all the security. "Don't worry about me. I've been feeling better lately, although I'm probably not sure about airship travel. Still, we'll be there when we're there. Have you brought enough warm clothing? I'll be fine, but you..."

Looking strangely like a giant drunken bear, noted scholar, academic, warrior, PR-guy, and man of the world Brutus Blackback waddles along, his pointy new antler-cane thumping along the ground as he carries a few goods in the crook of his arm. The overlarge noble is bedecked in a fine fur coat, custom-tailored for his...physique.

Hartford, of course, is stuck with the job of porter once again, but he seems pretty excited about the notion of another trip--the journey to Shralesta was so exciting, with games and strange foods and a beautiful marriage! He got a stipend from the house, but working with Brutus was all the reward he needed! The towering Buck proudly trundles along, decked in the fine hand-me-down (or would they be hand-me-sideways?) furs from his master, which hang far too loosely on his muscular frame, and far too short, leaving half his legs uncovered. But at least they were in one piece this time!

Technetium grumbles and hands over her dagger to the guard who is taking weapons, climbing up onto the airship and looking around at the dock a bit more, throwing off her hood for the time being. She wears clothes that deviate little from the norm, except for an extra leather belt for storage and various bits and bobs tucked in various pockets. She looks around a bit, then leans against one of the walls, being alone for now, because there's an astute lack of other things to do. She coughs lightly, covering her mouth as she does, then pulls out a small sack of nuts, nibbling on a few.

Sailors scramble about as the dock crew sets to loosing the lines. "Pick it up boys!" bellows the captain, "We're on a schedule!" The walrus frowns unhappily at the security check, as they slow the boarding process, but it can't be helped. Not with the boss's family.

"You have packed warm clothes, I hope, Highlady?" Anton asks Flora, his hands folded within his priestly robes, "The cold can be quite harsh for those in your. . . delicate condition." The reindeer smiles as he watches Brutus board with Hartford in tow. "Those two have the right of it," he says with a heavy accent, though his words are annunciated and clear.

"Flora is quite alright. Thick fur, yes. And lots of clothes," the cat notes, her ears flicking lightly. "Flora will be fine, yes," she rumbles, before moving over towards Sveta and smiling lightly. "When LongTech is done in Thera'Dor, friend Sveta will take another airship," the cat notes after a moment of contemplation. "Flora would like friend Sveta to look for... Business opportunities within Cliffside, yes," the cat notes with a small smile, before giving a knowing glance towards Trace.

"Of course, Sveta... Lots of clothes. For you as well. No need to act as if you won't need 'em, dear."

Sveta nods at Flora's approach. "Of course. Still, there may be others who wish to follow, or perhaps meet up with us there. But those are matters for later, and we can discuss the details then.

"Love..." the northern goshawk fluffs her feathers. "I have roots there, you know. It's in the blood, as Papa would say. I won't freeze...but I'll put something on, if it pleases you."

Brutus waddles on up the gangway, tugging vainly at his furs to keep them from dragging on the ground--who knows when they last cleaned this airship? Spotting Flora, he splits his path from Hartford to speak with her. "Ah, Flora, just the being I was looking for!" A turn of the head. "Hartford--be a deer and drop off our luggage in the cabin, would you?" A pause while he chuckles at his clever wordplay. "I must speak with the boss."

"Yes sir, Mister Brutus!" comes the chipper reply as Hartford carries on with the carry-ons. It sure was nice of Lord Blackback to pack lighter this time so that only his arms were full--he wasn't sure his antlers would survive another use as luggage racks!...well, they would regrow, sure, but he liked having them around! They made him look distinguished.

Technetium mutters a bit, and continues to nibble on her snacks lightly, before going over to lean on the rail of the ship, looking out slightly boredly, before going over and leaning on the rail and looking out again, before turning around and looking at the various persons on board, staring at each for a few seconds, shrugging again, and looking out again. She shuffles her shoulders a bit to ease the slight discomfort of a backpack, then eats another nut.

"That's it!" bellows the captain, "Gangplank up!" The big fellow turns to Flora. "At your word, Highlady," he says, "We can be off!" Soon, the gangplank is stowed and the deck is cleared of luggage. Everything is ready!

While the deck is largely deserted of all but a few sailors, there are a few passengers on deck, ready to watch the lift off! Among them are two corgis, one small and wearing a well made coat of furs and another similar canine three times the size of the first standing by him. "Thanks fer takin' me along big brother!" the larger dog says to the little one, "I promise I'll help lots!" On another quadrant of the deck, a small gathering of three arctic foxes stand chatting together. From the sound of their accents, they must be native Shlaufuchs returning home. Slumped off on one of the barrels by the hold is a surly looking polar bear. Some of those present might recognize Heinrich of the Conglomerate.

A small smile, a flick of the ears, before Flora stands centrally on the deck, where a few beings are gathered. "Fellow beings. Like a few months ago, LongTech Industries will depart for foreign shores. As such, Flora will ask of you to be on your best behavior when we visit our allies to the north, as we will be representing both Sweetwater and LongTech Industries. IF you miss the ship on its way out, you are on your own, and you shall have to find your own way back home. Now, during the trip, if any member of LongTech Industries tells you to do something, you do so, yes. Doubly so if they are a part of LongTech Security. Is Flora clear?" the cat calls out, smiling faintly, before nodding towards the captain.

