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Looming in the distance are the spires of the newly unearthed temple, and fresh tracks in the sand leading up to it. The doors are open, something the scouts said wasn't true before. All about the structure the inscriptions glow, another detail the scouts either left out or wasn't true when they came here. The sun is hot this mid day, threatening to bake anyone alive for just being here.

If Mirana thought she could get away with running here by herself she was dead wrong, there was no way Angus would let her do that. So he followed her.. Kneeling in the sand he checked the tracks once more to make sure he was following them right, before he looked up at the glowing structure. Something was amiss as he stared at it, not hearing anything in the reports about the glow, and it only made him more worried as he stood up with his Musket in hand. "Dammit Mira, why?" He asked no one in particular as he pulled his hood up to protect himself from the harsh sun, and he started walking towards the structure.

"I think we should call it... The Triangle Prism of Doom! No, no, wait: The Tetrahedron of Doom!" Why would Angus think it was a good idea to bring Rainer along? He probably didn't. But the wolf heard newly-discovered ruin and... there was just no keeping him away. He wanders right past the kneeling todd, framing the facing side of the structure with his extended thumbs and index fingers, "Wait, wait, I've got it... Temple of Ramen Xerxes!"

Cedric And there's also a badger along for the trip, for some reason. He's currently shaking his head as he hangs off to the rear, keeping a lookout for anything hostle, spear at the ready. Cedric is pretty interested in what might be lurking in the temple. The last time there were fun plants and such! Anyway, he'd heard there were some fairly interesting carvings depicted on the newly uncovered temple of what may or may not be doom. Hopefully there's not too much doom in it.

Bite works her way out to the temple she's heard about, quite interested in making off with loot. She's late, and this upsets her, she should be on top of things! She moves past the group and descending into the temple. She can't wait for all these folks to get inside and collect it all before her. She doesn't exactly know what to expect, or much in the way of details besides a discovered temple, but she knows to be on the look out for traps as she proceeds.

Ictus grumbles along with Angus and shakes his head, "Very good question..." he peers at the temple curiously and shakes his head with a sigh, "Should have had guards with her..." he looks to the others and hmmms, "Well, we should get in before we fry..." he blinks as Bite enters the temple and shakes his head as he dashes after her, "Damnit."

Outside all that there is to see is the glowing runes cared into carefully made sandstone. Smooth, even in the etchings are smooth, as if made from something besides the rough work of a chissel. Inside, an unusual light glows everywhere. More etchings and graphs all over the place. Some of them almost form words. Slight hums can be heard as well and the whole places almost seems to beat as if alive. The heat continues, even inside the temple.

Angus doesn't give Rainer an answer as notices Bite walk right into the temple. "Dammit..." He mutters as he grabs Rainer by the collar and heads inside, eyes peeled for any possible traps or surprises. He was not in a good mood already, and this just made it worse as he trudged inside. Letting go of Rainers collar he brings his musket back up at the ready. "If it's shiny, don't touch it." He said to the wolf.

"Hey, there goes that snake ... what's her name? Chew? No, that's stupid. Chomp! That's it." Rainer's tracks Bite on her wordless dash past, "Wonder what ol' Chomp is up to." He stands there blinking at the open door as the snake disappears inside, smacking his lips until Ictus bursts past as well. "Should we be following the-urk!" The wolf begins to turn his gaze askance on badger and fox when he's suddenly snagged, flailing and stumbling as he falls into pace behind Angus, stopping a moment to fix the fluff around the base of his neck once he's released. "Hm, I'm not really used to bringing up the rear on these things... is this what it always feels like? ... ... ...I don't think I like it."

Despite the badger knight's heavy plates of armor, he doesn't seem to be too bothered by the ambient heat as he enters the temple with the others, glancing around quickly. He's not really looking for traps or anything, and probably wouldn't be able to spot them anyway... so... he's letting the others take point. Obviously because they seem to have it under control, and almost certainly -not- to act as living trapfinders for him. Yes. We'll go with that.

Bite turns to see Ictus, Angus, and Rainer following her, thinking for a second she stops him and hisses "Hold on sssweeties." She focuses a bit, working out a familiar mathmagical effect of water, pulling out some salt from her pocket and tossinig it up into the air as a fine mist takes hold of the group, before she rushes off, still seeking traps as she makes her way into the temple.

