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A young one eyed fox no older than twelve sits in the crowded room, most of his fur missing on the side of his face as an gruff eagle begins debriefing the volunteers. "Alright. You have a gathered here today in the service of sweetwater against the trash that Cliffside left behind. You are looking for the rogue mage. Fegan The Bane of cliffside, His allies and monsters have gathered in the quarry for purposes unknown. He is highly dangerous and exteremly skilled with magic, We expect that he may be planning to overrun the Firmament from that location. You job is to go in and kill him. He is NOT to be taken alive. He is a White owl with spots coving his body and often seen dressed as a merchant with purple robes and a blue beret. He has been traced to the lower level of the quarrys. Any Questions?"

Ryusho shakes his head a bit after a moment, looking at the others here, "No questions from me, sir." He says nodding, "I will do my best to help with this act for the safety of the Firmament, and for the safety of the Ironsoul house." he says bowing slightly

Bite listens carefully and nods. Surely a rogue mage would have something of value to her. "What sort of spells is he known for?" she hisses curiously, wanting to be prepared.

Peril narrows her eyes, peering at the guard already finding the circumstances of the mission to be suspicious. Clenching her teeth and exhaling a short sharp hiss of breath while folding her arms tightly across her chest "What has this guy done that makes him so dangerous he isn't to get a trial?"

Nemoric listens to the eagle, during the debreifting glancing at the fox child at one point then waiting. The rest seemed to have asked most of the questions he would have had, simply waiting for the eagle to answer those questions. Folding his arms across his chest for the time being.

Silverlynx adjusts look at the 'leader' of the recuritment. "SO, we go in and fuck up his day. Thats easy enough." She grins a bit, the look in her eyes is a near feral look and those teeth are showing. The warrior has a few more battle scars on her armor now.

Ictus hmms? at the young fox and looks to the eagle, "I suppose all my questions have been asked."

The eagle smiles at Silverlynx, "Don't just ruin his day, I want you to kill him so dead that those snobs in Cliffside will hear his screams." The eagle address Peril, "I figure someone would ask and Tebal here will show you how deadly this Fegan is, Show them what he did Tebal." The child removes his eye patch from the furless side of his face. "This child was with his family gathering wood when he was attacked, His mother and father barely left enough ashes to fill a shoe and they were lucky." The hole where the foxes eye should be is a growing crystal similar to a soul gem. The crystal is digging into the childs flesh and seems to be pulsing, "The Clever folk tell me that this gem is going to continue to grow and eventually signal shadows to possess the kid, thats only if the thing doesn't kill him first." The boy nods sadly, "We tried removing it but it is nested deep in his skull removing it will kill him and keeping it in will kill him." The eagle passes out maps to each of them, "Since this is a volunteer mission I cannot order you around or send back up. I want you all to kill him and make him suffer for this, Tebal isn't his first victim but you can make him the last victim of this monster."

Ryusho slowly shakes his head, "...Hopefully the last victum if we do not end up victums of him, but...considering the situation, well, we will see how things go."

Silverlynx adjusts and grins. "Oh, I've about.. two hundred bones to break today.." She says adjusting then before slowly flex, "Lets see..s tart with the arms.. then each indivual finger... then the legs.." She grins. "I'll ruin his day so bad he'll wish he had been a saint." the warrior smiles at this all the same.

Peril sighs, letting her arms drop and trotting over to join the familiar figure of the massive tiger, Nemoric. I suppose I have to make sure some people don't get themselves killed.� She says as she gives the bulky male a pat on the thigh.

Bite examines the pulsing stone and tilts her head. "I see, I think we can take him out without a problem sssweetie." she hisses and frowns to the child. The difference between this curse and outright killing the child is possible danger in sweetwater and pure malice. She nods, deciding not to hold back on the cruel magician.

Nemoric takes one of the maps to look over it, he figured the kid was here for a reason. Memorizing much of the map before stowing it away in his pack, may have to examine it again later once we're actually there at the quarry. "Guess we better provision and head out then."