"Below-deck, we will offer a final Sweetwater Lunch. Tonight, dinner will be a mixture of Sweetwaterian and Thera'Dorian dishes, and tomorrow's breakfast will be strictly Thera'Dorian in make-up. Now... Without further ado... We shall set sail for the northern coast."

Trace smiles softly, beore nuzzling up against Sveta again. "Hon, I think the High Lady is offering us a chance to meet my folks," he mumbles after a moment of contemplation. "And no matter your roots, you've lived in Sweetwater for all your life, no? It stands to reason that, no matter your roots, you'd still not be weathered to the cold up north," he mumbles after another short pause, watching the various beings on the deck.

Sveta nods, although she doesn't seem too enthused about the idea of food on a rocking, swaying vehicle like an airship. "I figured as much. But still, I hope she doesn't go out of her way - or extra expense just to do it. There's...ah, why I am I complaining? Still..." she fluffs a little, then lowers her eyes meekly. "All right. We'll see when we get there, I guess. I...think I'll be belowdecks for most of the trip. Care to join me?"

Brutus clears his throat as the Captain finishes his announcements, insistent on getting his business out of the way so he can have his pleasure. "I have been revising my speech"--well, he had looked over it once after Shralesta, so it's technically true!--"and I wondered if there was aught to focus on with the Thera'Dorans with my...ah...'sales pitch'?"

Having dropped off Mister Blackback's luggage (and his single bag), Hartford steps back out on the deck, taking a deep breath. "Goodbye, Sweetwater!" he calls out over the railings, waving to the ground below as the airship prepares to disembark. "And hello There-a-door!" he continues, heading toward the deck to chat with his fellow passengers. He that...--"ASHER! Boy, it's good to see you again!" he bellows happily.

Technetium erms, and first teists her ears to point at Flora as the tiger begins to speak, with her whole head following shortly afterward, nodding occasionally as they talk, glancing at the various small groups chatting together, and muttering lightly about, "a significant amount of beings going to the lavatory tonight." And she continues to snack on her nuts, seemingly unaffected by the swaying.

The walrus captain nods and waves his hand in the air. "Pilots!" he bellows, his voice ringing across the deck, "We're off!" At either side of the foredeck, and presumably at the aft, a pair of beings strapped into carefully protected pilot chairs set to activating the complex mathemagics that run the airship as it eases its way out of the harbor and starts to lift slowly into the air, keeping within sight of the coast. The occasional stray wisp of air magic whips across the deck and there is a momentary feeling of weightlessness as the vessel finally leaves the water behind, rocking instead on carefully controlled currents of air.

At the front of the boat, in the bow, the two corgis whoop and holler at the rare experience, the small one, Asher, finally turning and waving enthusiastically as he hears Brutus's voice. The little fellow trots across the deck to the plus size mephit. "Hello Lord Blackback!" he says with a happy smile as the larger canine lumbers after him, "I'd like to introduce my younger brother, Tobin!" The corgi waves to his behemoth brother. "Hartford!" he cries, running over to wrap his little arms around his friend's leg, "I didn't see you come on board!"

Other passengers don't seem to be enjoying the take off as much. While Anton stands serenely with his eyes closed, a little smile on his face, two of the three Schlaufuchs are laughing and pointing at their companion who is leaning over the side railing already. And Heinrich's normally unreadable mask is tinged with a bit of nausea as well.

A small smile adorns Flora's muzzle, before she looks towards Brutus. "Flora will defer to sir Anton on this... However, getting House Aldermann on board is step one, since they will give us an in with every other house... And secondly, it will mean the support of the church itself."

"Houses Schlaufuchs, Underhill and Snowmark will be our second point of attention, but Flora will provide the details tonight, after dinner, yes."

Trace nods with a small smile towards Sveta, before joining her belowdeck...

Brutus nods slowly, sighing inwardly. Can't even have a chance to enjoy the journey, can he? Have to start kissing tails already. Working his fingers to the bone for Flora. She better be thankful for this! "Well, shall we discuss it over dinner tonight, Sir Aldermann? I always find a good, full stomach aids in discussions and negotiations," he says, gently patting his 'table muscle' with a good-humored chuckle.

"Ooop!" Hartford yelps in surprise, as Asher latches onto his leg at the same moment the airship rumbles and lifts off. "Been working out, haven't we!" he jests, squatting a bit to pat the little man on the head. He stands back to full height, leaning forward and extending a giant paw to Tobin. "Good to meet you, little brother! M'name's Hartford--I'm Mister Brutus Blackback's friend, assississ--sississt--helper, and man-at-arms!"

Anton nods serenely to Brutus. "That sounds excellent, Lord Blackback," the aging reindeer says, "Though I can offer little advice on how to sway my people. It is all I can do to keep ONE Snowmark in line!" The reindeer turns and puts an arm around Hartford and one around Brutus. "But for now," he says, "Let us get below decks. It is sure to get quite cold up here soon and I should like Mister Hartford here to tell me how he keeps his antlers so well shined!"

Asher smiles happily and trots along beside the others. "I can't wait to try Thera'Doran food!" he says, "I hope it is as good as the food from Shralesta!" Tobin grins and shakes Hartford's hand heartily. "Glad ta meetcha!" he says, "Big brother told me 'bout you! Says yer real nice!" The big corgi lumbers along below decks with the rest.

It looks like this voyage is well under way! The ship is sound, the weather is fine, and the crew is chipper and alert! Looks like everything should be smooth sailing from here!