Ictus glances back at Angus and the others, he nods with a sigh, "At least the doors didn't close..." he looks back to Bite as she casts her spell and nods, "Thanks but-" then she's off again, "Damnit!" he walks quickly after her while searching for traps as well, "This is a rescue!" at least, that's how he's treating it

The inside of the temple is much cooler then the outside, but still quite hot. The magic however helps them all greatly. A very small and very fine wire catches Bite as she runs by, making the doors behind slam shut. However, further in, a source for the light can be seen, as well as someone muttering, "Yes... yes! This will do it! This will let me bring them into the world!" It seems that the adventurers aren't the only ones in the temple. "And to think, that fool of a vixen braught just what I'd need to get the place working again!"

Angus growls. "Dammit Bite that's enough!" Taking a step forward he trys to catch the serpent if he can, holding his musket in one hand as he does. "We are trying to save my sister, not get her killed all because you want treasure!" He was angry, very angry considering she had just walts right in, didn't care about anyone else near her, and of course she sets off a trap. "I promise you that if we save my sister, no WHEN we save my sister you can have all of the treasure. All of it." He frowns, meaning every word if it meant that his sister would be safe.

"-All- of it?!" Rainer is nonplussed. Rainer is so nonplussed, he's minused! And probably too distracted to notice that voice echoing down from up ahead. "Now wait just a minute--" But the fox and snake are already plowing ahead, and he turns a frustrated look over his shoulder to Cedric, hoping to find support, and instead finding the doors closing behind them. "...I'm not even getting to set off the -traps-! This is the lamest exploration -ever-!" Given there's only one direction to go, now, he heads in it, trailing well behind, arms folded across his chest and a big ol' pout on his face.

Cedric just shrugs at the wolf before he throws a glance over his shoulder in time to watch the temple doors shut behind them. Well, that's a lot of fun. Looks like they'll need to find another way out of here after they're done. He hurries along further down the corridor, not intending to let his own share of loot go!

Bite looks to Angus with a scowl, and a look of confusion. "Sssweetie who's life am I risking, because I wasn't aware of anything of the sort. I came in looking for treasure." She looks rather peeved at having been addressed as such on an assumption, and doesn't at all look impressed with Angus right now. Still, she hisses "Well sssweetie why don't you come with me? We'll see if we can find your sister>

Bite looks to Angus with a scowl, and a look of confusion. "Sssweetie who's life am I risking, because I wasn't aware of anything of the sort. I came in looking for treasure." She looks rather peeved at having been addressed as such on an assumption, and doesn't at all look impressed with Angus right now. Still, she hisses "Well sssweetie why don't you come with me? We'll see if we can find your sister."

Ictus nods to Angus and hmms, "Agreed." then he looks at Rainer and sighs, "We'll triple your pay." he looks to Cedric and ponders a bit, "And we'll reimburse you for any crown you lose by any treasure you miss out." he looks at Bite and shakes his head, "Mirana is... Handicapped... Right now, she shouldn't be in here to begin with." he frowns a bit as he realizes there was chatter, "Damn, everyone be quiet..." he starts to sneak along the passageway

The glow of the passageway continues as does the chatter, "Now.. how would I.. no no no.. oh why did she do that though! I wouldn't be able to come in here and look around so freely if she hadn't walked into that chamber, but without SOMEONE with some knowledge of these machine spirits, is there anyway I can make this do what I need it to do?" shouts someone who obviously thinks they are alone still, not even the sounds of the doors moving making him or her aware that they are not. Down the hallway, for those far enough to see, is a bend, followed by a lot of strange glowing.

Angus rubs at his eyes, not caring if he impressed anyone at this point. "Mirana...My sister. She's the one that we are all risking our lives for thank you." He responds as he walks past her, musket at the ready as he keeps his eyes focused. That voice doesn't please him at all as he hears it. He had a bad feeling about this place even before he entered, and that feeling just kept getting worse as he continues to walk forward. "I...I don't know much about this place but something is just.....offf. It's very old, no surprise there really. But those symbols outside we saw....They refer to a lot of different creator artifacts and studies, but whats odd is. I've never seen them actually together. Always seperate....all I can tell about them is that they hold a lot of information..." That's all he could explain to them, as he didn't know a lot himself. Why were those symbols together, what information did they contain....but the biggest question is.. If the temple was so old, where did the new symbols come from.....

