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== Quotes ==


Brutus Blackback is the sole child of and , and as a born Gifted, the family--and his parents especially--held great expectations for him. As a young student, he excelled in his academics, absorbing knowledge at a pace far beyond his classmates. The family lavished praise and hopes (and treats) on him as he entered the Academy.

Unfortunately, a lifetime of being catered to and spoiled left him floundering when it came to making it on his own. His grades were passable, but he spent far more of his time attending parties, seeking flattery and bribes from those hoping to curry favor with a Noble, and altogether throwing his increasing weight around.

Seven years in and still unfinished, he has become something of the black sheep of the family (no offense meant to any heavily-pigmented Ovine Beings), not having done any wrong to warrant disownership, but certainly bringing no honor to them, either.

Recent Events

Recently, Brutus has put his lot in with LongTech Industries, the company founded by new noble Flora Longtail, in the hopes that he might finally make his name with its success.

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Commoners - They covet that which Fate has laid upon us, and so they despise us. You reach a hand out to help them and they slap it as if that makes them superior to us. Not to be trusted out-of-hand, but some of them may prove themselves worthy.

Nobles - The lifeblood of civilization. Our wealth finances the arts and the merchants and the labourers, our leadership has tamed the wilderness, and our studies seek to divine the very nature of our existence. Those who hold us in contempt out of their covetousness would do well to remember this.

House Solacious - They are a stalwart and reliable folk, but all the ones I have met insist on "leaving the courtly conduct in court" and acting quite casual in public.

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Jessica -- My dear cousin, and a beautiful soul. There's an art in what she does, and I will defend her against any who would speak ill of her or treat her unkind.

Siyu -- A quiet and shy little rodent, whose little size belies his big heart. A trustworthy friend and a fine drinking partner despite his size.

Angus -- The most public face of House Solacious, and a pleasant sort, but he never seems to take his role as a noble seriously.

Adolphus -- The member of House Good I am most acquainted with; I do hope he considers me among his fellows.

LongTech Industry Fellows

Flora -- Quite the curious one. Prickly, awkward, no head for politics--and yet undeniably intelligent. She has a rare blend of ambition and madness, and I'm curious to see where she goes with it.

Sveta -- She seems just as twitchy as Lady Longtail, but she's been more pleasant and seems to have the sense of how to conduct herself amongst peers, at least.

Matthew -- Well, Flora sure picked up on the nepotistic parts of nobility quickly...

Samira -- Such a naive, innocent little thing

Lina -- She thinks I'm brave and daring and smart! Ahem. A model co-worker and a fine chef.

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RP Hooks


What power and status Brutus does possess can be attributed to his family name, his family name only has power because they are a cornerstone of Sweetwater, and the continued success of Sweetwater can be attributed to the guiding hand of the Good Kings and Queens. Thus, Brutus is fiercely loyal to family, country, and royalty--which means that he is susceptible to favoring them in judgments and distrusting those who act against them, regardless of how valid their argument may be.


It may come as no surprise, given his weight, that Brutus loves his food in both quantity and quality. Discussing it is a good way to catch his attention, and wining and dining is a very effective tactic of negotiation with him.

Scholar at Heart

While Brutus, like most nobles, has cultivated an air of refined detachment, an intense spirit of curiosity dwells within him. Fantastic devices, uncommon artifacts, and promises of arcane lore can crack his air of indifference and even get him to associate with commoners.

Something to Prove

Brutus is an only child and more than a little spoiled, but he also feels the weight of the family name on him: his duty is either to prove himself to the rest of the family, or bring in someone who can, and he wants to be celebrated on his own merits rather than "husband of" or "father of" a great person. This leads him to be both haughty (to cover up the fact) and insecure (were he to be found out).

Throwing Your Weight Around

Since Brutus is yet-unproven to his House, he has little status amongst them, and is prone to lording his power about town in order to compensate for it.

You're So Vain

Brutus is mildly envious of those whose lifestyle affords them a fit and trim physique (although not enough so, apparently, to mitigate his appetite). Still, he takes pains to distract from his excess with impeccable fashion and exquisite grooming, and is susceptible to flattery and prone to judging others by appearances.

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Height: 6'6"

Weight: 400lbs Age: 24

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Noble Golem Crafter Cannoneer

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