Ictus winces at the description of what will happen to the child and shakes his head sadly, "Is there any chance killing Fegan will allow the gem to be removed?" he nods in agreement with Silver, for once

Amidst the chatter, there comes a firm rapping on the door. It seems someone else has arrived...albeit a bit late to the meeting and all. Who in blazes could be this late?

The eagle nods to those gathered and begins to speak, "Now I have a guard posted at the forest entry way to tell you the most of what you need to know to get you up to speed better than my old reports can do. Tell him 'The Good King is Good on a Good day.' So he knows what your there for." The eagle opens the door and looks at the Alligator up and down, "Your not one of my guard, Your not in chains so your not a crook..... Here take this map and follow those folk." The eagle looks at Ictus, "We don't know this isn't a spell we've seen before." He sighs gruffly.

Ryusho hums softly and then nods a bit, "we will let him know all that is good indeed.." he thinks that is a lot of good though...but anyway he hums, and looks about to others, then nods, as he feels he is set up and ready to go pretty much if everyone else is..

Bite nods and prepares to head out, looking to her company with a smile. "Sssweetheart's lets get going we have a job to do." she says with a nod.

Peril gives her chin a thoughtful scratch while waiting to follow others, content not to be the first one to go off on a mission to murder a dangerous mage and get bloody fingerprints all over her otherwise mostly spotless reputation

Nemoric nods a bit to Peril's comment before moving to head out as well, "Sooner this is done with the better." Checking the claws on the back of his belt as he moves to go with th others. Should be a mission he's more suited to than scouting.

Silverlynx adjusts. "He isn't going to have an unbroken bone in his body once i'm done." She grins a bit before adjusting. "I'm ready." The warrior hmms ab it a she looks at her gear and bounces alittle to check her water skins. "Golden, lets go."

Ictus hmms and nods to the eagle, "We can only hope..." he looks to the others and nods as he heads out with them

The gator is in his full battle gear. He takes the map that is passed to him the moment the door is opened to reveal him. He looks at it briefly and then to the others assembled, "That's it? I get wind about a mission despite being out of the city limits on an errand and finally arrive only to be sent right back out? Do I even get an explanation of what we are up against?"

The eagle looked the gator in the eyes and smiled, "Nope." Before leaving the room with the young fox in tow. The groups travel is pretty much safe and quiet, Nothing dangerous on the path as they travel, the moment they reach the tree line they see a large crystal covered skirth the size of a wagon being stabbed to death by a small yellow cat. "DIE DIE DIE DIE!!" The cat screams over and over again finally killing the beast. He gasps stand on top of the beast and looking toward the group. "Well... never seen a Skirth before?" He chuckles and sits on top of the cooling cropse careful not to sit on the jagged spikes randoming comming out of its body. "Who are you?"

Ryusho stared for several seconds, "..Ryusho...Of House...Ironsoul..." He says staring in shock, "..I believe..I'm supposed to say..that.the good king is good on a good day?" He says then after another few secconds, "..and what the hell happened here?"

Bite looks to the figure with a curious gaze. He reminds her of someone she knows, but she can't place it. "Sssweetie I think it was a goner before you did that."

Peril lingers behind Nemoric, reaching up to catch the tigers tail and give it a gentle tug just to remind him she was there before slipping around his legs to look over the oddly violent feline stranger

Nemoric had pulling the claws out at the first noises, just arching a brow at the small cat and smirks a bit at a thought. Defintly keeping his mouth shut on this one. After seeing the kid no surprise local wild life got caught up in it as well.

The gator is definitely not impressed by the simple response by the eagle. Without saying another word on the matter, however, he wisely just turns and follows the group out. Perhaps it is better to not know the specific details...or it might even be hazardous in the end. There was a lot he had missed, and who knows what could very well have been vital in his case? When the group encounters the feline and the rather dead creature..or dead after they watch a moment..he listens in silence for now, though he does wander over to Peril and give her a light brush to her tail with his own.

Silverlynx looks at the small feline and hmms. "I'm assuming you're the .. guard." She says looking at the violently lovely feline before her. "We were dispatched to deal.. with a certian.. mage."