Angus rubs at his eyes, not caring if he impressed anyone at this point. "Mirana...My sister. She's the one that we are all risking our lives for thank you." He responds as he walks past her, musket at the ready as he keeps his eyes focused. That voice doesn't please him at all as he hears it. He had a bad feeling about this place even before he entered, and that feeling just kept getting worse as he continues to walk forward. "I...I don't know much about this place but something is just.....offf. It's very old, no surprise there really. But those symbols outside we saw....They refer to a lot of different creator artifacts and Texts from the Old Ones, but whats odd is. I've never seen them actually together. Always seperate....all I can tell about them is that they hold a lot of information..." That's all he could explain to them, as he didn't know a lot himself. Why were those symbols together, what information did they contain....but the biggest question is.. If the temple was so old, where did the new symbols come from.....

Rainer throws up his hands with a beleaguered sigh, "It's not about the money..." He leaves it at that, though, and follows in silence, hastening his step once the babbling voice has been brought to his attention. As the bend draws ever nearer he draws his sword and gives it a little spin with a flick of the wrist, getting himself into something approaching a combat-ready stance and lingering just before the corner, out of sight of whatever lies beyond. The wolf looks to the others for direction, an eyebrow quirked.

"No problem." Cedric says. He wasn't going to bring up the subject of money, himself. It'd be a little bit inappropriate at the moment. He nods to Ictus and Angus, listening to the explanation about the wall's symbols. "Interesting." he says quietly, looking at the wall's symbols himself. He certainly can't make any sense of them, but that won't stop him from remembering them precisely and transcribing them later in his own time. After taking the time to memorize the symbols, he follows along towards the sound of voices.

Bite hisses lowly "I was unaware." She leaves it at that, not wishing to spark rivalry with yet another noble fox. She prepares a spell while still keeping an eye out for traps, listening to the curious voice in the distance. SOunds like they already had Mirana.

Ictus blinks at Angus and nods in agreement before he looks to Rainer, "As I said... A rescue, this isn't going to be a fun little adventure..." he says it quietly as not to alert the babbling being. He sighs a bit and shakes his head before looking at Bite with a nod, he creeps past Rainer to peek at the rambling being

A banging can be heard from the room past the corridor, "Why won't you work!" She says, evidently a mouse to Ictus. She doesn't notice the fox peaking, but she can be seen banging on an old panel with her fists. "I shouldn't have come along, I should braught at least Brother Jacob." she says quite loudly. She then goes about looking at the control panel. All around are tubes, made of glass and pipes of various forms running to and from them. Each of the pipes are glowing brightly, same blue colors as the symbols. Inside the north most tube can be seen a silohette of someone laying upon the floor. The old panel glows brightly as well some sort of box atop it, that glows brighter then anything else.

Angus rolls his eyes and ignores Bite, not wanting to fight either. He follows Icuts over, giving Rainer a pat on the shoulder as he walks by, hoping the wolf doesn't do anything foolish just yet. "What do you see?" He whispers to his cousin before he pokes his head around the corner. The banging made his ears twitch, his frown growing even more. This...was rather odd as he looked around the room, something nagging at his mind that he's heard of a place like this before. Either way it wasn't good, and he pulled his head back around the corner with a sigh. "One possible threat, someone in a tube so that's either Mira or another hostage." He mutters to Rainer and others, debating on using his musket or drawing his daggers at this point.

The serpent follows along, listening before she whispers just loud enough for the party to hear, "Sssweeties, pressure platle just in front of the corridor." She also makes an effort to grab the frontmost being, just preparing herself for combat in case someone does something stupid.

Did someone say do something stupid?!?!?!?! Rainer reclines against the wall, offering, "Someone could go ahead and try to talk some info out of the crazy person. The rest of us'll be right here to step in if it goes south, after all." Wait what. Planning? Rational behaviour? Well, obviously he's been possessed by a Shadow. It's the only explanation.

Cedric heads on over towards the others, passing by Rainer without a word and being cautious of the pressure plate, as warned. He keeps his spear ready, firmly grasped at the haft with his left hand, ready to put it to use at a moment's notice. "Whatever you two want to do. It's your relative and your decision." the badger says quietly in reply to the Solacious foxes, trying to keep his voice down.

