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"I don't know cats had finger prints Officer."

Peril at an undisclosed time and location.

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  • Nobility - They have nothing special but what their daddies gave them. Too bad that includes everything I want.
  • Soulless - From Loss comes opportunity. We are the future.
  • Shadow - They have power and a lot of it. All that is left is to figure out how to use that to further my own ends.
  • Sweetwater - So dull. I have seen sharper training staves.
  • Cliffside - I dare say their mages are worth putting on waves, everything else can be sourced localy.
  • Strongheart - They seem to come in two flavors. Massive Mountains of Muscle and Bloated Bovine Blobs.

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  • Nemoric - A charming Tiger to spend many hours with (and more recently a willing accomplice).
  • Tarvek - A delightful example of the Strongheart family and a credit to their name.
  • Darquan - Big and tough. Everything I like in a man.
  • Arianna - A Buxom Bovine of Bountiful Blessings and Friendly too.
  • Bite_PC - A snake that can cause no end of trouble.

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RP Hooks
Need a reason a small black cat might have dealings with you?


She wants it all! Fame, Wealth and Nobility and she is more than willing to throw her lot in with anyone that can offer a path to those goals.


Large and in charge! She's three foot tall and can't resist Big! It doesn't matter if someone is big in body, big in wallet or big in influence she wants to curry favor with them all and gain the opportunity to ride on their coat tail (or possible their shoulders)


Not quite rich but in no way short for cash, Peril isn't afraid to use her money to get what she wants. Always carrying at least three purses at various locations upon her person she is never short on ready funds while never keeping more than pocket change anywhere stray fingers might find a hold. This ready supply of funds and a thoughtless need to posses anything of interest often means it is far easier to fleece the little feline with a bit of bravado and salesmanship than to actually rob her.

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Full Name: Peril
Clan: Graceful Folk
Species: Fishing Cat
Date of Birth: Never you Mind
Apparent Age: In her prime
Personality: Erratic, Greedy, Lazy, Egotistical and Morally off centre
Concept: Cat
Height: 2'4" - 2'8"
Weight: With or without her purse?

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