Ictus blinks at the violent feline and shakes his head as he looks to the others

He chuckles and looks at the motely crew below his dead opponent. "Ah... And the Shawdow something something whatever. I'm going to be blunt, I've been fighting giant animals like this for five days and I've not had a break. Anyone got something I could take a swig of?" She looked, "Nevermind I can't drink on the job anyway. So your here about the Bane of Cliffside, Well here is what I've learned the feathery bastard is deep down in the quarry in a hidden cave. Every so often he sends out something like this thing to partrol. If you don't kill them quick they explode violently, The shards themselves are like sharpened glass, now the problem is that the skirth only go out this far deeper in the quarry acide flinging Rockspiders ar-" The Cat doesn't get to finished his statement a hunting Jarl larger than the dead Skirth lands on him spraying everyone nearby in both the gore from the cat and the already dead skirth. The bird cocks his head to the side and eyes you with passionless stupidity, "CAW!!" The bird takes to the air before cirling around to attempt to dive bomb the group with its Jagged Crystal like legs. The birds wings thump loudly as is nears the party.

Ryusho does -yelp- in supprise at least from sudden being covered in catgore...

Bite sighs as they have defeated the creature. She looks around for any other creatures and streatchs, preparing her magic. "The guard with the information is gone." she hisses in discontent.

Peril sighs softly, craning her neck to look over the broken body of her companion shorty "Is there nothing we can do for them?" she says while advancing forward to examin the body

Nemoric flicks the claws he was weilding, flicking the blood from the creature on the ground, "Then go with plan A, go in exterminate all of it including the mage." Though most likly one of those few things that is easier said than done.

Silverlynx adjusts as she raises the face guard of her helmet. "Poor shit, Was kinda enjoying his random violence." she says softly and hmms. "Crystal controled jarl.. always nice." She mutters and kicks the beast over.

Darquan guesses the battle distracted Bite from his contact with her, for she never did react to his knowledge. He barely reacts to the sudden death of the apparent contact, his focus on the enemy that caused it. He merely joins the others to fight the thing, and at the end he examines the dead creature with a comment of, "It lasted long enough. How long does it take for them to explode, again?"

As if on cue the bird starts to glow but before the crystals can explode he they just go dim. "Oh no no that just won't do." A wolf wearing a large set of spectacles looks over the dead bird ignoring the party. "Ooooh. No the Earth magic should have went volatile , No no no." The wolf grumbles and begins to cast useless spells on the dead bird, "What went wrong?" He looks at the party just now noticing them. "Oh. Could you explain why this bird didn't kill you?" The wolf seems completely indifferent to the rest of the world while tapping and kicking the Jarl. "Nooo. Fegan is not going to like this, Think Think Think." The wolf continues to ponder out loud.

Ryusho stands there, "...Why It didn't kill us? Because we are too damned tough to be killed, thats why." h e says after a moment, though sure, that sounsd biased, but still, that is kinda the case for them, souless ya know!

Bite tilts her head and preps the weaker of her two flame spells. Unless he can teleport he'll catch fire, although if or if not he can put it out is another ordeal. It's enough of a distraction for her partners to nab him or take him out.

Ryusho also was..kinda trying to..wipte the cat gore gunk off of him if it had not come off durring the fight >.>

Peril gives the wolf a silent glance before turning her attention back to her stricken feline fellow, checking whatever remaind of them for any signs of life and before going over their body, checking pockets, pouches or packs to be sure nothing important was on their person

Nemoric would put one of the claws up as he goes to rush forward using the speed of a lotus strike to close the distance to try and shove his fist into the wolf's stomach as if he was aiming 3ft beyond the wolf, the way to throw a really good punch. If the wolfs talking about someone being unhappy it didn't kill us he must be on the bad guys side so prisoner and interigation would seem fitting.

Silverlynx moves quickly, not as fast as Nemoric but, the Jarl not going boom and then some dude saying htats bad and mentioning the owl, oh yea bad guy. She follows nemoric's attack with a shield back hand. The warrior uses a left to right motion to strike the man's head.