Ictus blinks at the mouse and shakes his head, "Can't sneak by either." he blinks as he's pulled back by Bite and nods, "Thanks." he looks at Rainer and ponders that with a nod, "Yeah... Sounds like an idea." he looks at Cedric and nods, "You up for seeing if they are friendly? We'll back you up." all this is a low whisper, so the mouse hopefully doesn't hear

A sudden banging and some more whirling can be heard, "Yes! Success! Oh she will make her perfect vessel, already afflicted with the taint, and so in touch with these 'creators' too. Now... how to make it do what I need it to do...." as the whirling continues the form that was slumped on the floor of the chamber rises up inside it as if floating in the air. If there was any questions as to who was in there before, they would be gone now. That outline is definately Mira. Her eyes open, and glow a bright white and from somewhere in the room a booming voice can be heard, the language is archaec at best, though the device soon adjusts as some of the symbols start to glow brighter, "SUBJECT, VULPINE BEING, CURRENT DESIGNATIONS, KITSUNE... PHOENIX. WARNING, ABNORMAL REACTION DETECTED." the mouse giggles with glee! "It is working!"

Angus blinks as he hears the mouses words and the machine start to warm up. "Son of a..." Those words did not sound good. "I agree, Cedric now please!" He whispers harshly as he turns back to the corridor. This was one of the times he was happy that he was left handed, as he leveled his musket on the mouse while barely putting himself within the line of sight. He would let Cedric try and see what this mouse was up to, but he was prepared to shoot. He was not going to take any chances, the shot would be lethal.

Rainer lifts an eyebrow as Cedric is nominated for the job. "When I said 'someone' I kind-of-sort-of meant -me-." That's all the protest he offers, though, moving to the other side of the hall while remaining far enough from the corner that he'll be out of sight of the occupants of the room beyond. There he stands poised with sword, ready to spring into action.

Cedric nods, stepping carefully over the pressure plate and heading into the strange room with the tube and the mouse. His sabatons making a little noise as he sets one foot in front of the other. He's not making any attempt to sneak up on them, and instead approaches them with his spear resting on his left shoulder (lefty power!!). The badger clears his throat once he's in range, and in the most authoritative voice he can muster, asks loudly. "Excuse me, but what exactly are you trying to accomplish here?".

Bite moves briefely to glimpse the local in the room, before she sighs at the knowledge she is presented with. She opts to prepare math for when this plan goes out the window.

Ictus blinks as the mouse apperantly gets the thing working, "Crap." he shakes his head and growls a little, "She has one minute to explain, or else..." He leaves it at that as he waits for something to happen, daggers at the ready as he prepares for an attack

As the mouse is approched she spins around, "Who are you! Don't come any closer!" As she speaks she reaches out into her coat and pulls out an odd vial of something, about to throw it at the badger, when Angus' musket shot wizzes past her head. "Oh no, I won't let you stop me! She is perfect! She will be Chrgula's perfect vessel!" She says and slams the vial upon the ground. The murky blackness that oozes from it forms into two things! Misshapened odd, unbelivable horriors of something! The mouse cackles a bit, and prepares to fight as well! Meanwhile whatever is talking continues "PLEASE INPUT INFORMATION, SUBJECT RECOGNIZED, AWAITING INPUT FOR MODIFICATIONS."

As the fighting starts the voice annouces 'WARNING HOSTILE ACTIONS DETECTED, ENAGING DEFFENCE SYSTEMS LEVEL 1.' Small shots come out from small tubes above each of the glass chambers! The shots seem to be mostly harmless however. Near the panel however, a crumpled up piece of paper can be seen....

Angus growls as his shot goes wide and he charges forward, his musket held in his right hand as a makeshift club as he draws his dagger with his left. He struck at the Mouse and the being he created, managing to get a few good hits in but ultimately their deaths were not by his hands. Then he notices the crumpled piece of paper just as the alarm system sets off. "Dammit all." he mutters as he rushes forward, managing to dodge the shots from the tubes over the chambers, and snatches the paper up into his hand. He was in the room with the tubes, and the chambers, so he turned around to try and get back to the corridor and the cover that was there.

Bottom of the nineth, two baddies down, bases loaded, two strikes, three balls, Who's on first, and Rainer's up to bat! Brandishing a grin that can only be described as wolfish, he taps the floor twice with the end of his blade, then uses the weapon to point at the beast. He winds up, his eyes narrow, and in a blur of grey and silver he's suddenly ... standing behind the monster, which keels over moments after, prompting him to turn around and... "Oh ho HO MAN DID YOU GUYS SEE THAT?! That was AWESOME I can't believe that worked!" ...Rainer, ladies and gentlemen.

