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Technetium Wirefur originates from Cliffside proper, having attended the college there and excelled, becoming Salutorian of her class. She specializes in fire mathemagics, and is on a personal quest for knowledge. Nominally, she wears a black robe with a clipped sleeve hem, to avoid catching on fire while casting spells. She has a hood attached to the robe, which she occasionally uses. Underneath the robe is simple padded armor, and she is. Her hair is a silvery grey, and her fur is nominally a burnt gold color. Her facial features are unmarred, and her large fennec ears stand out like they do.

Coming from Cliffside, her life wasn't exactly harsh, despite the fact of being 'gifted.' During primary school, however, at one point she was harshly teased about it. That's when she had her first run-in with mathemagics, unintentionally blowing the others to the ground with a sharp blast of air. The repercussions were severe at that age, causing any soul gem that she uses to become too entwined with her, causing a form of extreme multiple personality disorder. Despite this fact, she moved on, while not encountering much other trouble from peers during normal school. Outside of school, at home, she took very little light to the high society attitude, and spent most of her time in the university library. This involved during the nighttime, when she was supposed to be in bed, she'd often sneak out of her window and out to the university, learning how to be stealthy, giving her a preferred black color.

After regular school, she immediately went to study at the university to become a full-fledged mathemagican. She quickly took to the standard method of mathemagicry, although she always admired fractals as beautiful repetitions of nature. She studied hard and long at the university, ultimately leading to her becoming second in class, a fair reward, but no Valedictorian.

Once out of the university, she had been anchored to Cliffside by her parents, citing noble duties she had to do. Defiantly, she managed to hook an airship ride to Sweetwater, leaving Cliffside. Her immediate family still contact her, and didn't blame her /much/ for what she did. However, once in Sweetwater, she had a few run-ins with the locals, saying that she was a spy, and was there to murder them. So, they tried to beat/murder/Bad Things(TM) her. She narrowly escaped into the inn, where she has been staying since she got here.

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Creators: Interesting, as our forerunners, and why would they choose to give us our gift? Are we simply part of a big test?

Sweetwater: A nice place, and certainly one to explore, but is clearly frosted with danger.

Soulless: I cannot truely form an opinion as a result of my curse, however, I believe it is both a blessing and a damning.

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Angus: Helpful, playful, and occasionally funny! (Occasionally.)

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RP Hooks
Invention: I can't get over it. There is existing tech that we haven't fully explored yet... And why not?

Identification: We obviously know that there are things outside our planet. We know there are things inside our planet. As in alchemy, you get so called 'base' parts, so can we write sentences explaining what bits go where?

Exploration: I came to Sweetwater to see and learn new things. Well, let's get to it!

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Full Name: Technetium Wirefur

Clan: Clever Folk

Species: Fennec

Personality: Thoughtful, Secluded, Prying, Curious, Adaptable, Discreet.

Motto: Information is Power

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List: Parent, Mage Adept.

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