Darquan gets his answer without even trying for it, considering the appearance of the wolf just after the critter fell. There is no verbal reply from the gator, though the look he is giving the Lupine should state the obvious. They survived due to teamwork and they're not going to lose that easily. The mention of another name, one he has no knowledge of, has him glancing to the others. He definitely was not knowing who was being spoken about, but he has an inkling of an idea that it is this name that they are seeking. He does nothing to interfere with the actions of the others, and since nobody else seems to be interested he asks, "I take it you work for this Fegan and he has something to do with this creature's oddities?" Yes, he's asking these things even while the other two warriors are attacking.

Kilsa The wolf smiles as Nemoric hand hit his stomach. "Your wasting your time." He doesn't move and opens up his shirt revealing his body is similar to crystal, all of his interal organs are visible, I'm not like these duds, I can and will explode if damaged to heavily. So If you want to continue to attack me go ahead." He begins to chuckle, "I'm not going to fight you. I don't do the barbaric line of action, I just wanted to know why this bird didn't work." He takes the Shield to the face and growls but doesn't budge, "Will you brutes stop attacking me! Yes I work for lord Fegan, I really don't have a choice." He taps at his strange body, "I didn't do this on a while night of ale and partying. I happen to be more of a slave than a worker. He also always takes my favorite napkin..." The wolf finishes his study of the bird. "Something here is disrupting the flow of earth magic." He glaces around. "Time for a Test." He snaps his fingers and three large crystal creatures approach the group. "Kill them."

Ryusho shakes his head slowly as he sighs a bit, "...Lovely...more things to fight....

Yellow Shard Jarl strike

Ryusho is slightly doing something one sec

Ryusho look

With solid blow one of the Giant Skirth lands on the wolf, He is pinned under the skirth and smiles, "I get it. One of you is carrying something that is affecting the earth magic." He chuckled even given his circumstances. "Please Please Go north, I have one last test that I want to do. All I need you do is to walk away." He says as the cropses around him glow and fade. "I can't wait to see if I'm right or not." The odd wolf doesn't even aknowledge that his creatures are dead around hi.

With solid blow one of the Giant Skirth lands on the wolf, He is pinned under the skirth and smiles, "I get it. One of you is carrying something that is affecting the earth magic." He chuckled even given his circumstances. "Please Please Go north, I have one last test that I want to do. All I need you do is to walk away." He says as the cropses around him glow and fade. "I can't wait to see if I'm right or not." The odd wolf doesn't even aknowledge that his creatures are dead around him.

Ryusho mrphs, "Well, We could, but we actually have a mission we are here to do..related to your master actually, though at least with him out of the way you won't be his slave anymore, hmmm?"

Peril finishes searching the body of the fallen feline, laying out their personal effects briefly before placing them carefully back on the other cats person, respectfully aranging the fallen comrades arms before turning back to the party

Darquan hikes an eyeridge slightly, "Why would you be wanting us to leave you with your...creations just so that you can test a theory? Perhaps I should stay here and guard him in case he tries something funny?" Yeah, right. The wolf's pinned under a body for crying out loud.

Silverlynx makes a frown as she icks over the new thing." Getting real tired of these fucking things. I wonder when that chicken shit will show up." She growls looking at the group and then shakes her head.

Bite looks to the north and then to the creature. "I'm not sure that's such a good idea considering what justhappened."

A swirling vortex of fire surronund wolf. "No more talking." A sour voice rasps out over the fire. "Enough waiting, I'm tired of sitting back and letting your incompetence slow me down." The owls is small as perial and matches his discriptions perfectly, "Activate." He snap his fingers and nothing happens, "Hrm odd you should have exploded. No matter." He casts a fireball so powerful that it caused the wolf and all the dead creatures to vaporize. "Your hired mercs I take it?" THe old owl begins to charge a fireball on each finger tip.

Ryusho would shift, though he has not the best gear, he does decide to try a trick he has been getting used too...and breathes a nice, narrow, but -distant- gout of flame as he begins using his his size to create speed while advancing, since he is not a 'high speed' build, but his large strides with his ten foot height make upf or that at least in this case as he advances, while his blade is still drawn...