The serpent does her best to avoid hitting Mirana with her fiery goodness, liberally applying it to the tubes and foes alike, succeeding except for a errant blast of wind that takes a tiny toll on the tube. They burn up nicely, and she lets the others get in there while she patches them up and takes chance strikes with her dagger and whatever she finds lying around, possibly keeping things. This all said and done, she giggles and hisses "Good job sssweeties." as she thinks to herself, and looks at the tubes. She then once more calls forward her ocean spray, intending to get the heated glass wet to see what would happen, a decent distance away of course.

The badger knight raises his shield to help defend the group from the attacks of the twisted mouse and his evil summons, covering Angus, Ictus, Bite and Rainer as best he can while weaving dark math through his spear and leaving the mark of the forsaken on one of the summons as well as the mouse. As Cedric takes more hits for the others, absorbing them with help from his shield and armor, he gets angrier and angrier, tossing his spear aside and taking his reward from the Hammer Brasher showdown from his belt. A nice sharp axe with the weight of a hammer, which he straight up lobs at one of the dark summons. Retrieving the axe, he leaves it to bleed out, going back to defending the others so they can clean up the rest of the bad guys!

Ictus blinks at the summoned beings and shakes his head with a growl, "Ok, not friendly." he shakes his head as he beats on the summoned things and winces at Bite as she casts that spell, "Damnit, be careful!" as he pats himself down and backs away as the defenses activate, having seen Angus go for the paper he waits for his cousin to return

As the fighting draws mostly to an end, the machines continue to fire, still seeing at least one of the hostile parties still moving, "PREPARING DEFENCE LEVEL 2" comes the booming voice. Any of the glass tubes that were destoryed replace themselves, another tube sliding down from above. Mira is still floating inside one of them, eyes still glowing, and one might wonder if she has even blinked the whole time she has been in there.

Angus did not like the way that sounded at all as he dashed back into the corridor, remembering the pressure plate at the last second as he hops over it. He must of miss judge the hop as he starts to stumble after clearing the pressure plate and rolls into the back wall of the corridor with a thud. "Ow...." he mumbles as he starts to right himself, that piece of paper still clutched in hand. "Okay...lets see what this thing says." He mumbles as he opens it up to read. Scanning the words on the paper he...just blinks, as he shakes his head softly. "Cedric, find the Mouse please. If they aren't dead I want to make sure they don't ruin anything." With a sigh he looks at the note again. "It's from Mira...It says that we can possibly use this machine to fix her. But we will have to ask the machine spirits, and we have to choose our words carefully." He looks at everyone assembled. "I'm guessing that we only have one shot at this..."

"Nice dismount." the wolf remarks with an amused little smirk and a quirked brow once Angus has collided with the wall. Sheathing his sword as he approaches, Rainer comes to stand on Angus' right, leaning over to peer at the letter... for all the good that does him. "No kidding, eh? ...how, exactly, is she broken? Actually, nevermind, just leave it to me." He begins to casually stroll towards the chamber with its weapons still blazing and all, interlocking his fingers and twisting his wrists to give his knuckles a thorough cracking. "Creator stuff -is- my speciality, after all."

Angus then turned and walked back into the room, stepping over the plate, and raised his voice. "Um...Machine Spirits..." He hand no idea how to do this. "Cease fire, stop shooting please. We aren't here to hurt you, we are friends." He hoped that he did it right, as he didn't want to get shot.

Cedric remains in the tube room, attempting to dodge the turret shots and keep an eye on the mouse, just to make sure he's really not a threat anymore.

Bite sees Rainer walking towards the machine and, hisses "Stop! Now sssweetie, do you know what you're doing? Let's find someone who knows a little more about things so we don't screw this up. How do you want Mirana to be fixed? You don't seem to know how shes broken."

Ictus blinks at Angus as he thuds into a wall and shakes his head, then Angus reads the note and he raises an eyebrow, "It... Can? That's wonderful! Did she say how we can use it?" he looks to Rainer and frowns before he shakes his head, "I don't know really..." he glares at Rainer as he speaks about being an expert, "Right..." he leaves it at that before giving Bite a grateful look for stopping Rainer

The machines stop shooting, voice booming once more, "DEFENCE SYSTEMS DEACTIVATED, SUBJECT, VULPINE BEING RECONGISED, CURRENT DESIGNATIONS, KITSUNE AND PHEONIX, AWAITING INPUT FOR MODIFICATION." In the tub Mira continues glowing, floating, the spirits waiting for the answers.

Angus lets out pent up breath as he sighs, actually surprised that it actually worked. Taking a step up to the machines he frowns. He had to word this carefully, had to make sure he got this right. He looks at his sister, suspended there with her eyes glowing....And he just doesn't know what to do. Taking a step back away from the machines he shakes his head. "Okay...anyone have any ideas?" He asked, not wanting to screw this up, not wanting to fail Mira as he turned to look at her again.

Rainer rolls his eyes with a great, big, threatrical sigh, but halts as commanded, folding his arms behind his head, tilted back to gaze at the ceiling. "Well." It seems like that's all he's going to say, until he suddenly continues, "I reckon, this thing is operating like some giant historical database, so it's probably not so much a matter of what's broken with her now, so much as deciding -when- she wasn't broken and having the spirits repair her based on that." Another prolonged silence, then, "Or not, who knows!"

Cedric already knows he doesn't have any answer to Angus' question. "I wouldn't know." he replies, relieved that the defense turrets seem to have responded to the fox's command. "I know next to nothing about your sister's plight." He says as he walks over to retrieve the spear he tossed aside in battle and checks for any serious damage. It seems to have fared better after having it reinforced and repaired after that Hammer Brasher bent it. He flicks some mouse blood from it and hefts it over his shoulder, and looking from the others, to Mirana in the machine, and back. He gets a dubious expression on his face at Rainer's explanation. Even to him, not knowing Rainer at all, it doesn't seem like insight that would come from the wolf. "It's too bad we can't just ask this guy how the machine works. He seemed to have some idea what to tell it, even if it was something terrible." he says, poking at the mouse's lifeless form with the tip of his solleret. "His own fault, though. He just -had- to be rude and summon ancient horrors instead of engaging in civil discourse with me." the badger adds, nodding.

Bite thinks back to when she had met Mirana, trying to decide just what was best for her. "Well... she seemed fine, even before the whole ordeal of black when I met her, she started to become a little bit of an asshole as time went on but that never hurt her too much, besides tripping up a dance..." she hisses, just letting her thoughts roll out. "If that's true when would she have been okay?"

Ictus looks to the machine and then to Angus, then blinks at Rainer before looking back to the machine, "Well... If it can tell us what the 'anomaly' is... Maybe we can ask it to remove that?"

The voice announces again, "ANOMOLY DETECTED, SUBJECT RECOGNISED...." and mearly repeats itself every so often as it waits for its inputs. However, slight flickers on the panels may be a cause for worry! Behind the panel, an empty sack can be found. Small traces would indicate that it once contained a sizable amount of Lunar Dusts. The Mouse said Mira braught with her exactly what she needed! But the sack is quite empty....

Angus watches his sister floating in the chamber, and he shakes his head as his eyes narrow. "I'm going to ask it do remove the anomoly." He finally comments, taking a step forward. He hoped his decision was right, he hoped that he was doing the right thing. He couldn't bear it if he hurt his sister, but he couldn't bear just sitting there doing nothing as he walked up to the machine.

"Better do it fast. That thing isn't going to hold out much longer." Rainer remarks towards the ceiling, not having budged from his spot since he was told to stop. He does, however, pull his arms down from behind his head, clapping, then rubbing them together rapidly, brandishing a toothy grin. "Y'know we could always just push buttons until something happens." Ah, -there's- the Rainer we know and love.

"That seems to be what the machine's hinting at." Cedric replies to Angus, looking at the machine. "Yeah... in any case, we don't know what exposure to this machine is doing to her, either." he notes.

Bite moves to take the empty sack, hissing "Well the first time I can think of her coming into a negative influence, besides me and my lover..." with a giggle before she adds "Was... either... it wasn't the big golem, it wasn't... well maybe whatever blow to her head she took when I... yanked her with air magic from that big guy.... there was heartfall... unless her lover had something to do with it... I'd place it on one of those... heartfall had some nasty stuff going on, or it could have been.. my fault..."