Peril falls back toward cover, moving into the trees while readying all the magic she has available, not for an attack but to protect herself which she fancies isnt going to be all that effective anyway

Silverlynx growls moving forward, her motion quick and with out doubt or hesitation. Quickly, she swings her heavy maul at the owl, aiming to break bones. "HEy faggot, why don't you pick on someone your own size." She growls out loudly.

Bite hisses and begins prepping explosive magic and focus on her aim, not having gmuch in her arsenal to combat a mage.

Darquan still does not do anything aggressive even after it becomes clear that their quarry is upon them. He turns to the owl and, raising his axe, states, "The others here apparently have an interest in killing first and asking questions later. If you are so powerful, you would have no trouble in incinerating them, right?"

The Owl notices Ryusho first and smiles looking him over. "Too much flash." He sends a group of flaming birds at the Tegu. Peril shouts reach his ears and he chuckles. "Such unlady like behavior but then again you barely pass for a lady." He presses a finger to the earth and a giant claw attempts to smash Silverlynx even as her hit connects to his face. He is knocked to the grown and seems to be bleeding fire from the wound. "That tickled a bit." He chuckles at Darquan, "Good point." All of the fire moves upward in a ball of blue fire and falls down toward Darquan. "Show me how its done, lizard."

Peril ducked low, ears pinned back and eyes fixed on the mage as the little cat began working her way around, trying to stay out of sight while working her way around to a better position behind the caster where she might have a better chance of a successful strike or just be out of the line of fire

Ryusho lowers his head as the flames go around him, though true, this singes his clothes, and armor somewhat, his scales take a decent brunt of the blow, and the heat itself doesn't bother him too much from the elemental dragon in his blood.

Silverlynx only smiles behind the armor as she keeps up her motions, she starts using her full ability of movement and strikes the man, missing barely, with her shield and then whirls around dragging her maul back into the man's body, she isn't stopping even though the owl seems to shrug off the first blow.

Perhaps it might have been less of an idea to try and speak to the owl, for the Gator finds himself staring up at a descending ball of flame. He is one of the Heavy Clan, and they are not exactly known for their speed. Despite this, he does his utmost to rush out of the path of the flame, even taking a dive if he has to.

Ryusho shifts forward as he swings his blade once again, though misses as he turns, his hand grabbing for the axe on his one hip though as he turns to swing it, and instead stops with a -flailing- motion as one of those firebird things apparently came back around and went right into his face, supprising him enough it threw any actual swing -way- off...

Peril free from the chore of having to defend herself, the little cat made her way back, taking advantage of the distraction combat provided in order to around toi where she had a view of the battle from behind the mage. With a mischievous grin, she began to ready her own fire magics, focusing on control and accuracy more than power, hoping she could at least provide something to take the mages attention away from his own defences

Bite casts here explosive force upon the owl, attempting to drive him into the ground.

The owl is blown back by the explosion. He body cracking more and the spell above Darquan explodes harmless raining down small embers. THe birds shimmer and the fires die down till they are only flickers. As he is contastly battered by Silverlynx he groans and closes his eyes. "Get back!" He fires a small wave of fire speeding out from his center. "I will melt you all!" He withdraws a soul gem and begins to focus his power into it. "Tell the Creators I sent you!"

Ryusho shfits and..decides to do something just a bit, he shifts, though he is focusing his power, He brings his axe around as he runs forward, dropping one of his weapons as he shifts, and..almost without a though actually grabs a small ha- did he just pull out his -SMITHING AHMMER?!- ..and he moves forward, With a roar as he brings it down, deciding he is goign to use something he knows he is good at for a focus of energy.....smithing, is what he is good at, and what he plants to 'hammer' is a certian stop him from getting it charged pretty much, or at least pre-emtively set it off so it won't injure the he feels he could take the blow of potentially elemental energies...

Peril always being ready to flee forgets her magic, waving her hands and dismissing the spell before turning sharply on her toes and springing off into the forest, hoping whatever blast is coming will be lessened by the trees while putting as many of them between her and the mage as she could possible manage.