Ictus hmms at Angus and nods in agreement, "I just hope it works..." he blinks at Rainer and nods before he sighs at Bite's greed, "Well, ask quickly."

The machine whirls with a great noise, "REQUEST, REMOVE ANOMOLY, TIMEFRAME REQUIRED..... TIMEFRAME INPUTED SEARCHING." The voice booms and various runes and scribes start to glow brighter. A depiction, with some unknown writing with it, "SEARCHING" The voice booms again, a depiciton of a town in ruins, some more scribles that seem unreadable, "LOCATION, HEARTFALL, DATE 26/1/476 SUBJECT INFECTED BY UNKNOWN SOURCE" The machine flicks some more, whatever it powering it will fail shortly. "REVERT THIS SECTION OF SUBJECT TO DATE 25/1/476? Y/N" The same appears on the box above the panel.

Angus looks at them all before he turns back to the machine. "Is it possible to revert a day or two before that date?" He asked the machine, hoping they had enough time for it to do such a thing. He didn't know how it worked, he just hoped that it worked....

Rainer returns his hands to the important job of propping up his head, which he again tilts up towards the ceiling, though he's a visible bit more sluggish in his movements now. His eyes briefly roll down to Angus, then across to the chamber holding Mirana, before turning ceilingward again. Index and middle fingers crossed.

Cedric just watches the machine expectantly, keeping quiet so that he doesn't say anything to interfere with the machine.

Bite hisses "No. Revert that section of the subject to date 22/1/476." She then sways a bit and looks at the machine expectantly. "Yes." she adds, if there is a prompt. She tries to sound like shes matching the machines weird way of talking.

Seeing the machine about to die, Ictus frowns and nods in agreement with Angus, "If it is possible, please do it." he says to the machine. He's hoping it works properly and that it works like he thinks it does

"DATE 22/1/476 INPUT, CO..VER..T..ING.. DATA.... RE..STOR..ING." It slows down and the strange box flickers. However, inside the glass container, Mira is made to spin slowly. It glows very brightly, light pouring in from below and above inside. It doesn't take too long however, such a minor change and to so recent a date. The machine stops a few moments after it had start, "RE...STORA..TION...C...OMPL..ETE." and just as the glass starts to rise, the runes stop glowing, the whole temple going dark. Only the pressure plate remains lit, and now that all the other lights are off, an arrow can be seen, pointing toward... the doors everyone came in? Mira falls upon the ground of the chamber she was in, nowhere near awake, but breathing normally. The light upon the pressure plate flickers a few times, and, nearby some runes still function, showing... a something.. like.. it was waking out of a door?

Angus finally calms down a little when Mira is free of the chamber, tension easing out of his form as he walks over to her. "I hope that worked..." He mumbled as he started to pick Mira up and carry her in his arms. Standing back up with her he sighs, shaking his head. "Lets get out of here before anything else decides to start up." He didn't say it, but he was thankful to everyone that came along to help. "Hopefully the doors will open again..."

Rainer looks about as the lights go out. Presumably, it's the night that they hung an innocent man down in Georgia. "...Anyone bring a light?" Fortunately, the floor provides one! ...Er, a very little one. That doesn't really compensate for all the ones that are no longer working. "Oh well, here's a button, I'll push it." Too late to stop him, he's already putting his foot down on the plate when he announces his diabolical plan!

Cedric doesn't bother to try and prevent the wolf from stepping on the pressure plate, what else are they going to do? And the place obviously wants them to push it to go outside! It's practically screaming "PUSH ME". And even if it's trickery, it's still better to let someone else try the switch first... just in case!

Bite hisses "You take her back home sssweetie I'm going to take a look around here before I go, there might be some more useful things laying around." She slings the sack over her shoulder and looks around, working out some fire math for a light as she moves off.

Ictus hmms? as the machine dies and moves to help Angus with Mirana, he blinks at Rainer and sighs as he shakes his head, "I hope that doesn't make the whole place fall apart..." he shrugs as he helps Angus carry Mira out

Hours after the group has left, the machine powers up again, the spirits within stirring to life. One of the glass chambers lights up brightly, and slowly, a new form is made. Standing there, is... Mirana? NO, her fur is darker, and there is a glint in her eyes. "Well... this is interesting.. a contract with that vessel would have been perfect, but... this will do." she says as she steps out of the machine and off toward the city.