Darquan has taken the dive to the ground to avoid that fireball coming down on his head. When the thing explodes preemptively instead of striking where he was, he groans a little and works to get back to his feet. He isn't as fast as the other fighters and the sudden dive made him a little off-balance. Still, he actually does move in and assists the others in seeking to disable this apparently crazy mage.

Silverlynx growls low, "YOu should tell them frist, I'm sure they'd LOVE to talk to you about what you've done to their people." SHe growls as she strikes out with her shield, again, missing as she whirls around aims to crack ribs and once her shield flies by she growls and as she completely her full three sixty the shield once more slams the shield into the man's gut as she gets -RIGHT- in his face. "I'm going to rip your guys out for what you did to that kid."

Bite begins prepping calcified flesh to cast upon Silverlynx, protecting them from a moderate amount of harm at their close range.

The owl screams in rage and pain as Silverlynx strikes his guts repeatedly givin Ryusho the opporutinuty to smash his soul gem. "What have you done? My power!!!" The forest begins to shake violently as hunderds of creature explode from various areas of the forest. "You fools......" He grunts as his body begins to desolve the magic holding him together fading as his knowledge of the control of it rapidly fades from his mind. The fires go out of him as he uses his last bit of magic to fire a ball of fire at Silverlynx that disappates harmless of of her calicifed flesh. He dies almost pitiful as his inside bubble out of him from the head, he is on the ground trying to pull them back in before he finally stops moving and cumbles fully into ash and burnt flesh.

Ryusho stands there for several seconds...and...slowly...begins to frown, as he looks awya gritting his teeth as he shakes his head, almost even gaggign from the scent as it hits him but he struggles a bit and keeps from it as he backs off, "....No one deserves to die like -that-...." he says after a moment....with a bit of a depressed seeming look, "..He may of been needing, deserving to die by law...but he did -not- deserve to die like -that-....

Peril continues to run away, the absence of any great blast behind her giving the little cat some reason to suspect the mage had gone out with more of a whimper than a bang but didn't let that notion slow her escape. Altering her course gradually she starts to curl about, coming back to being travelling roughly parallel to the road the part had followed and then when she felt sure she would be caught in any delayed explosions she finally began heading back toward the road again in hopes of meeting up with any survivors of her own party

Silverlynx adjusts alittle before looking at the man. "Severs you right. I don't give a shit what you say you shit." she growls deeply before adjusting and then backs up. "Peice of shit." kicks the mans ashes all over the place.

The gator never made it to the mage before the owl expired. The Lynx did almost all of the work by herself, really. He was effectively useless in combat in this case, yet he did draw some attention by NOT attacking at first. Shaking his head he turns to head away from the battle, reaching over to give Ryusho a firm squeeze on a shoulder, "Don't think about it too much. He was causing trouble and he died from the same power that he used in life."

Bite giggles and shakes her head. This is why you shouldn't become reliant on magic. She hisses "So how do we prove we killed him?" as she looks to the others, obviously curious about being rewarded in some way.

The group makes it back to the debreifing room. A fox woman is crying as the eagle attempts to console her. There is a body in the middle of the room that the guards are still cleaning up. "I know you paid that bastard his just respects. I'll have your crowns soon but for now just talk to the quartermaster on your way out. He will pay you. The spell exploded the child the moment we heard bangs from the forest, You done a great job but this is a time of mourning." He waves everyone away as he pats on the back of the crying mothers staring at the body missing its head.

Silverlynx looks at the man. "He is a pile of dust.. He had a lot of broken bones by the time he died I'm sure. That peice of shit didn't deserve dieing so easily." She growls as she nods to the eagle.

Peril having little use now for the crystal she had acquired the cat leaves the people to the mourning, offering her muted condolences before going off with the little crystal which she subjects to arcane scrutiny at the earliest possible convenience

Ryusho...slowly closes his eyes,and shifts, "...You don't need to pay least for me, The way he was slain also cost an innocent his life..." he says softly, "I'm sorry." he says after a moment or two as he then is quiet...